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Stronglifts 5X5 is not sustainable for man over 30 for more than like a month    09/29/16  (39)
Not flame: belle Knox reads an xo poast in her documentary (lin    09/29/16  (136)
What will we call Bill Clinton when he becomes First Gentleman?    09/29/16  (26)
will RSF's dad handle this Amtrak case?    09/29/16  (80)
Xo has normalized degenerate homosexuality to me where MSM+school couldn't    09/29/16  (11)
Shitlibs: do NOT enter this thread. You will be TRIGGERED (pic)    09/29/16  (22)
Is Belle Knox an objectively unattractive porn-star?    09/29/16  (35)
but I'm racist..." evan39 muttered as he was herded onto Trumps train for gays    09/29/16  (96)
Stanford Swimmer/Rapist Serves his time and comes home to this    09/29/16  (12)
In Bangkok, oh my the girls are pretty    09/29/16  (12)
Rate this Persian teen    09/29/16  (24)
green text bubbles: ultimate prole tell    09/29/16  (21)
Thoughts on War Dogs ?    09/29/16  (6)
what's your best advice for donald trump in the next debate    09/29/16  (42)
Ras: HRC +1    09/29/16  (1)
Wife's carpet does not match her drapes.    09/29/16  (4)
SHE'S ON FIRE.    09/29/16  (1)
DBG - rate this 15yo Israeli chick in Tel Aviv    09/29/16  (8)
DBG - what would happen if they destroy Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem    09/29/16  (2)
Rate these teachers' salaries for school district in Orange County, CA    09/29/16  (18)
Debate was the turning point. Trump's run is finished.    09/29/16  (1)
It's almost impossible to land a gig on Glassdoor/Monster/Indeed    09/29/16  (42)
Hillary voter. I won't to hate fuck that blond Trump surrogate on CNN,    09/29/16  (20)
why do people who make $50k-$90k ...    09/29/16  (68)
trump, shut the fuck up about the beauty queen!    09/29/16  (4)
Landlord-tenant question - security deposit for ripped floor    09/29/16  (27)
ITT: Truth about kids and marriage    09/29/16  (15)
Rate this video of two teen girls who try the hottest pepper    09/29/16  (14)
Eager to please paralegals tipsy at unofficial happy hours    09/28/16  (6)
I've waited 25 years for this moment    09/28/16  (2)
Lol my iPhone autocorrects "gun" to "fun"    09/28/16  (6)
Why does sitting alone at a bar seem so much cooler in movies/TV    09/28/16  (20)
"cyber" -- President Donald J. Trump    09/28/16  (15)
Not flame: you need 5+ years of manager experience to work at Arby's as a manage    09/28/16  (5)
guy i know on propecia lost all muscle tone and has memory loss    09/28/16  (10)
Blue Smoke looking slim!    09/28/16  (2)
Debevoise partner jumped to his death. lat disabled comments    09/28/16  (74)
BREITBART comes under fire for anti-Semitic piece    09/28/16  (2)
Libs gonna lib -- Obama Says Backing Third-Party Candidates is Vote for Trump    09/28/16  (6)
Who has the more impressive students: HLS or YLS?    09/28/16  (1)
*literally feeds a zebra a carrot* "yeah mom the meetup is going great"    09/28/16  (11)
shut up mom i'm talking to a goddamn zebra online    09/28/16  (6)
this site has amazing russian escorts    09/28/16  (7)
Educated Asian friend vs charlotte blacks    09/28/16  (11)
What cut do Temp Agencies take for hourly contract law firm work?    09/28/16  (8)
Nigger Martyrdom.    09/28/16  (1)
Biz idea: XO add-on that gives u a chance to see deleted photos (like Snapchat)    09/28/16  (1)
Should I just become an admissions counselor at a University?    09/28/16  (6)
You'll be shocked when you hear the Orlando shooter's motives!    09/28/16  (2)
There is now a penis implant that makes yours bigger    09/28/16  (2)
How the HELL do you maintain references?    09/28/16  (5)
