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XO's reminiscing/nostalgia for youth means 0. I was in tortured misery throughou    10/27/16  (6)
first line of trump's concession speech: "rand paul should've never run for pres    10/27/16  (13)
Charismatic Hopi equity partner literally makes it rain    10/27/16  (27)
painfully obvious watchmen's shtick is an autist gook's attempt to seem "alpha"    10/27/16  (1)
stayed up all night posting with twist and brave little poaster, destroyed today    10/27/16  (7)
Sales is everything. You can't sell, you can't do shit    10/27/16  (15)
Talmud | Logging Boots | Smoked Salmon | Diesel Fumes    10/27/16  (1)
How is Rolling Stone trial going? LOL; this should be like Trayvon-level importa    10/27/16  (6)
"oh no, i'm gonna be homeless, might as well killself." Relax, fgts. I've been h    10/27/16  (30)
Californiamos: vote NO on prop 55 (increase taxes on $250k+ earners)    10/27/16  (24)
100+ IQ Law school bros I need help selecting a paper topic on negotiations    10/27/16  (15)
MPA wanna start a new community account shtick w/ me    10/26/16  (10)
This "consuela" dude needs to retire ASAP    10/26/16  (39)
bros we're famous again    10/26/16  (61)
What % from Indiana University Bloomington Law School gets biglaw?    10/26/16  (5)
Tell me about Kirkland Houston    10/26/16  (6)
"Show more attention to detail plz. Think Harvard, not Tufts."    10/26/16  (7)
surface studio commercial maybe the first time i burst out lol irl at a tech ad    10/26/16  (3)
NYT front page story on decline in NFL ratings has a great TWIST    10/26/16  (2)
Californiamos: vote YES on prop 53 (statewide voter approval for bonds)    10/26/16  (3)
2 FB friends supporting Trump: 1 is Hindu from India the other is Korean    10/26/16  (1)
rate this 18yo kim dotcom is fucking "out of boredom"    10/26/16  (50)
when i bought my first statue all i could think about was that johnsmeyer thread    10/26/16  (1)
Californiamos: vote YES on prop 54 (legislative meetings posted on internet)    10/26/16  (1)
Californiamos: vote NO on prop 61 (lowering price on prescription drugs)    10/26/16  (1)
u know zuckerberg thinks back to comments he made on this site and cringes right    10/26/16  (1)
Californiamos: vote NO on prop 63 (increase in gun regulations)    10/26/16  (5)
Should I watch the movie St. Elmo's Fire?    10/26/16  (21)
Californiamos: vote NO on prop 65 & prop 67 (ban on plastic bags)    10/26/16  (1)
do you realize what we're even talking about right now lol    10/26/16  (4)
just found huge contingency memo i wrote last night to parents in case of death    10/26/16  (1)
holy shit not flame    10/26/16  (2)
true story: famous chef gets tongue cancer, never drank/smoked, only ate pussy    10/26/16  (3)
Californiamos: vote YES on prop 64 (legalizing marijuana)    10/26/16  (2)
Are there lawyers working at a firm making less than $100k?    10/26/16  (30)
The IFNB tracking poll really favors Trump    10/26/16  (1)
What is harder for white guy to get - overweight white girl or Asian girl?    10/26/16  (4)
millennial grandson and sole heir takes selfie with grandfather's corpse    10/26/16  (1)
Women: Let us vote! We won't do anything ratchet! *Makes alcohol unconstitutiona    10/26/16  (6)
UT: Affirmative action opponents have committed thoughtcrime.    10/26/16  (2)
a trio of tiny birds land on your windowsill, tapping the pane as they whisper:    10/26/16  (17)
How do you tell an associate to pad their time without saying it?    10/26/16  (59)
a 180 bro starts thread on fatherhood, a pair of autistic asian shrews swarm it    10/26/16  (7)
Logging into XOXOHTH with Facebook sucks    10/26/16  (1)
anyone reading David Szalay's new novel, "All That Man Is"?    10/26/16  (12)
Man destroys Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star    10/26/16  (16)
