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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/14/19  (338)
seems like a larger percentage of trannies got molested than gays    10/15/19  (1)
Explosive ejaculation inside childless 36 yo woman    10/15/19  (36)
So if Biden's not that senile, and the Ukraine story will fade ...    10/15/19  (1)
Another half a million in checks in the mail today (CSLG)    10/15/19  (53)
These democratic candidates are absolute clown shit lol    10/15/19  (1)
Trumpmos: explain how Giuliani is going to stay out of jail    10/15/19  (4)
***OFFICIAL 10/15 Ohio 2020 Democratic Debate Thread***    10/15/19  (426)
Dupa is Beto's biggest supporter    10/15/19  (2)
Black nigger employees of nursing home run fight club with patients (guess race)    10/15/19  (4)
whok, does jinx call you “Dr. Whokebe” when he unloads in your ass?    10/15/19  (1)
Does anyone watch the NBA anymore?    10/15/19  (3)
911? A black person is sitting on his couch. (Texas resident)    10/15/19  (4)
found tucker Max on grindr    10/15/19  (1)
Rank these by importance in terms of your happiness    10/15/19  (2)
Soft swinging    10/15/19  (2)
damn daddy hasn't come out to his mom, refers to all 37 bf's as "roommates"    10/15/19  (15)
From models & bottles to gay for pay: Decline and Fall of AutoAdmit (2003-2020)    10/15/19  (1)
srs ? for askav    10/15/19  (4)
wtf is there to do after age 30    10/15/19  (91)
Can a laid off 50 year old just go back to school to retrain    10/15/19  (27)
Becker: Hard To Say Dr Federer Is The GOAT #tennis    10/15/19  (2)
These Japanese fish can live in semen for up to two years    10/15/19  (4)
Practice Groups: ERISA, CFIUS, CPAP    10/15/19  (1)
i like this new tiktok xo    10/15/19  (37)
gonna let u people in on something. there's no "whokebe" and never was    10/15/19  (2)
Why do women suddenly dye their hair a completely different color?    10/15/19  (28)
Can someone find the thread where cslg was gonna buy a ski resort    10/15/19  (6)
You smoke weed? Sick. Get in the car. *shoots you in the head*    10/15/19  (2)
From LSAT to CPAP: The Decline and Fall of AutoAdmit (2003-2020)    10/15/19  (20)
"I was raped!" said whokebe while beaming with pride    10/15/19  (8)
If 10 posters post 'Get the fuck out' in next hour, I will retire permanently.    10/15/19  (14)
"no mom he changed his name to Dupa so we couldnt call him Fatacre anymore"    10/15/19  (1)
What was the CSLG alt post that Kenny nuked? Henry Aaron keeps mentioning it    10/15/19  (77)
Dammit I thought I saw a can of SpaghettiOs my girlfriend bought and got excited    10/15/19  (1)
RATE this reaction of Ronald Reagan to a ballon pop, 2 months after he was SHOT    10/15/19  (29)
howie are we friends man    10/15/19  (2)
How come they don't make cars with like a see-through finish?    10/15/19  (2)
Remember when I ran boner police off the board lol    10/15/19  (18)
Bangbros teen looks just like Tulsi    10/15/19  (2)
XOXO opinion on Greedfall?    10/15/19  (1)
howie moniker could b a game changer    10/15/19  (8)
I'd be terrible at a presidential debate because I smile every time people clap    10/15/19  (1)
American Israeli Positive Airway Committee    10/15/19  (3)
*rests my flaccid cock on boner police's face for obedience training*    10/15/19  (21)
she cried at their wedding when she saw language teachers hate him    10/15/19  (2)
Boner Police holding my dick in his mouth like a dog holding a leash    10/15/19  (27)
ATP Oct 14-20 Thread - Antwerp | Moscow | Stockholm #tennis    10/15/19  (1)
howie 180    10/15/19  (1)
Henry Aaron looks like Rudy Giuliani but takes dick like Jenna Jameson    10/15/19  (22)
