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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   08/20/19  (312)
XO WoW Classic Crew?    08/20/19  (54)
FedEx Cup scoring is beyond retarded #golf    08/20/19  (2)
Fluoride IQ study is GIGAFLAME    08/20/19  (6)
SF Homeless Explosion blamed squarely on Libs, explained (link)    08/20/19  (16)
*FBI Agent spreads butthole* “I’m Spaceporn Jr!” *whole office laughs*    08/20/19  (151)
ITT: a theory of Jewish success that doesn’t involve racism or conspiracies.    08/20/19  (23)
Chinese Alibaba executive buying the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center    08/20/19  (3)
bigger bort flame-out and collapse: TBF's Big NYE plans or KamalaSexyFineCleverC    08/20/19  (2)
the (((media))) needs YOUR help in tracking down these dangerous hate criminals    08/20/19  (2)
San Francisco 1940s vs Now (PICS)    08/20/19  (1)
*White House telephone rings at 3am* *Tulsi answers watching 11pm news in Hawaii    08/20/19  (19)
Kamala drops 12 points in latest CNN Democrat poll    08/20/19  (95)
Listening to how fucked up most millennials are makes me feel pretty good    08/20/19  (58)
‘They Get Fired All the Time. And They Have No Idea Why.’    08/20/19  (2)
just peed corn out my ass like squeezing wet jellybeans out of a sausage casing    08/20/19  (3)
"this is the best idea anyone's ever had" thought an unblinking tsinah filing el    08/20/19  (11)
Have people always been forgetting babies in cars to det or is this new?    08/20/19  (22)
Fight and win    08/20/19  (7)
Alex Jones right again: fluoridated water during pregnancy linked to lower IQs (    08/20/19  (43)
Have amazing vivid dreams about the ocean every night cuz of zoloft    08/20/19  (2)
Cool video on the element Fluorine and how reactive it is    08/20/19  (2)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger showing aggressive camel toe #DBG    08/20/19  (9)
POLL: Biglawyers: 70-80hrs of Adderall per week--Sustainable? Effective?    08/20/19  (18)
U.S. Steel lays off 200 in Michigan    08/20/19  (4)
Starting to understand lawman8's position on ilhan omar    08/20/19  (37)
This year, I'll travel alone for the first time. Going to Costa Rica.    08/20/19  (31)
nirvanayoda's Official 2012 Notre Dame Prediction Thread    08/20/19  (13)
So what women tell you they want is a lie=why? Hmm    08/20/19  (1)
Amerikkka women.. are they liars? Crazy? Both    08/20/19  (6)
MadCat begat Rowan begat lisa rowe begat The Box begat julia begat JCM    08/20/19  (14)
So Zoomers are a generation that has no conception of anything wholesome?    08/20/19  (28)
married mos: Is there anything after years of marriage you still hide from spous    08/20/19  (54)
"I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD" tsinah barked at the worried kinkos manager    08/20/19  (49)
Conspiracy theories: Epstein was murdered, fluoride-->lower IQ, LV shooting    08/20/19  (4)
Real Talk: Tulsi clip will be talked about for future elections to come    08/20/19  (8)
What Epstein island? What Las Vegas shooting?    08/20/19  (13)
Soviets unveil new heavy drone in 10,000kg weight class    08/20/19  (18)
I'm going to launch my own brand of vape pens    08/20/19  (14)
Do Israelis see themselves as white people?    08/20/19  (46)
We just need to kill the niggers.    08/20/19  (12)
Epstein signed will 2 days before suicide (link)    08/20/19  (7)
Why are niggers attracted to asses like this?    08/20/19  (7)
Sharklasers telling gf she makes him “happypantstown”    08/20/19  (1)
Zman: Zionists like Upset Jew inherently have dual loyalties    08/20/19  (18)
Websites that peddle disinformation make millions of $$$$$ in ads, study (CNN)    08/20/19  (24)
Your mind & body violently rejecting the humiliation & insignificance of work    08/20/19  (8)
Honestly, with the level of Anti-Semitism lobbed at Jews, we ought to do more to    08/20/19  (3)
Palestinian Authority Bans Gays. Mus Girls O&T: Nothing To See Here    08/20/19  (25)
