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kids hockey camp instructor gets call from Blackhawks to be emergency goalie    12/04/16  (4)
Ben Carson advising 16 hrs of sleep per day as surgeon general    12/03/16  (9)
$900 for a good Hugo Boss wool coat is a good investment    12/03/16  (1)
What's the credited age to settle down in MFH?    12/03/16  (4)
Cute teen girl succinctly explains Pizzagate in youtube video (link)    12/03/16  (3)
How competitive is AUSA in 'shit' locations?    12/03/16  (53)
Rate this dude's "game room" (pics)    12/03/16  (19)
Trump: "Bans on "rolling coal" have been an unconstitutional disaster and have t    12/03/16  (1)
Ar$on investigators better lube up! Lots of work coming soon ;) hehe friends ljl    12/03/16  (7)
Hilarious how Europeans gassed, persecuted, & oppressed Jews    12/03/16  (16)
Where does Temple football coach land ?    12/03/16  (6)
Azn USC professor fatally stabbed by student    12/03/16  (7)
I'm a cucky sports nut short and fat. Here is my craft beer here is my hat    12/03/16  (52)
Montana Teen Stages Protest After School Demands She Wear Bra (link)    12/03/16  (8)
College football conferences should be 10 teams MAX. This GC mega conf shit suck    12/03/16  (4)
Best way to learn corporations law in 5 days?    12/03/16  (18)
Gave old iphone to high school neighbor girl she disnt disable icloud photos(lin    12/03/16  (15)
Just called some guy "nebbish" in real life. Thanks xo!    12/03/16  (22)
"Sunday Funday," RSF lisped as he took a duck face selfie for Instagram    12/03/16  (84)
Thanks to XO i thought "mewled" was a real word    12/03/16  (31)
RSF we have a yuge pond hockey game planned for christmas day    12/03/16  (6)
RSF's dad singing him "The Wreck of the Cantor Fitzgerald"    12/03/16  (202)
Im writing an HBO series set in the 80s, in the old pro wrestling territories    12/03/16  (3)
Career progression for Post MBA investment banking at Citi Bank?    12/03/16  (5)
Scientists: Finnish people have highest IQ in the world. Jews nowhere close (li    12/03/16  (71)
ITT: Guess how the world's SECOND RICHEST man MADE his MONEY    12/03/16  (19)
Anyone else been nonstop LOLing at libs for weeks?    12/03/16  (2)
Not gonna wipe my ass anymore. Don't believe in playing God.    12/03/16  (9)
There is actually an infinite amount of still unbumped Trump will lose threads    12/03/16  (1)
TWINS: pls get ITT and offer me free medical consultation    12/03/16  (9)
XO Grimes: Shut down safe spaces to save democracy    12/03/16  (4)
Does JJC get an allowance from his dry cleaning magnate parents? Who bankrolls    12/03/16  (3)
TV leaderboard is always just long enough to have Tiger Woods included    12/03/16  (2)
Rate my shitlaw bros expenses for running his practice...    12/03/16  (49)
TT was getting outed at exact same time watchmen was spamming some faggot car    12/03/16  (53)
Tiger mutherfucking Woods is looking good    12/03/16  (2)
If you have a boring "luxury" sedan you can easily get laid in Are Country    12/03/16  (21)
My entire life no one EVER loved me except Donald Trump    12/03/16  (2)
Hypo: Syrian President Assad visits Trump at the White House    12/03/16  (5)
The Moon: A Ridiculous Liberal Myth    12/03/16  (7)
FBI: Why'd u do it? FR bomber: "Islam." FBI: *slams desk* Don't make me ask agai    12/03/16  (125)
How HUGE is VETS PREFERENCE for FED Hiring?    12/03/16  (2)
This chick is a 10 in my book.    12/03/16  (51)
if you have veterans' preference, do grades matter for AUSA???    12/03/16  (7)
Crossfit Out, Toyota's Unlikely New Athletic Partner For TORQUEBLAST Diesel (WSJ    12/03/16  (23)
Once kidnappers realize they can get ransom payment in untraceable bitcoin we ar    12/02/16  (7)
Social anxiety. Incel. Autism. IGWC.    12/02/16  (10)
Would you end a friendship over this? (story)    12/02/16  (61)
