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Realtors = the most incompetent "profession"?    08/03/15  (142)
Self-hating white girl in Japan will never teach her kids English.    08/03/15  (14)
The term "BIOLOGICAL SEX" is NOT OKAY.    08/03/15  (44)
ITT: I rate you as an NBA Player turned Coach (First 10 responders)    08/03/15  (9)
Girl I'm dating can't have children (How long before I can dump)    08/03/15  (14)
developper at practical law- how dead end?    08/03/15  (22)
Rate the Sailboat that I plan on buying    08/03/15  (1)
This is what a Surfer Chad looks like (Pic with GF)    08/03/15  (9)
bros we're living in a cyberpunk novel    08/03/15  (11)    08/02/15  (2)
Any idea when the masthead for the new volume of the Indiana Law Journal is up?    08/02/15  (6)
Trump: "Hey if the Earth blew up we'd all be in a black hole."    08/02/15  (2)
Where are all of these posters from the past?    08/02/15  (8)
Could Zuckerberg get a legit 9 Israeli jewess?    08/02/15  (13)
baby don't shave your pussy it makes you look like a faggot    08/02/15  (2)
TRUMP haters get ITT and answer me    08/02/15  (43)
Are Indian girls the uggliest?    08/02/15  (6)
Darnell: "In your ass right?" nyuug: "OFS you Gangnam stunner d00d!!!!"    08/02/15  (48)
some people look like an entirely different species    08/02/15  (4)
i've eaten nothing but little jew sandwiches with fish today    08/02/15  (5)
just picked up sandwich and a thousand capers rolled out all over my floor    08/02/15  (1)
Darnell yanking at nyuug's bowlcut as he fucks his kimchee chute    08/02/15  (31)
Cop pseudo-job to hide unemployment?    08/02/15  (6)
tv feels like a cheap trick to keep me watching    08/02/15  (3)
*smokes pcp and poasts for 140 hours*    08/02/15  (4)
a tiny newborn nordic child admiring his beautiful white skin    08/02/15  (4)
which school has the hottest jewesses    08/02/15  (8)
Boston vs DC in terms of Girls    08/02/15  (3)
A Retiring Chief Justice Reflects on his Term, Legacy    08/02/15  (66)
just caught a mentally ill pumo digging through my mailbox    08/02/15  (13)
saw old man with a ball of wax in his ear then it rolled into a different part    08/02/15  (2)
not having a job is making me want to KILLSELF    08/02/15  (4)
T.O.N.Y., invade NY, multiply    08/02/15  (2)
rate this irl spider woman with unique skin that allows her to climb walls    08/02/15  (2)
at what age do people generally get retarded    08/02/15  (3)
*takes picture of butthold to share with law bros*    08/02/15  (1)
weird how california is always literally on fire    08/02/15  (1)
post a pic of an adult 10/10    08/02/15  (9)
what kind of person buys a buick    08/02/15  (12)
ITT: nominations for most annoying youtube personality    08/02/15  (1)
i'm a worthless piece of shit basically every sunday    08/02/15  (5)
girls with an extremely hairy forehead    08/02/15  (5)
south floridian beach bartender: $115K per year, free drinks    08/02/15  (1)
accidentally spraying urine all over your own feet and guy at urinal next to you    08/02/15  (4)
is craig kilborn coming back now    08/02/15  (8)
are people who don't have netflix just poor    08/02/15  (1)
today is going to be the greatest day of your life    08/02/15  (6)
How do you guys get past the poop whiffs during doggystyle    08/02/15  (70)
do any of you have legionnaires    08/02/15  (2)
pills/drugs that make you smarter    08/02/15  (17)
post a picture of an actual 10/10 girl    08/02/15  (10)
the fear    08/02/15  (6)
Fuck buddy suddenly fucks all friends in my circle    08/02/15  (18)
Is Tiger Woods back?    08/02/15  (8)
Hypo: Think of the girl you loved gets paralyzed    08/02/15  (17)
HuffPost article admits Scalia was right in SSM case, commenters unhappy    08/02/15  (13)
ran xo flame at the bar last night and people loved it    08/02/15  (7)
who has the best job/career on xo    08/02/15  (80)
korean students caught cheating in college by 180 prof    08/02/15  (2)
what's the lowest iq score you've been tested as    08/02/15  (9)
NYT: BABYBOOMER: We're Making Life Too Hard for Millennials    08/02/15  (6)
Bboooooooooom: deranged sports nut    08/02/15  (19)
Anadarko = Most CREDITED way to make some FUCK YOU cash    08/02/15  (2)
Fuck my ass drunk but feel like taco bell    08/02/15  (5)
REMINDER: Brian Leiter is NOT a philosophy professor.    08/01/15  (18)
Associate who made 1.5 billion dollar mistake is black    08/01/15  (111)
It should be illegal to have interracial children.    08/01/15  (10)
Early bonus predictions for YE 2015    08/01/15  (16)
what happened to people playing sega    08/01/15  (10)
How hard to open / run this business ?    08/01/15  (3)
Investment banking is for idiots.    08/01/15  (7)
tell me what to do for my last two years on earth    08/01/15  (5)
Is there a better way to get TV than Direct TV, Dish, or Comcast?    08/01/15  (2)
fat kids vs monks    08/01/15  (1)
i smirnoff "iced" a service partner yesterday and he was MAF    08/01/15  (2)
Donald Rumsfeld Writes Like a Biglaw Partner    08/01/15  (138)
