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DC is gonna be *lit* next year    12/02/20  (1)
it's kind of insane what we did to Vietnam    12/02/20  (23)
Hi my name is NT Wright and I’m a dumbass panderer    12/02/20  (4)
black subordinate sent me super rude email    12/02/20  (212)
New Yorker cover art is incredibly black-pilled (pic)    12/02/20  (117)
Viral twitter thread: where else but NYC bodegas can you buy candy and soda?    12/02/20  (44)
NYT: Borders TP is 100% right about Pennsylvania    12/02/20  (78)
LOL @ how naive Biden is    12/02/20  (6)
Tech companies & marxist billionaires will be deciding ur elections from now on    12/02/20  (4)
ITT: Conspiracy theories you find plausible    12/02/20  (152)
the drummer is really the musical leader of a rock band, hth    12/02/20  (23)
hey guys    12/02/20  (1)
study: being a NOWAG 5'11 is equivalent to being a 5'2 White    12/02/20  (65)
Vanderbilt Football players revolt heading into UGA game over Sarah Fuller    12/02/20  (74)
Everyone blaming GWB for Roberts -- how was he to know? I give him a pass.    12/02/20  (62)
Working list of severely mentally ill XO spammers: 1. JBD 2. SY 3. NYYUG    12/02/20  (109)
“Tired of these trannies!!!” *sucks TS Amanda’s COCK*    12/02/20  (2)
Should have been a sign when libs held "Iowa Caucus" that collapsed w/ no result    12/02/20  (21)
Can you name a single reactionary movement that succeeded    12/02/20  (34)
Why does RBG catch flack on here?    12/02/20  (6)
lol look i literally create WORLDS faggot    12/02/20  (1)
Yesterday was Lesbians’ 9/11    12/02/20  (4)
picked up some Jack Johnson in $2 rack at the used CD store    12/02/20  (3)
Caught an associate reading Archie comics hidden behind Wright & Miller    12/02/20  (1)
Jesus, back from the dead, sending out the revised draft    12/02/20  (1)
The resurrected Jesus sending out a new dial-in    12/02/20  (1)
Are you telling me Tim Tebow couldn't thrive in today's NFL?    12/02/20  (2)
Is Apple Arcade any good?    12/02/20  (1)
Was just confronted by mob of BLM activists at Panera    12/02/20  (30)
Brian Kelly makes conference championship before Harbaugh?    12/02/20  (1)
Biden and Harris confront the Biden Voter (Video)    12/02/20  (8)
Greenwald calls progressives 'cucked'    12/02/20  (66)
PS4 controller sucks imho    12/02/20  (1)
GF's 18 yo son "not feeling college" after getting his 910 SAT score yesterday    12/02/20  (220)
Rating poasters as the names of non-existent men's magazines    12/02/20  (74)
the Council of Nicaea & its consequences have been a disaster for the human rac    12/02/20  (4)
rare image of happy Lesbian (pic)    12/02/20  (1)
Tracking Claire's prediction of a mass redneck violent uprising    12/02/20  (46)
HOLY SHIT: GA GOP Election official UN-FUCKING LOADS on GOP (vid)    12/02/20  (32)
Question: is it shameful to take money from parents?    12/02/20  (45)
The Misgendered Page's Anger    12/02/20  (14)
Anything funnier than attractive women 30+ who don’t know why they’re single    12/02/20  (1)
What's the best place to live in usa for a remote worker?    12/02/20  (67)
Ellen Page: I guess I have to rethink everything now. *Samples dick*    12/02/20  (13)
Costco lifehacks ITT    12/02/20  (12)
DESTROYED financially (details ITT)    12/02/20  (60)
Reptiles looking upward for James O Keefe like Linus & Great Pumpkin    12/02/20  (1)
Compare your real existing with that of a Boltzmann Brain:    12/02/20  (3)
Pledge of Allegience is pointless flame    12/02/20  (1)
Slack purchased by Salesforce for $28bn    12/02/20  (14)
Louisiana’s Civil Code was written by former Mayor of NYC    12/02/20  (2)