"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your healthcare    10/26/16  (1)
Posting from work bathroom. Guy in stall next to me is posting about me    10/26/16  (3)
Trump will win Pennsylvania.    10/26/16  (9)
If Crooked Hillary attempts to steal the election, there will be a civil war.    10/26/16  (1)
Trump will win Ohio.    10/26/16  (2)
Trump will win Florida.    10/26/16  (1)
black teens attack Temple students; media blames rage on "exclusion"    10/26/16  (22)
Real men work for commission; beta men work for salaries    10/26/16  (5)
Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" plays as joint book runners raid village    10/26/16  (2)
"no mom, Kenny wasn't outted, just banned," askav lisped to his mom over dinner    10/26/16  (6)
2nd cuz: Cheerful purrs in contentment Shrew GF: angry, seethes with resentment    10/26/16  (5)
Sexually attracted to men. Smegma. Clitdick. IGWC.    10/26/16  (4)
New polls looks surprisingly good for trump    10/26/16  (24)
S Koreans act out their own death with mock funerals -- wtf is wrong with gooks?    10/26/16  (2)
Need to add ISDA threading to Lev Fin threading    10/26/16  (1)
j shad next to partner in business class. Pulls out 2 garfield books. "Want one?    10/26/16  (39)
we need a final solution for the quotemo scourge    10/26/16  (3)
Obamacare premiums are going up!    10/26/16  (2)
becoming irate trying to explain purpose of signature page to an iroquois warrio    10/26/16  (4)
Sales >>> law    10/26/16  (1)
any bros here just doing sales bro?    10/26/16  (13)
Indian in 20s: sticks buffalo with spear. U: Buffalo Law @ sticker    10/26/16  (6)
Must see video: 767 pilot "rolls coal" on Airbus A380 on runway (link)    10/26/16  (30)
*global capitalism pounds fist on table, points at TRUMP* "ENOUGH FROM THE CLOWN    10/26/16  (20)
*pauses b4 burying deal deal in Micmac grave* "Sometimes pencils down is better"    10/26/16  (1)
But if Clemenza can figure a way, to get the signature pages planted for me    10/26/16  (2)
Coyote the Trickster distributing nits in your documents    10/26/16  (3)
You're afraid to cold call people? LJL you must be a glorified secretary    10/26/16  (7)
Little Big Nit, is this the 1492 ISDA or the 1502 ISDA?    10/26/16  (1)
Sorry, but Chief Solutions in the Clouds can't accept an MAE carveout for Wendig    10/26/16  (1)
should i quit my $75k shitlaw gig for this sales gig (hourly + commission)    10/26/16  (53)
Secrets of How I Tripled MY Hitting Speed in Just One Evening!    10/26/16  (15)
Standing desk = flame, right?    10/26/16  (30)
some iphone 7 plus portrait mode photos    10/26/16  (10)
lots of old posters still really like it here    10/26/16  (16)
kissing your lifeless girlfriend one last time before she's lowered into the sea    10/26/16  (36)
do you ever wake up and just for a moment realize you're flame    10/26/16  (59)
in-house interviews for companies saying previous in-house highly preferred    10/26/16  (7)
What's a reasonable first salary number to throw out for in-house interview?    10/26/16  (1)
Hottest Indian girl I know is dating a white dork    10/25/16  (6)
Got a 141 on my Diag! What do you guys think of Biglaw vs. Gov?    10/25/16  (15)
Reading TLS makes me depressed    10/25/16  (29)
lmfao "scientists" don't even know why deciduous leaves turn red in autumn    10/25/16  (4)
simulation glitch: defendant in christie bridgegate trial is named BRIDGEt    10/25/16  (1)
FUMING mad about my Civ 6 religious victory defeat. Holy shit I got played.    10/25/16  (25)
Reps could have won white house, roe/wade reversal, immigration reform, etc.    10/25/16  (106)
Rode Apple up from 103. Should I dump today before earnings tomorrow?    10/25/16  (6)
Wesley Johnson Jr. making 7.6 work with 9.2 forever in San Junipero    10/25/16  (11)