How badly is Kelly Ann Conway's husband shunned at Wachtell??    09/28/16  (19)
for all the hate TUFTS gets here, perseus project is 180    09/28/16  (4)
Hypo: John Huntsman wins 2016 Republican Nomination    09/28/16  (58)
SHITLIBS worse at science than TEA PARTIERS lol    09/28/16  (67)
How much do you think Casey Nestiat makes? (Youtuber)    09/28/16  (3)
Why is U.S. even fighting wars in the Middle East?    09/28/16  (12)
Anyone else attracted to slightly chubby white girls?    09/28/16  (1)
"I am out of the office watching Wizard of Gore to mourn HG Lewis' passing"    09/28/16  (1)
god damn, marilyn mosby sounds like an insufferable bitch    09/28/16  (4)
Majority of polls say Hillary won    09/28/16  (19)
180 how girls see a slightly receding hairline and rule out a guy entirely    09/28/16  (4)
that painting of emma watson getting her asshold blown out haunted my dreams    09/28/16  (18)
Do most people in Israel live in shitty apartments?    09/28/16  (6)
Anderson Cooper and Hilldog are going to gangbang Trump at next debate. But Trum    09/28/16  (13)
Jew kike Shimon Peres dies at 93    09/28/16  (13)
Reps could have won white house, roe/wade reversal, immigration reform, etc.    09/28/16  (61)
All unsolved mysteries episodes have been scrubbed from the web. Can't find them    09/28/16  (3)
evan39 all these homeless idiots need to be drowned in the sea    09/28/16  (10)
Imanagecat = septic geeky beta who should punch himself    09/27/16  (7)
Have to fire someone next week. Am dreading it.    09/27/16  (80)
does nutella really make that much money?    09/27/16  (182)
Sexual quotemo's fat penis making an actual semen swamp in IGWC's asshole    09/27/16  (13)
Been eating :D plant based diet for a week feel tired, sick, feminine    09/27/16  (19)
*shoves my dick into Watchmen's asshole, giving him a seizure-inducing orgasm*    09/27/16  (18)
Noticed a '7.6' & '9.2' monogram on partner's cuffs today    09/27/16  (3)
evan39 making lightsaber noises as he mops up aisle 5    09/27/16  (16)
Guy Gavriel Kay any good?    09/27/16  (1)
anti-defamation league says pepe is a hate symbol lol    09/27/16  (6)
The debate has made it clear to me that the MSM won't let Trump win    09/27/16  (2)
"She has a lot of experience, but it's bad experience."    09/27/16  (2)
basically no one watches fox news now    09/27/16  (1)
250K in student loans, dropped out of dental school, what to do?    09/27/16  (42)
Trump hit list: Mexican, Muslims, the blacks, fat people. That's amazing Jewry    09/27/16  (2)
Goy: "Why did G-d make the goyim?"; Jew: "someone has to pay retail"    09/27/16  (4)
Played golf yesterday with a +1 Handicap. It is really just amazing.    09/27/16  (13)
Must read 180 letter from teacher of black students    09/27/16  (146)
Ran my 5K in just over 21 minutes (Earl)    09/27/16  (47)
best campaign moment in last 2 months is still easily kayleigh's pussy slip    09/27/16  (27)
(((Jerry Springer))) pwns Trump in a single Tweet    09/27/16  (2)
NOT FLAME: pepe appeared in last night's debate behind HRC    09/27/16  (3)
does anyone genuinely realize how weird that debate and everything else has been    09/27/16  (24)
ITT: Explain how people aford Streetwear like Yeezy etc.?    09/27/16  (1)
FLASHBACK: George W. Bush vs. John Kerry 2004 POTUS debate    09/27/16  (3)
19 dollars an hour lawyer job!!!!!    09/27/16  (2)
Michael Jordan (Born Avi Rabinowitz) was an American basketball player and    09/27/16  (19)
Why does the Bible say Israel will be destroyed?    09/27/16  (3)
Hey DBG - pls rate this Jew against Israel's occupation in Palestine    09/27/16  (2)
#TrumpWon is trending No. 1 on Twitter    09/27/16  (36)