Filed massive class action against TSA (CSLG)    12/02/20  (57)
The Mandalorian is just him doing dumb side quests    12/02/20  (6)
"The girls on my soccer team cleaned up after ourselves" Fuller lectures you    12/02/20  (3)
Vandy field goal kicker except every single profession on earth    12/02/20  (6)
Vandy kicker named SEC "player of the week"    12/02/20  (30)
His son will become / the victim of / a squanching clown    12/02/20  (5)
Bobs, Rupinder! Can she open? Bobs, Rupinder! No she can’t!    12/02/20  (6)
Ellen Page's list of demands are those of a hostage taker. We are the hostages.    12/02/20  (10)
Biden: America First!    12/02/20  (1)
Rate the amount I drink per week    12/02/20  (4)
James O'Keefe says Project Veritas has recorded CNN conf calls for 2 months    12/02/20  (38)
My friend's got a Laotian and he squanches him / He tells me everyday /He says    12/02/20  (1)
The Bat Cave, but instead, the “Boltzmann Cave”    12/02/20  (2)
What will happen with the next stimulus check?    12/02/20  (2)
Boltzmann brain materializing to press cancel on your shitty thread    12/02/20  (2)
Gonna watch Possessor tonight    12/02/20  (2)
TSINAH named his penis Rudy Giuliani    12/02/20  (1)
David Chalmers new paper “the Dumb Problem of Christianity”    12/02/20  (3)
Autistic? Bad at math but wish you weren't? Analytic Philosophy may be for you!    12/02/20  (6)
To Be Fair calling his asshole 'my grooby ruby'    12/02/20  (1)
"That's one small squib kick for women, one giant squib kick for womankind."    12/02/20  (2)
a line from Evan39 the Musical: "How dare you." *audience cheers*    12/02/20  (228)
Filed massive class action against CSLG (TSA)    12/02/20  (1)
Filed massive class action against TSINAH    12/02/20  (1)
To Be Fair singing 'pluck my naughty rosebud' to the tune of Puff the Magic Drag    12/02/20  (1)
Going to spend 1 year “working from home” in Asia. Advise me where.    12/02/20  (114)
K Pop bans serve in the army. NYUUG, pussy ass chaebong hyung. link    12/02/20  (5)
Say what you will, but I would still pound out Elliot Page's boiholes.    12/02/20  (4)
If your sibling is making good money, is it ok to ask them for help?    12/02/20  (2)
Feeling passed over in news cycle, Sarah Fuller comes out as trans (link)    12/02/20  (1)
Ellen Page comes out as transgender (cnn)    12/02/20  (136)
ITT: Conspiracy theories you find fucking stupid    12/02/20  (4)
"Hey, no, use the bathroom god intended" u reprimand ur tranny gf    12/02/20  (3)
Marriage counseling w priest tonite. Bringing manila folder of club mandingo com    12/02/20  (8)
FDA: sunscreen is bad for you    12/02/20  (60)
Lol wow Rudolph is really an Indian    12/02/20  (25)
Vanderbilt kicker becomes the team cheerleader in epic halftime speech:    12/02/20  (32)
Last three stock purchases: NIO, ZM, BABA --- ljl    12/02/20  (1)
Try google searching for “Ellen Page”    12/02/20  (39)
Marines have an LSD use ‘problem’ and are now drug testing for it lol (link)    12/02/20  (40)
Describe the biggest In-House fuck ups uve ever witnessed    12/02/20  (36)
Carjackings up 537% in Minneapolis relative to 2019:    12/02/20  (41)
Vanderbilt FB coach crossing Ellen Page off the depth chart after gender reveal    12/02/20  (37)
where did all this trans insanity come from    12/02/20  (47)
Embarrassing to ask FIL for $20k?    12/02/20  (56)
Nasdaq announces it will delist any company w/o a female and minority BOD member    12/02/20  (60)
🌞 CNN: Be sure to wear sunscreen indoors! 🌞    12/02/20  (17)
Post best randomized monikers ITT    12/02/20  (115)
Cultural Zionism    12/02/20  (1)
