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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
SUMMON: CLS guide assuring 0Ls Morningside Heights is safe    12/12/19  (4)
I only vaguely follow surface level politics just to be able to lol at libs    12/12/19  (1)
The Dennis Rodman interview on CNN with the MAGA hat, the SIMULATORS ARE DRUNK    12/12/19  (20)
So we've looped into 2016 again? lol, now this is a sim glitch I can get behind    12/12/19  (5)
There's nothing more alpha than consuming your rival's sperm.    12/12/19  (16)
Greta Thunberg is Person of the Year because...she...um...    12/12/19  (13)
Really is astonishing how bizarre Trump presidency is    12/12/19  (13)
One of the most successful Yakuza films was called "Police vs. Violence Groups"    12/12/19  (2)
Redditors rejoicing: "Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back"    12/12/19  (39)
Going to make MAGA relatives use "IMPEACH45" as the WiFi pw [OBEEZY]    12/12/19  (7)
Board libs all take refuge in some shitty thread made by jjc or a turd    12/12/19  (6)
Singapore scientists have developed a tree that looks like a cell tower (link)    12/12/19  (10)
Her face may look 15 but no way is this body under 18. What tit size is this?    12/12/19  (1)
Bobby Birdshit HIGH as furk on FENTANYL dreaming of joining SPACE FORCE    12/12/19  (26)
Fuck bros got the talk not flame    12/12/19  (119)
Guy bunny hops onto a homeless guy's head.    12/12/19  (4)
Time admits it used production still from Children of the Damned as Person of Ye    12/12/19  (2)
How can you tell if you are suffering from depression?    12/12/19  (18)
Auction draft of purchase agreement has "Trump" as exception to MAE clause.    12/12/19  (1)
Solidarity+Love to the UK. Seeing a lot of reactions that feel like 2016 USA.    12/12/19  (11)
Brexit/Jew Control vs. No Brexit/Lib Control    12/12/19  (2)
Brexit will probably happen, well I guess Trump never getting impeached now!    12/12/19  (2)
JSDF "mechs" were very impressive! We can build our own right here in the USA!    12/12/19  (3)
doesn’t the uk lose pretty much either way w the election    12/12/19  (2)
Greta Thunberg's eyes glaring at you while giving you a handy in gym glass    12/12/19  (2)
Clean your room depression is fake! - Where's my damn K Pins?    12/12/19  (1)
Media looking at UK vote: "Why are ppl still voting conservative? We've been so    12/12/19  (10)
Barnard dad statement: "I lost a daughter, but gained a white privilege check"    12/12/19  (1)
Trump cancels all China tariffs, gets nothing in return    12/12/19  (12)
Rage Filled UGANDAN dindus MAF at ALPHA CHINK NOWAGS stealing their WOMENS    12/12/19  (16)
Kenny looks like Keanu Reeves & Chandler looks like Seth Rogen    12/12/19  (2)
President Trump: Greta Thurnberg should go to a movie. Chill, Greta, Chill!    12/12/19  (68)
UK EXIT POLLS IN. XO Boris Wins +50; Antisemite Labour -71. L'Chaim!    12/12/19  (85)
You're a mean one, Mr. Boom. You're an autistic, retarded freeaak    12/12/19  (232)
FUTURE/PAST : Christmas at Crystal Valley Mall (vaporwave)    12/12/19  (9)
GOP: Trump (committed charitable fraud) is an anti-corruption crusader!!!    12/12/19  (1)
Sorry you had another bad day with reality, libs! Haha    12/12/19  (2)
Brexit is a repudiation of people like LathamTouchedMe    12/12/19  (6)
NYT: Mr Johnson: a majority not a mandate. Brexit is an EU issue, and Europe has    12/12/19  (2)
Women wearing sunglasses on 90% of app pics    12/12/19  (4)
Lol, my in-laws bought me and my wife tickets to a show & took the kids    12/12/19  (3)
Tessa Majors, Climbing Morningside Park Staircase to CLS: I CAN'T BRIEF    12/12/19  (1)
BORIS givin me the 2016 tingles bros!    12/12/19  (2)
