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*boner police sneaks out a plate of Thanksgiving food out to JGR's car*    11/27/20  (1)
Johns Hopkins analysis: COVID has had no effect on overall US death rates    11/27/20  (81)
Anyone else really excited for Republicans to care about the deficit/debt again?    11/27/20  (2)
Peterman limping to clinic after "Flying J Doorbuster Sale" goes horribly wrong    11/27/20  (23)
Why cant you all shut the fuck up with the bullishlt?    11/27/20  (14)
HBO announces an all female reboot of Band of Brothers    11/27/20  (6)
Azn tourists pranked by Roach Motel (link)    11/27/20  (14)
ATTN: nyuug    11/27/20  (1)
"Kraken? Definitely gonna fit in but it'll cost you extra" *beady eyes narrow*    11/27/20  (3)
Serious question: why did Trump lie about having evidence this whole time?    11/27/20  (16)
Mmm the Turmeric infused ghee really makes the turkey shine. Thanks Rupinder    11/27/20  (9)
Don't get why xoxo hates covid. We get to WFH forever.    11/27/20  (21)
you said you were out of town but I can see you through yr bedroom window haha    11/27/20  (13)
wife is napping...about to fuck my kid on dinning room table (SP2525)    11/27/20  (15)
GF says she’s curious about ANAL. Pro-Tips?    11/27/20  (10)
Devout Catholic Joe Biden doesnt know how to pronounce Psalms    11/27/20  (8)
12217 Gayson Rapin’ Blvd, HenryAaron, VA    11/27/20  (8)
*nude peterman running across Lubbock Flying J lot, giant turkey leg in his ass*    11/27/20  (21)
rach pls remove the limits from my acct    11/27/20  (6)
ITT: You post a comment, I declare whether it’s antisemitic.    11/27/20  (68)
Scene in Interstellar where he sees 23-year mortgage amortization fucked me up    11/27/20  (2)
Kids are napping...about to fuck my wife on dinning room table (CSLG)    11/27/20  (41)
What is best site to trade Crypto?    11/27/20  (1)
Wife wants to name our kid the same name of a guy she used to hook up with    11/27/20  (16)
did GJR quit xo    11/27/20  (25)
Post-Thanksgiving Shits are a Monstrosity    11/27/20  (1)
Watching 60 days in. On day one a lawyer in the program gets sexually assaulted.    11/27/20  (11)
FUCK LIBS: SCOTUS rules 5-4 Cuomo can’t limit religious service attendance    11/27/20  (154)
Permanent WFH is prelude to permanent hiring Indians in India    11/27/20  (3)
Why don't any movie intros use AC/DC's Thunderstruck?    11/27/20  (4)
Just made out with a 22 year old at a bar (TSINAH)    11/27/20  (44)
last legit rock single produced with a great hook/chorus?    11/27/20  (18)
Ben Garrison mocks Trumpcucks whining about transition (link)    11/27/20  (2)
can't stop smoking    11/27/20  (21)
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. When do you think I can see draft? Hoping toda    11/27/20  (4)
Why did Berenstein Bears change their name?    11/27/20  (5)
HAPPY FRIDAY, NIGGERS!    11/27/20  (321)
I SQUANCH him once I SQUANCH him twice I got my son from the land of RICE    11/27/20  (16)
Suicide methods where the body will never be recovered    11/27/20  (35)
Cobain was a songwriting savant    11/27/20  (3)
Roy Jones gonna whoop Tyson's ass this weekend    11/27/20  (1)
๐Ÿšจ Shitlibs on police ๐Ÿšจ    11/27/20  (2)
Bleacher Report: Duke paid someone $5 million for video of Coach K saying F*GG*T    11/27/20  (1)
just watched peep show    11/27/20  (13)
Haha, but seriously, Sidney Powell is a drunk crazy woman, right?    11/27/20  (6)
What fast food, if any, is worth eating?    11/27/20  (59)
wait so nyuug has been spamming about passports for THREE YEARS???????    11/27/20  (4)
David Lynch being a madman for 8 minutes and 30 seconds    11/27/20  (2)
Gobble gobble acid turkey ๐Ÿฆƒ murder ๐Ÿ– farm    11/27/20  (26)
4000 men    11/27/20  (1)
