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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
What's the best state in the continental US to move to now?    01/17/21  (28)
You gots to buy dee sheet coin, mon!    01/17/21  (1)
Just bought a shitcoin and mkt immediately tanked    01/17/21  (3)
Walt here. First day. New poaster. My story. Walt.    01/17/21  (7)
the truth about me    01/17/21  (100)
1/6 Capitol Storming was like touching a cancerous tumor through the skin    01/17/21  (1)
FoxNews ratings CRATERS (link)    01/17/21  (21)
Why do they have to inaugurate Biden surrounded by 20,000 troops?    01/17/21  (64)
"not all trump voters are terrorists. oh by the way we need a muslim ban."    01/17/21  (6)
the duke lacrosse scandal was all so insane    01/17/21  (55)
HARBAUGHS: a pretty shitty source of football wins    01/17/21  (2)
Rate this 27yo woman owned by 34yo named Matt    01/17/21  (28)
PSA: "BO JIDEN" tp = pants-shitting AARP boomer faggot "crafty prole"    01/17/21  (2)
This French men’s lacrosse player is incredibly hot (link)    01/17/21  (8)
If you know Rudolphs’s IRL info, poast it. This faggot needs to be outed    01/17/21  (56)
Mahomes is winning #2 this year. He'll retire with almost all the records.    01/17/21  (6)
suicide note of french programmerdood who donated BTC to alt right    01/17/21  (27)
Rams over Packers/ Ravens over Bills    01/17/21  (29)
Check out the link and POAST your results (text-based personality analysis)    01/17/21  (2)
Just pwned some Harvard guys at the bar    01/17/21  (7)
Why are all these national guard just lying around on floors like homeless bums?    01/17/21  (3)
Rate me as a famous black novelist.    01/17/21  (1)
Lamar Jackson’s career just ended    01/17/21  (39)
If this Mexican "faggot" song existed in English it would be a 180 hit    01/17/21  (16)
most popular POTUS-elect ever has to be sworn in on video w 50k troop presence    01/16/21  (2)
My wife has been pregnant for two months and refuses to stop taking adderall    01/16/21  (74)
How do I get a copy of this federal complaint?    01/16/21  (23)
Anybody watch The OA on Netflix    01/16/21  (71)
Where to meet Asian women? Particularly Vietnamese women    01/16/21  (5)
All colleges are online schools now lol    01/16/21  (20)
Overheard a group of HS cheerleaders discussing Kenny Omega-RR rumors    01/16/21  (4)
2lbs of soft shit falling out after you withdraw.    01/16/21  (2)
Libs - As California catches Florida in COVID deaths, do you admit masks and loc    01/16/21  (40)
josh hawley is a potential monkey's paw situation for libs    01/16/21  (151)
Trumpmo protestors to establish “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in DC    01/16/21  (1)
PLACE YOUR BETS - who will be pardoned on Trump’s last day?    01/16/21  (10)
How good would you do at a Regional Spelling Bee today?    01/16/21  (23)
How many trannies do you know irl    01/16/21  (8)
GOP public policy thought leaders: a wrestling coach and a football coach    01/16/21  (4)
Best hiking boots?    01/16/21  (12)
the best thing that could happen is total collapse, a new Dark Ages    01/16/21  (3)
trumpmos sound like they now need safe spaces    01/16/21  (5)
Ducktales | Darkwing Duck | Talespin | Rescue Rangers    01/16/21  (30)
Storm Capitol for cult leader but he had nothing to do with it?    01/16/21  (1)
Does the GOP realize how FUCKT they are re: Trump's Supporters???    01/16/21  (31)
what state has the least likable people in your opinion?    01/16/21  (101)
Who else here has read All the King's Men? This shit is fucking 1-8-0.    01/16/21  (4)
BUFFALO TO THE BIG FUCKING GAME?!?!?!    01/16/21  (5)
It’s weird that Mexico has by far the best food, but worst music    01/16/21  (60)
