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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
Why Kamala is a bad pick    08/11/20  (8)
"eh" said doodikoff, 2 no 1 roach in particular, as he watched neighbor jerk off    08/11/20  (8)
Should I take a job offer in Portland ?    08/11/20  (17)
Nebraska: “Fuck the Big 10 we want to play in the fall”    08/11/20  (17)
Wtf Abrams claiming voter suppression, says shes the rightful VP nominee    08/11/20  (1)
Kamala walks into DNC stage to Wet ass pussy song    08/11/20  (4)
Stacey Adams, muttering to herself, “oh, HELL naw!”    08/11/20  (1)
“hello sir i....” *ceiling filled to brim with roaches collapses all over fl    08/11/20  (3)
Biden tomorrow on live tv: In Scranton, we love us some Popeyes-lovin' NIGGAS    08/11/20  (1)
Tucker had a pretty good monologue tonight on Kamala    08/11/20  (4)
Trump dodged a bullet. Harris isn't helping in any rustbelt states.    08/11/20  (54)
Hypo: You get to handle 30 active litigation files (defense side) for $78k pa    08/11/20  (28)
Stacey Abrams skewers Biden & Harris (link)    08/11/20  (1)
Jimmy Dore, going off on Kamala    08/11/20  (3)
Was Kamala a good pick or a bad pick? Present your case ITT.    08/11/20  (35)
Seattle appoints 4chan "le 56% face" caricature as "police chief" (not flame)    08/11/20  (6)
Fight for the 2020 CFB season is the culture war’s Battle of the Bulge    08/11/20  (1)
The only point of this life is to seek Christ and build God’s kingdom on earth    08/11/20  (10)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/11/20  (122)
Aussie cops CHOKE HOLD and BODY SLAM woman for not wearing a mask    08/11/20  (49)
Black people seem pretty excited on Twitter. I dunno guys...    08/11/20  (69)
Which Studies in Psychology are cr    08/11/20  (10)
Why do some corporate websites look CLEANER than others?    08/11/20  (27)
Reminder: Libs think that public school education is not essential    08/11/20  (1)
Kamala is the patron saint of upwardly mobile careerist liberal women    08/11/20  (2)
Did "Red" or "1989" turn Taylor Swift into a pop superstar?    08/11/20  (8)
Famous people with Jewish dads and Black moms    08/11/20  (4)
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon or MSFT Surface Book 3?    08/11/20  (48)
Why Cardi B’s “Wet Ass Pussy” anthem is so important (Complex)    08/11/20  (3)
Rate this video of Spaceporn getting his just deserts    08/11/20  (2)
This pretty much locks up California and New Delhi for Biden IMO    08/11/20  (1)
A lot of libs look like they are possessed by literal (not figurative) demons    08/11/20  (1)
hey guys, just heard that biden chose kamala as a vp, we are done here arent we    08/11/20  (1)
When Chainlink $20    08/11/20  (3)
WEEKEND AT BIDEN'S    08/11/20  (1)
What's the point of intentionally confusing geography like this?    08/11/20  (3)
Biden/Harris = Obama/Clinton unifying blacks and women strong Dem base    08/11/20  (7)
so aurochs is a 5'7 basement dork fgt kike who lies about playing football right    08/11/20  (10)
Joe Rogan is a dumb pothead    08/11/20  (29)
Cardi B would have been a better VP pick in more ways than one    08/11/20  (1)
Is a spring college football season realistic?    08/11/20  (16)
middle-aged man here, seriously want to buy myself a skateboard    08/11/20  (14)
we probably spend a 1T~2T on indirect reparations a decade    08/11/20  (6)
Kamala will win Indian-American vote bigly    08/11/20  (2)
Confession: I think this house is cool    08/11/20  (6)
wow so Quayle will no longer being dumbest VP in modern era?    08/11/20  (1)
Rate my username    08/11/20  (2)
hint: the black vote has literally never mattered and never changed a thing    08/11/20  (1)
