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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
You can always be thinner, look better.    08/13/20  (20)
Is Trump really sabotaging the post office?    08/13/20  (62)
Crafty Joe SET A TRAP for Trump by picking Kamala    08/13/20  (3)
Soros has FULLY WITHDRAWN from participation in financial markets    08/13/20  (12)
Min IQ needed to understand "slippery slope" is not always a fallacy    08/13/20  (32)
rate this killdozer    08/13/20  (3)
Most overrated European cities    08/13/20  (5)
AL redneck defends Confederate monument. Says he’ll die before they take down    08/13/20  (4)
Anyone else done with Tucker?    08/13/20  (12)
Fat XO poasters eating microwave dinners on TV trays watching Tucker each night    08/13/20  (9)
Genetically, how can low IQ parents produce a high IQ child?    08/13/20  (27)
did benzo lose his settlement on the market?    08/13/20  (1)
Best way to ship something 120 lbs?    08/13/20  (8)
Benzo thought he was "smart" enough to trade options and got wiped out    08/13/20  (3)
It’s hilarious Libs think Kamala is smart    08/13/20  (28)
Great callback interview memory...    08/13/20  (29)
A career in law is like a constant series of pop quizzes for 30-40 years    08/13/20  (4)
Anyone else notice how the sunlight is different this summer?    08/13/20  (2)
Eventual goal of Chainlink is to power smart contracts for $640 trillion (DTP)    08/13/20  (17)
Do you need anti-virus software for Windows 10 or is Defender enough?    08/13/20  (3)
missed my chance to sell LINK at 18    08/13/20  (4)
Why does ETH have a $43 billion market cap yet produces and does nothing?    08/13/20  (26)
You're right about the boric acid. It's definitely powerful!    08/13/20  (3)
If I had not sellcucked LINK, I'd have made $35,000 as of today    08/13/20  (9)
Why do European girls just look better, even the fat ones?    08/13/20  (139)
Can anyone convince me that this bass guitar body isn't the POTUS of basses?    08/13/20  (4)
Sending my kid to CATHOLIC SCHOOL this year ☩☩    08/13/20  (31)
So I fucked up on LINK. What's next    08/13/20  (8)
Biz idea: College style dining halls for neighborhoods    08/13/20  (21)
that moment when you send out an email and moments later realize that ur wrong    08/13/20  (2)
Be honest. Have any of you WFHers ever done conference calls on the shitter?    08/13/20  (15)
TS DBG here, how do i look today?    08/13/20  (1)
Help Me Choose: Which color to wrap my Range Rover    08/13/20  (62)
Min IQ to understand that correlation is almost always causation?    08/13/20  (6)
Doctor drove 138 mph in crash that killed med student    08/13/20  (17)
Joe Lo Truglio tapped to play Colt McCoy in Lifetime original biopic    08/13/20  (2)
Most overrated U.S. cities    08/13/20  (118)
*Makes up numerator* *Makes up denominator* "As my analysis shows,    08/13/20  (72)
shut up dtp, you obsessive dweeb    08/13/20  (7)
Are hot dogs prole?    08/13/20  (33)
The level of disinformation and fear Drudge pushes is insane    08/13/20  (6)
*tmf sitting in a meeting, alienware laptop glowing green & whirring loudly*    08/13/20  (18)
Crane operator Eric Trump giving thumbs up dumping mail trucks into Grand Canyon    08/13/20  (2)
wtf Andre Iguodala is Chainlink CTO?    08/13/20  (1)
Theory: Russian/foreign money is keeping the porn industry afloat    08/13/20  (17)
Austin or Denver for an escaping CA fag?    08/13/20  (97)
WaPo: I Thought COVID Was No Big Deal. Then They Amputated My Dick (link)    08/13/20  (7)
Can someone make LINK stop mooning?    08/13/20  (15)
CSLG, which Quickbooks do you use?    08/13/20  (1)
