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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
God the fucking "anti-racism" lib identity politics between 2021-2024 will suck    11/24/20  (28)
i enjoy homosexual interactions more than heterosexual interactions    11/24/20  (2)
made it through 5 mins of the hillbilly elegy movie    11/24/20  (1)
Batgod, any scholarship on best outcome for JockNerd clique?    11/24/20  (1)
It's a festival everyday! They're throwing a party just for you!    11/24/20  (1)
Sackler family on the run? Oxy pharm disbanded and fined $5B+ in DOJ settlement    11/24/20  (1)
Youtube blocks OANN from posting videos    11/24/20  (6)
theres a non-zero chance cslg is working to keep up with inflation and he knows    11/24/20  (1)
dear faggots: Brooks original polo button downs are on sale for $70    11/24/20  (41)
Having 15 million NW feels really good    11/24/20  (5)
I own over 70 properties and can’t keep track of taxes and fees    11/24/20  (25)
List movies from the last 20 years that could not get made today b/c of wokeness    11/24/20  (14)
Georgia Guidestones - What the FUCK is this?!    11/24/20  (8)
The crime: poorly managed household, the sentence: poorly managed household    11/24/20  (2)
Everything always works out for me    11/24/20  (6)
Song lyrics where "my heart" is replaced with "Mike Fart"    11/24/20  (33)
Exeunt what alt coins should we be watching    11/24/20  (23)
Having 10 million NW doesnt feel any different (CSLG)    11/24/20  (18)
I can't just get you a 15k check from state farm. I can also write hella bad poe    11/24/20  (1)
Toilet terror tramples thousands (NY Post)    11/24/20  (2)
Montana admissions landing heli in Korea. Telling spaceporn they need him for    11/24/20  (7)
Ricky and luis will u invite me to your discord    11/24/20  (8)
that's weird it worked on my computer    11/24/20  (2)
jews have successfully convinced me not to care about my own life    11/24/20  (29)
have you tried turning it off and back on again    11/24/20  (1)
thoughts on Palantir PLTR stock?    11/24/20  (5)
Feel bad for guys like TSINAH honestly.    11/24/20  (13)
lets put people who enjoy getting fucked in charge of our government    11/24/20  (2)
jyst let jews lock everyone inside and control all information flow    11/24/20  (2)
The best stetson hat message bort on the internet?    11/24/20  (1)
What I like about xoxo are the incredibly kind poasters here    11/24/20  (6)
Anyone who voted for Biden deserves establishment cock up their asshole    11/24/20  (6)
ITT: Estimate how many people will die from Covid-19 Vaccine    11/24/20  (3)
loser trump didn't even win any states by 1 million or more votes    11/24/20  (2)
I'm a css senior programmer and made 200k in my first real job    11/24/20  (11)
I like Spaceporn bros. Stop being mean to spaceporn    11/24/20  (3)
Trump's legal strategy: "at least we'll show the client we're aggressive!"    11/24/20  (2)
Deep state had Russia down a plane to kill the head of the John Birch society    11/24/20  (13)
:^)    11/24/20  (1)
Wilbur gets my loins all a tingle    11/24/20  (7)
Just got back from an amazing first date (TSINAH)    11/24/20  (118)
Digital picture frames as Christmas gifts -- good idea or not?    11/24/20  (2)
Thinking of buying CSLG's law firm & shutting it down with my PLTR gains    11/24/20  (6)
Onlyfans slut joins tech startup and becomes CEO's sugar baby, hilarity ensues    11/24/20  (63)
“Dick Pills!” to the tune of the DuckTales theme song    11/24/20  (1)
LOL @ the press now being typical state run media    11/24/20  (21)
tax/small biz lawyers quick Q    11/24/20  (27)
DAILY REMINDER: if u don't count entire west coast, Trump almost wins most votes    11/24/20  (1)
