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FUCK LIBS    09/18/20  (4)
McConnell’s gonna push a vote in November after trump loses and    09/18/20  (25)
Does anyone else feel that Trump will lose in an historic landslide?    09/18/20  (59)
Shitlib mob marching on Mitch McConnell’s house RIGHT NOW    09/18/20  (25)
Trumpmo here. RBG death = increased voter turnout, bad for TRUMP. Right?    09/18/20  (4)
Reaction if Trump nominates 39 year old Justin Walker to replace RBG?    09/18/20  (1)
The best investment right now is probably BTC    09/18/20  (5)
fuck you libs. we are gonna shove RBG replacement down your throats    09/18/20  (2)
Lmao why didn’t RBG just retire during Obama admin?    09/18/20  (27)
TRUMP when he heard the news that RBG died.    09/18/20  (59)
/pol/ has pics of RBG body. Warning: graphic and nude (link)    09/18/20  (6)
Twitter: Dems announce that Trump’s RBG replacement nom sexually assaulted 4 w    09/18/20  (3)
Sure filling RBG seat is unfair. But libs haven’t played fair in 10+ years    09/18/20  (45)
90's lib wakes up from coma: "Did we save the rainforest?" "Well, ..."    09/18/20  (13)
What is the risk of getting COVID sitting outside at a restaurant?    09/18/20  (18)
High chance one of the biggest novels of 2020s is XO alum.    09/18/20  (24)
a large package under Halfords tree lets out a muffled "heh"    09/18/20  (47)
Crushing up 2 aleve and putting it on my orange chicken    09/18/20  (8)
Lol forget politics you dorks. There’s a 210 lb 6yo dominating peewee FB (vid)    09/18/20  (7)
Did the cancer spread to the part of the pancreas that writes opinions?    09/18/20  (8)
Roberts using the "backup" rule to allow RBG's team to pick replacement    09/18/20  (1)
Hologram George Floyd escorts Hologram RGB to podium at Harris inauguration    09/18/20  (7)
Hey Ginsburg congrats on your first hour of sobriety    09/18/20  (3)
It's Friday September 18th...what news are they trying to dump today?    09/18/20  (20)
Gardner, McSally, Collins, Tillis just lost their senate seats    09/18/20  (3)
You can be reborn in any time and place in history. Pick place and time    09/18/20  (22)
trump won't just lose, he'll lose in a landslide that will give dems a mandate    09/18/20  (11)
Top trend on Twitter is “Get Mitch or Die Trying”    09/18/20  (1)
Loss Prevention Associate schtick tp    09/18/20  (1)
Loss Prevention Associate, how Cr to just walk out of Panda Express w/o paying?    09/18/20  (10)
Lol at Trump publicly adding scotus picks every time RBG's blood pressure spiked    09/18/20  (1)
Trump losing is worth it to make SCOTUS 6-3 conservative    09/18/20  (7)
Planking tonight in memory of RBG    09/18/20  (7)
aye ese chu hear about geeensburg? better register to vote man’g    09/18/20  (2)
One Day in the Life of a Panda Express    09/18/20  (18)
trump is going to lose in a landslide now    09/18/20  (11)
GINSBURG IS DEAD    09/18/20  (157)
People are talking about this is my sleepy suburb!    09/18/20  (3)
So the court is tied 4-4 until Trump nominates someone?    09/18/20  (3)
*guy wakes up from 2012* “yeah, there’s a once in a century pandemic and Tru    09/18/20  (1)
Cocaine Mish: lol fuck yeah Trump’s nominee gets a vote on the floor    09/18/20  (1)
For xo oldmos - what advice do you have for someone entering their 30s?    09/18/20  (225)
Ross Douthat is such a self flagellating Catholic cuck    09/18/20  (1)
Trump to fast track Jeanine Pirro SCOTUS nomination (Breitbart)    09/18/20  (1)
give me the cr panda order boys    09/18/20  (9)
crying for no reason tp    09/18/20  (28)
