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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Does Mazda make any Cr AWD/4WD vehicles?    03/04/21  (10)
Vulpix did you know women can make a lot of $$$ on OnlyFans    03/04/21  (11)
"These 14 Words' the XO 'white' poaster said (in ancient Sanskrit)    03/04/21  (1)
We literally live in the worst time for males in human history    03/04/21  (25)
some of you have been here for more than 15yrs and it's pathetic, get help    03/04/21  (2)
Replace one word in a famous movie title with "Penis"    03/04/21  (34)
Gonna kill self, have six mil. No fam really. How to find 60 ppl to give 100k to    03/04/21  (33)
WAIT! so people voting absentee was more effective than boat parades??!?!?    03/04/21  (9)
thoughts on this chart about boomer wealth vs everyone else?    03/04/21  (1)
TRUMPMOS, TODAY IS THE DAY! Right? Trump being sworn in today?    03/04/21  (12)
RATE this family    03/04/21  (5)
Realtalk: you have to be incredibly fucking retarded to support Trumpism    03/04/21  (12)
LA driver doing donuts hits guy, tries to help, then abducts him when cops show    03/04/21  (8)
TRUMPMOS PEAK TRIGGERED TODAY, they legit thought he'd be sworn in March 4    03/04/21  (1)
Every routinely check red-hot thread, only to see ur post therein w/ no response    03/04/21  (11)
Massive election loss + 3 months unhinged mental illness and humiliation    03/04/21  (3)
Amazon controls 83% of America’s book market    03/04/21  (48)
Gemini offering to fund managers now (link)    03/04/21  (1)
Lmao clown world: EBAY BANS DR. SEUSS LISTINGS    03/04/21  (31)
asked a nurse out for drinks. says she has a BF but still wants to go out. wtf?    03/04/21  (114)
Top 1% starts with a net worth of just $4.4 million    03/04/21  (11)
Why didn't God make the world perfect and without evil    03/04/21  (10)
PLTR isn't going under $25 again    03/04/21  (41)
Scientifically speaking, isn't stomach bloat good as it makes u eat less?    03/04/21  (1)
So interest rates are heading up because we are returning to our 2015 economy?    03/04/21  (1)
whats up guys    03/04/21  (7)
a senile SJW puppet is "President"    03/04/21  (3)
boomers = generation CHAD?    03/04/21  (1)
Rate this video of a pianist playing Claire de Lune for an 80 year old elephant    03/04/21  (8)
listening to Robert Clark Seger    03/04/21  (1)
Rate your wife across these categories (LSAT Scale)    03/04/21  (20)
American ehre    03/04/21  (2)
What new vehicle is xo buying this year?    03/04/21  (17)
how do ppl not spend their entire weekends golfing?    03/04/21  (45)
Why couldn't they airbrush out the bad dr seuss pics?    03/04/21  (20)
I stand with spaceporn    03/04/21  (65)
Absolutely devastating study on Covid causing heart disease in athletes released    03/04/21  (5)
JFC this summer is going to be 18000000000    03/04/21  (20)
Any parents here? What the hell do you do with a 1 year old all day?    03/04/21  (33)
The part of 4D chess where Trump loses, gets humiliated, booted from social medi    03/04/21  (8)
Trumpmos, was there fraud in Georgia in Loeffler and Perdue races they lost?    03/04/21  (4)
Gone In 60 Seconds    03/04/21  (3)
Lawyermos: Does DOJ have authority to investigate DeSantis vaccination site issu    03/04/21  (2)
"And you, how did you make your fortune?" "NBA TopShots."    03/04/21  (1)
Anyone ever seen the vid of jamal murray's girl slobbing his nob?    03/04/21  (1)
Trump starts referring to the vaccine as Biden's "vial of death"    03/04/21  (2)
incredible how so many people don't understand christianity    03/04/21  (1)
So ARK is done for 2021?    03/04/21  (6)
What do you think it's like being in a relationship with an OnlyFans model    03/04/21  (5)
Stock Market Is Nigga    03/04/21  (1)