Why is this Pope such an unhinged faggot?    11/24/20  (36)
Alex Jones says he’s followed by CIA    11/24/20  (57)
HVAC repairmen slowly acquiring taste for brooks brothers, aldens, nato strap su    11/24/20  (1)
Jeb Bush at debate in lifts standing on tip toes why    11/24/20  (2)
it's been almost a year now since Kobe died of covid    11/24/20  (1)
fired both paralegals today for no-showing and coming in late    11/24/20  (7)
Mueller's Pointman Weissmann: Trump should be Prosecuted    11/24/20  (1)
Trump's speech is upstaged by Biden's NatSec Team presentation, LOL    11/24/20  (11)
Anyone else think Hideo Kojima is a genius    11/24/20  (26)
Is a 1/2 gram per day Heroin habit a lot? (snorted)    11/24/20  (3)
Will losing this battle send Alex Jones over the edge?    11/24/20  (4)
Tons of fat trumpmo boomers died of COVID today in the Midwest    11/24/20  (1)
The 737 MAX crashes were probably Michael Hastings-style “accidents”    11/24/20  (23)
Unsolved mystery solved: Michael Hastings "died of covid," autopsy records confi    11/24/20  (1)
brooks brothers | cravath bonus scale | reservation at masa | hanging self    11/24/20  (1)
Scientists: HCQ was actually the cure, sorry guys    11/24/20  (44)
Now that Trump lost I'll admit he handled covid fine and HCQ works    11/24/20  (5)
RATE my new hat (TSINAH)    11/24/20  (9)
CRAVATH BONUSES ARE HERE    11/24/20  (26)
It's amazing how much propaganda we had to unlearn    11/24/20  (22)
GC thoughts like "Get a sleeve tattoo!" bubbling up in your 10/10 teen daughters    11/24/20  (58)
cowering under my desk as team in biosafety "death suits" round up my colleagues    11/24/20  (1)
Ricky is based    11/24/20  (5)
Trump's economy survived a 1,000-year plague    11/24/20  (20)
How has covid changed your understanding of human nature?    11/24/20  (36)
There is no better revenge than success. I am changing my life. (TSINAH)    11/24/20  (80)
Organic HS GF: Can't believe we're seniors. :) It's going to be magical at prom    11/24/20  (59)
We're taking the case to SCOTUS and where going to win.    11/24/20  (1)
S&P 500 vs corporate profits after tax & real GDP chart    11/24/20  (27)
at least trumpmos got 3 justices who will swiftly betray them lmao    11/24/20  (8)
Has anyone here read The Shadows of Power by James Perloff?    11/24/20  (42)
the best revenge is fucking your ex's current bf/gf actually    11/24/20  (1)
Guess which 80s film I'm thinking of in 30 questions    11/24/20  (110)
Biden to "refugees": "Get down!" *fires shotgun at America in hallway*    11/24/20  (32)
Biden, standing over a thriving and strong America, "Welp, I made it Great Again    11/24/20  (2)
Coastal Carolina (8-0) the blue-bloods of SC or should i say teal-bloods    11/24/20  (2)
I call him “faggot boy.” He’s the gayest boy I’ve ever made. Fully funct    11/24/20  (3)
Biden announcing his NatSec Team: IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!    11/24/20  (92)
Pete Davidson to star in Its a Wonderful Life remake    11/24/20  (31)
lol at the spaced out ppl wearing masks behind Biden. This is all so insane.    11/24/20  (1)
“Damnit I don’t care if you’re in Korea. Montana needs you. Don’t let us    11/24/20  (4)
discounting zionism, the "bad jews" are the reformists right?    11/24/20  (1)
4-years of UG STEM education overwritten by one "A Game of ?s" poast    11/24/20  (1)
i can feel the 5g    11/24/20  (3)
Anyone have an illegitimate child? Taking Qs, abuse    11/24/20  (32)
So idea is to fill up chandler with soyboy type secular Jews?    11/24/20  (1)
Hasn't Trump taken credit for Nov-Jan 2016 stock gains?    11/24/20  (1)
Hot stock tip: JWFG    11/24/20  (2)
So idea is to fill up cabinet with soyboy type secular Jews?    11/24/20  (3)