That WAP video is really like something from a different species    08/11/20  (28)
Remember when Kamala said Joe Biden was a rapist and sexual predator?    08/11/20  (15)
WHO: don’t go to the dentist until...who knows?    08/11/20  (1)
Lol @ sports nut fraud lives being exposed as fraud during this "pandemic"    08/11/20  (12)
Blizzard employees revolt over not receiving >10% pay raises (ink)    08/11/20  (54)
luis, how did you get your back pain?    08/11/20  (1)
Trump tweets $15B order for vaccines from Russia (link)    08/11/20  (1)
don't take Kratom long-term    08/11/20  (31)
Toyota RV-2 >>>>>> Alphard    08/11/20  (10)
oh no cant watch fat nigs run into each other fuck goddamn i hate libs    08/11/20  (10)
Cathmos what are some cr catheter home delivery services?    08/11/20  (1)
Alpha black man doesn't take too kindly to being rejected by Azn chick    08/11/20  (23)
Why blacks don't like Kamala    08/11/20  (2)
Avg Richmond, VA PI lawyer salary: $73K. LMFAO @ Spaceporn    08/11/20  (40)
when will my UBER be driverless?    08/11/20  (7)
Susan Rice getting shitfaced with Merrick Garland right now    08/11/20  (10)
Rate this Eric Trump tweet where Eric Trump does math    08/11/20  (13)
That's the last time I'll ever trust "PredictIt" again    08/11/20  (2)
Elizabeth Warren, throwing bottle of fire water at her dream catcher.    08/11/20  (3)
Two failed permutations; this time let's try "separate and unequal."    08/11/20  (1)
“tough to get laid these days” (doodikoff to 2 queen roaches & their 3000 ba    08/11/20  (3)
Doodikoff's Plantation is the sequel to the great 1996 film Joe's Apartment    08/11/20  (1)
Lmao at Yang bending over like a bitch for Biden and getting shafted at DNC    08/11/20  (5)
The real losers right now are people that bought into urban revival    08/11/20  (24)
do it. kill yourself.    08/11/20  (3)
bobby jindal furious    08/11/20  (1)
Im back white dorks!!!!! Gonna be yo new VP yasssssssss    08/11/20  (45)
elizabeth warren: "how"    08/11/20  (1)
President Kamala Harris    08/11/20  (1)
McKayla Maroney still whoring for attention    08/11/20  (15)
lol at how we all thought there’d be some sudden “opening day” where we al    08/11/20  (1)
You thought Clique discrimination was bad...here comes Caste discrimination    08/11/20  (18)
cowgod what clique am i    08/11/20  (15)
DESERVE NOTHING    08/11/20  (2)
$JAMAL has a monster cock. TY XO    08/11/20  (2)
I should have been euthanized    08/11/20  (3)
$JMIA: need courage to keep holding    08/11/20  (44)
Let me lay my swollen glans upon youuuuuu    08/11/20  (1)
Spaceprawn! RingRing Brothers called to offer you old job back!    08/11/20  (21)
🚨doodikoff🚨 how's the roach situation going?    08/11/20  (70)
LathamTouchedMe has been more MAF lately. Midlife crisis setting in?    08/11/20  (15)
Demon    08/11/20  (1)
It's amazing how shitty American kids are at swimming    08/11/20  (30)
the NC kid murder was not about race but XO is right to complain about media    08/11/20  (1)
My preschooler kids haven't been sick in six months    08/11/20  (2)
Simglitch:There's an African-warrior-themed wrestler named James "Kamala" Harris    08/11/20  (8)
Lion eats cat that wandered into zoo enclosure (180000 for anti-catmos)    08/11/20  (59)
ITT we choose sides Peter north or spaceporn    08/11/20  (4)
VP Kamala handing Biden resignation letter to sign: “Do the needful.”    08/11/20  (9)
fuck this clown world    08/11/20  (2)
5 year old white boy shot in head at point blank range by black neighbor.    08/11/20  (102)
Spaceprawn! Stop dereeting threads and get warranty for kid this time!    08/11/20  (7)