The world is overpopulated because of the retarded assumption    03/04/21  (21)
Was WMTP able to cop any GUCCI in the Chicago looting?    03/04/21  (3)
Do you know any professional servants (waiters, maitre Ds, etc) who still    03/04/21  (3)
Are GMC trucks and suvs Cr now? they seem 180    03/04/21  (3)
WMTP taking q's. 10 minutes bottoms. 15 minutes tops.    03/04/21  (44)
wait, so the firefighters blocked the stairways with their ladders? 😂 (rsf)    03/04/21  (1)
Vulpix, do you plan to be a SAHM or will you be the breadwinner?    03/04/21  (1)
XO Davis Polk SURPRISES associates with special covid gifts    03/04/21  (72)
Fragments of human body parts found in latest IPhone hardware (WSJ)    03/04/21  (1)
Cowgod, why did 2D games on the N64 suck so bad?    03/04/21  (15)
"I'm not rich or prestigious" cried whokebe as he washed the 25th bucket with    03/04/21  (2)
WaPo: We're disappointed that Trumpmos didn't riot on March 4 (link)    03/04/21  (3)
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems like a good dood, wish he was POTUS of US (President)    03/04/21  (4)
He was the bartender at the Whitehall Club atop 17 Battery Pl from 1916 to 1985    03/04/21  (17)
here's my takeaway from the Megan Markle fiasco    03/04/21  (1)
Texans, I understand ur republican but why elect gurgling retards like Abbott?    03/04/21  (2)
"elephants dont forget faggot" said rsf before smothering sully with his ass    03/04/21  (1)
Might take some LSD to clear out the cobwebs    03/04/21  (6)
at what age did you upgrade your shit from goodwill / cheap to top of the line?    03/04/21  (5)
mein green eggs and ham    03/04/21  (1)
Ring of Fire, but it’s your butthole after eating spicy Thai food    03/04/21  (2)
this apt is perfect    03/04/21  (15)
Law firm associates are terrible at understanding law as a business    03/04/21  (76)
Meghan says royal family can't expect her silence if palace is 'perpetuating fal    03/04/21  (25)
going to be one year that i do not own a car    03/04/21  (1)
best thing i ever did was delete all* social media    03/04/21  (12)
Every topic on here is boring and sucks. I have no interest in any active thread    03/04/21  (9)
Looks like we will have another chance to get into SOL under $10    03/04/21  (1)
State your maternal haplogroup before I engage you further    03/04/21  (5)
explain decent looking white men who date dumpy looking asians    03/04/21  (36)
Onion buns TTT or 180 as fuck?    03/04/21  (7)
CDEV is amazing    03/04/21  (8)
POAST maternal and paternal haplogroups    03/04/21  (2)
Trans YouTube star and daycare worker charged with child pornography.    03/04/21  (2)
My stock portfolio is fucked! In the ass!    03/04/21  (3)
dead eyed hooker cracking first smile in months after clicking rsf's etrade tab    03/04/21  (30)
Libs: BELIEVE ALL DOCTORS! But NOT Dr. Seuss!    03/04/21  (1)
You say “not my monkeys, not my zoo” at work. Fired?    03/04/21  (1)
ominously told guy at AMC '...you can't expect my silence.'    03/04/21  (1)
Libs are forcing kids to buy Dr. Seuss books from van in dark alley    03/04/21  (1)
doctor slaps white baby twice - '...and THAT one's for being racist.'    03/04/21  (4)
Taking Qs about Islam, A-rabs, and the Middle East    03/04/21  (4)
“If I Ran The Circus” sitting next to Necronomicon in Miskatonic library    03/04/21  (3)
"Don't you think its weird that the only people without Neanderthal DN- hi who j    03/04/21  (1)
Welp, looks like not retiring now. Fuck I should have sold when 7 figs    03/04/21  (3)
PLTR MOON SHOT TOMORROW?    03/04/21  (9)
"Neanderthal" = code word for white genocide (highest Neanderthal DNA)    03/04/21  (2)
BURN ALL THE BOOKS    03/04/21  (1)
Andy Griffith: “sorry Barn, they refunded us, have to let ya go.”    03/04/21  (1)