“Mr. President, Tiffany Tru—“ “first of all, it’s maples. That one is    09/18/20  (1)
nominee will absolutely be Barrett right?    09/18/20  (1)
The Twitter meltdown happening right now is next level    09/18/20  (36)
Biden caught using a teleprompter    09/18/20  (7)
computers are not flame    09/18/20  (2)
is Panda Express Cr?    09/18/20  (11)
i'll kill myself live on tinychat if clinton loses on election day    09/18/20  (125)
Toobin: GOP always says SCOTUS a super-legislature; should welcome ^more^ seats    09/18/20  (1)
Blacks: Yo RBG dead, cuz. We gotsa vote Biden now, blood!    09/18/20  (11)
demoralization tp    09/18/20  (1)
Trump seems to do well in elections with scotus picks in limbo    09/18/20  (1)
Lmfao    09/18/20  (8)
passionately arguing Article 2 interpretation as u blow ur hispanic cleaning man    09/18/20  (2)
Jr. Associate just told partner she can't finish research tonight due to grievin    09/18/20  (1)
"Yo dawg let me hit that shit too" (Roberts, nude, to Thomas, before RBG corpse)    09/18/20  (1)
What happens to RBG's clerks on Monday morning?    09/18/20  (31)
Lol at thinking McConnell won’t try to fill this seat immediately    09/18/20  (3)
I enjoy sex with men. Men men men.    09/18/20  (1)
Trump has to nominate a conservative cuck White woman to SCOTUS    09/18/20  (2)
Ruh Roh... Black Twitter pushing #dingdongwhitebitchisdead to TRENDING status    09/18/20  (2)
Lmao rate this 1991 pic of Elaine Chao swooning over MISH (2 yrs b4 marriage)    09/18/20  (16)
historymos, what are the best books on the Spanish Civil War?    09/18/20  (1)
Not a "Henry Aaron" fan but you guys are being retards for going after some doc    09/18/20  (14)
Alright ladies, let’s talk about vaginal discharge (sorry, there’s a link)    09/18/20  (5)
“Mr. President, why are there no pictures of Tiffany on your desk?”    09/18/20  (4)
I think senate should abide but the Mcconnell LAME DUCK potus scotus rule    09/18/20  (11)
That smelly pussy thread last night got me thinking    09/18/20  (3)
Libs are actually taking RBG's death pretty well    09/18/20  (7)
RBG's corpse scrawling mealy-mouthed concurrences from hell    09/18/20  (1)
how many judges will biden pack the court with?    09/18/20  (1)
What does Kavanaugh call a fart again? A “Blorp”?    09/18/20  (7)
RBG should have really worn a mask at that wedding    09/18/20  (6)
libs using RBG death to declare democracy a failure    09/18/20  (1)
Please use "Boofing" in a sentence.    09/18/20  (27)
My Lord! COVID cases are dropping and BLM is dying! “Hmm. Kill RBG then”    09/18/20  (4)
New Gillette commercial shows dad teaching tranny son how to shave (link)    09/18/20  (89)
bet kav is throwing a rager tonight    09/18/20  (24)
Clarence Thomas fastballs can of ragu at Ginsburg's temple    09/18/20  (7)
Justice Thomas performing oral sex on RBG's corpse without comment    09/18/20  (2)
HOW did she die? Covid?    09/18/20  (6)
Trump will definitely nominate someone. Not sure what senate does.    09/18/20  (9)
any videos of asian chicks with deep southern accent?    09/18/20  (32)
When SCOTUS gets packed to 90 justices we're all getting seats!    09/18/20  (5)
kind of online -> extremely online -> incomprehensibly online    09/18/20  (15)
Justice Thomas slowly lifting the sheet off RBG's still-warm corpse as his erect    09/18/20  (2)
I guess the Lord did not PASS OVER every jew tonight    09/18/20  (2)
Black republican here. Check out this 180 Ben Shapiro video.    09/18/20  (1)
Y/N does Trump go for it?    09/18/20  (9)
Trump still hasn't weighed in    09/18/20  (6)
If RBGs seat opens up libs will go INSANE    09/18/20  (83)