Newest pride identity among milennials:"tri-bi"--&
quot;biracial,bisexual,and bipolar"
   12/02/16  (5)
My dad &a mom bough their 1st home when they were 55y/o    12/02/16  (4)
Sometimes I click a thread ready to blank bump it til i see a quotemo OP    12/02/16  (5)
High school girl trolls libs re: Trump by posting pic of her ass (link)    12/02/16  (6)
Rate my condo: 3bd/2.5bath, 1 attached garage (2cars),    12/02/16  (10)
evan39 never stopped believing in Trump    12/02/16  (21)
The Man in the High Castle...literally    12/02/16  (1)
ljl at desperate SHITMEDIA websites all colluding with these adblock detecting    12/02/16  (1)
Yeah, uh, so about that Clinton Machine. Turns out its real.    12/02/16  (58)
"Trump doesn't believe in science!!" Shrieked the state school sociology major    12/02/16  (4)
Hillary California recount gains 1 vote after shit smeared absentee vote arrives    12/02/16  (6)
10% cash, 40% stocks, 40% home equity, 5% bonds    12/02/16  (9)
lol at earl trying to role play as a chill dude who smokes weed    12/02/16  (8)
Citation mastermen, how would you short cite this case?    12/02/16  (9)
Lol at this pic of Jordy Nelson spreading his asshole on snapchat JFC (link)    12/02/16  (4)
The days of being hyperpolitical are coming to an end. The elites will dial it    12/02/16  (1)
Ljl at morons following national & world politics. Basically a boring TV show    12/02/16  (3)
Is Global Capitalism nervous about Brexit and Trump, or is this in Big Plan    12/02/16  (1)
Anyone else pronounce it "Asian Home Run Cunt" ?    12/02/16  (1)
Rate this pregnant Mormon milf in bikini (pics)    12/02/16  (61)
how much easier is the bar exam if you ask for twice the time    12/02/16  (7)
This winter i'm building a log cabin using only hand tools    12/02/16  (5)
ITT: lulzy evidence of media selfpwn with the bannon offensive    12/02/16  (11)
Should i live with my gf? We're looking to lease a $2950/month condo in OC    12/02/16  (32)
Hot teens now shoveling snow in skimpy one pieces. (Link)    12/02/16  (6)
Trump's interview this morning on CNN was great    12/02/16  (15)
All my adult friends have Nintendo 3DS now    12/02/16  (58)
1 cool thing about getting older, hard to get really mad anymore    12/02/16  (1)
Are snow tires a huge GC scam?    12/02/16  (35)
most modern women only care about their career and office politics    12/02/16  (78)
How would libs react if Trumps NASA lands on Mars with all white male astronauts    12/02/16  (22)
Turn your ham radios on bros. i hear fighter jets in the skies now its happening    12/02/16  (1)
Willie Nelson - Ballad of Pancho and Yanny    12/02/16  (20)
is there anything good on netflix    12/02/16  (7)
Unhinged commie students protest Milo speech (video)    12/02/16  (6)
putting these all over my tree this year    12/02/16  (1)
look at this dude i just found in my kitchen    12/02/16  (13)
if you tell your school you have add they have to give you double time on exams    12/02/16  (11)
2L at T14 here. I'm literally going to fail my finals.    12/02/16  (31)
wink | tuna oven | lmao    12/02/16  (4)
i asked someone when the last day of our class is. she said it ended 2 weeks ago    12/02/16  (3)
evan39 "ar$on" is very hard to prove in court    12/02/16  (28)
evan39 "warranties" are the biggest jew $cam    12/02/16  (5)
are the smartest people who will produce the greatest innovations in academia?    12/02/16  (10)
It's a wagecuck life for us!    12/02/16  (3)
I feel like Donald Trump is the father who loves me that I never had.    12/02/16  (10)
Why are libs OK with trannys and homos and other clowns but not polygamy?    12/02/16  (2)
Boner Police did you do a summer internship    12/02/16  (4)
got a 5/93 on my practice torts midterm. median was 50.5    12/02/16  (8)