Watched a Netflix doc about Bill Gates thinking it would be about building MSFT    12/12/19  (57)
force feeding a soft penis into a dry as fuck pussy.    12/12/19  (67)
Timeline of Rudolph ruining WSOP thread.    12/12/19  (58)
Barnard Chick Stabbing Causes Columbia Adcoms Cancel ED Celebration Event    12/12/19  (1)
Orange Theory | Orange Julius | Orange Man Bad    12/12/19  (1)
If board libs aren't getting the message, the entire world is tired of your shit    12/12/19  (1)
Reminder that Jews are 180    12/12/19  (1)
180 comment by Barr    12/12/19  (6)
Holy shit look at Tories clown on Corbin here, makes me feel bad for him    12/12/19  (3)
absurdly excited about the next PM of Britain, the hon. Jeremy Corbyn    12/12/19  (4)
It's XOXO PM Jeremy Corbyn, everybody!!!    12/12/19  (2)
LJL. So Corbyn will become PM?    12/12/19  (5)
JE-RE-MY choked in, choked in polls todaaaaay!    12/12/19  (4)
Trump getting absolutely ASS BLASTED right now    12/12/19  (9)
Article: One week in NYC on a 70k salary    12/12/19  (74)
Yosemite Sam fuckin FUMIN    12/12/19  (1)
A Neo-Nazi Party becomes the Second Most Popular in Slovenia (nyt)    12/12/19  (2)
Got banned from Reddit last year for posting Jefe's 'sad degenerate geeks' rant    12/12/19  (1)
Shrew wife has me read 3-4 emails a day for her before she sends them out.    12/12/19  (3)
Hypo: you can flog one of the Deep State scumbugs - who you choose?    12/12/19  (10)
Reminder: You still celebrate all of the "Christmas" tradition as a NeoPagan.    12/12/19  (6)
Johnson is literally both jewish and muslim    12/12/19  (1)
Nodrink is so goddamn boring.    12/12/19  (9)
DTP taking questions re cute obedient conscientious mousy STEM coeds(12/11/2019)    12/12/19  (31)
My shrew wife knows nothing about being a parent. Any CR audiobooks?    12/12/19  (12)
Wrexham? Damn near killed em (Boris)    12/12/19  (1)
Israeli Chevitz Plumperpass Hood 4 מזיע פשע מיני גדול של לוו    12/12/19  (1)
"Group of teens" chimp out on bus, attack fat white kid (video)    12/12/19  (10)
BREXITers: the EU are the REAL racists    12/12/19  (10)
Cannot stop crying    12/12/19  (1)
Atlas Shrugged the movie tp    12/12/19  (11)
Wait, Werner Herzog is in the Mandalorian?    12/12/19  (12)
there are really no words    12/12/19  (2)
SNP GAIN ANGUS FROM CON    12/12/19  (1)
need link to thread about posters gf googling "gazpacho'    12/12/19  (12)
Rosanna Arquette has some top-tier nude scenes in 'The Executioner's Song'    12/12/19  (3)
Hillary making Trump a laughingstock    12/12/19  (3)
*little girl front row@ Javits, wondering if girls can be strong* *Podesta walks    12/12/19  (85)
Clinton doing better in OH than Obama with almost 30% counted    12/12/19  (11)
Michael Buffer voice: “LLLETS GET READY TO DIE FOR ISRAAAAEEEEEEEELLLLL    12/12/19  (22)
OHHHH JER-E-MY COR-BYNN (to seven nation army tune)    12/12/19  (21)
Which actor will play Trump in the HBO original film about his failed campaign?    12/12/19  (12)
Barnard chick looked like Emma Watson    12/12/19  (7)
I cannot wait for Trump's concession speech    12/12/19  (143)
Trump considering skipping 2020 Presidential Debates    12/12/19  (2)
Anime is about the memes really    12/12/19  (16)
dirte do you have any shearling lined flannel shirts    12/12/19  (1)
Odds that the Barnard murderers are TEENS?    12/12/19  (2)
Angry Video Game Nerd's new videos are getting really self indulgent    12/12/19  (7)
Hillary finally ready to give concession speech: "I'm announcing my candidacy fo    12/12/19  (1)
evan39 lets loot and burn everything f from the top to the core    12/12/19  (10)
What happened when Brooklyn tried to integrate its middle schools    12/12/19  (177)