32 gallon trash bucket full of shit. piss, cum, vomit etc..about to dump it    10/15/19  (180)
now that Giuliani under criminal investigation, did Trump know him at all?    10/15/19  (1)
I am working on these Confidentiality Agreements pro bono #tennis    10/15/19  (2)
Running for president?!? Jfc women shouldn't even be voting as is    10/15/19  (1)
Damn Daddy is my skinny tatted BF with a short temper and a fat cock    10/15/19  (2)
RATE these calls from refs in last night's Lions/Packers game (link)    10/15/19  (12)
Lol suck it UW you overrated PNW trash    10/15/19  (38)
RATE This Etrog (PIC) #ironside    10/15/19  (14)
Cliffs on debate (10/15)?    10/15/19  (4)
Did You SHAKE YOUR LULAV Today?    10/15/19  (3)
Just went all in on my Vanguard fund today. Julia, thoughts?    10/15/19  (3)
RATE This BIG JEWISH LULAV (PIC)    10/15/19  (13)
12 hours in Dubai - what are credited things to see/do?    10/15/19  (7)
Rabbi Chalford Showing The Teen Minyan How To Grip Their "Lulav"    10/15/19  (2)
TMF: "What? What's a lulav....this...this is a broom" *sweep sweep*    10/15/19  (3)
RATE Michelle Wie & Genie Bouchard Grinding At Wie's Wedding (VID) #tennis #golf    10/15/19  (26)
Prestigious doctor taking questions    10/15/19  (52)
UJtp, Does Your Degenerate Fag "Shul" Do Yom Kippur Torah Reading re Sex Sins?    10/15/19  (6)
WUSTL median LSAT now 169.    10/15/19  (15)
wtf is wrong with Joe Biden tonight    10/15/19  (4)
How many poasters are taking personal injury cases now?    10/15/19  (13)
xo is lonely for example i'm the only one here who likes CFB & NLCS apparently    10/15/19  (16)
“O tempora, o mores!” he wailed, clutching his purple diaper    10/15/19  (1)
i painted a picture of damn daddy    10/15/19  (11)
damn daddy tp sexually assaulted me hundreds of times beginning in 2017    10/15/19  (4)
Wtf is that baby shark chant in the Nats game    10/15/19  (1)
"but I'm gay! I'm gay! I'm gayyyyy!" u sob as building security drags you off    10/15/19  (1)
dolphin massage parlor    10/15/19  (3)
Are job really “falling out of trees?” It seems like most obstacles post ITE    10/15/19  (7)
Got a postcard from my dad in the mail today (CSLG)    10/15/19  (1)
are verlander & cole pitching again in ALCS    10/15/19  (1)
Lay's Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle chips are 180    10/15/19  (1)
"I'm dick drunk off that fucking daddy dick!" growled Watchmen huskily    10/15/19  (6)
Who are the top 10 Wayans brothers?    10/15/19  (4)
“Give me that daddy dick” whokebe huskily grunted as jinx slowly wheeled ove    10/15/19  (1)
Dallas Raines (born 1954 as Kevin Feinstein) is an American chief meteorologist    10/15/19  (1)
Things that DESTROY wealth over time: dogs, new cars, pools    10/15/19  (85)
"I'm nutting, daddy" the redwood telepathically said to Luis as he hugged it    10/15/19  (5)
Resume hobbies: reading Larry Kramer's "Faggots"    10/15/19  (27)
XO 2005: Harvard or Yale? XO 2016: should I fuck my heroin dealer?    10/15/19  (42)
2023: mission to mars. Launch in 5. In the cockpit w/ luis, standing 69.    10/15/19  (19)
I’d fantasized about raping whokebe for so many years that the reality    10/15/19  (7)
XO makes me ashamed to be white.    10/15/19  (6)
xo 2009: LSAT, HYS, Johnsmeyer. xo 2019: CPAP, HVAC, Henry Aaron    10/15/19  (16)
ITT: we list rental prices for 1 bedroom apartments in major American cities    10/15/19  (4)
USMNT sucks, totally dominated by Canada tonight    10/15/19  (6)
Big Lenny finally fucked a training twink. THIS close to graduating to IFNB    10/15/19  (15)
I've started egregiously trolling a faux-cryptic pregnancy FB support group    10/15/19  (2)
smoking drugs with male escorts    10/15/19  (2)