Mayer Brown didn't make any "mistakes" in the JP Morgan UCC Release    08/01/15  (16)
5 Facts: San Franciscos Housing Crisis is NOT Because of Supply    08/01/15  (6)
I aspire to multiple properties (to both use and rent)    08/01/15  (49)
Huffington Post: "Yes I'm Pretty and I'm Traveling Alone"    08/01/15  (40)
Key & Peele > Chapelle Show    08/01/15  (7)
ITT we poast how to lose dat V in LS    08/01/15  (85)
Indian dude I know trys to pass himself off as Portuguese    08/01/15  (9)
Univ. of NH warns students: "American" is an offensive word    08/01/15  (11)
ITT: I rate you as a member of the 1994 Houston Oilers    08/01/15  (5)
Trump: "Cato institute? Moar like the faggot institute amirite"    08/01/15  (1)
Libs insist that $15 handling fee for 2nd "free" shamwow means it's really free    08/01/15  (1)
imanagecat, what are you billables for this month?    07/31/15  (14)
Yay, all of a sudden we have a lot of young attractive girls in our office    07/31/15  (9)
Biglaw CFO salary?    07/31/15  (4)
JD:MD :: LLM:___?    07/31/15  (9)
Libs: EXPLAIN this proof that blacks have less empathy than whites    07/31/15  (4)
NYT article on fallout of Gravity CEO raising annual salary floor to 70k    07/31/15  (3)
I follow baseball pretty closely, and I had NO IDEA that Ben Zobrist was good    07/31/15  (1)
what do you wear to go to the bar    07/31/15  (21)
Mediator: "I also need to know the weaknesses in your case." Me: "Fuck you."    07/31/15  (29)
are jews diversity    07/31/15  (7)
one day you'll look back and wish you left work early today and got blackout    07/31/15  (7)
it's weird how all the other internet forums are so curious about us    07/31/15  (2)
explain MPC    07/31/15  (17)
answer this thread if you are literally an irl notary    07/31/15  (10)
ITT: I rate you as a Las Vegas strip Casino Hotel    07/31/15  (28)
My milkshake brings David Boies to the yard    07/31/15  (2)
what are some hilarious group email jokes    07/31/15  (9)
Did a closing for a 41 yo "retired" cop    07/31/15  (40)
what makes someone a shitty lawyer    07/31/15  (4)
shy florida teen gives birth to fully developed notary    07/31/15  (2)
i helplessly watched the flames engulf my child's bedroom a notary kicked down t    07/31/15  (1)
Down in a goryhole, feeling so looo-ow    07/31/15  (1)
purple pussy | floppy choco milk bags | five dollah make u hollah    07/31/15  (1)
"You don't got no powah ovah me officah!" *bang* "Yes, yes I do."    07/31/15  (1)
*BENZO dying on a hospital bed from AIDS, whispering* "p-petumkinnnnn"    07/31/15  (28)
"I AM NOT A SIMPLE NIGGER!" *chimps out* (FATCEPS)    07/31/15  (17)
*benzo hiding in the bushes with a camera at the pumpkin patch*    07/31/15  (2)
*donates to Hillary 2016 with stolen credit card, applies herpes cream*    07/31/15  (1)
hillary|truvada|laptops    07/31/15  (2)
Can I start buying oil yet?    07/31/15  (32)
"What's that SMELL?" *looks at crotch* "Oh." (rasqie)    07/31/15  (3)
I finally found petumkin's IRL twitter account! (benzo)    07/31/15  (1)
*BENZO getting brutally assfucked* "Slap my ass and call me petumkin!"    07/31/15  (2)
*benzo in a shack, newpapers pinned to wall with PETUMKIN in marker*    07/31/15  (9)
Help me choose an industry. Interested in CRE, Energy, infrastructure    07/31/15  (2)
Just Started Using Standing Desk at Biglaw    07/31/15  (59)
ITT we give tips to current law students re: final exams    07/31/15  (23)
Who puts "Proposed" on the caption of proposed orders?    07/30/15  (38)
Leave Biglaw with 870K    07/30/15  (15)
STUDY: San Francisco has the SHITTIEST ROADS in America.    07/30/15  (2)
Serious question: Could there be another legal boom?    07/30/15  (28)
being nice to people is 180    07/30/15  (11)
Artist takes DNA from gum + cigs found in public, creates portraits of users    07/30/15  (18)
Rate these TLSers having bar exam relationship issues    07/30/15  (3)
welp, forbes college rankings are out and its not what you think...    07/30/15  (94)
Bottom of the class @ HYS. How fucked? Martoma?    07/30/15  (86)
ITT: Hilarious TLS reactions to today's MBE    07/30/15  (31)
Oh man, my newborn niece has to get a heart transplant    07/30/15  (45)
Feeling reckless and bold so I Put my dick pic up on tinder moments    07/30/15  (2)
Fuck on notary call tonight    07/30/15  (1)
Should I buy Soul Cycle IPO brothers (Link)    07/30/15  (1)
Trump / Cuban 2016. Make America Great Again    07/30/15  (7)
everyone knows lawyers are faggots but my lawyer bros are somehow the frattiest    07/30/15  (1)
had a dream last nite about Cecil and Trayvon selling loosies    07/30/15  (2)
Height is what makes a woman fundamentally attracted to you    07/30/15  (14)
Thoughts on "INTERESTS" sections on RESUMES?    07/30/15  (179)
Reptile runs IRL xoxo shtick in front of hipster faggots (vid)    07/30/15  (97)
Hillary gets #fakerape Libyan shrew asylum - shrew gets arrested 4 times in US    07/30/15  (8)
"When I grow up I want to be a stressed out paper pusher"    07/30/15  (23)

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