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my hair has gotten extremely long. surprisingly soft    07/08/15  (3)
people who paint all the art in their house    07/08/15  (3)
giant spider you can't get off in your sleep    07/08/15  (1)
waiting until ur sober enough to drive is the worst shit ever    07/08/15  (7)
the fear    07/08/15  (2)
hate when you do something good for someone then they forget    07/08/15  (1)
feel like i'm going to die    07/08/15  (5)
broke my fucking phone fuck my ass    07/08/15  (2)
the best bros have a guest bedroom    07/08/15  (1)
White woman shot in the head with shotgun in Hollywood (link)    07/08/15  (24)
Want to reconnect with a platonic friend via email. What do I write?    07/08/15  (11)
SJW's fellating themselves at Women's World Cup TV ratings    07/08/15  (49)
Lawyers even more fucked: "licensed legal technicians" to flood market:    07/07/15  (37)
DVP here. Statute of Limitations has run. You mad, XO?    07/07/15  (76)
Does anyone not HONESTLY default to animal when seeing blacks?    07/07/15  (10)
CA essays 4-6    07/07/15  (47)
how do so many people know so many other people's monikers    07/07/15  (17)
CA AG Kamala Harris on SF illegal immigrant murder    07/07/15  (39)
ITT: The T10 Pantheon of Iconic Musical Figures since 1950 or so    07/07/15  (15)
Rate this "model" that I went to college with    07/07/15  (9)
do you ever have a 180 weekend with ur bros then on monday u feel like shit    07/07/15  (12)
when you fall in love with a girl and she drowns :(    07/07/15  (16)
How are Asian men not more suicidal?    07/07/15  (9)
should i just skip this phone interview?    07/07/15  (7)
jfc DLA Piper has given $628,000 to Hillary Clinton    07/07/15  (9)
*** JULY 2015 BAR EXAM THREAD ***    07/07/15  (38)
Me plugging Imanagecats noodle tube with my fuck stick    07/07/15  (2)
Need your legal advice    07/07/15  (1)
Summon: Master Purchase Agmt'15 Pause bar studying for a sec    07/07/15  (3)
1000 keets land on your outstretched arms. the youngest hops closer and whispers    07/07/15  (1)
good morning xo *smashes champagne bottle on laptop*    07/07/15  (8)
*puts in eye drops, opens new thread* "i'll sleep when i'm dead"    07/07/15  (23)
"good morning cute little law baby" *wipes his ass and drops him off at the firm    07/07/15  (2)
laughing at tv right before someone breaks in my house and kills me    07/07/15  (1)
ever worked on something a really long time and it turns out the scientists were    07/07/15  (1)
is everyone always watching true detective    07/07/15  (4)
explain the smartest thing you know    07/07/15  (2)
Summon: Scholarship: you FUCKED for OCI?    07/07/15  (5)
CGM to Darnell: "We have a contract. Now deregulate my shitpipe"    07/07/15  (80)
every time i see my old posts i'm just like jfc was i high or is this me    07/07/15  (1)
can't believe j shad has been gone for a year    07/07/15  (4)
Need help from science nerds re burning microwave (Earl)    07/07/15  (32)
i think i really fucked up in life    07/07/15  (78)
Number of AGWWG on upper west side today was mind boggling    07/06/15  (7)
I heard Latham just Lathamed a summer    07/06/15  (48)
Darnell yanking at nyuug's bowlcut as he fucks his kimchee chute    07/06/15  (25)
scored date with an AirBNB marketing manager    07/06/15  (3)
Help! What to do with this fucked case    07/06/15  (7)
people from school started calling me "scholarship"    07/06/15  (4)
Popular Cheerleader from Can't Buy Me Love Dies (Link)    07/06/15  (2)
RESIDENCY IS HELL (BOOR)    07/06/15  (17)
Best tweets to @jbqlaw (John Quinn)    07/06/15  (4)
Sanders:"Maybe Hitler went a little too far but those kike bankers were asking f    07/06/15  (1)
San Fran fucked, Trump vindicated - SF figuratively murdered woman    07/06/15  (45)
what did bill cosby do    07/06/15  (3)
Darnell: "In your ass right?" nyuug: "OFS you Gangnam stunner d00d!!!!"    07/06/15  (28)
The two men were old friends, joined by their love of the law.    07/06/15  (11)
Rate this very attractive MILF finance baller    07/06/15  (41)
imagine teaching your small child how to use xo    07/06/15  (21)
The greatest flame the devil ever pulled    07/06/15  (13)
National Socialist, actually    07/06/15  (5)
*brings monkey ancestor to a baseball game for the first time*    07/06/15  (20)
Had Indian Buffet yesterday (Was awesome but now feel terrible)    07/06/15  (13)
sadness    07/06/15  (14)
WTF is the difference between "Psychotherapy" and "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?    07/06/15  (3)
Nothing more depressing than being back in the office after a long vacation    07/06/15  (1)
Murder rates are going back up (thanks libs!)    07/06/15  (2)
why do finance people say gay shit like bulls and bears    07/06/15  (9)
how the fuck does everyone know who everyone is    07/06/15  (6)
2015: not allowed to ask if your wife has a dick    07/06/15  (2)
funny how tv makes lawyers 180 and irl they just run flame and are 180    07/06/15  (2)
Rate this t-shirt on a scale of OK to NOT OK.    07/06/15  (9)
watching tv shows with a lot of palm trees makes me happier for some reason    07/06/15  (2)
*locks all the doors and lets a deer run loose on xo*    07/06/15  (2)