Question on the use of the transgender "they"    12/02/20  (5)
Sunscreen: "highly toxic" to coral reefs yet white people lather it on daily    12/02/20  (5)
Sunscreen = Poison    12/02/20  (51)
Would you still have sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt after seeing this pic?    12/02/20  (69)
"neither man nor woman" but had to change name to a man's name?    12/02/20  (3)
Straightmos: gun to your head. You have to suck a cock. Describe the ideal cock.    12/02/20  (33)
Monkey killing monkey killing monkey    12/02/20  (1)
Predictit has exactly 232 Electoral Votes for Trump at 60 percent. Steal?    12/02/20  (1)
any pc gamers here? what games do i need NOW?    12/02/20  (48)
What happened with Tony Hsieh?    12/02/20  (18)
re: your tenuous grasp on the objective physical reality surrounding you    12/02/20  (2)
Poll: Will you get THE VACCINE?    12/02/20  (8)
"Daddy Doobsie needs a diapy change!" *boijuice leaks from his thighs*    12/02/20  (3)
Where does Tony Levin rank all time among bassists?    12/02/20  (1)
It seems like most faggots and dykes think they are now trannies    12/02/20  (2)
rach’s random moniker generator is 180    12/02/20  (3)
Frog and Toad dragging spaceporn jr behind their F-150 like James Byrd    12/02/20  (6)
straight male friends engaging in heterosexual anal sex with eachother    12/02/20  (3)
Hilarious small detail about Biglaw    12/02/20  (24)
Best part of winter is that bums freeze    12/02/20  (9)
DOJ investigating Trump for selling pardons    12/02/20  (10)
Ricoh GR II copped    12/02/20  (3)
I don't think CSLG is willing to take my dick mutilation case. anyone else?    12/02/20  (8)
Do you ever look back and feel amazed at how many bullets you dodged?    12/02/20  (27)
The Trumps will be done here as a result of pardon bribery scheme    12/02/20  (6)
What is your greatest accomplishment?    12/02/20  (21)
🚨 LUIS HAS A JOB 🚨    12/02/20  (95)
With such incredible evidence of fraud, why are Trump lawsuits being rejected?    12/02/20  (1)
TSINAH "not feeling cali" after getting his bar exam results    12/02/20  (9)
Faggot times make black pilled men    12/02/20  (15)
Spicy Latina McDonald's drive-thru worker loses it on UberEats troll (vid)    12/02/20  (8)
ITT: A Differential Diagnosis of Two Well-known Megaposters: Chalmers&Spaceporn    12/02/20  (1)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    12/02/20  (148)
Now or Never: A Call to White Resistance    12/02/20  (49)
GOOD NEWS! Durhams going to release report soon, heads will roll TRUMP WILL WIN    12/02/20  (12)
Anyone ever buy a home with foundation issues?    12/02/20  (4)
can't believe this username wasn't taken    12/02/20  (1)
How do "actors" make a living off tv commercials?    12/02/20  (2)
rate this weird outtake of 'norwegian wood' by the beatles    12/02/20  (5)
Had an amazing date with a gen female last night except for one thing (TSINAH)    12/02/20  (6)
The spaceporn threads had really died out until he came back & posted again    12/02/20  (24)
I want to live my life as a woman now, call me Hannah (Henry Aaron)    12/02/20  (1)
Safe to assume Spaceporn jr comes out as trans something given yrs of abuse?    12/02/20  (2)
TRUMPMOS: u tired of losing yet?    12/02/20  (1)
Platonic friends doing sexual things    12/02/20  (1)
Anyone else notice the further right the poaster, the angrier he is?    12/02/20  (24)
🔫 lol. wow. 9mm ammo is now ~$1/round. 🔫    12/02/20  (1)
Life is nonstop hell punctuated but brief moments of forgetfulness    12/02/20  (3)
anyone else basically need drugs in order to do law anymore    12/02/20  (2)

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