"the world is my oyster" thought the faggot 2L being wined and dined by Dechert    08/13/20  (6)
Switched my iPhone style to "dark", like my soul.    08/13/20  (1)
Rate this girl I went to high school with (Zurich)    08/13/20  (111)
2010 Alabama Texas on ESPN U right now    08/13/20  (8)
It's time for the right to reclaim "liberal"    08/13/20  (1)
euro teen girls in jean shorts pulling wings off baby birds    08/13/20  (2)
am i a shitpoaster?    08/13/20  (1)
donny must be a billionaire by now    08/13/20  (1)
Young women are so incredibly cruel (to each other, to lower status men)    08/13/20  (2)
This election feels like 2004    08/13/20  (18)
Hot take: Red Dragon >>> Silence of the Lambs    08/13/20  (25)
Kirbymo is a little too enigmatic    08/13/20  (1)
Sweden (no lockdown) 0 new cases. New Zealand (full insane lockdown) 14 new case    08/13/20  (11)
John Kerry lmao    08/13/20  (3)
remember covid 19?    08/13/20  (1)
New poll shows Kamala a disaster for the ticket    08/13/20  (50)
What was the most prole thing your mom made for dinner?    08/13/20  (74)
SPACEPORN FUCKS KIDS!!!    08/13/20  (2)
Video of Anne Hathaway shitting her guts out on Mount Kilimanjaro trip (link)    08/13/20  (19)
after i grill ive been wrapping potatos up in alumnum foil and dropping them in    08/13/20  (1)
NYT writer drops the word “phenotype” in a Tweet    08/13/20  (6)
I've been watching Counterpart. The blacks are all clean and articulate.    08/13/20  (3)
Experts: It's a "slippery slope" to assume bc Sweden deaths & cases are down,    08/13/20  (1)
Is the insurance defense industry on xo defaming spaceporn, the justice fighter?    08/13/20  (9)
Which insurance companies are behind the false allegations attacking Spaceporn?    08/13/20  (2)
xo 2020: a bunch of california fags wanting to move to idaho    08/13/20  (2)
the concept of free speech didnt take into account that jews would exploit it    08/13/20  (22)
Bigger dystopian shit nightmare than “Dallas, Texas”?    08/13/20  (38)
"hamburgers", "hot dogs" most popular US foods bc most immigs r German detritus    08/13/20  (1)
"I put the phallus in fallacious," coos TS Amanda revealing 9 inch Girl Coque    08/13/20  (1)
Now could be a great time to buy a studio apt in MFH    08/13/20  (16)
Harris slept with her boss and was "promoted" later on?    08/13/20  (31)
Doogie Howser MD's word processor for PC/Mac (link)    08/13/20  (1)
A tech-destroying solar flare could hit Earth within 100 years    08/13/20  (1)
Best US hospitals: CA, TX, NY(C), Phila, DC?    08/13/20  (12)
best hospital in Minnesota? hurrr durrrrrr    08/13/20  (2)
Any posters who have never taken an L on xo other than Assfaggot and Mike Fart?    08/13/20  (9)
Crypto bros get ITT    08/13/20  (106)
Biden’s Black Womxn SCOTUS List    08/13/20  (24)
physiognomy is real    08/13/20  (4)
Every single chick detained by the secret police in Belarus is a 10    08/13/20  (9)
whatever happened to KSU kid who tweeted George Floyd joke?    08/13/20  (1)
Nebraska fans must get to BTN right now to see kicked ball TD against Mizzou    08/13/20  (3)
Getting out of teh TECH SHITHOLD to pursue PHD in ECON    08/13/20  (34)
Just bought a Refund the Police lawn sign    08/13/20  (1)
Kamala failed bar & will be VPOTUS. U: passed bar, does "vaccine law"    08/13/20  (1)
Any "social safety net" proponents post here?    08/13/20  (52)
Is Spyderco C60GP Massad Ayoob worth the $    08/13/20  (1)
does anyone here NOT AGREE that our entire economy is fraudlies?    08/13/20  (2)
Joe Lau. Google Engineer. Intermittent faster. Shroom microdoser. Ghee in coffee    08/13/20  (1)
How to dissolve bone fastly    08/13/20  (2)
Hope you bought the eth dump    08/13/20  (4)
