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STICKY: Big changes   07/30/20  (329)
We mock Gen Z aesthetics, but these were Millennials in the early 2000s    08/05/20  (2)
Laser Pointers, Omega Yo-Yo's, Tech-Decks, and GameBoy Color    08/05/20  (1)
"You're Henry Aaron!" screamed the board lib as I gaped the fuck out of him    08/05/20  (12)
Mike Fart and GJR driving econo van full of 8 ruddy kids to latin mass    08/05/20  (5)
back to the lab again rsf hummed to self on the way to pick up 3 tons of fertali    08/05/20  (5)
benchmade 940 worth it?    08/05/20  (37)
How many alts do we think Henry Aaron has?    08/05/20  (10)
Third eye witness places Bill Clinton at Epstein Island... Drip drip drip    08/05/20  (21)
How do people make money "renting" their homes out?    08/05/20  (2)
What happens if Biden soils himself live at the debate    08/05/20  (7)
rate this video of completely senile joe biden talking about senility test    08/05/20  (6)
Rate this girl my wife and I played with last week (CSLG)    08/05/20  (8)
New Charles article quotes a HENRY AARON post    08/05/20  (10)
does anyone here actually still post on social media    08/05/20  (6)
Nick Cannon BENDS THE KNEE: fasts for Jewish holiday to make up for anti semitic    08/05/20  (22)
Notes on various Southern cities I have visited this summer    08/05/20  (27)
Odd how Henry Aaron retired his "Voodoo Child" moniker after c12 outing    08/05/20  (41)
Sports nuts are beta losers which is why pro leagues can shit all over them    08/05/20  (5)
they want your kids obese, trans, and brown    08/05/20  (5)
ETH, link, lend and Ocean. The big 4    08/05/20  (5)
****🚨 BIDEN PICK: IT'S KAMALA - TO BE ANNOUNCED IN HOURS 🚨****    08/05/20  (8)
Mo’ne Davis Now Hampton Pirates Softball Infielder (link)    08/05/20  (1)
Upset Jew here with the NYC real estate update.    08/05/20  (15)
i;ve got ten grand to play with ETH or BTC?    08/05/20  (4)
hardest you've ever been hit?    08/05/20  (21)
Just watched HBO interview. JFC can you imagine if journos were so rude to Obama    08/05/20  (94)
Why did Dems think it would be a good idea to run a dementia patient for Pres?    08/05/20  (11)
Rate Gilda Radner's commercial for "Jewess Jeans".    08/05/20  (6)
It's hilarious how stupid XO is about "money printing bad" (DTP)    08/05/20  (101)
Bide to angry voter: "Who told you that? Mike Fart?"    08/05/20  (31)
my new favorite chick on instagram    08/05/20  (5)
Third eye blind places Bill Clinton at Epstein Island... Doo-doo-doo    08/05/20  (4)
Movie idea: a woke FBI hotshot investigates Elon Musk for being a serial killer    08/05/20  (2)
Mike Fart is it hard to golf in a rascal scooter    08/05/20  (4)
guy who invented gender mutilated a baby boy+forced him in2 sex acts w brother?    08/05/20  (1)
NYC: 2% of the US population, 20% of the Covid deaths.    08/05/20  (41)
what are the most prestigious american accents    08/05/20  (30)
baggy ass JNCOs with boat shoes?    08/05/20  (6)
Who will Biden's VP choice be?    08/05/20  (3)
Daily Reminder: DrakeMallard = animeboi = insane histrionic christian freak    08/05/20  (40)
hey did u know republicans are more principled about liberalism than liberals    08/05/20  (4)
it's hard to believe that joe biden is the nominee. lol.    08/05/20  (3)
Friend who knows GW Bush told me he is seriously considering endorsing Biden.    08/05/20  (10)
CNN host argues with Yale scientist over hydroxychloroquine (link)    08/05/20  (101)
too late to buy BTC rn?    08/05/20  (5)
I’ll give Trumpmos credit - they can stay on message    08/05/20  (1)
Biden: "And they had this one story about a kid from the Congo. Jet black. And h    08/05/20  (36)
Joe Biden asks Black Reporter, "Are you on cocaine?" (video)    08/05/20  (91)
Pope Francis says that opposing abortion not more important than helping immigra    08/05/20  (30)
