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Halford, really gonna need your thoughts on this craigslist ad    09/25/16  (3)
BREAKING: 9 killed in UIUC shooting    09/25/16  (5)
Lol 180 not flame brad Pitt got drunk, pissed on Tarmac, stole/crashed fuel truc    09/25/16  (1)
BREAKING NEWS: 6 Emerson College students stabbed to death    09/25/16  (1)
PSA: Hispanics don't go shooting up malls    09/25/16  (7)
FBI: Why'd u do it? FR bomber: "Islam." FBI: *slams desk* Don't make me ask agai    09/25/16  (104)
Rate this FB post of Arcan Cetin    09/25/16  (7)
Rate Arcan Cetin (musbro mall shooter)    09/24/16  (4)
Quarrelling with Kaylee,    09/24/16  (1)
***WATCH: Elizabeth Warren EVISCERATES boomer banker on Senate floor***    09/24/16  (56)
Gennifer Flowers, ex lover of Bill, agrees to show up at Monday's debate    09/24/16  (5)
Charlotte riots are truly "Africa" in America - why can't people see this?    09/24/16  (5)
Shootings in WA and MD today; Media: NO EVIDENCE THEY WERE ACTS OF TERROR    09/24/16  (2)
green text bubbles: ultimate prole tell    09/24/16  (15)
Is Imagine Dragons good?    09/24/16  (5)
What distinguishes quant types vs. non-quant types?    09/24/16  (3)
I want to fuck whokebe's tight little asshole while he mewls    09/24/16  (19)
LOL LSU    09/24/16  (7)
How hard did Ted Cruz tp get lifepwned?    09/24/16  (1)
Ask me to draw something and I'll draw it for you    09/24/16  (7)
Doyle Brunson Unloads on annoying YLS grad Vanessa Selbst over Trump    09/24/16  (17)
Android user skipping prom to reformat his phone    09/24/16  (4)
POLL: do you think pugs are CUTE or UGLY    09/24/16  (8)
Mark Cuban getting his shit shoved in by Ben Garrison    09/24/16  (13)
president obama follows a guy on twitter who tweets about autoadmit not flame    09/24/16  (8)
Donald J. Trump is the world's last hope    09/24/16  (2)
DBG - rate this antisemitic, anti-Hollywood 1940s poster    09/24/16  (18)
Cascade Mall shooter in Washington is JEWISH    09/24/16  (22)
wtf, trump only +2 LATimes now?    09/24/16  (2)
Rate this 19yo Pomona College chick I fucked last night    09/24/16  (46)
"Moving on to.. WAIT who just joined? WHO JUST JOINED??"    09/24/16  (14)
Why do teen girls think these are appropriate Halloween costumes?    09/24/16  (28)
Friend is District Manager for a retail chain makes $120k    09/24/16  (6)
hey guys this is j shad. i'm a try-hard corny faggot.    09/24/16  (41)
Do transactional lawyers have to write a lot???    09/24/16  (6)
Money (boor)    09/24/16  (6)
People pay thousands of dollars for workshops at the CFAR    09/24/16  (1)
Charlotte victim's wife filmed it, shows officer shouting "Drop the gun"    09/24/16  (121)
anyone read ted chiang's novella "story of your life," basis of film "arrival"    09/24/16  (3)
My former hedge fund friend is now a rabid anti-semite    09/24/16  (12)
Donald Trump announces 2016 presidential candidacy    09/24/16  (28)
XO CRUZ CREW CHECK-IN    09/24/16  (15)
Jews pretending to be white exposed on Twitter    09/24/16  (13)
Why do nubile college chicks take selfies like these:    09/24/16  (14)
"Give me that daddy dick," grunted askav as the strange man went balls deep    09/24/16  (26)
Is Charlotte really the hill these #BLM shitlibs are going to die on?    09/24/16  (58)
ted cruz just endorsed donald trump    09/24/16  (12)
Bboooooooooom: deranged sports nut    09/24/16  (31)
Rate this video of two teen girls who try the hottest pepper    09/24/16  (13)
MSM says Washington mall shooter is HISPANIC, but security footage shows he's ME    09/24/16  (9)