Poll: do you live around more minorities or white ppl    10/25/16  (45)
Biglaw in San Junipero would be 180 could do all the famous M&A cases    10/25/16  (4)
should i start black mirror with S01 E01?    10/25/16  (10)
TT -- what do you think of salesbros???    10/25/16  (1)
anyone else WANT nothing more than to live in SAN JUNIPERO?    10/25/16  (10)
If a girl asks u if u jerk off does she want you?    10/25/16  (4)
The Truth Regarding Jews and Germany WWII    10/25/16  (197)
Hilarious WSO thread in 2014 where JJC argues fervently for Booth vs. Columbia    10/25/16  (3)
DLA Piper opening San Junipero office    10/25/16  (3)
cant figure out how to download chance the rapper's coloring book    10/25/16  (7)
How is Black Jeopardy acceptable to libs?    10/25/16  (19)
How do you buy bitcoins?    10/25/16  (5)
Retail salespeople think i'm a poor (Anyone else have this problem)    10/25/16  (50)
Podesta Emails are incredibly damning - clearly show Clinton is corrupt    10/25/16  (7)
I saw two Trump signs today....must mean that the polling is wrong.    10/25/16  (1)
Anyone else a 30+ year old kissless virgin who quit law?    10/25/16  (3)
Theory: Trump ahead by 35 %age points; Jews in overdrive; Kike heads gonna roll.    10/25/16  (22)
most modern women only care about their career and office politics    10/25/16  (61)
How come there aren't more gruesome injuries in football?    10/25/16  (9)
Compound interest is like magic! he chirped as the nuclear bomb melted his skin    10/25/16  (61)
For fuck's sake is the new Retina MacBook Pro NEVER going to be released?    10/25/16  (15)
A Primer on Cuckoldry (tree man)    10/25/16  (23)
Another cop being a pig and unnecessarily escalating a situation    10/25/16  (167)
The term "BIOLOGICAL SEX" is NOT OKAY.    10/25/16  (60)
Squire Patton merger falls through on news boner police isn't re    10/25/16  (2)
Berkeley protesters demand 'spaces of color,' harass white students tryin 2 pass    10/25/16  (40)
How Bad was the Negan Killing Glenn Scene?    10/25/16  (5)
Petition to ban Soros owned voting machines ---->    10/25/16  (5)
Californiamos: vote NO on prop 51 ($9billion bond for public schools)    10/24/16  (9)
Katy Mixon is entering ZMAN territory bros    10/24/16  (14)
Californiamos: vote NO on prop 60 (mandatory condom usage in porn)    10/24/16  (17)
"The v60--the 60 most elite firms in America," the Pillsbury junior told his aun    10/24/16  (44)
Gf has gas and stomach problems, asked me to sleep on couch    10/24/16  (89)
This whokebe shit is the worst meme on the board    10/24/16  (100)
Holy shit, Squire Patton Boggs is merging with Twitter    10/24/16  (2)
DLA Patton Boggs is a leading global law firm    10/24/16  (4)
*Hangs up "Willkie Farr & Gallagher Parking--All Others Will Be Towed" sign*    10/24/16  (9)
Californiamos: vote NO on prop 56 (cigarette tax)    10/24/16  (5)
PSA: ejaculation decreases a male's chances of getting prostate cancer    10/24/16  (1)
POLL: do u think u could be good at sales?    10/24/16  (28)
autistic Becky hands you an atlas: "Here's a map for going your own way"    10/24/16  (8)
Ended up leaving right before sex.    10/24/16  (35)
ITT: post tips on dealing with internet sales at new car dealerships    10/24/16  (5)
Asians maek terrible salesmen    10/24/16  (8)
PROTIP: 99.99% of "news" is sick trash, don't read it.    10/24/16  (8)
PROTIP: salesmen should never feel guilty about ripping ppl off    10/24/16  (2)
POLL: who do ppl hate most -- attorneys or salesman    10/24/16  (8)
The truth about Benghazi is what's maddening about ARE politics    10/24/16  (6)
Lol at trump now forcing GOP to be strong anti-trusters    10/24/16  (2)
My suburban, 95% white, voting station was about 75% minority today    10/24/16  (8)
Is leveraged finance TTT?    10/24/16  (14)

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