Trump tied in California! The tide has changed! MAGA!    12/02/16  (16)
I basically look like Boner Polices big brother who lets him use my ID to buy    12/01/16  (4)
God I hate state court    12/01/16  (35)
My client just told me: "you're not qualified to work at McDonalds" then firedME    12/01/16  (17)
Port Authority bathroom stall to Nate Silver: "I've been waiting for 4 years..."    12/01/16  (7)
Not a politicsmo, why did Obama spend his 8 years on tranny bathrooms instead of    12/01/16  (9)
Was Julius Evola right about American shrews back in 1945?    12/01/16  (5)
Any countrysongmo's ? Credited recommendations ?    12/01/16  (2)
Do you belong to a haplogroup with high cognitive ability? (link)    12/01/16  (64)
lmao libs ur all going to die    12/01/16  (81)
Prole goyim riding their snowmobiles and doing "winter sports"    12/01/16  (15)
New DLC for Jet Set Radio lets you spray paint swastikas and Trump (link    12/01/16  (1)
None of my jewish friends ever have a fridge full of beer    12/01/16  (19)
Wherein an Azngirl gets daddy to pay for $3k/mo apt for unemployed whte HANDSOME    12/01/16  (9)
Why not burn tra$h to heat your home? Electricity is a scam    12/01/16  (10)
will NY/LA/DC biglolyers EVER get to come out as TRUMPMOS?    12/01/16  (6)
Anyone here addicted to Overwatch?    12/01/16  (2)
PDDJ put a dreidel up my ass (pics)    12/01/16  (7)
Muslim professor on Tucker Carlson: "Nothings gone wrong in my community"    12/01/16  (3)
What is the point of in car wifi? Seems redundant    12/01/16  (11)
Just got my 2016 IFNB advent calendar    12/01/16  (1)
Video of MSNBC election night coverage with Jim Ross commentary on top    12/01/16  (2)
I'm BACK you conturd basement losers. DRUMPF is done here in 2020 juicejuicejuic    12/01/16  (1)
I want to sleep with a legit 9+ European Model/Escort    12/01/16  (2)
Grimes cutely lisping "shearman & sterling" as tells her friends where u work    12/01/16  (10)
Prole goy barefoot beach weddings    12/01/16  (2)
Sim glitch: Rock band America was British    12/01/16  (4)
There are tons of Seagulls everywhere why dont we kill and eat them?    12/01/16  (1)
Reminder: Westworld is just "Lost" with higher budget and nudity    12/01/16  (13)
Heated steering wheels in cars has to be the best invention of all time    12/01/16  (1)
Friends wife is an instagram shrew, has 20k followers    12/01/16  (2)
No homo but is there anything better than barebacking and creampieing a pussy    12/01/16  (6)
Would you allow your daughter to wear a skirt this short? (pic)    12/01/16  (7)
REMEMBER UR JD TRAINING    12/01/16  (140)
Women please explain why you pee out of your buttholes and lie about it    12/01/16  (31)
so, i'm fucking set on JAG. how feasible is my plan:    12/01/16  (9)
Peter Thiel is pusing Trump to antitrust pwn Google/Facebook    12/01/16  (36)
Solo here, send docs to OC, courts w/ handwritten envelopes    12/01/16  (1)
I should have strived to start own business instead of striving for a job    12/01/16  (3)
Pizzagate is actually getting bigger    12/01/16  (111)
My student loan story    12/01/16  (28)
Anyone been at a firm where they announced elevation from Non-equity to Equity..    12/01/16  (21)
BREAKING: Trump offered "incentives" for Carrier to keep jobs in USA    12/01/16  (3)
WEIGHT CHECK IN    12/01/16  (317)
I'm making hundreds of alts to vote for boom in megaposter madness    12/01/16  (24)
How hard to cop Big Fed as transactional attorney?    12/01/16  (4)
boner police is real&helped me get my account back    12/01/16  (2)
All "Tech" CEOs are robber baron faggots    12/01/16  (1)
do you ever just make your own coupons for things you want    12/01/16  (20)
evan39 we can really cut loose on here and say whatever comes to mind    12/01/16  (10)

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