Tatted up blonde arrested on South Carolina beach for wearing thong (video)    08/05/20  (27)
Should I use a financial advisor? Have 2 million in cash.    08/05/20  (48)
Biden's face looks fine. he just acts like an angry and confused old man    08/05/20  (4)
New FDA-approved nasal spray "Spravato" treats suicidal ideation    08/05/20  (1)
ITT I MPA-ify movie titles of your choosing    08/05/20  (127)
People going crazy over new George Floyd bodycam footage    08/05/20  (23)
Please god let me just die    08/05/20  (4)
"Send in the Clowns" is a great song.    08/05/20  (2)
Trump up 2 in North Dakota    08/05/20  (17)
Biden: "So I read this, this post and I'd let him do LASIK. Why not? Why the hel    08/05/20  (1)
Gov Cuomo begs wealthy residents to come back to New York City    08/05/20  (25)
Manlets are babies with dicks    08/05/20  (1)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/05/20  (93)
Is NYC done here?    08/05/20  (42)
Biden tells black reporter "Aw here you go again talkin' that mess"    08/05/20  (1)
Spongebob is gay, but I always assumed it was Squidward.    08/05/20  (11)
Why is Upset Jew always so paranoid?    08/05/20  (3)
So if you're goy, ugly, talentless and prole, society basically makes u Hitler    08/05/20  (3)
Hot guys in grey sweatpants with bubble butts and bulges    08/05/20  (4)
"Kamala, why are u in my chair?" *K points to calendar, every day is Juneteenth*    08/05/20  (1)
Upset Jew, thoughts on an investment property in Astoria?    08/05/20  (9)
Chris Pine; Cary Grant; Henry Rollins; Steven Seagal; Which one is a jew?    08/05/20  (3)
Keith Ellison: women should not report rape to police, but to social workers (li    08/05/20  (11)
Benzo: "I'm high IQ!" *puts entire savings into options bet* *loses*    08/05/20  (22)
reminder: u can't spell WWG1WGA without WGWAG    08/05/20  (1)
What’s a good tip for a timeshare salesmen?    08/05/20  (3)
ass lord tp u wanna hit up the links later    08/05/20  (3)
"that's the Big Cripple Dipper" (luis teaching his kids about constellations)    08/05/20  (5)
is the Jewish propensity for swindling genetic?    08/05/20  (26)
oh I get it this mike fart guy is actua- *masked gestapo agent shotguns my door*    08/05/20  (3)
Women saying that your parents are rich so you've earned nothing    08/05/20  (1)
If I ate normal food I'd look like a Greek god instead of an ape w a huge gut.    08/05/20  (4)
My back is killing me, how does the Cripple Dipple work?    08/05/20  (28)
So because I am being employed, I have to be paid less than those unemployed?    08/05/20  (5)
Have about $100k liquid. What to do with it?    08/05/20  (46)
WaPo: Grocery prices rising at the fastest rate in decades    08/05/20  (7)
had only 2 big wine glasses of whiskey last night and now i feel like shit wtf    08/05/20  (2)
6 states forced nursing homes to take back COVID patients. They = 63% of deaths    08/05/20  (26)
He died as he lived - a broke gay retard with back pain    08/05/20  (1)
Reminder: Libs are devil-worshipping pedophiles who despise beauty and truth    08/05/20  (37)
Farting so loud Biden loses his train of thought and yells C'MON MAN    08/05/20  (2)
Babe: Pig in the City (1998)    08/05/20  (1)
Report here if I know you!(Boom)    08/05/20  (5)
Reminder that humanity owes the Jews for almost everything good in the world    08/05/20  (2)
ITT: Your favorite retail stores to physically visit    08/05/20  (7)
What's the deal with Nassim Taleb?    08/05/20  (7)
I only listen to Jewish rappers    08/05/20  (6)
who posted Henry Aaron's info allover twitter?    08/05/20  (47)
The Mulatto Presidential Aspirant    08/05/20  (1)
Ant colony locked in nuclear bunker for years, survive through cannibalism (link    08/05/20  (37)
"Oh shit, the sicko is back. I just can't" (Peterman seeing Henry Aaron pull up)    08/05/20  (5)
