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STICKY: Big changes   07/30/20  (329)
Notes on various Southern cities I have visited this summer    08/05/20  (4)
is the Jewish propensity for swindling genetic?    08/05/20  (11)
How bad is it when an incumbent POTUS loses reelection?    08/05/20  (1)
Rate this job description for Personal Assistant to Celebrity Influencer    08/05/20  (5)
Crazy how 18 of 20 members of Facebook's fact-check board are tied to Soros    08/05/20  (7)
Asian chicks generally count for 1/3 each on your pussy slay number but depends    08/05/20  (1)
I am fighting the tide of negativity in our political culture by poasting gay s    08/05/20  (5)
"No, I said your BASS looked RICE in those BOTTOMS"    08/05/20  (5)
when will biden announce his running mate    08/05/20  (11)
It's hilarious how stupid XO is about "money printing bad" (DTP)    08/05/20  (100)
Rudolph, are you ashamed of your stolen valor?    08/05/20  (9)
Misguided Janitor tp— really pathetic, low-energy scum    08/05/20  (29)
Let's all look at screens today    08/05/20  (3)
the truman show movie was actually the world trying to tell you something    08/05/20  (1)
rate this photo of my dog dood    08/05/20  (8)
Hypo: You are a "sex addict" but also a loser aspie incel. What do you do then?    08/05/20  (5)
who posted Henry Aaron's info allover twitter?    08/05/20  (13)
Biden's biggest fuckup: his VP pick or agreeing to debates?    08/05/20  (4)
People going crazy over new George Floyd bodycam footage    08/05/20  (19)
"How's your weiner doing, bud?" (Henry Aaron 'rounding' in Kidz Klinic waiting r    08/05/20  (2)
A guy just quit with company wide email: Get That Bread Get That Head Then Leave    08/05/20  (5)
Drew Dreschel arrested & charged for sex with 15 year old    08/05/20  (1)
PREDICTION: Florida's COVID-19 death toll today will be HIGHEST ever.    08/05/20  (1)
Joe Biden asks Black Reporter, "Are you on cocaine?" (video)    08/05/20  (81)
Can’t wait for the Biden-Trump debates    08/05/20  (7)
30,000 German pedos busted.    08/05/20  (9)
Have about $100k liquid. What to do with it?    08/05/20  (37)
does Covid actually have a two-week incubation period or is that just flame?    08/05/20  (4)
"Absolutely devastating for board libs" Voodoo Child lisped as I railed his chun    08/05/20  (4)
I don't understand why I haven't gotten COVID    08/05/20  (27)
ITT I MPA-ify movie titles of your choosing    08/05/20  (125)
My nurse buns, filled with cum. And lots of rectal pain. (Henry Aaron)    08/05/20  (7)
Odd how Henry Aaron retired his "Voodoo Child" moniker after c12 outing    08/05/20  (38)
My gold investments are literal physical coins hoarded in a box lol    08/05/20  (4)
Soyboy goes REEEEEEEEEEE after rioters harass him (link)    08/05/20  (15)
Bumping SILVER up to $100 (although its going much higher)    08/05/20  (7)
RATE this girl (pic)    08/05/20  (34)
"You're Henry Aaron!" screamed the board lib as I gaped the fuck out of him    08/05/20  (2)
πŸ’£BREAKING: Tactical nuke explosion in Lebanon πŸ’£    08/05/20  (171)
UConn cancels football season (link)    08/05/20  (13)
reminder: we had a coup attempt based on ZERO evidence    08/05/20  (151)
Trump up 2 in North Dakota    08/05/20  (14)
bumping GOLD all the way to $10,000 from $2,000    08/05/20  (19)
Nick Cannon BENDS THE KNEE: fasts for Jewish holiday to make up for anti semitic    08/05/20  (8)
Should I use a financial advisor? Have 2 million in cash.    08/05/20  (47)
Congolese doctor probably going to get Nobel Prize in Medicine    08/05/20  (10)
Biden: "And they had this one story about a kid from the Congo. Jet black. And h    08/05/20  (34)
Kamala plants self behind Resolute Desk. Biden: COME ON MAN    08/05/20  (5)
The POTUS told the world that Beirut explosion was an ATTACK. IT WASN'T.    08/05/20  (3)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†    08/05/20  (99)
Pics of the first day back at school in Georgia. MAGA!    08/05/20  (26)