Colin Powell is 79; but looks 60    09/24/16  (2)
artist on twitter thanks autoadmit for making Obama painting famous not flame    09/24/16  (10)
Is this what high school girls upload on YouTube these days?    09/24/16  (10)
ITT: We link forgoten 1990s movies (Trailers)    09/24/16  (7)
Any litigators here who don't want to do AUSA b/c of dregs of society    09/23/16  (32)
Rate this Jewess UCLA grad I met last night    09/23/16  (12)
Would u get shitcanned from BIGLAW for posting anti-BLM tweet?    09/23/16  (15)
Spacebanker-Still here? Need guidance    09/23/16  (1)
Chubby Wellesley 5.75 roofying Boner Police at a mixer    09/23/16  (5)
Is "Bonfire of the Vanities? worth reading?    09/23/16  (23)
Johnsmeyer carefully studying marriage penalty provision of REPAYE over coffee    09/23/16  (9)
Hypo: Indian military moves into Lahore    09/23/16  (1)
If you're not a dullard, watch this and assume its a frequent police encounter    09/23/16  (11)
rate these excerpts from Hitler's last political statement before he died    09/23/16  (39)
WTF Rudy Ruettiger was 6'0" 215!?    09/23/16  (7)
Oxford Oxford NUMBAH ONE!    09/23/16  (15)
Need to buy a laptop this weekend X1 Carbon or MacBook    09/23/16  (7)
so a guy can get shitcanned for Tweeting pro-Trump shit; but a nigger who    09/23/16  (13)
rate this painting of the death of Scalia with a unicorn and pancakes    09/23/16  (1)
What is the CR way to quit XO? (((Phineasgage    09/23/16  (25)
A Norwood 9.2 working with a Norwood 7.6: The Story of Biglaw    09/23/16  (6)
What's the Ideal Dose for TRT?    09/23/16  (1)
This xo poaster thinks Republican employers would fire you for anti-BLM tweets    09/23/16  (29)
I just got dinged from 3 jobs I applied to (PIC INSIDE)    09/23/16  (7)
Monsanto obtains license for CRISPR    09/23/16  (6)
lol met with a 2002 grad today who is listed as "associate"    09/23/16  (13)
Would you allow your 16yo dotter to wear these shorts?    09/23/16  (42)
should I invite this escort over?    09/23/16  (9)
I win. fwb got me preggers. YNY    09/23/16  (11)
I'm just finishing up a 100 page manifesto on football coaching    09/23/16  (4)
"Now THIS is perestroika!" lisped ARE Reptile as Darnell prolapsed his asshole    09/23/16  (22)
My legs go numb everytime I take a shit longer than 5 minutes.    09/23/16  (19)
Why do so many of you FAGS go back and delete you posts?    09/23/16  (6)
Holyshit 180000 Brady tweet "@nflcommish Thanks for the rest, Chief"    09/22/16  (5)
Why are Persians and Armenians in America smart?    09/22/16  (14)
BREAKING: US attorney subpoenas Anthony Weiner's cell phone    09/22/16  (19)
all-female SEAL Team 6 listening to "Roar" before raiding Bin Ladin's safe house    09/22/16  (8)
Rate white female cop who shot Terence Crutcher    09/22/16  (3)
Shitlawyers, Can I go to any law school library & send myself entire treatise    09/22/16  (27)
literally just deleted all facebook. people can now see when you view their pics    09/22/16  (13)
are celebrities literally demigods? yes.    09/22/16  (1)
Damn, in state tuition at UCLA is really reasonable. Praying my kids can get in    09/22/16  (1)
almost half of u.s. states have a town called Norwood    09/22/16  (1)
predict what happens in charlotte tonight ITT    09/22/16  (8)
So libs just want whites to get killed if surrounded by rioters?    09/22/16  (24)
Atty recommendation in LA (plaintiff side professional liability litigation)    09/22/16  (1)
cam back to apartment and it smells like a cigarette butt wtf    09/22/16  (1)
Anyone been to Crumbs and Whiskers in DC (The Cat Cafe?)    09/22/16  (9)
