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snowden AND assange pardons 180000000000    01/20/21  (6)
TRUMP to pardon SOUTH PARK MEXICAN on Jared's recommendation    01/20/21  (7)
🇺🇸 THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP 🇺🇸    01/20/21  (8)
I don't think XO is fully appreciating how ominous the military purge is    01/20/21  (106)
wow fuck trump    01/20/21  (1)
is it stupid to start GOMAD + starting strength at age 36 + ?    01/20/21  (18)
"I think I got the squanchies" cried spaceporn Jr farting cum at school nurse    01/20/21  (10)
standin in line 2 see the food truck thai n theres a shirt on, tyrwhitt blue    01/20/21  (35)
Worst part about US Blacks is that Slavery didn't even work well back in the day    01/20/21  (21)
WHOA! How did cnn.com publish “Christmas Is About Jesus Christ, Full Stop.”    01/20/21  (37)
mr. jinx's asslicking bitchbottom slave fuckslut tp (confirmed whokebe alt)    01/20/21  (3)
Padraig O’Boozeman    01/20/21  (7)
donny when the fuck is my chainlink gonna moon    01/20/21  (2)
Mitch: "The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the President and other powe    01/20/21  (3)
Why are so many libs moving to Nashville?    01/20/21  (34)
in the 90s only the biggest dorks cared about actual politics    01/20/21  (21)
You are now manually listening to RIGHT ABOVE IT by Lil Wayne    01/20/21  (6)
whokebe, you abject retard, come out of your hole and be a fucking man    01/20/21  (15)
Yellen says crypto is particular concern for terrorist financing, money launderi    01/20/21  (17)
TRUMP pardons LIL WAYNE    01/20/21  (5)
I'll probably miss kayleigh mcenany the most    01/20/21  (40)
whokebe is actually a big retarded faggot if u think about it    01/20/21  (8)
Trump peeling out of the WH in a blacked out G-Wagon blaring Lollipop    01/20/21  (5)
Reminder: "Liberals" instituting citywide martial law    01/20/21  (7)
"We knew the nightcrew was on its way. They gave us hope."    01/20/21  (35)
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says troops and cops are not going away    01/20/21  (128)
Shitlaw boss sings "Every Day I'm Hustlin" for opening statement    01/20/21  (2)
josh hawley is a potential monkey's paw situation for libs    01/20/21  (152)
Considering breaking up with jinx over my torn and damaged anus (whok)    01/20/21  (7)
America is like ancient Rome in very weird ways    01/20/21  (140)
Underrated song: Lil' Wayne - Right Above It.mp3    01/20/21  (2)
I've been here for at least 8 years. I've never amounted to anything    01/20/21  (8)
CSLG paid me 1.3 mil in 2020    01/20/21  (18)
Holy SHIT. This video blows Putin a new asshole (VID)    01/20/21  (25)
Possible for USA to become complete third world country in our lifetime?    01/20/21  (19)
Hey cointards, where’s you’re precious little “moon”?    01/20/21  (3)
Biden is proposing a $15,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit    01/20/21  (39)
can't wait til USA goes full communist and purges all the retarded contards here    01/20/21  (25)
wisconsin's offense is fucking retarded    01/20/21  (63)
Reminder: XO is a soft space in interdimensional reality, with regular openings    01/20/21  (2)
Trump Panicking After Realizing Fingerprints All Over White House    01/20/21  (3)
Reminder: Biden will never be recognized as the legitimately elected POTUS    01/20/21  (21)
Remember sitting in "American History" class at age 13? Could u have imagined    01/20/21  (15)
“I was right MA! BIDEN WON!” Rudolph screamed as he came    01/20/21  (6)
Reminder- trump is potus until noon tomorrow    01/20/21  (3)
Ulbricht not pardoned    01/20/21  (3)
Spaceporn, the stuff you’ve been doing to your wife’s son? It’s not good b    01/20/21  (3)