“the natural” but its about a meat blimp tom cruise lookalike who bullies je    08/20/19  (2)
Greek posing as Troy journalist- "it's just a horse don't be a bigot    08/20/19  (15)
First day of law school is coming up! What should I expect?    08/20/19  (3)
so Tucker was drunk on air last night?    08/20/19  (4)
boss invited me to SweetGreen for lunch. is this a trap    08/20/19  (3)
Courageous Black Christian confronts child abusing Kike Drag Queen    08/20/19  (10)
Mass aliyah of thousands of azn farmers from Northeast India    08/20/19  (8)
High powered business meetings that consist entirely of saying nigger back and f    08/20/19  (1)
White House phone rings at 3AM. Kamala picks up using Birdshit's severed Hand.    08/20/19  (5)
Baby Bonds (domestic policy idea)    08/20/19  (9)
any pics from Tucker's "fishing trip"?    08/20/19  (1)
10 Days till new TOOL album    08/20/19  (52)
Ju$t do don’t talk    08/20/19  (1)
Give me tips on how to engage a gorgeous 8 in elevator; her office is next door    08/20/19  (87)
How will biglaw fare during upcoming recession? Massive layoffs?    08/20/19  (148)
Don't remember how I got home last night    08/20/19  (7)
chilmata, post this pic on the phish forum. say this is a pic of your black wife    08/20/19  (1)
t/f: crying about us sovereign debt is low-iq tell    08/20/19  (50)
Trump BEGGING automakers to make more polluting cars    08/20/19  (37)
Anybody made a raspberry pi SNES?    08/20/19  (16)
Greenland's first African American family set to leave: "Cold as muthafucka out    08/20/19  (1)
Trumpmos behave like assholes, get banned from Universal Studios for life    08/20/19  (4)
Is Trump buying Greenland to turn it into an independent white only territory?    08/20/19  (1)
Bronze Age Pervert reviewed in Claremont Review of Books    08/20/19  (36)
Estimated IQ of people that wear AirPods: 92?    08/20/19  (63)
NYT Science Reporter: "damning" fluoride study "vindicates" Alex Jones (tweet)    08/20/19  (4)
Deadspin Editor COURAGEOUSLY quits! Says new owners told her to stick to sports!    08/20/19  (40)
The sad truth is that life = dramatically under-lived outside the Mediterranean    08/20/19  (136)
Barron, 13, well on his way to becoming fatass lard like sister Tiffany (pics)    08/20/19  (48)
GOY posters are chill as fuck    08/20/19  (8)
Large scale Central American immigration key to making cities great    08/20/19  (16)
obeezy and a handful of blacks are the only libs on xo now    08/20/19  (1)
I can't believe I used to leave contacts in for a month at a time    08/20/19  (7)
Best country for non-pro sex tourism: Mexico, Greece or Australia?    08/20/19  (7)
YLS Prof: Urban Elite Striverism Is Making The Meritocracy Winners Miserable    08/20/19  (27)
White house phone rings at 3 am. Klobuchar throws it at her assistant "SHUT UP"    08/20/19  (4)
You’ll never guess the premise for (((David Simons))) next HBO show    08/20/19  (28)
TMF, is that you're worried your asshole is "dirty" that u won't let MND rim?    08/20/19  (1)
why did pornhub mistakenly put this video in the "gay" section?    08/20/19  (9)
My dad fingered my asshole when I was 11 years old. Taking ?s    08/20/19  (38)
cowgod and :D at the medieval fair doing wheelchair jousting    08/20/19  (1)
LGBTQ & Women's rights in Somalia    08/20/19  (4)
I agree there is one good thing about Omar, but it's not what Lawman8 thinks is    08/20/19  (1)
hopeful gamete tp    08/20/19  (1)
Larry Nassar doesn't do a day in jail w/o these videos. The 4th one is especiall    08/20/19  (4)
libs hate whites and want them all dead?    08/20/19  (3)
White house phone rings at 3 am. "Hello, Steve Bullock here." "...who?"    08/20/19  (1)
Does taking adderall make you Bradley Cooper in limitless    08/20/19  (17)
Rate OJ Simpson's account of fucking Kris Jenner    08/20/19  (22)
B.C. native man says liver transplant abstinence policy is racist    08/20/19  (2)
White House phone rings at 3 am. Julian Castro recorded voice: "Para ingles, opr    08/20/19  (1)
