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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
should i rent this apt    11/24/20  (2)
No one ha$ had a$ crazy a life a$ me on XO    11/24/20  (4)
"But why call it that?" yells Halford as Dickinson Univ cops lead him offcampus    11/24/20  (26)
I want to start hunting    11/24/20  (4)
90s you: jerking off is 180. now u: jerking off is the only way to get dopamine    11/24/20  (8)
12217 Gayson Rapin’ Blvd, HenryAaron, VA    11/24/20  (4)
HELP: Is my GF a cokehead?    11/24/20  (7)
🍆🍆🍆🍆 (WaPo rating of Nurse Henry’s latest insane screed)    11/24/20  (15)
oliver darcy sock puppeting matt drudge: 'fuck trump'    11/24/20  (1)
“In Trump Country, Critical Shortages of Essential Oils & Healing Crystals”    11/24/20  (18)
Drudge Report is now just a huge platform for favorable deep state messaging    11/24/20  (34)
"YOU'RE LEGITIMATELY SCARY" Henry Aaron says to shit/blood covered eggplant    11/24/20  (2)
Ever had a girl die on you    11/24/20  (15)
Would you ever let your kid skip a grade?    11/24/20  (22)
"Mr. Elba you will address him as the Plaintiff, not 'dis punkass bitch'"    11/24/20  (1)
"Mr. Elba, I've asked you before to omit 'crying-laughing' emojis from motions"    11/24/20  (57)
Biden will always be know as the fraud election moron    11/24/20  (19)
Biden plan: take away guns, defund police, never arrest black people?    11/24/20  (2)
When can we ban Henry Aaron for replying to Obeezy?    11/24/20  (2)
Libs here all seem like humongous pieces of shit    11/24/20  (5)
Lmao some idiot just replied to obeezy    11/24/20  (2)
34yo lawyer donning CPAP mask, mouthguard in desperate bid to survive the night    11/24/20  (3)
Your Amazon.com order of "Nighttime Mouthguard..." and 5 more items has shipped!    11/24/20  (11)
XO poa prepares for bed with mouthguard, CPAP, weighted blanket    11/24/20  (12)
so this "Peter Thiel" dude literally buttfucks other men in the ass?    11/24/20  (5)
Trebek quizzing Hitchens, Einstein, and Woodrow Wilson in HELL    11/24/20  (3)
Trebek: "The answer is, 'Just a Piece of Meat to Deposit My Seme    11/24/20  (5)
I'm a $icky individual    11/24/20  (2)
Chicago is the best place    11/24/20  (50)
Nebraska shouldn't even have a single "win"    11/24/20  (3)
The 1-3 Hu$ker$ taking field with "win" over $Tate Penn    11/24/20  (3)
Noticing a disturbing trend in sex swing reviews    11/24/20  (2)
Kurt Cobain: wrote "Nevermind" using three chords while homeless; you:?    11/24/20  (10)
“That’s it, Jung-Eun... Just push it out... heh, ‘Drain The Squanch’, he    11/24/20  (1)
Guess religion of Biden's cabinet and staffers so far    11/24/20  (3)
Friend let Mormon missionaries into home, agreed to kneel & pray with them    11/24/20  (5)
did they tell jd vance to say shit like "mamaw." seems extremely affected.    11/24/20  (1)
Feels like "Ken Jennings" is angling for Alex Trebek's gig when he dies    11/24/20  (16)
"um, george20, when we asked you to order a 'party sub' we meant a big sandwich"    11/24/20  (33)
Isle of Man tourism board employee calling security on George20    11/24/20  (3)
Covid vaccine makes you feel like you have covid (link)    11/24/20  (14)
just about that time of year to hang myself in my garage    11/24/20  (18)
female authoring writing the phrase "tired. good tired, but tired."    11/24/20  (1)
just removed home security system and all door locks    11/24/20  (18)
Didn't realize Prince Philip was 180, but here's 90 180's.    11/24/20  (55)
ITT we list OUR Top 10 television or mini-series rankings of ALL TIME.    11/24/20  (65)
Rapper behind the hit song 'Thug City' accused of double homicide:    11/24/20  (1)
Anyone have an illegitimate child? Taking Qs, abuse    11/24/20  (21)