"They want u to accept black criminality" PeterNorth explained as mugshot taken    08/05/20  (42)
89 days until you get BTFO Trumpmos. Time to move.    08/05/20  (6)
Neville Chamberlain was FIRED from Downing then self-deported to Highfield Park    08/05/20  (32)
We need a zero tattoo policy for all police    08/05/20  (6)
HYPO: $1 million but PeterNorth's mugshot haunts you in your dreams every night    08/05/20  (3)
My back is killing me, how does the Cripple Dipple work?    08/05/20  (21)
biden's brain has turned to pudding    08/05/20  (5)
no point in communicating with "2+2 = 5" Libs anymore    08/05/20  (5)
which one of you wrote this 180 screed about whole life insurance?    08/05/20  (5)
Masks work. Thats why if somebody is wearing pants you cant smell their fart    08/05/20  (11)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/05/20  (83)
Just watched HBO interview. JFC can you imagine if journos were so rude to Obama    08/05/20  (72)
Here is a reader-friendly explanation of the foundations behind the Doomsday arg    08/05/20  (7)
So 2nd time in a row Dems nominating a terrible candidate they don't even like    08/05/20  (84)
Dog is smarter than kid:    08/05/20  (1)
Describe the first time you WEAPONIZED your autism.    08/05/20  (11)
“Open yr eyes and see what you can w them before they close forever!”    08/05/20  (1)
Is there any way for AMERICANS to flee oppressive income taxes?    08/05/20  (10)
how long are THESE fucking stickies going to last? 2 years? 3 years?    08/05/20  (1)
How to help our fellows in Africa--Salt iodization    08/05/20  (1)
Embarrassingly horny daughter    08/05/20  (11)
still loling at that cathedral that was able to last hundreds of years    08/05/20  (10)
What metals should we be buying, aside from gold/silver?    08/05/20  (4)
"1984 is a good book but the 2+2=5 part a bit unrealistic, btw masks don't work    08/05/20  (31)
More notable about Obama: born in Kenya or only POTUS not born in 1940s?    08/05/20  (4)
Is Hamilton’s “My Shot” the worst main song of all the great Broadway musi    08/05/20  (28)
Hypo: $600k in Jackson, WY or $60k in Beaumont, TX    08/05/20  (11)
That was just my morning warm-up shit. Loose ends. I take my real shit after 11.    08/05/20  (1)
drug wars the ti-84 game but boomer wars    08/05/20  (2)
Bide to angry voter: "Who told you that? Mike Fart?"    08/05/20  (25)
show me how you suck a guy's cock    08/05/20  (5)
I think Low T has a connection with addiction    08/05/20  (2)
Why the fuck would someone choose NYC over Boston?    08/05/20  (32)
If Biden starts dropping in polls, Dems will freak out.    08/05/20  (13)
Tik Tok teen goes OFF! on Trump in crazy video (video)    08/05/20  (5)
Jewish friend grinds grain into flour and makes rap music; needs a rap name    08/05/20  (23)
She persisted. She reclaimed her time.    08/05/20  (1)
Chilmata's black wife and their mulatto baby put out anti-Drumpf video    08/05/20  (1)
Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively apologize for marrying at a plantation    08/05/20  (2)
If Trump "loses" and calls supporters to the street and blocks leaving.GLADLY JO    08/05/20  (2)
which poaster could make the most poasters cum willingly    08/05/20  (3)
Kristin Cavallari cucking Jay Cutler proof CHADs always win    08/05/20  (14)
"Welcome to my harem," Nyuug hissed as the orderly pushed the Barbies into the c    08/05/20  (5)
Libs: "Refusing sex with HIV+ person is fearmongering! BTW no schools until vacc    08/05/20  (1)
Inescapable conclusion from last 6 months: country is thoroughly fucked    08/05/20  (6)
akaash singh you lurking ass mother fucker... show yourself    08/05/20  (1)
libs complaining that ghetto area are "Nespresso Boutique Deserts"    08/05/20  (1)
Is NYC done here?    08/05/20  (40)
To B. Joel "Uptown Girl"- Hook-nose jew! He's on the lookout for a goy to screw    08/05/20  (20)
Tommy Tuberville: Undefeated in SEC in 2004 Season, US Senator. You? No purell    08/05/20  (1)
