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Novelists: Russian > French > German > British > American    05/30/15  (2)
chest press (boor)    05/30/15  (11)
XOXO Food Truck... daily sales    05/30/15  (24)
very prestigious biglaw partner criticizes associates' legal writing (link    05/30/15  (10)
Was a long week mining scholarship in the law pit.    05/30/15  (4)
do you ever look up everyone's lsat at school    05/29/15  (5)
RATE MY BAR EXAM STUDY PLAN    05/29/15  (35)
*man waits before a firing squad* "any last wishes?" "yeah i wish i were nordic"    05/29/15  (2)
your monkey ancestor growing beautiful white skin and blue eyes    05/29/15  (6)
a nordic: *blows down ur door w/shotgun* *everyone thanks him, asks him to stay*    05/29/15  (2)
Texas Open Carry Update    05/29/15  (5)
make-a-wish makes 17yo cancer patient nordic for 24 hours    05/29/15  (2)
Scholarship tp is a little bitch teasing me with his tight rump    05/29/15  (112)
how diverse are your good friends    05/29/15  (29)
75% of HS seniors: Religion is not important at all.    05/29/15  (8)
do you ever dream you killed someone    05/29/15  (12)
*pn's snuggie glowing and moaning, floating around your apartment like a ghost*    05/29/15  (1)
are you wasting your life if you don't go to the bar on friday    05/29/15  (37)
*F5 key sprouts legs and runs away screaming*    05/29/15  (8)
hey diesel, this is the snuggie. pn's asleep. sorry for all the things he's done    05/29/15  (1)
ITT: I tell you how I went from 210lbs to 165 (In one summmer)    05/29/15  (2)
estimate the number of alts pn has right now    05/29/15  (3)
Would random senators be better than elected?    05/29/15  (24)
XOXO Food Truck... A business revolution!    05/29/15  (60)
any xo posters bringing guns to the draw muhammad contest    05/29/15  (1)
Hottest 11 Rooftop Bars in DC    05/29/15  (3)
ate some texas toast last night. i'm ok    05/29/15  (1)
Biz Idea: Way to listen to Gym TV's through your iPhone    05/29/15  (6)
What stops me from INVITING A GIRL TO PARENTS HOUSE (BOOR)    05/29/15  (7)
Why are liberal law professors proponents of judicial activism?    05/29/15  (2)
i always lol when i see a woman pumping gas    05/29/15  (24)
remember that day when all the good threads were on the grad board    05/29/15  (3)
Take a job with the railroad?    05/29/15  (30)
This tumblr makes all shitlibs IRATE    05/29/15  (73)
American Express President dies at 55. Looked 65 easily.    05/29/15  (15)
Rate this UCLA Asian (SFW)    05/29/15  (14)
what's up with earl's dog    05/29/15  (2)
Rate midwest blonde Jillian Janson (Instagram link)    05/29/15  (7)
a tiny child is walking through the aisles of the law library    05/29/15  (16)
box of crayons, favorite teddy bear, commentaries on the laws of england    05/29/15  (1)
used the TiNA meme irl. parents loved it    05/29/15  (3)
*wakes up and catches shrew laying moist egg clusters on his back*    05/29/15  (13)
*leaves framed picture on partners desk* "nothing is forever...    05/29/15  (8)
Donald Rumsfeld Writes Like a Biglaw Partner    05/29/15  (135)
More PRESTIGIOUS - T14/Top 20 MBA/Top 3 MPA?    05/29/15  (8)
dozens of tiny crabs braiding your hair while you sleep    05/29/15  (2)
coasting and poasting    05/29/15  (6)
Thoughts on "INTERESTS" sections on RESUMES?    05/29/15  (174)
there's a headless herm just a stab of marble with a cock on it    05/29/15  (2)
"It's a boy!!!" *gets fired from work*    05/29/15  (16)
perfect precious genderless baby    05/29/15  (2)
list threads that autoadmit should tweet to the world    05/29/15  (17)
rambo draped in confederate flag slicing throat of cdc scientist    05/29/15  (14)
just got into a huge fight    05/29/15  (1)
is it weird that almost every poaster has posted nude selfies    05/29/15  (1)
Been eating a lot of hummus lately: cr?    05/29/15  (12)
WORSE: false RAPE ACCUSATION or false NOT FLAME?    05/29/15  (3)
ITT: NOWIG    05/29/15  (23)
Explain late 20s-30s hot girls that work retail    05/29/15  (9)
Justin Bieber has 42" chest?? (boor)    05/28/15  (9)
watched the spelling bee, now feel inadequate/like i wasted my life    05/28/15  (9)
It seems like only those of weak character quit biglaw    05/28/15  (16)
Hipsters: What song is this?    05/28/15  (1)
World of Warcraft lead dev a former lawyer, how?    05/28/15  (50)
Woman writes 3-part essay on SF dating scene, borders on flame    05/28/15  (105)
You Can Make More $$$ Going to TTT NYC Schools Than Ivies.....    05/28/15  (10)
Ho Lee Fuk: This is the Nanny my wife wants to hire. Pls Rate Pic    05/28/15  (17)
After a Leg Day I can hardly walk for two days after. How to fix??    05/28/15  (43)
Simulation glitch: Sepp Blatter is NOT Jewish    05/28/15  (5)
Rumpmo is to Scholarship as Jinx is to Whokebe    05/28/15  (7)
XOXO Food Truck... food pictures!    05/28/15  (40)
HELP ME BUY SHOES (BOOR)    05/28/15  (14)
When your wife doesnt understand BIGLAW    05/28/15  (1)