luis cosplay    11/24/20  (1)
Should have done something simple like a police officer    11/24/20  (1)
Am I a good poaster? (TSINAH)    11/24/20  (23)
rofl at these pics of Omar and AOC    11/24/20  (46)
I don't believe that Sidney Powell would say there's KRAKEN if there's no KRAKEN    11/24/20  (2)
Jim Mattis in Foreign Affairs: “END AMERICA FIRST”    11/24/20  (74)
I want an all black choir at my funeral    11/24/20  (18)
fuck, die tsinah is already taken. *tries dietsinah69*    11/24/20  (33)
WFHomos depressed about vaccine news    11/24/20  (3)
Cops Bust 80-Person Party at a Sex Club in Queens    11/24/20  (7)
This White Woman Voluntarily Poured Acid On Her Face To Fight Islamophobia    11/24/20  (24)
Odd that’s there’s not a good antonym for magnanimous    11/24/20  (2)
small green buds sprouting from boner police's potato head after long day in sun    11/24/20  (14)
Frat bro: "Um, george20, that's not what we meant by 'doublefisting'"    11/24/20  (5)
People get legitimately mad at the POTUS meme on other sites/boards    11/24/20  (1)
i miss being 15 and beeping my weed dealer from a payphone    11/24/20  (3)
pallas cat diapered up in a tuna oven eating a soft tooth: prole tell?    11/24/20  (22)
Good morning ZOZO! *hits snooze, wraps arms around giant live tuna, sleeps 10min    11/24/20  (8)
We'll be stimmin' / When we're winnin'... OUR COCKS AREN'T DOWN / THEY'RE POINTI    11/24/20  (47)
College applicants for next year down 10%    11/24/20  (3)
In college i hung with an AzN pothead clique who called themselves "Falun Bong"    11/24/20  (16)
100IQ friends are now trading bitcoin options & bragging about it    11/24/20  (8)
remember when the internet was this cool novelty you used a few times per week    11/24/20  (23)
sim glitch: pat sajak is 82 years old    11/24/20  (1)
Avoid letting a partner ejaculate in your mouth    11/24/20  (1)
Subject: your support of Donald Trump    11/24/20  (31)
hey libs - eat shit    11/24/20  (35)
cot damn I hate libs    11/24/20  (8)
2020 AIM away messages    11/24/20  (1)
Clock Boy and Mattress Girl turn into demon dogs, roar beside Gozer Hillary    11/24/20  (35)
*hindu deity uspo megapoasting on 16 different laptops at once*    11/24/20  (6)
*locks MPA into biglaw stall as he takes wicked dump, drops in wasp nest*    11/24/20  (4)
never seen people behaving like such fags about having to spend WINTER inside    11/24/20  (1)
Keddie cabin 28 unsolved murders tp    11/24/20  (2)
I don't get people whose lives revolve around working out    11/24/20  (33)
Libs are going to take TREMENDOUS pleasure in canceling Christmas    11/24/20  (122)
Surprised my wife with a golden retriever puppy for Christmas    11/24/20  (4)
Surprised my girlfriend with a puppy (vid)    11/24/20  (4)
Sister thinks up plan to sell her brother to pet store (vid)    11/24/20  (1)
So American Empire's biggest "win" was WWII, playing a team role    11/24/20  (21)
12217 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico, VA    11/24/20  (55)
Best PS5 Video Settings Demonstrated Using LG CX OLED TV    11/24/20  (1)
how hard did henry aaron cry when he heard selina died?    11/24/20  (1)
Trump Team Six is absolutely ruthless when he comes at RSF    11/24/20  (50)
Under-discussed about aging: ppl who are 90 basically become mentally retarded??    11/24/20  (3)
Feel bad for guys like TSINAH honestly.    11/24/20  (9)
Anyone else glad it's over?    11/24/20  (99)
Jesus fuck is he seriously conceding?    11/24/20  (93)
"wait! i don't like it here! i don't like it here!!" *ghostly hands drag u back    11/24/20  (28)
the woman, speaking another tongue / the boy, issued from other loins (spaceporn    11/24/20  (9)
*george20 in short cheerleader skirt, leaving Pep Boys w/pompoms & job rejection    11/24/20  (11)