Reminder: You can legally fuck girls born on 9/11/2003    10/15/19  (28)
I would literally pay $25,000 for a weekend with Tulsi Gabbard    10/15/19  (2)
According to RottenTomatoes reviews, the greatest drama of all time is...    10/15/19  (33)
ESPN in talks to replace Longhorn Network with Mustang Network (link)    10/15/19  (3)
this is how we jeeew it dbg sang 2 tune of montel jordan as he scammed small biz    10/15/19  (2)
Giuliani closing statement: "and if I don't have tits you must acquit"    10/15/19  (2)
"Blank bumping" group text nobody has replied to in 2 months    10/15/19  (1)
Buttplugs with xo firm logo just came in. Send me your address (CSLG)    10/15/19  (2)
BREAKING: Former GOP Congressman Pete Sessions subpoenaed re Giuliani    10/15/19  (2)
50+ raw uncut diseased dicks rubbing against your future wifes rancid cunt    10/15/19  (7)
like 3 breaking news issues involving Giuliani tonight    10/15/19  (3)
is joe biden mentally retarded or senile or what    10/15/19  (3)
the united kingdom of the whites and the jews    10/15/19  (2)
Lead singer from "Anthrax" just bought me a beer    10/15/19  (1)
The assassination of the Big 12 Conference by the coward ESPN Longhorn Network    10/15/19  (9)
ESPN pays UTTTexas $15M a year for the Longhorn Network    10/15/19  (39)
Every Dem attacking Warren = running to be Biden's VP    10/15/19  (1)
can someone translate UTexas AD tweet: moving truck emoji, sun emoji, belt emoji    10/15/19  (6)
nigger fart    10/15/19  (1)
cowdog what separates jocks from scumbags    10/15/19  (20)
Your future wife pleading for BBC while coming off her c-section anesthesia (pic    10/15/19  (36)
Supreme Court Justice here but fairly jealous of CSLG's intellect    10/15/19  (12)
Is there a "high white" race?    10/15/19  (67)
*george20 in short cheerleader skirt, leaving Pep Boys w/pompoms & job rejection    10/15/19  (10)
george20 detained after trying to climb fence @ Fort Dix    10/15/19  (3)
Nothing more magical in world than sex w/ shy girl w/ high levels of anxiety    10/15/19  (12)
incubus warning vid but the girl is luis screaming abt back pain    10/15/19  (7)
Zero questions about China in the Dem debate? Odd case    10/15/19  (3)
Yang: 3 million truckers are gonna be out of work so we should give peterman $1k    10/15/19  (6)
ben shapiros sister    10/15/19  (18)
god tossing christ centered relationship @ mpa like clemens throwing bat at piaz    10/15/19  (8)
Prince — I will die for Jews    10/15/19  (4)
favorite gun?    10/15/19  (1)
benzo xx is in jail right now confirmed    10/15/19  (12)
whats your favorite cheese    10/15/19  (1)
Warren: "You could say this debate went a bit like Wounded Knee"    10/15/19  (1)
BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi and Democratic leaders will reportedly hold off on a fu    10/15/19  (18)
Who is the king of the whites?    10/15/19  (9)
are Zucker & Schiff the only documented cases of the super rare Stage 5 TDS    10/15/19  (2)
So the Nats got rid of Bryce Harper and got significantly better in the process?    10/15/19  (9)
howie is 180    10/15/19  (5)
Booker should challenge Mayor Pete to a buttFUCK on stage    10/15/19  (2)
Beltway elite CRYING that American soldiers 7,000 miles away getting withdrawn    10/15/19  (53)
ever had a haircut where the stylist's hands are shaking? very odd    10/15/19  (1)
#DudeGottaGoBITCH    10/15/19  (1)
#DudeGottaGo -46th POTUS    10/15/19  (1)
Huge halloween bowl filled with only 3 Muskateers two weeks before Halloween    10/15/19  (32)
Everyone here is so jealous of CSLG they've gone insane    10/15/19  (7)
If Biden wins he picks Harris. If Warren wins she picks O'Rourke.    10/15/19  (14)

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