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Just put entire saving, ~500k, into LinkedIn at 110.52. Wish me luck.    02/06/16  (24)
turdskin "doctor" Anjali Ramkissoon attempts damage control    02/06/16  (20)
Has there ever been a actress hotter than Liz Hurley in Bedazzled?    02/06/16  (65)
How long till next Jewish holocaust?    02/06/16  (10)
Top XO meme: Bros its me again    02/06/16  (13)
Weird how all of the presidential candidates have fucked up personal lives.    02/06/16  (9)
* * * Did HLS catch the BLACK TAPE BANDITS? * * *    02/06/16  (7)
Getting fired from biglaw, have 90 days to figure out options...what to do?    02/06/16  (51)
Williams Act MFEs: Is there a tender offer & required disclosures in this hypo?    02/06/16  (12)
Youtube star "Angry Video Game Nerd" makes 3 million a year    02/06/16  (3)
evan39 have you noticed that every woman is overweight    02/06/16  (11)
Bboom what are your thoughts on this "Star Wars" shit?    02/06/16  (2)
Hey boom friend you're 180    02/06/16  (1)
(Sits down at pattaya bar in 2045) "Any you bros ever cop PAYE?"    02/05/16  (43)
Being a "reviewer" is most ridiculous part of biglaw    02/05/16  (1)
Serious q: why is Ted Cruz unelectable?    02/05/16  (60)
Get in here right now and click on You won't regret it. True 180    02/05/16  (15)
Hypo: Trump creates Presidential Guard that is only loyal to him    02/05/16  (7)
Was Chrysler's Eminem Ad the GOATUS Super Bowl Ad?    02/05/16  (5)
Perused Linkedin - SO many hot young bucks going into finance    02/05/16  (1)
The Year 2000 once seems SO FUTURISTIC...    02/05/16  (1)
Any of you bros watch Casey Neistat on YouTube?    02/05/16  (2)
How does RSF match with these European girls who are also RESPECTABLE?    02/05/16  (31)
So people "retire" from here and then just megapost with alts?    02/05/16  (16)
ScholarshipTP, I thought you cold turkeyed Adderall?    02/05/16  (4)
Going to see Tiesto tonight for a Super Bowl party. What to wear?    02/05/16  (3)
SA fired for asking Kaavya Viswanathan for "a copy of this"    02/05/16  (4)
Just booked Icelandair to KEF for $199 round trip. Crazy sale    02/05/16  (3)
Client said "just between us girls" in a meeting yesterday    02/05/16  (12)
The most beta NYT wedding announcement of all time    02/05/16  (142)
Whats your go to joke for the cheese grater person at Olive Garden    02/05/16  (33)
Family friends 40 yr son supposedly tripped n broke neck on bed frame...suicide?    02/05/16  (1)
reggie2 boxing out Boner Police and going up strong for the rebound    02/05/16  (4)
Asian women walking their dogs around. Ljl    02/05/16  (1)
Friend is ripping out laminate floor he installed only a few months ago    02/05/16  (3)
Considering security and other bs, domestic air travel is flame.    02/05/16  (2)
New pill gives you the feeling of being in love with HS GF again (link)    02/05/16  (7)
"Welcome to my harem" nyuug muttered under his breath after brushing up against    02/05/16  (23)
WTF: HBO edited out all the jokes calling Tony Soprano fat etc.    02/05/16  (1)
Motley Crue Capital Partners--Buy Side.mp3    02/05/16  (1)
Microsoft WORD Mastermen: How do you do numbered outlines? (Pic)    02/05/16  (5)
Summon: Oh No a Mexican Man, Oh No a Mexican Man    02/05/16  (7)
Summon: Sarah Hyland: You Never Responded to this post    02/05/16  (9)
Summon: 2L Pumo    02/05/16  (2)
Will LeBron ever catch Kobe's legacy?    02/05/16  (51)
Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls....UNGHHHHHHH    02/05/16  (9)
Video of teen girl "queefing" the national anthem goes viral (link)    02/05/16  (11)
Worth it to switch to REPAYE with 4 years left on PSLF?    02/05/16  (1)
New deal from Apple: Couples who name baby "Siri" get free cloud photo album sto    02/05/16  (1)