Lamar Jackson: A Bad QB    01/16/21  (18)
Should I get an additional degree from Harvard to compensate for Emory JD?    01/16/21  (16)
Most useful class/activity you did in law school?    01/16/21  (2)
fuck yeah Bills    01/16/21  (7)
so police murdered an unarmed woman and that was the new Pearl Harbor?    01/16/21  (2)
No ones calling Biden out?    01/16/21  (1)
Why do trumpmos start shit then scream authoritarian/police state at the sponse?    01/16/21  (3)
Cowgod, some scholarship about how ending grading in law school will reinforce p    01/16/21  (1)
As punishment, Biden needs to institute Hunger Games style Trumpmo battles    01/16/21  (15)
"CHECK YOUR FUCKING PRIVILEGE!" Rudolph screamed at the dying murder victim    01/16/21  (3)
Why no communication here anymore?    01/16/21  (1)
FYI, .:..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;..;
..;..; = obeezy
   01/16/21  (2)
my side hustle is repairing Android screens    01/16/21  (3)
wow i'm very depressed    01/16/21  (14)
All kidding aside, I sincerely do wish bad things on Rudolph IRL    01/16/21  (21)
Why do liberals freak out on everyone?    01/16/21  (1)
Libs- what are some policies we should enact primarily to crush reptiles?    01/16/21  (1)
21 ASS Rimming Tips Everyone Should Know (Advocate)    01/16/21  (26)
Mega billions headed to billions now $850,000,000.00 and climbing fast    01/16/21  (5)
Can a ‘Guaranteed Income’ for Black Entrepreneurs Narrow the Wealth Gap?    01/16/21  (2)
All Cops Are Gamers    01/16/21  (1)
Parents- what are some things you wish you learned sooner?    01/16/21  (2)
why is it so enjoyable to be alone?    01/16/21  (38)
CNN: White supremacist Josh Allen beat BLM Jackson, here’s why that’s bad    01/16/21  (1)
ITT: we compile videos of Trumpmos getting arrested    01/16/21  (24)
I will be purchasing a $350,000 house in flyoever with a big yard    01/16/21  (29)
Trump terrorist arrested in VA w/ handgun, 500 rounds, and fake inauguration ID    01/16/21  (38)
Winter play. Now stellar xlm pump for x2, profits into ETH for x2, all in TRON    01/16/21  (7)
So now the American voting system is based on whichever candidate can go door-to    01/16/21  (3)
BIG TECH: "Trumpmos we're gonna life feel like 1995--" "DEAL."    01/16/21  (7)
'A Goofy Movie' is literally the best Disney animated film of all time    01/16/21  (31)
Life ~1000 years ago was 180000 for semi-"powerful" guys like us    01/16/21  (7)
Ravens really went all in on the black qb this year eh    01/16/21  (4)
Newsom's wife is smokin for 45    01/16/21  (12)
my daughter is probably the cutest girl possible and it makes my life hell    01/16/21  (34)
Do any therapists still do old-fashioned psychoanalysis?    01/16/21  (3)
The military should station 1 national guard outside each Trumpmo home    01/16/21  (4)
When are prole retard trumpmos going to take down their lawn signs and flags?    01/16/21  (1)
Predict Trump's Final Pardon Recipients    01/16/21  (1)
some of these bitches on University Challenge are well fit    01/16/21  (4)
I want to be the old non-trad American guy on University Challenge    01/16/21  (3)
EMERGING MARKETS: What do you think is the outlook over the coming years?    01/16/21  (4)
does Stephen King's house have proles always standing outside of it    01/16/21  (5)
Please stop calling TC, "OP," it's TC (Topic Creator)    01/16/21  (19)
why did michael burry buy gamestop stock    01/16/21  (15)
I wish my gf was Loren Gray    01/16/21  (2)
Lamar Jackson is a fraud, won’t win a playoff game    01/16/21  (4)
Senator Shanika Jones (SEDC - D) introduces Trumpmo deportation Act of 2022    01/16/21  (2)
Treasonous far right populist militias exist in most Western 1st world nations    01/16/21  (54)
