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Wait so in Handmaiden's Tale the "bad guys" kick out the Jews?    11/23/20  (7)
Do you ever look back and cringe at stupid or awkward things you've said?    11/23/20  (3)
Trump is setting up a congressional challenge to the electoral vote    11/23/20  (27)
Trump Lawyer: Sidney Powell is not a Trump lawyer. Press: But Trump said she was    11/23/20  (3)
BIGLAWER dies on 1st day of Ranger School (news)    11/23/20  (29)
Just discovered $5800 of shitcoins in unused wallet. It's like a manna from heav    11/23/20  (3)
Nothing worse than being between sizes    11/23/20  (2)
Grew up in a conservative Jewish household but this wiki made me antisemitic    11/23/20  (26)
"the former biglawer had been watching Naked & Afraid and tried surviving in    11/23/20  (7)
Rate this MarketWatch article about a cucked Chinese guy whose wife spends his $    11/23/20  (3)
literally use pn's "ancient trope dating to antiquity" once a week irl.    11/23/20  (3)
kinda fucked up how umc types all mail their kids of to random states for colleg    11/23/20  (45)
what deals are you fags copping for Black friday    11/23/20  (20)
Reminder: NPR hosts all have T-levels well below the normal range    11/23/20  (14)
Starting to get worried re: diversity leadership hire    11/23/20  (69)
Julia please poast a Christmas lingerie photo    11/23/20  (1)
Northwestern Wildcat Football    11/23/20  (3)
if a 7-game Pac12 "champ" gets in Playoff i'm done    11/23/20  (1)
Obama Takes Break from Ebola Crisis... to Golf w Tony Kornheiser    11/23/20  (39)
Nebraska man shoots up Sonic after he is busted for fraudulent app purchases.    11/23/20  (10)
my buddy in the secret service keeps telling me to "look for roses"    11/23/20  (1)
DBG, rate this orthodox Jewess who admits to being a rancid farter (JJJ)    11/23/20  (18)
Mods - pls turn by search back on. ty    11/23/20  (1)
Boomer crying "Young people need to learn a trade!" while pulling up ladder.    11/23/20  (10)
🚨 Friends with a trump insider here: This is gonna be legit big    11/23/20  (38)
Silhouette of nude hoisted Henry Aaron over the moon like some kind of gay E.T.    11/23/20  (2)
NYT: How a Racist, Antiquated Message Board Made Millions on African E-commerce    11/23/20  (12)
Lin Wood: Don’t support GOP candidates in GA runoff elections    11/23/20  (11)
*stoic rsf duckface veterans day selfie at isis burial ground*    11/23/20  (8)
libs don't actually care about "saving lives" re vaccine then?    11/23/20  (2)
Smokeshow takes on BLM mob in Omaha    11/23/20  (50)
just bought a trailer in Montana w 100 acres & pond/river for $80k    11/23/20  (8)
Hey guise didn't you say COVID-19 would go away after the election?    11/23/20  (25)
That WAP WAP WAP    11/23/20  (2)
So it’s safe to say Tupac is definitely dead by now?    11/23/20  (3)
holy shit JMIA    11/23/20  (19)
Rate this deepfake of Sean Connery as Roger Moore    11/23/20  (3)
The press and public education are the two wings of the Hebrew dragon.    11/23/20  (3)
Exeunt should we sell eth and btc here?    11/23/20  (12)
What’s a good budget to furnish a 5000-6000 sq ft house?    11/23/20  (103)
Food item you are most excited about eating this week    11/23/20  (1)
Do all Indian women become psychotic and insufferable with age?    11/23/20  (13)
drug companies waiting 2 weeks to release vaccine results=most hilarious pwnage    11/23/20  (8)
Return of the McMansions    11/23/20  (2)
should i rent this apt    11/23/20  (2)
Has anyone here read The Shadows of Power by James Perloff?    11/23/20  (11)
Trump Yet to Answer One Press Question Since Election as GOP Pressure for His Co    11/23/20  (8)
AstraZeneca's tiny pink 90% effectiveness rate    11/23/20  (3)
"I'm going to release the Kraken" shrew gf whispers after 3d slice of pumpki pie    11/23/20  (2)