"1984 is a good book but the 2+2=5 part a bit unrealistic, btw masks don't work    08/05/20  (36)
In Pandemic, Don’t Forget About Kids’ Other Risks *pic of kid falling off sw    08/05/20  (1)
"Absolutely devastating for board libs" Voodoo Child lisped as I railed his chun    08/05/20  (5)
No longer have time or energy for your sort of shit    08/05/20  (1)
Benzo, are you interested in opening a SLAW KING franchise?    08/05/20  (14)
Do you have COVID? (flowchart)    08/05/20  (2)
As statues across America are torn down, defacing MLK statue is "hate crime"    08/05/20  (13)
A guy just quit with company wide email: Get That Bread Get That Head Then Leave    08/05/20  (11)
Now libs will say Biden should let Kamala be president on certain days    08/05/20  (1)
Rate this graphic of dating life for modern females    08/05/20  (4)
Inescapable conclusion from last 6 months: country is thoroughly fucked    08/05/20  (7)
home depot LP day #2 post-orientation update    08/05/20  (89)
Marilyn Monroe has a 100 year old living half sister    08/05/20  (2)
spaceporn is now GC of the False Memory Foundation    08/05/20  (4)
XO QATAR    08/05/20  (1)
Do you think Kamala fucked Biden to get VP nod?    08/05/20  (2)
still loling at that cathedral that was able to last hundreds of years    08/05/20  (11)
Biden: “in the old days, who’da thunk a black, let alone a sexy big breasted    08/05/20  (1)
Matrix creator: movie was an allegory of the trans experience (link)    08/05/20  (6)
Cerebral school cafeteria tp    08/05/20  (1)
Will they ever tell Biden he lost the election, or will they just keep telling    08/05/20  (5)
So Biden's reqs were: 1. woman 2. black 3. called me segregationist    08/05/20  (1)
Crazy how 18 of 20 members of Facebook's fact-check board are tied to Soros    08/05/20  (11)
Trump's "October Surprise": Full disclosure on UFOs?    08/05/20  (1)
Biden groping Kamala’s tits during VP announcement speech    08/05/20  (3)
So we're allowing this place to be taken over by retards? don't recognize anyone    08/05/20  (10)
Kamala plants self behind Resolute Desk. Biden: COME ON MAN    08/05/20  (6)
Mario can choke on his McDonald's order    08/05/20  (1)
Watched Trump's Axios interview. Recalled some words GWB once said.    08/05/20  (1)
Biden takes tough stance on border wall: "Not another foot!"    08/05/20  (1)
chop dick off and put in door dash food order    08/05/20  (14)
Soros funding an Israeli-Syrian refugee initiative (link)    08/05/20  (1)
How Russia won the hearts and minds of the Afghans    08/05/20  (1)
Don't recognize anyone here anymore..going to run you all off you frauds    08/05/20  (2)
Go place your door dash orders and be the retards you are    08/05/20  (1)
Drew Dreschel arrested & charged for sex with 15 year old    08/05/20  (8)
What's the best hypo thread that you've ever seen on xo?    08/05/20  (5)
"I love black holes," Hawking robo-quipped as the Congolese 13 yo was dragged    08/05/20  (1)
Teachers are definitely not essential workers    08/05/20  (1)
Talked to owner of takeout franchises; having best year ever    08/05/20  (1)
Stephen Hawking on Epstein island asking to get dick sucked w speak-and-spell    08/05/20  (1)
fucking up fraud door dashers    08/05/20  (3)
Adderall mastermen ITT    08/05/20  (2)
Hypo: $600k in Jackson, WY or $60k in Beaumont, TX    08/05/20  (13)
American is crap...food delivery apps so fraud lazyness    08/05/20  (2)
I view Buck "the Club" Paulette tp as a role model.    08/05/20  (4)
the Mandarin Poasters' Agitation    08/05/20  (2)
Biden says he's looking forward to debating President Mike Pence (video)    08/05/20  (3)
fatal flaw with technology: automating tasks = just more work on hard stuff    08/05/20  (1)
exeunt    08/05/20  (1)

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