Should I cop the Brooks Brothers 3/169 deal or Kamakura?    09/22/16  (3)
Should I get a Suit Supply Napoli suit?    09/22/16  (5)
ohnoes goes to xo meetup, hovers over everyone in a hot air balloon    09/22/16  (6)
Charlotte protestor drop kicks a homeless white man (video)    09/22/16  (28)
I told you fuckers to buy LinkedIn, GPRO, and now MSTX. Listen mfers!    09/22/16  (82)
Earliest example of NiggerThreading on xo?    09/22/16  (2)
getting a new computer--taking reccomendations itt    09/22/16  (2)
REMINDER:More neural connections in brain than atoms in universe    09/22/16  (26)
Hypo: BLM attacks a 9yo white kid    09/22/16  (7)
DLA Piper is anagram for "Aldi prep" b/c that's what it trains you for    09/22/16  (2)
chinks ruin their so-called "great" wall - LOL @ these photos    09/22/16  (3)
Partner with new deal walking to ur office whistling Twisted Nerve    09/22/16  (1)
Daily Mail: Anthony Weiner to 15yr old girl, 'I would bust that tight p***y'    09/22/16  (57)
devastating takedown of trumptards    09/22/16  (6)
Mother, please open your blouse for I am thirsty (Estrada)    09/22/16  (64)
thoughts on the pastrami sandwich at HABIT BURGER?    09/22/16  (2)
prestige is actually very important and will set you up for life    09/22/16  (4)
Are libs secretly scared of blacks when they see rioting like this?    09/22/16  (27)
It took Carter to bring Reagan. Imagine what Obama will bring    09/22/16  (86)
wtf go to above the law--Shearman & Sterling just CUT salaries to 145k jfc    09/22/16  (16)
"Cortana," the "personal assistant" for Windows 10 - Let's BASH this TTT    09/22/16  (2)
***InfoWars reveals HRC stages her rallies***    09/22/16  (2)
Are those headhunter articles bashing in-house jobs pure BS?    09/22/16  (12)
Hypo: Your Wife did a Scene in her early 20s    09/22/16  (28)
does nutella really make that much money?    09/22/16  (181)
Reminder: Talmud doesn't make Jews smarter    09/21/16  (1)
Will Charlotte Protest help Trump???    09/21/16  (3)
official charlotte twitter account: nvm, 0 dead tonight, my b yall    09/21/16  (1)
CNN reporter gets knocked out cold at Charlotte (VIDEO)    09/21/16  (3)
Have to fire someone next week. Am dreading it.    09/21/16  (76)
CNN FRONT PAGE: Why are almost half of Japan's millennials still virgins?    09/21/16  (35)
Law school used to be cheaper.    09/21/16  (2)
***most DEVASTATING Hillary attack ad***    09/21/16  (76)
Must be bizarre to live in Trump country    09/21/16  (73)
Just hired a new receptionist. Rate her ITT    09/21/16  (15)
Troubling news about penis size bros    09/21/16  (6)
if someone in the crowd hits hillary w/ a laser pointer will she have a seizure    09/21/16  (1)
Just saw a chill, fratty TRT doc. Taking questions    09/21/16  (7)
One of my bros copped a professorship at National University    09/21/16  (1)
Anthony Weiner's current sex scandal reveals why he sexts    09/21/16  (11)
I want to take a meat cleaver to Jonathan Safran Foer's faggot fucking head    09/21/16  (34)
Rate this Cute Greek girl married to Ryan Serhant (Instagram)    09/21/16  (4)
I think I'm going to buy a new REVOLVER bros. Taking recommendations, insults.    09/21/16  (9)
15yo chick knew about Anthony Weiner's previous scandals yet...    09/21/16  (1)
CharlesXII, do you know any ostensibly lib journos who are secretly xo-ish?    09/21/16  (5)
Actually, THIS is the Only Haircut an Man Should Get    09/21/16  (17)
White ppl in LA are so fucking annoying    09/21/16  (4)
LAmos: would u live in Echo Park?    09/21/16  (23)

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