do you think violence will be more common again/how will it manifest    01/20/21  (13)
Professional dessert deliverer, taking questions    01/20/21  (6)
where is US in the ancient Rome timeline?    01/20/21  (37)
Lol at "friendzone"..no chick is friends with someone she doesn't like    01/20/21  (6)
love that bannon scammed trump supporters and will face no consequences    01/20/21  (2)
Blacks are like perfect people it’s just racism that keeps them down    01/20/21  (2)
XO= Toxic    01/20/21  (13)
Caesar weeping at the sight of Pompey's head is one of the more touching moments    01/20/21  (1)
I don't get "racism"    01/20/21  (3)
Matt Yglesias has the gayest voice I have ever heard    01/20/21  (1)
Itt: how is Biden going to save us?    01/20/21  (6)
Anyone play piano? Damn this song looks complicated to learn    01/20/21  (7)
Did trump leave the White House    01/20/21  (1)
Been listening to Ben Shapiro for the past eight months    01/20/21  (20)
Roger Stone to Trump: 'Pardon Assange, not criminal grifter scumbag Bannon!'    01/20/21  (1)
cr to turn ICE into a Gestapo-like org?    01/20/21  (25)
BAM! Youre in classical Rome w/ a duffel bag full of Skittles and 1 sheet of LSD    01/20/21  (44)
A fascinating observation: American politics converging on European politics    01/20/21  (102)
Kellyanne Conways daughter Claudia once again shames her family    01/20/21  (9)
so Biden really is appointing the mentally ill man in a dress?    01/20/21  (16)
He died as he lived - a broke gay retard with back pain    01/20/21  (6)
TV's 'Meathead', (((Rob Reiner))) calls for white genocide    01/20/21  (1)
stone roses - love spreads.mp3    01/20/21  (2)
irony of Caesar's death is he still respected republican power structures; Octav    01/20/21  (28)
jet black congo telemarketers pumping and dumping 'sheet coins'    01/20/21  (1)
poast ur crypto portfolio    01/20/21  (19)
Body By Brillstein    01/20/21  (1)
Is there an equivalent to a "blanking" script for your IRL? Suggestions apprecia    01/20/21  (1)
Mets GM sends reporter dick pic with 62 unanswered follow-ups    01/20/21  (96)
gamestop    01/20/21  (1)
are there any "proles" in asia?    01/20/21  (10)
How do a use the blanking script?    01/20/21  (16)
So should we use that python script or is it futile?    01/20/21  (2)
seems like bunch of posters left recently bc they know somethings abt to go down    01/20/21  (15)
for anyone worried, go to the github now and use the samson option script    01/20/21  (2)
Back from 5 minute permanent retirement. Taking no ?s. Glad to be back. TY    01/20/21  (1)
Anthony Bourdain dead from suspected overdose (CNN)    01/20/21  (354)
REMINDER: life is too short to stay married to a fat chick    01/20/21  (10)
America dead from suspected shitlibbery overdose (CNN)    01/20/21  (1)
retired forever thank you all good night and good luck    01/20/21  (8)
*points squarely at Boom in public* "You are a fraud."    01/20/21  (108)
just got in a shouting match w/ chair of practice group about travel stipend    01/20/21  (8)
So the crypto bubble is being pumped up by fraudulent Tether issuances?    01/20/21  (49)
Yeah mom I know got hosed on Boolberry but this new thing called "The Graph" is    01/20/21  (2)
rate my wife's little sister    01/20/21  (8)
SUMMON: TSINAH and other Florida shitlawyers    01/20/21  (10)
97% of xoers have first cousins who live in thatch huts in Asia    01/20/21  (8)
Movies billed as children's films which are NOT actually children's films    01/20/21  (2)
"To the hilt" *raises sword in air* "TO THE HILT!" *hundreds more follow*    01/20/21  (5)
comercially obsessed hyperconformists    01/20/21  (2)