Sold my ETH today. Taking abuse    11/23/20  (16)
XO democrats: do you still believe that RUSSIA hacked voting machines in 2016?    11/23/20  (24)
Not anti vaccine but mRNA is basically new territory    11/23/20  (61)
It’s like Christmas every day watching Trumpmos’ pea-brains try to rationali    11/23/20  (7)
Ricky (coughing up blood): "Did JMIA break $100?". DDC: "Yes Ricky, yes it did"    11/23/20  (5)
4chan has started making racist lefty styled art    11/23/20  (35)
Elevated atmospheric carbon levels and increased energy = plant explosion    11/23/20  (5)
Kyle TP reappearing just to look for Borders TP's ass    11/23/20  (2)
Wisconsin Officials: Recount going slowly due to constant Rep. ballot challenges    11/23/20  (1)
Something that is not discussed nearly enough on here: GHWB killed JFK    11/23/20  (1)
Your hometown gf & her husband back from vacation to city where u live now    11/23/20  (16)
Wasps are basically the cavemen of bees.    11/23/20  (5)
Trump is handling this perfectly. Has libs right where he wants them    11/23/20  (4)
little fucker just escaped again. Shit!    11/23/20  (6)
How does Moses get his coffee?    11/23/20  (2)
Chandler Weight Loss Thread    11/23/20  (182)
Is ketamine a good substitute for barbiturates In exit bag combo cocktail?    11/23/20  (2)
haven't met 1 single offshore oil rigger who wasn't a former biglaw litigator    11/23/20  (8)
AOC shreds a MyPillow someone sent her on twitter video (link)    11/23/20  (8)
Oberlin Microaggressions: White guy saying "futbol" is racist    11/23/20  (123)
Seems like ancient Vikings had it 180 w the Mead Hall    11/23/20  (11)
"As a 3rd generation holocaust survivor..."    11/23/20  (3)
Reminder: Trump messed with USPS to try to stop legally cast votes from counting    11/23/20  (17)
Libs are going to take TREMENDOUS pleasure in canceling Christmas    11/23/20  (87)
Trump was the best president of the past 40 years    11/23/20  (44)
Wonder why fat chicks always dress like shit? They have no options    11/23/20  (9)
did a lot of science over the weekend    11/23/20  (5)
Goddamit!!! The little fucker just got out of his cage again somehow!    11/23/20  (3)
former biglaw associate with long hair, giving peace sign    11/23/20  (2)
In 3-5 yrs, this shitcountry will look no different than had Trump never existed    11/23/20  (13)
Back when Claire Comfort was to be fair. This is how we used    11/23/20  (7)
Please suggest some 180 flat screen TVs. I have an old 32 inch and want to upgra    11/23/20  (19)
Trumpmos what do we do next? What's the best path to victory?    11/23/20  (29)
Dan Bagatell outed as evan39    11/23/20  (1)
Spaceporn, you were basically ripping off Billy Collins in that collection, cr?    11/23/20  (5)
Rodney Dangerfield's Back to School is 180    11/23/20  (24)
ITT: We track the progress of the "Big Cases" Trump promised on Nov. 15    11/23/20  (29)
How to stop drinking    11/23/20  (54)
libs go ape shit if anyone questions any part of virus narrative it's so weird    11/23/20  (15)
*Kelly Ripa saying disgustedly saying "ape nigger" to herself*    11/23/20  (19)
Is the XOXOHTH logo down for anyone else?    11/23/20  (3)
whites need to accept that the US is a giant international airport now    11/23/20  (1)
Do Jocks/Scumjocks go to boot camp without any preparation    11/23/20  (4)
Pretty sure second cousin meme originated Thanksgiving of 13 or 14.    11/23/20  (1)
Some of my favorite people are loser clique    11/23/20  (3)
AAP reverses itself and recommends unlimited screen time for children    11/23/20  (1)
Biden will always be know as the fraud election moron    11/23/20  (18)
And remember the 2022 midterms will require proof of vaccine for in-person votin    11/23/20  (6)
ts luisa    11/23/20  (3)