What are faggy late night trumpmos gonna "joke" about for the next 4 years?    01/16/21  (3)
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says troops and cops are not going away    01/16/21  (65)
LMAO. Goofy trumpmos in my neighborhood are turning to ham radios    01/16/21  (6)
   01/16/21  (2)
TRUMPMOS UR SO FUCKED: Biden lays out "aggressive" immigration plan    01/16/21  (58)
Ljl at Trumpmos trying to turn USA into Mexican Nigeria    01/16/21  (4)
so every time Trumpmos lose election they're gonna be violent insurrectionists?    01/16/21  (23)
all this because Trump and Trumpmos couldn't accept losing    01/16/21  (26)
LOL TRUMPMO TRAITORS - 300 ID'd, will grow exponentially (link)    01/16/21  (20)
XOXOHTH.COM reported to the FBI    01/16/21  (6)
   01/16/21  (1)
   01/16/21  (1)
Saying “the n woes” can now get you cancelled    01/16/21  (13)
part-time thing, a paper ring    01/16/21  (1)
Libs - best way to report xo to server co?    01/16/21  (1)
taking tons of sympathetic political prisoners is GREAT OPTICS Jews! keep going!    01/16/21  (2)
Punched my dog in the head until he seized and then raped his puckered asshole    01/16/21  (4)
MFCR 14 y/o cameltoe ITT    01/16/21  (8)
neil diamond - solitary man.mp3    01/16/21  (1)
Ever had your hair start falling out at work?    01/16/21  (1)
how different would America be if Stephen Speilberg was raped in 1998?    01/16/21  (16)
you should have a higher tax rate if you have bad taste in books, film, music    01/16/21  (11)
speculative short film depicts Steven Spielberg's rape as Superbowl halftime sho    01/16/21  (6)
swotty acerbic english girl vlogger who is a bit of a miseryguts    01/16/21  (2)
'BLM' riot will become an annual summer institution like Pamplona bull run    01/16/21  (1)
Which future will the US have? South Africa, Eco Fascist, or CCP-style rule?    01/16/21  (20)
PSA: new tom hanks western is boring as fuck    01/16/21  (4)
Lol at black quarterbacks    01/16/21  (3)
Bump when Trumpmos pivot from “lol Biden has no shot” to “VOTER FRAUD!”    01/16/21  (40)
Gibberish competing with Henry Aaron for 2021 village idiot title    01/16/21  (7)
Lincoln Project co-founder: “I’m gay.”    01/16/21  (40)
The successful evan39 2024 Presidential Campaign: a timeline    01/16/21  (1)
Allen’s arm strength is seriously impressive    01/16/21  (1)
my German friend is a close student of the law    01/16/21  (1)
"GET RAPED YOU UGLY BITCH," Rudolph yelled at the girl holding a USA flag    01/16/21  (10)
guy at work said he has cancer. I made mime *crying* face w/ fingers    01/16/21  (4)
your dog mocking your facial expression, then laughing    01/16/21  (1)
Rudolph, how thrilled are you when a fellow Democrat murders an innocent person?    01/16/21  (1)
Florida teacher says Antifa was at Capitol — fired!    01/16/21  (11)
Reminder: Rudolph loves Larry Krasner and is glad that Philly dude was murdered    01/16/21  (5)
Ayanna Pressley: "We want $2k/month forever"    01/16/21  (22)
Is "glow in the dark" a sim glitch?    01/16/21  (2)
REMINDER: The Most Likely Future Is Functional “Cold” Secession (TBF)    01/16/21  (1)
Disneyland annual pass done here.    01/16/21  (1)
Where is trace mcsorely    01/16/21  (1)
Support 10k/month relief & 1 billion new Americans or u r a nazi    01/16/21  (2)
asshole dog viciously mocks disabled owner (video)    01/16/21  (4)
Love football, but hate sitting around watching it at home. Fuck this.    01/16/21  (5)
Anyone find scrambling quarterbacks boring af    01/16/21  (9)
So did Trump have more supporters at the INSURRECTION or his inauguration?    01/16/21  (3)
6IX 9INE this and 6ix 9ine that    01/16/21  (28)

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