If/when this board gets shut down, where will we get our dose of sanity    03/04/21  (13)
Can someone explain how this Dr. Seuss drawing is racist?    03/04/21  (27)
JAG I need a MD's opinion on this STD question    03/04/21  (23)
Net worth gone down 100k..>FML    03/04/21  (2)
Market will TANK in last half hour just watch    03/04/21  (1)
*markets experience ordinary volatility* xoxohth: MaRkEtS tAnKiNg!!1    03/04/21  (5)
As schools reopen, Asian American students are missing from classrooms    03/04/21  (13)
GOP 2021: 'We are Neanderthals, they are cool'    03/04/21  (13)
Trying to get to zero waste    03/04/21  (4)
Marco Rubio on booster stool behind pulpit, reading from "Erectus Walks Among Us    03/04/21  (2)
The return of the ARKK...    03/04/21  (14)
Why does xo hate nurses so much? I thought they were hot slutty caring types    03/04/21  (7)
Unspoken truth: Neanderthals were the superior hominid    03/04/21  (2)
🧟🧟🧟 ARKKocalypse Now 🧟🧟🧟    03/04/21  (6)
⚠ WARNING ⚠ -- ITT I disseminate FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE    03/04/21  (9)
God is depending on you    03/04/21  (4)
God depends on you    03/04/21  (3)
We still on for QS to $1000 by end of year?    03/04/21  (7)
TOPSHOT BROS, who's getting a pack tonight?    03/04/21  (7)
I’m fed up with the psychopaths who run society    03/04/21  (2)
Lorax: “Blump Blomp Helkum Belkum. Do you see this? It means NOT WELCOM    03/04/21  (1)
"on wrong side of 30 with a jammed up lacrosse stick protruding from mouth(rsf)    03/04/21  (1)
how many people do THC at your church?    03/04/21  (1)
Report: Albert Pujols is 46 years old.    03/04/21  (4)
ITT: Genetic dead ends only.    03/04/21  (19)
Found a pic of Whokebe on an Australian beach w the baby he and jinx adopted    03/04/21  (1)
My 16 month old mixed baby knows how to switch apps on iPhone    03/04/21  (28)
I used to be a punanimal. Look at me now.    03/04/21  (1)
Do people ever regret tranny surgery?    03/04/21  (46)
*Angry Manager to Henry Aaron* "It's WHOLE Foods, Not HOLE foods u sicko"    03/04/21  (3)
Springfield PD defunded: Simpsons' Chief Wiggum will no longer appear on the sh    03/04/21  (5)
*sp fast roping into your thread* "did someone make a joke about me?!"    03/04/21  (5)
Biden: "I'll take q's now." His staff: "kill the feed and edit out his offer!"    03/04/21  (28)
'Sup Rupinder, so how's the PLTR shares going bro'    03/04/21  (1)
Really weird how 'white supremacy' rises in US as white population % declines    03/04/21  (8)
The Atlanta Antiracists face off against the Tampa Tubmans live at George Floyd    03/04/21  (3)
Welcome to Hillbilly Handfishin' with your host, Rupinder.    03/04/21  (1)
"Where's Rupinder?" "Said he was headed to Bass Pro Shop"    03/04/21  (29)
Tournament Bass Fisherman making 150k/year or 400k in Big Law?    03/04/21  (19)
so CSLG cucked boner police/American/Mike Fart? LOL    03/04/21  (8)
Fact Check: Dr. Seuss was NOT cancelled    03/04/21  (9)
Fratty quit his job to fly home, join Fraser Anning's re-election campaign    03/04/21  (7)
"Ask her out if you want, but she still hasn't gotten over Rupinder."    03/04/21  (3)
Had taco tuesday at home last night. Was a big hit.    03/04/21  (85)
A buddy of mine lives off S&P 500 gains he makes of 6M investment/year    03/04/21  (9)
ARKK is down again fuck my ass    03/04/21  (46)
Latest dumb tweet from millennial shrew running Hillary’s Twitter    03/04/21  (1)
cowgod: hung like horse, IMDB profile, clique theory, MPM quarterfinalist; u?    03/04/21  (14)
my hospital started allowing visitors again and the nurses are MAF    03/04/21  (23)
Thoughts on ARKF?    03/04/21  (8)
This Autistic Ducksauce bro is utterly taking the board by storm    03/04/21  (12)

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