Stanford MBA, concentration in Productivity Theater    02/05/16  (2)
BLS: "Cloud Bouncer" & "Data Sifter" = professions projected to grow fastest    02/05/16  (1)
ITT: we diagnose RSF's mental illness    02/05/16  (133)
"Sunday Funday," RSF lisped as he took a duck face selfie for Instagram    02/05/16  (65)
Bboom can you explain the diaper thing friend?    02/05/16  (5)
32 year old male teacher gets blowjob from 17 year old student & no jail time    02/05/16  (42)
Asian law shrew very young, cute, cheerful. Will be partners on a task next week    02/05/16  (14)
Trump-true fiscal conservative, Jeb-wasteful liberal.    02/05/16  (8)
odds of Johnny Manziel becoming Texas senator someday?    02/05/16  (16)
ALPHA move by MANZIEL on draft night    02/05/16  (31)
Was Johnny Manziel even any good?    02/05/16  (1)
2015 Law Firm Financials    02/05/16  (18)
Why are there so few Asians at the top?    02/05/16  (4)
Reminder that Benzo got arrested for sucking gasoline from a UHaul    02/05/16  (105)
Asian girls breath and BO smells like beef jerky why is this?    02/05/16  (11)
Whenever I see a "missing cat" poster I call the owner and tell them a coyote    02/05/16  (4)
Explain the picture on the second page of this pdf.    02/05/16  (19)
You guys know the smell of dried watermelon juice    02/05/16  (1)
Edelson McGuire - The Most Obnoxious Firm In Chicago?    02/05/16  (6)
Rate this WaPo reporter Jewess and guess age (pic)    02/05/16  (13)
Havent been angry in years cr?    02/05/16  (3)
Is there a movie that has aged worse than The Matrix    02/05/16  (107)
Raiders, Texans likely to play in Mexico City in 2016    02/05/16  (1)
Lol the kikes behind the "kids react to" videos tried to trademark "react"    02/05/16  (35)
Teens react to Clause 7.6 and the way it works with Clause 9.2    02/05/16  (5)
Why $2 billion startup GitHub is apparently in crisis, again    02/05/16  (1)
LOL Serial dood Adnan Syed showed up to court looking like an ISIS member (pic)    02/04/16  (5)
Source of Thank threading    02/04/16  (3)
pension option: lump sum or annuity?    02/04/16  (2)
It's not looking to good for Hilarity Cliton, is it?    02/04/16  (10)
two cops shot in the Bronx    02/04/16  (3)
Single BIGLAW bros: How do you meet women?    02/04/16  (22)
20 yrs old = Worst part of day is chatting with the creepy 31 yr old lawyer    02/04/16  (9)
Asserting myself at work by putting random words in scare quotes bboom style    02/04/16  (5)
Black History Month is February, shortest month of the year.    02/04/16  (4)
Remember the Family Guy episode where Roger from American Dad made an appearance    02/04/16  (2)
Friend started business, is using others pics for her portfolio - illegal?    02/04/16  (42)
20 yr old = best part of year is creepy lawyer away on corporate "training" trip    02/04/16  (1)
Adderallmos: You ever feel SO anxious you literally VIBRATE speaking in public?    02/04/16  (21)
Anyone pick up trashy latinas on dating apps and pump and dump?    02/04/16  (17)
How 180 would it be to stage a "proposal" at big sports event etc. but dump gf    02/04/16  (3)
"The v60--the 60 most elite firms in America," the Pillsbury junior told his aun    02/04/16  (33)
Gonna start owning people on here by claiming they spelled words wrong and edite    02/04/16  (4)
White privilege is my history being taught as part of the core curriculum and...    02/04/16  (3)
Holy shit, Asher Roth is back    02/04/16  (2)
Hold On. ACR goes to TUFTS? This whole time I thought he was Ivy    02/04/16  (9)
Remember this Rubio fuckwits: National elections are 80% demographics and 20% tu    02/04/16  (4)
Pisses me off when friends bring their wife/gf over to watch football    02/04/16  (3)
Why don't Californiamos split into 3 states?    02/04/16  (3)
These high school girls arent fooling anyone with these push up bras ljl (pic)    02/04/16  (35)