Tay-zos    12/12/19  (1)
For every pair of Mitch’s shoes we sell, we will kill one African    12/12/19  (2)
Incomprehensible whimsical    12/12/19  (2)
Tucker staring blankly when Chuck gives him 2 Harry Turtledove books on 2nd day    12/12/19  (4)
9:56PM. It's cute watching the Trmpmos think it's still possible    12/12/19  (21)
"...and the Mumspunker Party will take seats in five local councils"    12/12/19  (2)
What's gotten into lib pumos tonight    12/12/19  (1)
Is it normal to get weird mixed messages from your mom?    12/12/19  (3)
luis what's the best weight of chick to target if you're a 150lb twink    12/12/19  (39)
Can't stop thinking about "You can't always get what you want" master stroke    12/12/19  (8)
xo'er drinking Big Gulp cup full of cum, posting retard-level drivel    12/12/19  (5)
Corbyn throwing Litre of Guinness through tv    12/12/19  (6)
No babe I was Googling Asian babysitter for their cultural enrichment    12/12/19  (1)
ITT lib freakouts/reactions to UK election results    12/12/19  (34)
80+% of anime is just groups of aryans beating the shit out of jews & goblins    12/12/19  (3)
lol, libs scared as fuck that UK vote is once again prologue to US vote    12/12/19  (1)
The blacks on the bus go...    12/12/19  (1)
Mutually sustained delusion    12/12/19  (1)
Rush hour traffic in DC is insane    12/12/19  (13)
Trump victory was not inconsequential enough, xo moving on to UK elections    12/12/19  (1)
do u guyz like trigun at all    12/12/19  (9)
Mr. Jinx in full panic; RACING to the beach in California:    12/12/19  (1)
Why did doobs post a picture of his penis on autoadmit.com    12/12/19  (2)
NYT must be fuming: no Brit Election push notification    12/12/19  (1)
Reminder: You can't always get what you want    12/12/19  (5)
I can’t live anymore    12/12/19  (1)
should I move to South Park    12/12/19  (2)
lol are they trolling Hillary by playing "Can't Always Get What You Want"??    12/12/19  (7)
Choir singing YOU CANT ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT    12/12/19  (6)
lol 'you cant always get what you want' playing as F U to libs    12/12/19  (3)
Boca Ratfuck    12/12/19  (4)
ggtp & TT are just jekyll & hide personas of the same guy right?    12/12/19  (5)
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" was such a 180 choice of music    12/12/19  (3)
absolutely lost tp    12/12/19  (2)
Tough day for reptiles: AA upheld, Brexit loses, Trump poll #s look awful    12/12/19  (43)
ITT: suggest ways to ruin TT's life    12/12/19  (27)
LETS GET READY TO HUMBLE! *stim machines fume, halford enters hellroom with PET*    12/12/19  (6)
what if I were really into Yu-Gi-Oh cards    12/12/19  (2)
Luis sent me a photograph of his penis.    12/12/19  (18)
Buddha Jugs    12/12/19  (1)
lol at Trump thinking he can just fly in and win primaries, no elbow grease    12/12/19  (21)
labour, your response?    12/12/19  (9)
Jfc I hate HRC but she is pwning so far. How long until Trump unravels?    12/12/19  (6)
imagine the psychopathy of someone like Mitch McConnell    12/12/19  (3)
got some delectable tilapia filets in the pressure cooker    12/12/19  (21)
TRUMP literally has the power to DESTROY the UNITED STATES as we know it    12/12/19  (7)
CharlesXII here, rating posters as made-up Harry Turtledove books    12/12/19  (136)
jfc the average iq in haiti is 67?    12/12/19  (1)
Joe Biden was 37 in the 70s    12/12/19  (9)
post your best/favorite foreign language songs ITT    12/12/19  (10)
Australian abos invented symbolic thought 4,000 years before Europeans    12/12/19  (2)
What is science's take on biological determinism?    12/12/19  (4)

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