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Has anyone here ever met XO TRUMP IRL?    09/03/15  (2)
SAT scores lowest ever    09/03/15  (50)
New York Times: law degrees no job guarantee    09/03/15  (23)
How do I become more confident and stop giving a fuck?    09/03/15  (86)
Are there any CHILL FRATTY BROS poasting ATM?    09/03/15  (1)
Work success is almost totally about likability    09/03/15  (72)
"what happened to the board" as a response is a dumb fucking ad hominem    09/03/15  (18)
ITT: I rate you as a Law & Order Francise    09/03/15  (15)
Tell me about software sales    09/03/15  (32)
American Millennials are among the world's least skilled    09/03/15  (30)
MFH biglaw adopts CUBICLES.    09/03/15  (81)
This is a boring, repetitive forum    09/03/15  (36)
A 100 IQ person who knows Excel, Cisco, Javascript is more valuable than a ....    09/03/15  (33)
The word COOLEY is slang for ass, right?    09/03/15  (1)
worst thing young people can do now is HAVE CHILDREN    09/03/15  (29)
I poop at parties    09/03/15  (5)
Interviewing abject morons from obscure law schools    09/03/15  (50)
Was Winston Churchill flame?    09/03/15  (42)
How did this St. John's bro land Cravath?    09/03/15  (15)
Is my gen the most media-brain-washed generation ever (db 1989)    09/03/15  (4)
St. Paul Fake"Rape" Accuser Outed: Francesca Prout    09/02/15  (30)
KOMBUCHA - flame?    09/02/15  (8)
getting DAT SUNDAY FEAR every day eating lunch alone at the foodcourt    09/02/15  (77)
ITT: characteristics of being a "man's man"    09/02/15  (11)
is xo down right now    09/02/15  (21)
"If we don't receive your IBR certification, your payments will go to $3K/month"    09/02/15  (1)
Any other bros here at biglaw firms that don't pay lockstep?    09/02/15  (22)
*puts in huge dip, throws dog in jeep, drives through front door of whole foods*    09/02/15  (2)
gay penis    09/02/15  (6)
do you ever have a bunch of shit to do and you post more than you ever have    09/02/15  (1)
check out the new trump campaign sign    09/02/15  (10)
I have a serious SPANKING questions (personal spanking)    09/02/15  (1)
lol more cops getting shot    09/02/15  (1)
Should mexicans check both white and american indian for racial category?    09/02/15  (16)
"Hey I'm eating for two, hehe" *has a tapeworm*    09/02/15  (2)
This is how the jews used the federal reserve to create WW2    09/02/15  (7)
Can I waive into Colorado ?    09/02/15  (6)
Most CR Law Firm in MFH?    09/02/15  (53)
26 yo woman shocked that Florida State Theater degree left her unemployed (Link)    09/02/15  (9)
obama leaving office: "i was born in kenya, faggots."    09/02/15  (37)
Shitlaw boss having a "lunch and learn" for the firm at McDonald's    09/02/15  (35)
Poll: Do you think Trump is faithful to Melania??    09/01/15  (3)
NYC Shrew SCREED: I Want My 1st Marriage To Be Money & My 2nd To Be For Love    09/01/15  (15)
sometimes i get on autoadmit and search "doobs" and just lmao    09/01/15  (8)
bros we're famous again    09/01/15  (59)
Wife's friend has taken 10 BBCs in past 2 years    09/01/15  (8)
I've never had a job I didn't completely HATE    09/01/15  (3)
might as well winterize your moniker now we're fucked    09/01/15  (6)
What is the average IQ/education level needed to be successful in stock market?    09/01/15  (25)
Trump on CNN sounding like str8 populist, how will contards react?    09/01/15  (3)
Fake it till you make it    09/01/15  (8)
Is MBA academically stimulating at all? Law seems more CR    09/01/15  (26)
Cr for a man to wear ring on right hand? Only see west pointers do it    09/01/15  (6)
Saw a California Chad with an average Indian Girl (Taking Qs)    09/01/15  (7)
MBA application bros assemble    09/01/15  (31)
explain law and order    09/01/15  (2)
jeb telling girl he'll beat her ass like the snooze button on his alarm clock    09/01/15  (1)
Why do METH? Oh just EUPHORIA and SHREDDED ABS. But thats it tho    09/01/15  (58)
ACR any non trads in your summer analyst class?    09/01/15  (2)
why are politicians always talking about "plans"    09/01/15  (4)
were you in the "shower crew" in high school    09/01/15  (2)
Depressing article about newly-minted college graduates & job market    09/01/15  (13)
about time to summerize our monikers    09/01/15  (31)
*shoots shy xo posters with tshirt cannon full of xanax*    09/01/15  (2)
teeth chattering. thinking of building a fire and throwing myself in it    09/01/15  (3)
had to wear a huge coat to the grocery store today    09/01/15  (1)
boomer constructs giant "house of horror" w/ granite countertops    09/01/15  (10)
someone explain how to do fantasy football    09/01/15  (5)
jfc it feels like fucking winter outside    09/01/15  (6)
the end of the summer might be the worst thing that ever happened    09/01/15  (14)
do you want me to gut you like a fish. is that what you want little girl    09/01/15  (1)
I don't gots no educa-shen    09/01/15  (3)
US News 2016 College Ranking available in paper magazine    09/01/15  (18)
When SHOULD you go to MBA?    09/01/15  (26)
son of a bitch i'm sick of these lawyers    09/01/15  (1)