Think I lost some friends last night over Covid    08/05/20  (75)
is christopher ward prole    08/05/20  (4)
ITT: we live vicariously through our kids    08/05/20  (1)
Kickstarter is literally run by Antifa terrorists    08/05/20  (1)
What would happen to NYC if there was a second wave?    08/05/20  (5)
Documentary: Love Trumps Hate    08/05/20  (1)
Guy who has fucked ~1050 girls + counting. Taking ?s on my sex life ITT.    08/05/20  (30)
"i'm afraid we might be entering a depression", luis: way ahead of you lmao    08/05/20  (14)
Peaceful pickup truck PLOWS thru rioters, one biker murdercided (vid)    08/05/20  (2)
LJL if you didn't load up on gold last few months    08/05/20  (2)
how long until libs ban owning gold again the USA?    08/05/20  (2)
SomeOtheeGhost = spaceporn. Hth    08/05/20  (14)
lmao reddit now banning people for upvoting content "against community guideline    08/05/20  (20)
Fucked a new 30 yr old SPICY ARGENTINIAN LATINA last night. LULZY twist. Taking    08/05/20  (10)
10 yr bull run --> nobody can pay next week's bills. lmao @ this fraud economy    08/05/20  (36)
Silver lining from woke madness, less white guys with dreads.    08/05/20  (1)
πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° Total War Troy *FREE* on epic game store Aug. 13πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°    08/05/20  (4)
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger    08/05/20  (1)
Moldbug does 4-hour podcast appearance; actually sounds quite reasonable:    08/05/20  (3)
The Satisfaction of a Fart Well Blasted    08/05/20  (1)
BIGLAW rumor: say "overbilling" 3 times in the mirror at the Devil's hour and    08/05/20  (1)
Spaceprawn! I say Grill Bacon! Do someting other than squanch for once!    08/05/20  (9)
ARISE Wagecucks! Time to login to strive for your rat faced masters!    08/05/20  (20)
"Am I the crazy one?" *logs into xoxo... sighs* "No, they're the crazy ones!"    08/05/20  (7)
DrakeMallard hitting panic button upon discovering Damn Daddy is his Uber driver    08/05/20  (52)
“In Trump Country, Critical Shortages of Essential Oils & Healing Crystals”    08/05/20  (14)
TSINAH, bleeding and dressed in rags, dragged before the pauper king    08/05/20  (7)
Trump official fired after Anti-Clothmo Twitter Rant (link)    08/05/20  (20)
cop to benzo: "haha yeah okay, you can have the OPTION to CALL your lawyer"    08/05/20  (8)
thai border patrol agent bursting into laughter upon opening TT's passport    08/05/20  (8)
NYC gangbanger freed w/o bail for attempted murder; goes right back to shooting:    08/05/20  (1)
If you believe CO2 = poison for plants, you're dumb as shit    08/05/20  (2)
Human civilization will be over in about 200 years    08/05/20  (11)
*hoard of rapists encircle your shelter* "well at least i dollar cost averaged    08/05/20  (1)
client walks into TT's office "sorry, wrong place, had appt with portuguese guy"    08/05/20  (13)
CCP manipulation of SJWs in the US is hilarious    08/05/20  (14)
It is better to be a modern day NOWAG than a white chad in the 1940’s    08/05/20  (1)
go fuck yourselves I barely post anymore    08/05/20  (2)
shut the fuck up you fucking retarded frauds    08/05/20  (1)
chop dick off and put in door dash food order    08/05/20  (1)
Warren bullet is 900 billion trillion years old and is relevant age=flame    08/05/20  (1)
yar har bald lie fuk amerikkkan 3 shrimp mmm creampie lawyer cop bullet inn yo a    08/05/20  (1)
Was the normal very good ?    08/05/20  (3)
Choke to death on your half eaten before delivered door dash order    08/05/20  (1)
Kristin Cavallari drops Jay Cutler to go back to her Laguna Beach HS CHAD BF    08/05/20  (67)
ITT: u post ur current credit card balance    08/05/20  (21)
ultimate wagecuck indignity: being expected to put "work" apps on personal phone    08/05/20  (9)
i'm a Dupa baybeeee, so why don't ya kill meeeee    08/05/20  (9)

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