Obama's Justice Department is suing Peter Thiel (not flame)    09/27/16  (1)
Hillary embodies everything wrong about women    09/27/16  (2)
Community theater actor sentenced to death for killing 2 to pay for wedding    09/27/16  (24)
is this description of the alt-right accurate    09/27/16  (72)
FAR lower SMV than my dad; anyone else like this?    09/27/16  (16)
the cyber wars are coming, bros    09/27/16  (3)
not flame provigil is the ultimate and perfect hangover cure. provigil. buy it    09/27/16  (13)
basically no one eats at chipotle now    09/27/16  (25)
Any poasters in Indianapolis? Driving West this week (Phineasgage)    09/27/16  (2)
put up a trump pence flyer somewhere and libs will rip it down within minutes    09/27/16  (1)
my law school just sent out an email saying no maga hats allowed on campus today    09/27/16  (3)
Any honest Trumpfags want to admit being terrified abt his debate performance?    09/27/16  (69)
"One sec, Mom...Damn Daddy called me a, that's his name," askav lisped    09/27/16  (10)
"Give me that daddy dick," grunted askav as the strange man went balls deep    09/27/16  (27)
He is so good with these computers, it's unbelievable.    09/27/16  (1)
Rate the smugness of this NYT writer (((Paul Krugman))) tweet    09/27/16  (9)
Trump didn't say "build the wall" one time.    09/27/16  (3)
ITT we list practical uses for toronto unit's flat azn face    09/27/16  (8)
*shoves toronto unit in the cafeteria and takes his chop sticks*    09/27/16  (2)
The collective name for all of toronto unit's monikers = Zeke Unit    09/27/16  (3)
toronto unit and zeke morris DPing me in the back of their chinese restaurant    09/27/16  (3)
i fuck zeke morris/toronto unit/no limit azn in his asshole    09/27/16  (3)
All polls say Trump won except CNN poll    09/27/16  (7)
GOOGLED before & after TESTOSTERONE photos. Found this TUMBLR.    09/27/16  (1)
Trump PWNING Hillary on TYT's poll    09/27/16  (1)
Trump now crushing Time Poll    09/27/16  (13)
literally just had a VERY VIP person contact me about getting some provigil    09/26/16  (3)
*snuggles w/ girlfriend, future fiancee, soulmate* *wakes to cold lifeless body*    09/26/16  (2)
Atlantic: Inequality in the Virtual Classroom (minorities suck at MOOCs)    09/26/16  (58)
Well i think preparing to be President is a good thing" *smiles smugly*    09/26/16  (1)
imagine your grandfather saying "i'm with her"    09/26/16  (5)
Fox News is saying Trump lost. LJL, its over.    09/26/16  (3)
TRUMP supporters literally killing themselves, libs in the street.    09/26/16  (2)
Drudge won't let you vote for HIllary. LJL at this hack. Go ahead, try it.    09/26/16  (1)
trump needs to jump on fox news and give a live postscript right now    09/26/16  (1)
Donald Jr.'s wife is so busted    09/26/16  (4)
LJl    09/26/16  (1)
*Watches debate in pajamas* "I'm With Her" *Tosses shekel to Dancing Niggers*    09/26/16  (1)
   09/26/16  (3)
real talk: hillary is destroying trump (not flame)    09/26/16  (19)
This guys is pissed at Trump    09/26/16  (2)
"I was preparing for this debate. And I will be prepared to be president"    09/26/16  (1)
Leather Jacket (boor)    09/26/16  (1)
monsterdong    09/26/16  (1)
Daily Mail: Lawyer who shot 9 people in Houston was dressed in 'NAZI paraphenali    09/26/16  (26)
HERE WE GO    09/26/16  (1)
oh my god it's going to be a great debate holy shit here we gooooooooooooooooooo    09/26/16  (8)
Trump makes a ridiculous joke in the first 45 seconds    09/26/16  (1)
part of the middle class decline is higher prices due to black crime    09/26/16  (16)

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