happy 5th of July. welcome to the fear    07/06/15  (30)
shooting ropes of horsey sauce all over hope solo    07/06/15  (5)
Famous pics throughout German History (IMGUR)    07/06/15  (13)
what is the last pope doing right now    07/06/15  (14)
Meadow Soprano: How typical of a UMC/rich chick? Adolescence, college, BFs?    07/05/15  (14)
ITT: We List the many celebrities The Sopranos shitted on in similes    07/05/15  (25)
Bar study day one coming up tomorrow!    07/05/15  (2)
Can we deport PAYE bros with 200K+ debt to Greece?    07/05/15  (4)
"US WINS WORLD CUP," CNN smugly lisped in its headline    07/05/15  (13)
i've seen saving private ryan. i know how bad war can be    07/05/15  (2)
XOXO Food Truck: Hans and I are moving into a shed    07/05/15  (2)
Anyone get dat sinking, butterflies feeling just thinking about a cheerful girl?    07/05/15  (10)
Why must the safest, most serene towns be farthest from civilization?    07/05/15  (5)
MBA completely online for 20k    07/05/15  (14)
I want to be an astronaut    07/05/15  (9)
Anyone enjoy that SUMMERTIME feeling of your balls hanging low, enlarging?    07/05/15  (1)
You (yes you) are the biggest faggot on xo and no one is falling for it    07/05/15  (3)
does god really talk to the pope    07/05/15  (1)
Summon: Taylor Swift & Sharklasers    07/05/15  (4)
Vyvanse: You Asleep?    07/05/15  (2)
Is Starvation CR? I've eaten 1 bag of sunflower seeds and 5 Mentos rolls today    07/05/15  (5)
Hypo: Saudi ground forces invade Yeman    07/05/15  (4)
Study: Alpha males more likely to be cuckolds.    07/05/15  (4)
Imagine Robert Kiyosaki pounding Ivanka Trump in hell forever.    07/05/15  (1)
Hitler actually appreciated Japanese culture and genetics    07/05/15  (17)
100k in debt for Oxford PhD?    07/04/15  (45)
amazing shes takin bbc up there. Good for her, good for her    07/04/15  (4)
Reminder to CollegeD00d: You're not the only one w/ access to a directory.    07/04/15  (1)
ReSummon: Sarah Hyland. Need your Mastertips re Quitting Adderall, OCI    07/04/15  (2)
How common is Adderall among biglaw associates    07/04/15  (27)
have a happy independence day you idiots    07/04/15  (6)
The Truth Regarding Jews and Germany WWII    07/04/15  (93)
lol looks like we're getting attacked on july 4th. it's been fun brothers    07/04/15  (85)
ADHD & Adderall apologists: Did it improve your grades, work, life?    07/04/15  (34)
ITT: We EXPOSE Adderall & Vyvanse's Drawbacks    07/04/15  (38)
The greatest Chipotle LIFE HACK ITT!!    07/04/15  (41)
Can you tell whether you have legit ADHD by Adderall's effects on you?    07/04/15  (17)
Adderall victims: Has it socially isolated you; you don't even WANT to go out?    07/04/15  (13)
Adriana LaCerva dreaming to get away, from California. Maybe in another life...    07/04/15  (1)
LIBS: reminder, women are not equal because they can't drive. fact.    07/04/15  (1)
Vagrant murders cute brunette in broad daylight (San Francisco)    07/04/15  (18)
Rate Ted Cruz in his high school year book    07/04/15  (6)
***Annual 4th of July Pics to Make Shitlibs Angry Thread***    07/04/15  (13)
Take the STEM circle jerk to Reddit, faggots    07/04/15  (107)
Rate this 1965 poem about Shepardizing.    07/04/15  (2)
Moving in with 29 year old Shrew (Taking Advice)    07/04/15  (5)
PROTIP: to honor America's bday, watch videos of Russians being apes    07/04/15  (1)
XOXO Food Truck: The girls prefer Hans    07/04/15  (21)
wait, so does everyone keep a bat in their car in Russia? Youtube says yes    07/04/15  (1)
Only subletting for 2 months. No AC. No Mattress. Just sleep on clothes/pillows?    07/04/15  (20)
Describe your ten year high school reunion    07/04/15  (37)
Fuck, wife's body is not bouncing back the same way after 2nd kid    07/04/15  (37)
what the fuck are you faggots doing for the 4th of July holiday    07/04/15  (2)
I like my women like I like my martial arts    07/04/15  (1)
Even if Bernie wins Iowa and New Hampshire, he STILL has no chance    07/04/15  (18)
Hitler Speeches with accurate English subtitles    07/03/15  (14)
Facebook, NYT strangely silent on SF shooting. Not even calls for gun control    07/03/15  (8)
Leaving big law with 750K saved    07/03/15  (5)
Legit 9 made me a sandwich today (Story)    07/03/15  (5)
Rate this Asian girl that only dates white dudes (Pic)    07/03/15  (7)
New "Aftershock" provision added to REPAYE Tax Bomb    07/03/15  (6)
Average pay for Per Se waiter is $116,000 (Link)    07/03/15  (21)
ITT: Rank SCOTUS justices by IQ    07/03/15  (25)
Thinking of deleting my facebook and twitter, living just on xo    07/03/15  (10)
Scholarship wiggling his hottentot rump in my face    07/03/15  (14)
i'm a hungry little injunction pig, rooting around for irreparab    07/03/15  (15)
Welcome to the Cogconomy    07/03/15  (2)
Separate systems for Billing/Time Entry vs. Invoicing/Financial Data?    07/03/15  (3)
Just found MND's pic. Ruskie is WAY fucking hotter    07/03/15  (27)
rapper explains smoking PCP, cutting off his dick with a knife    07/03/15  (1)
My bladder holds approximately 725 mL (scholarship inside)    07/03/15  (6)
I WANT TO LIVE IN MONTREAL (BOOR)    07/03/15  (6)
rate this quote from Hitler re: physical fitness    07/03/15  (12)

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