Missouri physician makes panic porn performance art on Covid end of life    11/24/20  (1)
the mgm national harbor's wikipedia page is depressing. wonder what its like pos    11/24/20  (1)
Antipope "Frank" Bergolio does the work of Satan from the Chair of Peter    11/24/20  (9)
Is Obama done here from those wiretaps yet?    11/24/20  (83)
oh they want to relax? tell them sitting down is worse than smoking. (gc)    11/24/20  (16)
trump 1 min press conference bragging about market rallying cuz of his defeat    11/24/20  (13)
Board Jews: how do you feel about antisemitism on this site?    11/24/20  (42)
taking D's (chandler)    11/24/20  (2)
LOL - Georgia Republican voters plan to write in Trump's name in senate runoff    11/24/20  (1)
Hey GJR, Henry Aaron's vegetables are covered in poop if you wanna borrow some    11/24/20  (5)
thinking of yoloing 5k on SP500 puts    11/24/20  (3)
I'm sorry libs but you're not the good guys anymore. Not like the Bush years    11/24/20  (1)
RATE this horny little cumslut    11/24/20  (3)
I was rejected for three jobs today    11/24/20  (10)
ASMR teeth grinding (link)    11/24/20  (1)
Trump last min strategy to delay CA certification could throw vote to Congress    11/24/20  (3)
allowing immigrants to vote destroyed the US    11/24/20  (20)
Denny's stock is currently nearing $12, will be 23-24 in one year.    11/24/20  (3)
some insane shit went down w fake votes for Biden that week    11/24/20  (9)
Times nutted w wife since Sunday: 5    11/24/20  (10)
“Blinken is an Atlanticist not a globalist” Lmao    11/24/20  (24)
so postmodernists are actually in bed with governments manufacturing consent?    11/24/20  (1)
Why are members of Biden NatSec team posing shirtless w/ crisscrossed ammo belts    11/24/20  (1)
Libs are going to force you to get this poison "vaccine"    11/24/20  (47)
ETH will be $200 again by March    11/24/20  (26)
The "instrument" (a 2lb or more eggplant both ends of which are coated in feces)    11/24/20  (2)
taking Qs (GJR)    11/24/20  (28)
Where can I buy a sub $1000 ps5?    11/24/20  (3)
Google: 5s44YzOs9pw    11/24/20  (42)
Libs on Twitter are deflated, so I assume Trump is demolishing Biden    11/24/20  (83)
HOLY SHIT ITS HAPPENING. - News conference at noon!!    11/24/20  (212)
Board Trump filth: Fox News was part of the CONSPIRATHY against TRUMPHH!    11/24/20  (1)
Does Mike Fart shit in GJRs mouth or vice versa?    11/24/20  (1)
Donald Duck? More like Donald Lame-Duck    11/24/20  (1)
said "more like Jones Gay" on conference call. Nobody laughed    11/24/20  (29)
Sony Gaystation    11/24/20  (3)
Three words for anyone trying to lose weight: no added sugar    11/24/20  (14)
Do you include the estimated value of a privately held biz when calculating NW?    11/24/20  (8)
2x in-house couple at MIL's for Thanksgiving, neither of us are working    11/24/20  (1)
Fed to start buying JMIA and PLTR stock (link)    11/24/20  (1)
Chandler got pozzed (CSLG)    11/24/20  (28)
Maximise Scientist Casualties    11/24/20  (8)
Still laughing at how Israel totally played good goy Trump    11/24/20  (4)
12217 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico, VA    11/24/20  (74)
anyone buying this FCEL dip?    11/24/20  (12)
Lib takeover of District Attorneys Offices more momentous than Academia    11/24/20  (11)
It's the Trump vaccine and the Trump economy    11/24/20  (12)
mypillow's website reinforces the gender binary    11/24/20  (1)
The perfect gift - Christmas themed Marvel Funkos    11/24/20  (1)
Tsinah releasing girdle "well see what unfolds"    11/24/20  (2)
Christians must acknowledge the completed work of Christ    11/24/20  (1)

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