do you ever get a sunburn and it feels like radiation sickness    09/01/15  (1)
what happened to beau the poaster    09/01/15  (6)
FUCK THE INTERNET    09/01/15  (3)
Kanye calls prez racist, NBD. Diss Taylor Swift, die nigger die    09/01/15  (1)
Waitlisted at Fordham wtf    09/01/15  (13)
Was the reason xo 2004 cared about biglaw was b/c they weren't biglaw attys yet?    08/31/15  (31)
What are people's thoughts on WeWorks? Seems a little ridiculous    08/31/15  (3)
ITT: johnsmeyer challenges a pumo to a fight    08/31/15  (7)
Early bonus predictions for YE 2015    08/31/15  (24)
Johnsmeyer makes his September 2015 IBR payment    08/31/15  (2)
Johnsmeyer makes Sept 2015 IBR payment    08/31/15  (1)
Anyone here ever tried Belsomra for insomnia?    08/31/15  (1)
So maybe I am old - never saw the MTV VMA's before. What the fuck was that?    08/31/15  (37)
Romney enters GOP Convention to "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto"    08/31/15  (18)
XO aspie dweebs idealizing the South    08/31/15  (54)
i'm literally lmao right now    08/31/15  (11)
I love the "that ________ was Albert Einstein" meme. Anyone else    08/31/15  (12)
Damn, Willie Mays was a f$cking sick baseball player    08/31/15  (14)
Does Trump have a "Trump card"??    08/31/15  (3)
Patterson Belknap or Quinn??    08/31/15  (11)
Paging *BLUE SMOKE*    08/31/15  (2)
What do you think of James Hamblin?    08/31/15  (3)
JFC been walking around firm all morning with polo inside out    08/31/15  (21)
Patterson Belknap is CREDITED as FUCK    08/31/15  (1)
Benzo has poop ever fallen out of your mouth while sucking?    08/31/15  (2)
Elmo teaching your toddler that ALL kinds of families are okay    08/31/15  (17)
do you ever act like a dog is a literal baby    08/31/15  (10)
REMEMBER UR JD TRAINING    08/31/15  (127)
i've read through my texts probably 30 times    08/31/15  (1)
jfc i can't sleep    08/31/15  (3)
is it safe to buy drugs off of the deep web?    08/31/15  (6)
explain blue smoke    08/31/15  (1)
sunny day. talking heads playing. arms out. spinning    08/31/15  (10)
*lifts snuggie and sprays cool ranch dorito crumbs from asshold*    08/31/15  (24)
what the hell are you people saying to each other    08/31/15  (3)
beck's loser blaring, megyn kelly's body bouncing in your trunk as the bass hits    08/30/15  (7)
do you ever have weirdly specific memories of places you haven't been recently    08/30/15  (3)
i started using the doobs meme irl last night and people fuckin loved it    08/30/15  (11)
S and P getting hammered in premarket    08/30/15  (2)
jfc just threw up in my sink    08/30/15  (3)
Rate Miss Montana (who has confirmed autism)    08/30/15  (7)
just woke up to text from friend's wife    08/30/15  (6)
Reminder: if you didn't have ur shit together by end of middle school, ure fucke    08/30/15  (4)
Mount TRUMP (2017 CE - singularity point)    08/30/15  (1)
Why is autism such a prevalent subject on AutoAdmit?    08/30/15  (5)
Serious question: What do women provide besides a wet hole?    08/30/15  (17)
Ran into dude from my high school who "day trades"    08/30/15  (128)
i kissed my cousin and took off my shoes like wow this really is a party    08/30/15  (4)
RATE this lib sanitization of a Conrad classic    08/30/15  (3)
most of my ex girlfriends are dead and i never made a photo album or went on cnn    08/30/15  (5)
ISLAM is the ONLY cure for ATHEISM    08/30/15  (9)
REMINDER: Brian Leiter is NOT a philosophy professor.    08/30/15  (22)
BIGLAW BROS: dont know how you guys do this...200 hour month is actually brutal    08/30/15  (69)
do you ever get sick because someone said something wrong in a thread    08/30/15  (3)
hello?    08/30/15  (2)
no sweetheart don't you get it? a guy was born with a deer head    08/30/15  (3)
arms out. spinning. people asking you to stop    08/30/15  (3)
Black criminal executes Sherrif deputy in Houston    08/30/15  (8)
realizing you've been on a phone saying "lol" and "cr" for 6 hours    08/30/15  (17)
i'm about to start fear threading    08/30/15  (25)
xo    08/30/15  (1)
lol what the hell is going on with the jeb threading    08/30/15  (2)
uh oh it's friday motherfuckers    08/30/15  (14)
Shire Plc to introduce new fast casual ADHD med: Benny's    08/30/15  (6)
literally just killed a giant bee with a spatula    08/30/15  (8)
sometimes you blank bump a thread and you never look back    08/30/15  (1)
Serious Q: What are Odds Trump is the GOP nominee in 2016    08/30/15  (11)
devil: i will give you *unimaginable* wealth but u must give me a male heir...    08/30/15  (6)
have u ever wanted to make a thread but u can't because another poster was there    08/30/15  (4)
I got BODY LICE from assfucking a filthy nigger--how to get rid of them?    08/30/15  (6)
What non-law fields actually value a JD?    08/30/15  (30)
* * * * * * * Animals Getting BRAIN FREEZE * * * * * * *    08/30/15  (7)
What are sound reasons to become a lawyer?    08/30/15  (35)
What would modern day Europe do to Europe in the 19th century?    08/30/15  (3)
Why is the LSAT easier to game than the SAT?    08/30/15  (3)

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