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STICKY: New account requests   05/25/18  (211)
in the Old West u went to saloons & fucked whores 20hrs/day    05/26/18  (4)
Can't Hardly Wait (1998) graduating class having their 20yr reunion    05/26/18  (2)
William H Macy: I want my daughters to have a lot of sex, with no guilt (link)    05/26/18  (41)
venomous lib reporters overenunciating "Donald John Trump"    05/26/18  (1)
President of the United States, Donald J. Trump    05/26/18  (6)
Jews are pretty 180 folks    05/26/18  (1)
Jews are cool and funny.    05/26/18  (1)
Who will libs side in this case?    05/26/18  (2)
After "so u r saying" J Peterson interview, comes "let's not talk about it" one    05/26/18  (4)
There's literally no difference between a Jew and a traitor. HTH    05/26/18  (7)
The history of the Jews is kikes being pulled kicking and screaming into an oven    05/26/18  (6)
$1100 to fly to my azn basketball tournament in philly    05/26/18  (29)
If everyone just listened to the White Stripes there would be no wars    05/26/18  (5)
How bad did this 34 year old Shrew settle (NY Times)    05/26/18  (13)
I named my first born Sturgill William - come at me and call me names    05/26/18  (1)
Sean Connery accused of sexual harassment, assault    05/26/18  (5)
Before XO >>>>> After XO    05/26/18  (5)
"This'll show 'em," the incel snickered to himself as he cast his vote for Trump    05/26/18  (7)
DTP taking questions from the Underground (5/26/2018)    05/26/18  (16)
How blonde fwb in sales has been complaining about Boston fuglies    05/26/18  (1)
May the Jews be the first peoples raped to death by the Muslim "Refugees"    05/26/18  (5)
New summer resort opens in Dachau for Jews only (link)    05/26/18  (8)
Dorky brunette law teens with blue eyes and soft skin    05/26/18  (29)
Whenever your wife/gf rejects your sexual advances, just remember    05/26/18  (3)
XO Memorial Day Weekend = libs raging for 72 hours    05/26/18  (1)
Reminder: They'll NEVER be another CUMSKIN MALE POTUS, eat shit CUMSKINS juiceju    05/26/18  (11)
Only the beefiest of cholos will do    05/26/18  (3)
Reminder: there are literally women JUDGES    05/26/18  (2)
Hotter non-jew white girls: San Diego, Dallas, Minneapolis, or Chicago?    05/26/18  (13)
The history of NIGGERS is kicking and screaming.    05/26/18  (3)
social media and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race    05/26/18  (7)
why doesn't everyone drive a Subaru Ascent?    05/26/18  (22)
Would you rather go to jail or pay alimony?    05/26/18  (1)
unbelievable that shit like this is why Trump is president right now    05/26/18  (1)
"You know I'm sort of a smart nerd type because I like comic book movies"    05/26/18  (2)
Star Wars: Solo already Massive Failure Disney Cuts Box Office Estimate by 30%    05/26/18  (26)
Irish women are by far the easiest to fuck when abroad    05/26/18  (12)
180: SHITLIBS drive new students away from lib college, forcing massive layoffs    05/26/18  (13)
so now women can just make up anything they want from decades ago & u go to jail    05/26/18  (3)
lol NYT headline: Are We Really Still Calling This Shirt a Wife Beater?    05/26/18  (13)
Did George Jetson commit statutory rape?    05/26/18  (8)
Kathleen Kennedy brings on Marissa Mayer to re-brand Star Wars (link)    05/26/18  (1)
UK arrests journalist reporting on Muslim pedo grooming rings, orders blackout    05/26/18  (13)
more nig voicemails than a basquiat gallery    05/26/18  (3)
not flame kid rock and scott stapp were in a sex video in 1999    05/26/18  (1)
This place is filled with insane, unstable losers    05/26/18  (1)
LOL at Hope Hicks $500k legal bills. Double LOL at Trump paying them    05/26/18  (29)
P.S. That student was Harvey Weinstein    05/26/18  (1)