Things that are invisible but super serious and you need to be concerned    11/23/20  (8)
He'll never be President now!    11/23/20  (8)
Any legit good BF deals this year? Or is it all shit again?    11/23/20  (2)
AOC is MAF about KYLE    11/23/20  (57)
Sign of the times (xo2020) - To be fair (giant retard) is back posting    11/23/20  (39)
China ruined a whole year and gets a pass from "our" media?    11/23/20  (10)
Reminder: there's no valid reason our society values future time orientation    11/23/20  (27)
Why are apartments better than a doublewide? Doublewide seems credited.    11/23/20  (11)
White Privilege Defined: Taysom Hill starting over Jameis Winston    11/23/20  (6)
Question re vaccines: can you get more than one covid vaccine?    11/23/20  (3)
Deutsche Bank Research: Tax home workers 'to help those who cannot'    11/23/20  (9)
Are those my pillows really that great? Need new pillows actually    11/23/20  (4)
Working at Amazon to buy stuff from Amazon forever    11/23/20  (4)
put Varsity Blues VHS at center of thxgiving table, nobody said shit    11/23/20  (77)
What if Aliens go around and Disable all Nukes.... hot war scenario?    11/23/20  (4)
One thing Trump did really successfully during this whole loss (from a trumpmo    11/23/20  (25)
JJCs most pathetic fake story    11/23/20  (122)
Binance is giving me 14 days to move all my crypto    11/23/20  (1)
Zizek’s Christian atheism is interesting    11/23/20  (7)
"What is everyone thankful for this th---"nautica."    11/23/20  (17)
"I have a disability!" spaceporn squeaked as Thai hooker laughed in his face    11/23/20  (9)
does josh hartnett "accidentally" have the faculty on at parties    11/23/20  (82)
10:30 PM: This still needs a lot of work. Stopped reading on pg. 3. Please redo.    11/23/20  (2)
If Trump's a billionaire why does he need fake cases to grift supporters for $?    11/23/20  (4)
could you get away with josh hartnett's faculty haircut in bigl    11/23/20  (8)
twist: t or f, feminism unfairly attacks beta males    11/23/20  (108)
Explanation of Sidney Powell situation that she retweeted    11/23/20  (17)
70% of my IRL friends who own house had parents pay    11/23/20  (112)
GREAT RESET and BUILD BACK BETTER is about equalizing global QOL    11/23/20  (37)
partner: "ever hear of a comb"__me: "ever hear of the faculty"    11/23/20  (34)
Escort-mos: The Erotic Review (TER) is back online    11/23/20  (22)
Lol. Companies are using Cameo to get cheap celebrity commercials now    11/23/20  (4)
ITT rate this knife    11/23/20  (27)
Do you remember when Rudolph went crazy on TBF about the Claire thing?    11/23/20  (1)
Tracking Claire's prediction of a mass redneck violent uprising    11/23/20  (44)
Proles always astonished I don't want "free stuff" (evan39)    11/23/20  (25)
Why is Trump hiding behind giuliani and twitter?    11/23/20  (17)
no reason Nebraska can't be as good as Alabama    11/23/20  (1)
goyim are 'tainted' by default by virus, also ur made of carbon & carbon BAD    11/23/20  (1)
Fiancee taking ex-boyfriend's name    11/23/20  (9)
"Honey you keep saying in N word in your sleep" "I'm not sleeping dear"    11/23/20  (8)
On Squanching Toddlers    11/23/20  (1)
cowgod has Doodikoff answered for Mario Sunshine yet    11/23/20  (18)
alpha dudes w mild gynecomastia like vince vaughn    11/23/20  (8)
*Henry Aaron swatting cig out of TBF's mouth* "this my corner for anal sex jobs"    11/23/20  (7)
lol at that coquettish little strumpet TBF    11/23/20  (6)
Hey Gatormo, could I have some ETH please?    11/23/20  (9)
Shrews panic as word of permanent "vaccine farts" spreads    11/23/20  (2)
(be kind) rate my screenplay about appellate lawyer turned QB- "Circuit Training    11/23/20  (1)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    11/23/20  (11)

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