Japanese Emperor Naruhito Killed by American Tourist Near Imperial Palace (NYT)    11/27/20  (7)
Twin Peaks Theme Lo-fi Refix    11/27/20  (1)
what happens if Bobby Fischer instead went into finance    11/27/20  (3)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig ๐Ÿฝ pig ๐Ÿท pig ๐Ÿ– farm has u go!    11/27/20  (149)
*sp thrusting* “say my name u greedy pig! Mr. MilkDick!” Sp jr: “Mr. Mxlpl    11/27/20  (15)
rate this bizarre new RC Cola commercial in Philippines (video)    11/27/20  (1)
AP: "Insider Stresses that President is 'closely monitoring' Sec. 230, Big Acti"    11/27/20  (1)
What is PLTR price target    11/27/20  (37)
Why did Child Protective Services make a house call to Casa Spaceporn?    11/27/20  (5)
"So we're looking at the Great Reset, Operation Lockstep, luis fucking men, para    11/27/20  (4)
I can't log in. I think I just got banned.    11/27/20  (5)
my entire wardrobe is clothes i found on unguarded snowmen (dbg)    11/27/20  (1)
I'm known as the "steampunk" associate at my V20 firm    11/27/20  (15)
Trump is the greatest POTUS of our lifetime and it's not close    11/27/20  (29)
Would you go to a 20+ indoor party right now or no    11/27/20  (7)
Decided not to charter a private plane to fly for the holidays    11/27/20  (2)
Trump's the only POTUS since Reagan to actually deliver on his campaign promises    11/27/20  (54)
“US” libs = IRL human garbage who should be shoveled into incinerators    11/27/20  (37)
Just took a shit, toilet bowl looks like a fucking chili cookoff    11/27/20  (36)
"OH GOD! OH GOD! YES JINX!! FUCK ME!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! JIIINXX!!!" (whokebe)    11/27/20  (47)
Suddenly craving Arby's fries - haven't been there in 10 years    11/27/20  (1)
Is mainstream media reporting on the Pennsylvania hearings at all?    11/27/20  (2)
New Rachel Jeantel TED talk (link)    11/27/20  (58)
nyuug what do native koreans think of a larping foreigner like you?    11/27/20  (48)
Helpforgottenjews.com    11/27/20  (1)
can i get a rating and a name?    11/27/20  (3)
ITT quotes on Jews by xo Bobby Fischer    11/27/20  (65)
Holy shit are they gonna flip Pennsylvania    11/27/20  (4)
Rejecting family during Thanksgiving is 180    11/27/20  (2)
ITT: I describe what your body will look like after the nukes    11/27/20  (33)
How does Arby's stay in business?    11/27/20  (81)
Hope you guys are happy - just locked wife & kid in oven and set to 500 (sp)    11/27/20  (13)
How do you pronounce TSINAH?    11/27/20  (40)
Is it normal to feel like something has been wrong your whole life    11/27/20  (20)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    11/27/20  (66)
might go downstairs and put some turkey on a dinner roll how cr    11/27/20  (5)
Ray Allen Talks About His Passion For Teaching Others About The Holocaust (link)    11/27/20  (33)
Zizek is pro World Government    11/27/20  (5)
Honestly, being Asian is fucking horrendous    11/27/20  (24)
anyone here ever feel suicidal on Thanksgiving?    11/27/20  (20)
Ricky I know 2012 college grads who are multi millionaires today    11/27/20  (5)
how the hell did an objective atrocity like "abortion" ever become accepted    11/27/20  (117)
“Unghhh I love a good Baconator” drooled Spaceporn as he ate dog’s asshold    11/27/20  (3)
really excited about a bunch of new weird Jews ruling us when Trump leaves    11/27/20  (2)
i have more korean passports than nyuug lmao    11/27/20  (3)
nyuug when does your tourism visa in south korea expire?    11/27/20  (20)
Kind of glad our first female president will be black - a punch to white women    11/27/20  (6)
"A very small" number of vaccine subjects have suffered from permanent paralysis    11/27/20  (6)
potato human hybrids    11/27/20  (2)
aliens are fucking with us again (vid)    11/27/20  (3)