Rubio: "I will make America straight again!"    02/04/16  (1)
Can you Bros critique my workout?    02/04/16  (11)
The Masque of the Red Death but a conference call not a party    02/04/16  (1)
Marlboro backed SJWs marching in protest of vape culture    02/04/16  (1)
Intellectual Property Case Helpz    02/04/16  (3)
Fuck bros, billed 2700 last year for $64K. Also, just spent $85 at McDonald's    02/04/16  (2)
ITT: Ask me ANYTHING about Ks or SecRegs    02/04/16  (2)
Any scholars ever read Dan Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow?    02/04/16  (7)
Feel meaningless of life 1 minute after jerking off    02/04/16  (13)
Killer Deposition Qs    02/04/16  (85)
Rate this Vanderbilt undergrad (SFW)    02/04/16  (3)
AutoAdmit thread numbering structure    02/04/16  (2)
Park Avenues Lead to Skid Row: The Rise & Fall of AutoAdmit    02/04/16  (2)
Holy smokes, rate this Alabama midlaw associate    02/04/16  (12)
Does anyone "channel surf" anymore?    02/04/16  (12)
evan39 in europe the customer bags their own groceries. And they pay to use cart    02/04/16  (11)
Bboom i feel like you get wiser and more powerful by the day    02/04/16  (16)
I got rid of amazon prime and netflix & just watch shit on youtube    02/04/16  (10)
ImanageCat - 30 year fixed mortgage at Citibank: 3.25% - WTF fraudlies    02/04/16  (27)
Do people ever commit suicide out of boredom?    02/04/16  (3)
Did you know you can haggle at Costco? Just copped big screen TV for 200 bucks    02/04/16  (8)
Taking a shit off a highway overpass onto moving cars - consquences for this?    02/04/16  (3)
Some people "look" much younger than they are IRL. I have seen it myself    02/04/16  (11)
Boom that facemo pussy is running scared ljl    02/04/16  (2)
Just do substitute police work. Cops call in sick they give you badge&gun    02/04/16  (3)
Should I go to strip club tonight alone?    02/04/16  (13)
Settled a case in mediation for 350K today...    02/04/16  (79)
evan39 what are all these INTP acronyms on here people use?    02/04/16  (9)
Told partner that rival associate won't be in next week and is making an announc    02/03/16  (7)
those AP calc articles keep saying "all the students in the class passed the exa    02/03/16  (9)
"Please proceed, Madam Secretary"    02/03/16  (1)
evan39 why not move to Sandpoint, buy a house and substitute teach    02/03/16  (5)
That Michael Moore movie "Canadian Bacon" was actually pretty hilarious    02/03/16  (6)
90s standup comedy was mostly about take a penny leave a penny and airline food    02/03/16  (12)
Benzo describing the mouthfeel and flavor notes of Chevron Techron premium    02/03/16  (26)
What has more self awareness, a dog or a woman?    02/03/16  (2)
BigLaw Bros w/ Wife on PI Loan Forgiveness. Tax hit?    02/03/16  (2)
I've been insulting skinny male grocery clerks all over town    02/03/16  (4)
Give up? Retire? Start training. Make a comeback!    02/03/16  (2)
Big weekend fellas...can't wait. Chock full of activities.    02/03/16  (1)
Yeb! now begging voters to clap    02/03/16  (18)
TrumpMos seem incapable of rational thought    02/03/16  (3)
I need my own catch phrase like evan39's "how dare you"    02/03/16  (2)
half a CENTURY later, only AMERICA has reached the MOON.    02/03/16  (10)
So can Trumpos now just admit that Trump isn't going to be President?    02/03/16  (51)
I bought 25k of GPRO at 28.52 now at 30.13, XO gets to decide if I sell/hold    02/03/16  (39)
Trump has high degree of support from US Muslims (VOX)    02/03/16  (4)
Sim Glitch: is still an available domain name    02/03/16  (1)
Service Partner giggles like Duck Hunt dog when u miss ur billable target    02/03/16  (16)
Pakistani friend tells girls hes Mexican    02/03/16  (10)

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