Peterman offering Memorial Day sale at the Flying J    05/26/18  (1)
So ESPN got rid of the politics themed Sportscenter only to hire Olbermann?    05/26/18  (2)
Speaking of Tom Wolfe, the film version of The Right Stuff was quite well-done    05/26/18  (5)
"The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a great boon for manki    05/26/18  (10)
I believe Morgan Freeman this shit needs to stop!    05/26/18  (3)
Newest fad among black support staff at my office: FreshDirect    05/26/18  (1)
who would even suggest that it's 'gay' to get your dick sucked by another man    05/26/18  (2)
hypo: 5 million dollars in ca$h handed to you, BUT    05/26/18  (4)
When will we finally expel these Jewish traitors from our beautiful land?    05/26/18  (1)
You may as well start raping. You are going to be accused of it either way.    05/26/18  (3)
Why is Trump trying to stop diversity when it is our principle strength?    05/26/18  (1)
Do fat black womem exist just to get in the way and slow everything down?    05/26/18  (21)
boom is such egregious fraud    05/26/18  (1)
29 is the dullest ofthe femposters - no distinct personality, no good content    05/26/18  (126)
Animal woman murders daughter, Wapo doesn't mentio she's illegal until 14th graf    05/26/18  (3)
Traveling abroad reinforces just how fat and ugly Americans are    05/26/18  (33)
Mao's China did not really regulate dynamite/explosives    05/26/18  (2)
Seriously thinking about catfishing Stacey from Tinder    05/26/18  (13)
remember when we finally saw 29 pics and she looked like Wayne from Wonder Years    05/26/18  (33)
Trump calls out Mueller's lib Swamp legal team.    05/26/18  (1)
I watched Eight Men Out, the film about the 1919 Sox scandal    05/26/18  (1)
What is the CR section 179 car?    05/26/18  (1)
not long before ((())) comes after this place    05/26/18  (2)
rate these freshman at Stanford (sfw)    05/26/18  (126)
ESPN's Katie Nolan makes $1 million/year to do nothing    05/26/18  (4)
Libs coming after the term "wife beater" for undershirts.    05/26/18  (1)
Which conspiracy theories are most likely true?    05/26/18  (27)
(((longwangpoontang))) or (((hooknosedkikeclan)))? You be the judge ITT    05/26/18  (5)
Lol at claiming that marijuana is harmless    05/26/18  (45)
Rules idea: MLB teams tied after 9 innings should do home run derby    05/26/18  (3)
looks at calendar. realizes its the sabbath. starts vitriolic jew poasting    05/26/18  (1)
Reminder: Jeepers Creepers filmmaker is a convicted child molester    05/26/18  (4)
Wish I could go back to 1993    05/26/18  (9)
Do the Jews want the Muslims here all in one place so they can finish them off,    05/26/18  (1)
Also, the person was not a spy. He was a counterintelligence informant.    05/26/18  (42)
Rate her (nsfw)    05/26/18  (14)
libs want our cities to look like mogadishu instead of tokyo    05/26/18  (2)
Check out this crazy hologram generator    05/26/18  (6)
started putting 2 snus up my ass when I wake up    05/26/18  (3)
If you have less than 3 kids, its unpatriotic to be against immigrants    05/26/18  (18)
"Actually most cities have significant Jewish population" "really my town has 0"    05/26/18  (1)
Lawyers being billpigs (from ABA site)    05/26/18  (13)
Haha YES! Boner police showed up and is being irreverent to BOTH sides!!    05/26/18  (29)
Twitter just got hacked    05/26/18  (1)
Is it still legal to say racist things in private?    05/26/18  (5)
Participated in a discussion about sexual assault in coed Facebook group    05/26/18  (32)
Does it seem like a new golden age in the MLB?    05/26/18  (33)
NYT tries, fails to explain bayesian statistics to laymen    05/26/18  (17)
How $$$ to live in Jersey City near Holland Tunnel + car commute    05/26/18  (7)