MPA is my sassy high-maintenance boyfriend with a weave and a juicy ghetto booty    11/24/20  (32)
Spaceporn why didn’t sumi take your last name    11/24/20  (113)
*packs fat lip of luis chest hair* *spits laser beams*    11/24/20  (11)
Sign of the times (xo2020) - To be fair (giant retard) is back posting    11/24/20  (50)
humbled henry aaron insisting he's just a vessel for black cum to flow thru    11/24/20  (2)
Scott Disick dumps 22 year old for 19 year old (pics)    11/24/20  (19)
TRUMP authorizes the transition (of borders into a woman)    11/24/20  (2)
Hegemon rate my gun collection and recommend next purchase    11/24/20  (1)
Should we be protesting 5G?    11/24/20  (10)
Rate the son of Marco Pierre White (3 star Michelin chef)    11/24/20  (4)
Godfather Pt 2 is the best film ever made    11/24/20  (2)
XO ruined the word "bulgogi" for me    11/24/20  (66)
Just bought a Smith & Wesson 442.    11/24/20  (3)
imagine the lib freakouts if "Demolition Man" was released today    11/24/20  (23)
This is your pilot, Trayvon Martin    11/24/20  (14)
tried to do Shabu Shabu at home last night. nasty shit    11/24/20  (198)
at least trumpmos got 3 justices who will swiftly betray them lmao    11/24/20  (2)
ok I give up on Korean food. it's all shit    11/24/20  (137)
busted 2001 Camry full of nigs in my driveway, rap blasting, smoke billowing out    11/24/20  (29)
XO Prince Philip Stands As Far As Possible Away From NIGGER Michelle Obama (PIC)    11/24/20  (38)
From 2015-2018 you could have done whatever you wanted to EPAH's wife for $200    11/24/20  (7)
Just put on DEMOLITION MAN    11/24/20  (1)
Best way to breed docile stability into germline?    11/24/20  (1)
Just sold the AR-15 I panic bought    11/24/20  (105)
we had a nice run    11/24/20  (4)
Henry Aaron tweaking thru ghetto on Tgiving, “INSERT STUFFING” sign over his    11/24/20  (1)
Spaceporn is actually one of the smartest posters here IRL.    11/24/20  (36)
This is me after 10 years of plastic surgery procedures (pics)    11/24/20  (6)
ts luisa    11/24/20  (5)
is 180 lbs enough for a 6'2" "man"?    11/24/20  (27)
No one called him "The Donald" much while he was president    11/24/20  (5)
Trump campaign made credible allegations of voter fraud    11/24/20  (2)
🚨 Trump Concession Speech LMAO BIDEN IS OFFICIALLY PRESIDENT 🚨    11/24/20  (33)
you forgot one thing, mr. trump. our massive voter fraud.    11/24/20  (11)
GOP played Trump so well. Used him for Judges and already tossing him aside.    11/24/20  (2)
FBI at pumos house: "couldnt find the jacked 6'5 PE stud who played college ball    11/24/20  (19)
Asians not defined as diverse by google. Asians and whites need to team up    11/24/20  (66)
"They're mad cuz we're here and they're not" Trump exclaims from Bellevue    11/24/20  (1)
Asian parent tells Black parent they'll never catch up    11/24/20  (48)
flowers for algernon but it's borders and he stays retarded despite treatment    11/24/20  (4)
The Final Thanksgiving    11/24/20  (4)
Guy who graduated from a MERITOCRATIC First World Education System here, sup    11/24/20  (115)
American generals = never won a war. Why????    11/24/20  (2)
70% of my IRL friends who own house had parents pay    11/24/20  (140)
LOL, Biden's National Security Advisor openly supported al-Qaeda:    11/24/20  (1)
little fucker insisted i buy him a playroom hotdog. now he wont eat it.    11/24/20  (25)
No mRNA vaccines have ever been approved, but    11/24/20  (9)
Prince Philip sees Serena at wedding: "Why's that black man wearing a dress?"    11/24/20  (42)
what if THE PURGE like the movie was a real thing    11/24/20  (70)
Prince Phillip at rehearsal dinner: who is that ghastly darkie?    11/24/20  (18)

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