"any good way to make friends in ur 30s?" - u ask the drawer full of cockroaches    08/13/20  (4)
XO: "We are Free Speech ALLIES!!!" "Btw kill the flag burners and knee takers!"    08/13/20  (13)
Kinda got more into the stock market than crypto nowadays.    08/13/20  (8)
Sweden, chilling out. New Zealand, has a new case, panics anew.    08/13/20  (28)
Slow Joe and Willie’s Hoe 2020    08/13/20  (3)
180 article decimates fraud SV start-up MasterClass (link)    08/13/20  (6)
Ever realize you just missed out on like 5 hours of sleep from reading xo?    08/13/20  (8)
Prole tell: keeping processed meat in the fridge instead of pantry    08/13/20  (1)
Scott Frost: we remain committed to going 0-12 in the B1G    08/13/20  (1)
Amazon, Adobe, FB, Google, Netflix should all do stock splits    08/13/20  (2)
So India is like a geographic turd being shat out by the continent of Asia?    08/13/20  (3)
Dogs are 180 and we don’t really deserve them.    08/13/20  (9)
Pencil dick pumo, would you be willing to share more about yourself?    08/13/20  (50)
Nate Silver releases election model    08/13/20  (100)
The Mideast Peace Accord    08/13/20  (2)
Kamala pick is awful for Biden right    08/13/20  (31)
jacoby shaddix chilling underneath one of doodikoff's silverware trays    08/13/20  (3)
Still LOLing at Richard, from England    08/13/20  (43)
ITT: We Post our Warzone K/D Ratios    08/13/20  (1)
Ever committed a serious crime and didn't get caught and never told anyone?    08/13/20  (68)
Libs on my FB seem very conflicted about Kamala    08/13/20  (1)
Sim Programmers: "hehe okay now have Kushner actually do something right    08/13/20  (1)
2018 data: Blacks commited 537K interracial felonies. Whites? 56K    08/13/20  (70)
Even back in 1982 we give blacks the roles of Indians. For example see    08/13/20  (2)
Biden: Sure, she loves Wall Street, but she's black! And some kinda Asian!    08/13/20  (13)
MALE NURSE BAD!    08/13/20  (4)
Kushner giving Kamala's husband secret handshake on way out of WH    08/13/20  (9)
Jews giving Trump big W today    08/13/20  (5)
And the rootless cosmopolitan agenda permeates all aspect... Hi who just joined?    08/13/20  (4)
AMZN paying senior associates $300k for in-house bs    08/13/20  (46)
Watching women who were hot girls in HS turn into fat cows is a peak experience.    08/13/20  (19)
1,500 covid deaths yesterday, almost all in the South, good job Trumpmos    08/13/20  (3)
Will Kushner get Nobel Peace Prize for brokering historic Israel-UAE deal?    08/13/20  (2)
Cryptomos: buy $RLC now    08/13/20  (19)
“haha wow holy shit” (luis waking up to roaches blanketing his rotten lumbar    08/13/20  (1)
my boss literally doesn't reply to my messages, ever    08/13/20  (15)
Remember Kamala’s big debate moment pwning racist Biden?    08/13/20  (3)
message to your dotters: just ride this dick and become president    08/13/20  (6)
Will Karen Pence allow her husband to be on stage alone with Kamala? Discuss.    08/13/20  (1)
Do remember any "Old Doods" in High School? Like 19 or 20?    08/13/20  (37)
Started playing Final Fantasy 10 last night... this seems like shit    08/13/20  (6)
Can we just ban all ethnic food already?    08/13/20  (3)
secretary caught me doing exaggerated head nods reading a spritezero post    08/13/20  (3)
my boss literally doesn't cum from my massages, ever    08/13/20  (3)
VOO or SPY?    08/13/20  (2)
movie predicted Biden-Harris ticket    08/13/20  (1)
can you just GRE your way into an econ PhD with no prior degrees in field?    08/13/20  (4)
iPhone autocorrecting to 'Black' after latest iOS update    08/13/20  (10)

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