Rudolph you're an annoying Indian spammer and prob a virgin but I still love you    01/20/21  (5)
its 1/20/21, Rudolph is officially retired    01/20/21  (1)
"It's the Long Knives" he lisped as he suffered through his sixth anal orgasm of    01/20/21  (2)
Long Knives are about to come out for Trump - Establishment sees blood in water    01/20/21  (13)
how long til libs have IRL thought police gestapo    01/20/21  (19)
what goes through someone's mind who tries to act "above it all" on a web board?    01/20/21  (5)
so bridgerton is about white people trying to obtain black babies?    01/20/21  (1)
I'm rediscovering the joy of reading (Liu Chang)    01/20/21  (13)
im an obese retarded alcoholic and heres what i think about airplane food    01/20/21  (6)
what will be the seminal event of the collapse of American empire?    01/20/21  (6)
why are the Irish so jealous of every other race???    01/20/21  (11)
You're a huge loser who thinks about politics constantly.    01/20/21  (9)
Libs talking a lot of shit today    01/20/21  (1)
Ketamine that's injected during arrests draws new scrutiny (link)    01/20/21  (13)
Does McConnell have the votes to CONVICT?    01/20/21  (1)
coinfags, how can you ruin ur kids’ futures and disappoint ur parents like thi    01/20/21  (3)
should i rent this apt    01/20/21  (1)
*comes from 50 BC late-Republican Rome* *makes quips re political instability*    01/20/21  (1)
*comes from primitive shithole country* *makes fun of 'proles'*    01/20/21  (1)
Attn coiner ponzi sucker queers: you’d do better buying $10K megamillions tix    01/20/21  (1)
why didn't Hitler give Jews the option to leave Germany?    01/20/21  (49)
what does ketamine feel like    01/20/21  (2)
still laughing hysterically at vaccine getting approved 2 days after trump lost    01/20/21  (3)
not flame assfaggot looks like a more cardio focused dolph lundgren    01/20/21  (10)
1/19 Back pain thread    01/20/21  (13)
proles love when row of officers salute a police dog that's been shot    01/20/21  (9)
*retarded prole in a punisher shirt searching pelosi's desk for nuclear codes*    01/20/21  (18)
"wtf is duck sauce" the bored samuels and baumeister receptionist wondered    01/20/21  (3)
Stalin, let me break it down for you: You can date your computer.    01/20/21  (3)
XO= Stupid    01/20/21  (2)
NO PARDONS: Giuliani, Assange, Snowden, Jared, Trump Kids, Trump    01/20/21  (1)
Friend dating 29 year old MD for a year. Found out she stripped    01/20/21  (132)
tons of ketamine content rn    01/20/21  (1)
Trump is a coward for not pardoning Assange/Snowden.    01/20/21  (13)
Lol so Trump got impeached with literally no due process?    01/20/21  (72)
luis do u lift at all anymoar?    01/20/21  (3)
the Apache helicopter time travel thread just disappeared because THEY know #981    01/20/21  (7)
board has been awful this month    01/20/21  (7)
gvt gives ppl money to buy houses so illegals can keep building houses?    01/20/21  (1)
Mexican Hitler    01/20/21  (9)
Zoot Suit Gestapo    01/20/21  (4)
In 30 years CIA will come forward re 2020 election fraud.    01/20/21  (24)
a group of 4-5 shitty retarded posters constantly making "board sux!" threads    01/20/21  (1)
Thank    01/20/21  (3)
Trump pardoning PN: "Look he was gakked on tutu and his dad was talking shit."    01/20/21  (1)
year 2050 All-American Muhammad goes to kindergarten to learn Chinese    01/20/21  (3)
This is the "night of the long knives" on Twitter. They're purging the alt-right    01/20/21  (24)
Nothing in the rules says a golden retriever can’t be pardoned    01/20/21  (1)
Trump pardons Madoff    01/20/21  (4)

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