SCOTUS phone rings at 3am, Amy Coney Barrett answers nursing Lawman8    09/18/20  (7)
OH Malk! Luth Badel Ginbulg dead, u put me on Supleme Coult? Give 5 birrion dorr    09/18/20  (1)
Just gave a blowjob straightup to the overweight hispanic cleaning man in my off    09/18/20  (8)
This is so funny    09/18/20  (1)
Justice Barrett, in mantilla, exiling Buttigieg from South Bend for unnatural    09/18/20  (1)
headache thread    09/18/20  (1)
Amy Coney Barrett, front row at U2 concert in 1989, tits bouncing gif    09/18/20  (11)
Anyone else have to comfort a crying wife / GF?    09/18/20  (30)
Hawaii judge rules that RBG corpse puppeted by Sotomayor can remain on SCOTUS    09/18/20  (2)
Hawaii judge issues emergency order bringing RBG back to life    09/18/20  (1)
cigarettes are flame    09/18/20  (4)
Soleimani DEAD Kim Jong UN DEAD Kobe DEAD helluva year and it's only April    09/18/20  (4)
ALL HANDS ON DECK: Bill Nye introduces "Sex Junk 2: RBG Forever" on YouTube live    09/18/20  (1)
Rafael Cruz Sr. taking up his old job, seen leaving RBG’s house today    09/18/20  (4)
You’re next, Breyerfaggot    09/18/20  (5)
why is RBG being dead news?    09/18/20  (1)
(18th century Brits laughing at 'rioting tax protesters'hurting their own cause)    09/18/20  (5)
Oh boy that filibuster for scotus seats looks awfully silly now huh libs?    09/18/20  (10)
Holy Shit, phone off for a few hours. Was RBG assassinated?    09/18/20  (1)
Trump wins, RBG dies, Chauvin walks. Imagine that motherfuckin timeline    09/18/20  (12)
omg libs    09/18/20  (1)
RBG has died and the pretzel bun has returned at Wendy’s    09/18/20  (1)
Biden is literally a walking corpse.    09/18/20  (1)
GOP already caved, no replacement before new administration    09/18/20  (19)
Reza Aslan: “ Over our dead bodies. Literally.”    09/18/20  (9)
I guess no more prayer hand Twitter emojis from depraved libs for a while    09/18/20  (2)
pretty sure the DOE / princeton lawsuit is what killed rbg    09/18/20  (3)
Merrick Garland issuing unanimous decision to order value size Frosty for lunch    09/18/20  (32)
I Made Amy Coney Barrett Get Misty-Eyed at Notre Dame Law    09/18/20  (30)
🕜 Trump has plenty of time to get a SCOTUS nominee approved 🕜    09/18/20  (8)
Rate this response to Harry Reid's 2013 filibuster tweet.    09/18/20  (1)
There is absolutely NO REASON for Trump and McConnell not to fill that seat now.    09/18/20  (18)
Justice Barrett fingering rosary beads, wearing mantilla as she padlocks Planne    09/18/20  (35)
key performance indicator tp    09/18/20  (2)
Shrews wearing jabots to brunch this weekend in honor of RBG    09/18/20  (1)
3 entrees and a side for under $10    09/18/20  (4)
Amy Coney Barrett in a mantilla reciting prayer of extreme unction for RBG    09/18/20  (11)
Shitlib laws: Logan Act, Statue of Liberty poem, RBG’s deathbed wish    09/18/20  (2)
Elaine Chao's parents trained her and her sisters well to hunt HANDSOMES    09/18/20  (10)
has anyone here tried Quaaludes? what's it like and where to find?    09/18/20  (1)
"BUT IT WAS A BLUE WAVE," he screamed as Justice Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in.    09/18/20  (26)
livestream of DC soyfolx gathering at SCOTUS to mourn    09/18/20  (1)
Poem to RBG    09/18/20  (1)
Did Amy Coney Barrett rape anyone in high school?    09/18/20  (1)
ITT explain the Panda Express meme    09/18/20  (5)
Christine Blasey Ford issues statement on RBG’s death (link)    09/18/20  (4)
How many "I LOVE RBG" libs can actually name a case she authored?    09/18/20  (16)

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