Hey woah Cr Ill tell you what I’m talking about ITT    08/20/19  (16)
The 2019 Buckeyes will be identical to the 2011 Buckeyes.    08/20/19  (3)
Colin Kaepernick sends message to players still kneeling during anthem: 'Stay st    08/20/19  (1)
imagine if the entire world media was controlled by 1 small x-tian sect    08/20/19  (13)
Are amerikkkan women the wor$t or $ome of the wor$t?    08/20/19  (10)
White House phone rings at 3 am. Bill De Blasio left it off the hook.    08/20/19  (1)
*white house pjone rings at 3am* *Andew Yang begins to cry*    08/20/19  (1)
"Beto" O'Rourke 6'4"; Bernie: 6'; Biden 6'; "little Petey" buttigieg: ljl    08/20/19  (4)
Loaves of bread from all over    08/20/19  (55)
The guy Obama ran against isn’t alive it’s all a sham    08/20/19  (1)
NYT: Iceland Losing Its Glaciers to Global Warming, Threatening Tourism Industry    08/20/19  (33)
Anti-Semitism/Jew hate is purely Satanic energy    08/20/19  (2)
"Plutocratic dreams of young educated men . . are immiserating fantasies"    08/20/19  (23)
"Prison life wasn't so bad. On Thursdays Paulie would get loaves of bread from    08/20/19  (26)
Lol at Baron asking his dad for a cuban link chain    08/20/19  (1)
“The boy was quite as much enamoured with his roguery as he with the boys beau    08/20/19  (15)
Me & luis got gay married as a joke w/out telling wives, now facing bigamy charg    08/20/19  (6)
how many crucifixes/ posters of pieta are acceptable in law office    08/20/19  (6)
Opening a Shitlaw shop called "AssFaggot & Shitlaw Co., Briefs and Provisions"    08/20/19  (28)
lol at Tulsi just not giving a FUCK about this obvious yoga pants cameltoe    08/20/19  (31)
how much $$$ do i have to spend to get to level 99 at Transcendental Meditation    08/20/19  (1)
Brooklyn rents pass psychologically important $3,000 threshold. $3,600 Manhattan    08/20/19  (73)
34-year-old man charged with murder of his 61-year-old mother in Laguna Beach    08/20/19  (4)
我們會談⋯⋯這些年底    08/20/19  (4)
LJL @ BIRDSHITS being so IR8 at QUEEN KAMALA    08/20/19  (16)
VICE: More young people attracted to more than 1 gender than exclusively hetero    08/20/19  (8)
Why Are Golfers & Golf Media So Cucked Into Using Tourney Sponsor Names? #tennis    08/20/19  (24)
whok, you still doubting kovalev v yarde? shit's happening mate    08/20/19  (1)
College Teens In Tank Top & Ass Shorts Move Into Dorms Today. U: Checking Commas    08/20/19  (4)
It's mid-August. Freshman chicks in ass shorts & tanks are getting ready to move    08/20/19  (15)
UJTP's angle to win Mega Poaster Madness: sheer volume    08/20/19  (3)
Jews drink blood of children, masturbate with crucifixes, put hexes on Goyim cr?    08/20/19  (6)
Technology is amazing! *cant save word doc with backslash in file name*    08/20/19  (4)
You fools think you can keep Bernie down? Lol no. Biden is too old.    08/20/19  (1)
ginger beer > ginger ale    08/20/19  (2)
So cool chill sports bro site "Barstool" is 95% Jews?    08/20/19  (29)
Halford = BAP?    08/20/19  (1)
love a pint, not keen on muzzies, NOT racist just don't like 'em, simple as    08/20/19  (23)
Lovelace, 32, still carries the leash of her long-dead Pomeranian on her walks    08/20/19  (1)
Barron, wearing cape, gazing out Starport window: "My father was a cuck."    08/20/19  (2)
Russian aircraft industry in crisis (Aviation Week)    08/20/19  (8)
Kylie Minogue as Cammy in Street Fighter    08/20/19  (4)
Jews are out of control and really spoiled. If they just had more tact.    08/20/19  (5)
Lulu-type app where bros talk about girls' snizz    08/20/19  (4)
Make the US #110!    08/20/19  (1)
ashamed Barron confronting dad: "S-so basically, you're a big fat kike stooge?"    08/20/19  (2)
Barron noisily sliding Thanksgiving chair farther from Kushner's    08/20/19  (1)
Article sums up what we mean when we say anti-Israel = anti-Semitic    08/20/19  (1)

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