XOXO Food Truck STURGIS MENU    05/28/15  (128)
JJC, rate this video of Vanderbilt Owen MBA students    05/28/15  (11)
Why does Loretta Lynch hate footbol?    05/28/15  (7)
Analysis of why the US Military keeps losing wars    05/28/15  (107)
Rumpmo taking questions    05/28/15  (1)
Rumpmo taking questions    05/28/15  (1)
post a pic of your BOX    05/28/15  (1)
*writes AutoAdmit on whoopee cushion and leaves it in your chair*    05/28/15  (1)
wtf tony hawk 5 on ps4    05/28/15  (2)
texas is fucking destroyed    05/28/15  (2)
Scholarship TP can't you see, sometimes your RUMP just hypnotizes me    05/28/15  (3)
lol did you see johnsmeyer's twitter art    05/28/15  (6)
Biglaw bro who dropped off the grid shows up in curacao wtf    05/28/15  (5)
*a stronger xo poaster eats his way out of his cocoon*    05/28/15  (9)
*charging into battle behind commander-in-chief hillary clinton*    05/28/15  (1)
Scholarship wiggling his hottentot rump in my face    05/28/15  (7)
*feeds a shrew brunch after midnight*    05/28/15  (3)
REMEMBER UR JD TRAINING    05/28/15  (123)
*submits job application* "oh we've heard of you" *gets hired*    05/28/15  (3)
How long can I coast on reputation??    05/28/15  (1)
listening to chillwave and waiting for pizza place to open    05/28/15  (1)
Choose UR FATE: Poast history or porn search history revealed?    05/28/15  (55)
lol do people here ever work in a cubicle    05/28/15  (2)
First, be smart from the very beginning. Pulverize all teeth, burn off fingerpri    05/28/15  (5)
lol    05/28/15  (2)
good morning xo *smashes champagne bottle on laptop*    05/28/15  (6)
do you ever read threads backwards    05/28/15  (6)
ur fedex now has anthrax    05/28/15  (3)
if women are so good at everything why don't they get paid that much    05/28/15  (1)
*wipes shard dust off giant cell phone* *clicks new message*    05/28/15  (1)
what happens if a black republican male wins president    05/28/15  (3)
NYC doctor leaks ass blood, several exposed, quarantine breached    05/28/15  (31)
lol the us just gave dozens of people anthrax    05/28/15  (7)
Went clubbing last night with teammates in Montreal (Earl)    05/28/15  (78)
"lib 'male'" should be the campaign slogan of every nonlib    05/28/15  (1)
ok post your thread and several posts later we'll come in and blank bump. break.    05/28/15  (1)
1000 inches of cock    05/28/15  (1)
1000 inches of rainfall    05/28/15  (1)
anthrax everywhere lol    05/28/15  (1)
*plays extremely low bass for monkey ancestor*    05/28/15  (6)
Summer Associate Candidate Asked ME why I went to law school    05/28/15  (48)
goodnight xo *throws ipad into ocean*    05/28/15  (17)
*brings monkey ancestor to a baseball game for the first time*    05/28/15  (14)
After how many yrs of biglaw does testosterone level hit 0?    05/27/15  (1)
harden is a basketball genius    05/27/15  (1)
Here's a helpful reminder for you all when you feel deep regret    05/27/15  (91)
7 FIFA officials arrested, will be extradited to USA to face RICO    05/27/15  (22)
business idea liquor store that opens at 7    05/27/15  (7)
SUIT SIZE (BOOR)    05/27/15  (5)
doobs crawling into halford's pouch to suckle like a marsupial    05/27/15  (11)
dannieb back for a few minutes    05/27/15  (4)
Imagine the HAVOC I'd wreak on scholarship's RUMP if I had some TWACK    05/27/15  (16)
Scholarship is 140 lbs of skinnyfat RUMProast    05/27/15  (10)
Just saw a dude eating a "pear" in biglaw    05/27/15  (8)
Silicon Valley is the POTUS of current comedies brothers    05/27/15  (21)
In which month will A-Rod be suspended for PEDs?    05/27/15  (1)
Guess where my Chinese basketball tournament will be next year (Earl)    05/27/15  (4)
Why do proles capitalize common nouns?    05/27/15  (23)
What % of biglaw bros fantasize about getting axed daily?    05/27/15  (6)
sometimes when i'm home alone or driving i just yell "fuck my ass" for no reason    05/27/15  (1)
songs that make girls start immediately twerking they ass    05/27/15  (15)
Did the market take a big shit yesterday?    05/27/15  (2)
There's more than one LAW CENTER in the Washington, D.C. area.    05/27/15  (1)
how do you combat extreme biglaw boredom?    05/27/15  (78)
Scalia: universities, now, are in favor of diversity in everything except ideas    05/27/15  (4)
Is it sociopathic to rip off the elderly?    05/27/15  (23)
are Shook Hardy Bacon litigators ALPHA as FUCK?    05/27/15  (7)
Who is the poster "QUICK" starting 600 fucking threads    05/27/15  (3)
"When I grow up I want to be a stressed out paper pusher"    05/27/15  (12)
*covers pn in tar and rolls him in doritos*    05/27/15  (2)
what's the best way to survive a flood    05/27/15  (10)
*paints AutoAdmit on thousands of ants and puts them in ur desk*    05/27/15  (5)
do you ever feel like you get away with murder everywhere you go    05/27/15  (3)
a beach makes ur entire body smell like summertime    05/27/15  (1)

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