"Oh btw, bit of a cockroach problem" (owner as doodikoff signs lease)    08/11/20  (13)
LMAO at the rigged NHL draft    08/11/20  (13)
The cold war geopolitical browser game Bloc has been reset    08/11/20  (1)
Friend on campaign confirmed, 100% Kamala Harris is VP, hth    08/11/20  (78)
jump out of a window the poaster    08/11/20  (1)
debate moderator: "Ms. Harris, your response to VP Pence?" Kamala: "skee weeee!"    08/11/20  (3)
"whats the deal with all the NYC homeless?" (seinfeld bit in 2021)    08/11/20  (1)
President Kamala Harris    08/11/20  (9)
Is NYC now all roving gangs of criminals, tumbleweeds rolling by empty stores?    08/11/20  (7)
East Indian/Jamaicans are used to taking care of doddering old dementia patients    08/11/20  (2)
Kushner giving Kamala's husband secret handshake on way out of WH    08/11/20  (4)
Kamala to Trump: enjoy DLA Piper    08/11/20  (1)
Biden is STILL the STRONG favorite but Kamala was best case scenario for Trump    08/11/20  (1)
Wait, so PN washes cars for a living? That’s his “job” now?    08/11/20  (116)
When is the last time you ate Wonder Bread?    08/11/20  (3)
Construction worker sees dumbass teen filming Tiktok & hits her with hammer (vid    08/11/20  (1)
aliens arent real, they will stage a contact even with cgi, holograms etc    08/11/20  (1)
The choice of Kamala proves politics is beyond cynical- it’s craven.    08/11/20  (3)
Harris vs Hawley 2024    08/11/20  (1)
It is insane how much $1,000,000 was in 1950    08/11/20  (3)
Here we go: White NC Redneck shoots dead black boy, 5, riding bicycle (link)    08/11/20  (4)
Love Trader Joes but feel like every employee is a member of antifa    08/11/20  (61)
I’m smart as fuck you’re dumb idiots    08/11/20  (1)
Boston Strong - Mosh Kosh B’Gosh.mp3    08/11/20  (1)
Pence will eat Kamala's ass    08/11/20  (2)
Pence will whip Kamala's ass    08/11/20  (13)
Physical/mental traits that make someone a good golfer?    08/11/20  (17)
i went to harvard    08/11/20  (1)
we should all kill ourselves    08/11/20  (1)
NYT: MFH taking it in the ass; retailers getting tfo    08/11/20  (39)
Bullish as fuck: random internet company buys $250million in Bitcoin    08/11/20  (2)
the line stopping me from ripping bogs and getting hammer right now is very thin    08/11/20  (1)
Obama was 1/2 black at least. Kamala is like 1/4.    08/11/20  (14)
Ain’t gonna play -gonna play -gonna play Sun Citay-uh-ai    08/11/20  (1)
To make up for cancelled college football, Biden picked a varsity QuarterBlack    08/11/20  (5)
Poll: How did you or would you celebrate your first 1M year?    08/11/20  (42)
Seriously though, why on earth does the DNC think Kamala is the best choice?    08/11/20  (37)
Kamala will be POTUS from 2021 until 2029    08/11/20  (1)
Is Kamala close to any of her black family?    08/11/20  (1)
Joe said when he heard I slept my way to the top, he knew I was the right pick    08/11/20  (1)
NO WAY any college football is played right?    08/11/20  (6)
Dupa eats cat that wandered into zoo enclosure (180000 for anti-catmos)    08/11/20  (1)
Does anyone actually think Trump can save America in term 2?    08/11/20  (75)
Nikki Haley vs Kamala Harris 2024 North india vs south india. Aryan vs Dravidian    08/11/20  (7)
"Lord Halford, Doobs has removed his diaper and is sitting on the garden gnome"    08/11/20  (10)
Joe Bogan    08/11/20  (1)
"No I said POPPERS!" grunted the RigPig as pushed Benzo & his dad out of the cab    08/11/20  (4)
lmao at biden trying to bury nebraska/big10 feud with VP announcement    08/11/20  (2)
"Not now, mother," Pence said to himself as he dusted his stuffed birds    08/11/20  (2)

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