GOY tp wiping your whore wife's lipstick off McDonald's straw w tufts sweater    11/27/20  (15)
Wow "The Crown" is really unkind to Thatcher, actively worse than any other PM    11/27/20  (16)
Ggtp missing yet another thanksgiving    11/27/20  (2)
Not spending Thanksgiving with family (aside from kids) is 180    11/27/20  (13)
Property taxes are fucking bullshit and suck    11/27/20  (44)
our kids are awake and my bull is fucking wife in the living room    11/27/20  (1)
i may move to the philippines so i can eat dog meat    11/27/20  (1)
Anyone old enough to remember warez sites where they would poast passwords to    11/27/20  (2)
Wife is napping...about to fuck my kid on dinning room table (SP)    11/27/20  (1)
Triple patriot points for all blank bumps ITT    11/27/20  (8)
Literally 180 as fuck how literally no one even questions my Korean citizenship    11/27/20  (23)
Doobs strutting down K-street in "sexy Turkey" costume, singing It's a Grand Old    11/27/20  (3)
Matt Damon in Interstellar is one of the most evil characters in sci-fi    11/27/20  (4)
RSF calls for Julian Assange's release    11/27/20  (1)
Alex Jones has been correct at least 95% of the time historically, no?    11/27/20  (9)
just realized that they are still counting votes (nov 27 2020)    11/27/20  (1)
wow ARK owns 1.1M shares of PLTR    11/27/20  (1)
hate new xo. it's like Staind says i'm on the outside i'm lookin    11/27/20  (21)
You've got Klaus Schwab coming out and saying luis has sex with men, you've got    11/27/20  (2)
Mr Jones & me    11/27/20  (1)
Paradigm of absolute control. And that's why we're out here doing simple things,    11/27/20  (1)
I'd love to party w Alex Jones    11/27/20  (6)
my son wants to ParTy all the time, ParTy all the time, ParTy all the time    11/27/20  (8)
Pope Francis furious over SCOTUS decision, pens NYT op-ed    11/27/20  (1)
alex jones is probably the only man id ever trust as a dictator    11/27/20  (6)
ITT: We give thank    11/27/20  (104)
๐ŸšจTSINAH CHALLENGE: live blog EVERYTHING you eat/drink๐Ÿšจ    11/27/20  (4)
my shitlib sister in law just argued that laser pointers are animal cruelty    11/27/20  (1)
Scene in Interstellar where he sees 23-year montage of kids emails fucked me up    11/27/20  (1)
Doyle's death in Interstellar really fucked me up    11/27/20  (1)
why does Dave Grohl look like a boomer mom with a beard (link)    11/27/20  (1)
"the way you make me feel" by MJ is actually a 180 song    11/27/20  (3)
My mom “cancelled” THX this year, just found out she actually just shunned m    11/27/20  (13)
Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    11/27/20  (323)
just when you thought that gook’s shtick couldn’t get any worse    11/27/20  (2)
Lol my puppy has such long legs    11/27/20  (9)
Poast your Thanksgiving plate: the tradition continues (pic)    11/27/20  (63)
Is virulent anti-Asian racism unique to xo among the racist-internet?    11/27/20  (61)
Lol makers of Real Doll branching into Black community. Make Real Dad doll (link    11/27/20  (1)
I'm in love with a summer associate    11/27/20  (61)
Interstellar is the best movie of all time    11/27/20  (10)
BigTech shrew, taking questions    11/27/20  (24)
if we knew there was going to be a surge in cases    11/27/20  (12)
Tips for frying turkey for first time?    11/27/20  (27)
NYT: Coinbase has "torched any semblance of trust they had with media"    11/27/20  (48)
just removed home security system and all door locks    11/27/20  (30)
Why are the blacks they put on TV nothing like the one u meet irl?    11/27/20  (23)
nyuug does your supercar have new jersey license plates?    11/27/20  (1)
A magical gnome somersaults to your feet, looks up, whispers "race realism"    11/27/20  (13)

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