So PSLF really works then right? Time to go looking for a non-profit to join    05/26/18  (1)
O my brothers, r8 this weepy young malchick getting some of the old in-out (xo 3    05/26/18  (17)
exit options from national L&E "boutique"    05/26/18  (43)
why is it so impossible to write a decent script for a star wars movie    05/26/18  (2)
"i'm going to live forever" the lawyer says, idly flicking a pen across his desk    05/26/18  (11)
Border should just be a giant revolving door w gov employees tossing cash to ppl    05/26/18  (1)
POTUS TRUMP signs order making it easier to FIRE federal employees    05/26/18  (1)
STUDENT LOAN DEBT SLAVERY (Stefan Molyneux video)    05/26/18  (2)
Murphy's Law: a great hardcore band    05/26/18  (3)
we should still have 24hr saloons w/ swivel doors & whores    05/26/18  (2)
   05/26/18  (1)
Relationship advice needed, bros    05/26/18  (11)
Would you hang them from a crane? Would you toss them from a plane?- Dr Suess    05/26/18  (17)
Just went for a dip in the Hardangerfjord - 180 peak life experience    05/26/18  (9)
REMINDER: Dmitry Rybolovlev    05/26/18  (36)
take a look around at the quality of the 'anti-racist' arguments    05/26/18  (1)
This graph proves Jews are forever done here.    05/26/18  (47)
'Weird, odd, a dumpster fire': Trump's North Korea summit coin ridiculed    05/26/18  (49)
RATE a clockwork orange as a movie and book    05/26/18  (12)
***********1488 HEIL HITLER 1488***********    05/26/18  (8)
rate the New Germany    05/26/18  (2)
XO is full of risk averse overthinkers that should and could be on top    05/26/18  (1)
To be fair, libs are right. Some Dr. Seuss lines are kinda racist.    05/26/18  (20)
Ran into uni crush today at Boxing Day bbq - I think I am a bad person (29tp)    05/26/18  (83)
William H Macy installing an abortion vacuum in his basement    05/26/18  (1)
When you biglaw dorks burn out, maybe you can learn to code?    05/26/18  (2)
obama: united acted stupidly    05/26/18  (2)
Harley Davidson and Dire Straits teaming up for massive ad campaign (link)    05/26/18  (5)
CR way to lose weight    05/26/18  (1)
Trailer for may 29 starbucks diversity training video    05/26/18  (10)
Yearly reminder: death to sidewalk cafes.    05/26/18  (1)
Come in for a bit. Every RigPig can fit at the Flying J    05/26/18  (1)
How useful is learning another language    05/26/18  (4)
xo turds, jews, asians DEMANDING that your country become minority white    05/26/18  (3)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons    05/26/18  (6)
Bboom never rants about the Jews. Is he one?    05/26/18  (1)
Existential Comics ‏delivers devastating critique of xo.    05/26/18  (4)
Natalie Portman jew dead    05/26/18  (1)
You couldve started your career out before you were conceived    05/26/18  (1)
TOP FIVE ATROCITIES CARRIED OUT BY BRITISH EMPIRE (You Wont Believe Number 4)    05/26/18  (3)
REMINDER: Aleksander Torshin    05/26/18  (3)
MODS: Why was this thread garbaged?    05/26/18  (19)
it's gotten to a point where you can't debate nonwhites, they just spam non sequ    05/26/18  (1)
Have any of you not given up yet?    05/26/18  (1)
Catch-22 but set inside a law firm    05/26/18  (23)
Why are you all so mad?    05/26/18  (2)
Disney surveying smoldering, ruined Star Wars franchise: "Well, we did it."    05/26/18  (22)
The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy [The Atlantic]    05/26/18  (8)
Where would XO be without "longwangpoontang's" low IQ "brand" of shitlib drivel    05/26/18  (3)
Rate this thin feminine vegan making you a salad (Instagram)    05/26/18  (2)
ITT:Biggest case of someone you know tossing their life away    05/26/18  (64)
Why is Trump so panicked? Secretly meeting w/ cucks. Kushner clearance fraud    05/26/18  (4)

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