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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/12/18  (197)
Can you give dogs beer    11/14/18  (1)
Sinema and Ocasio-Cortez to share hip Logan Circle apartment    11/14/18  (25)
whats ur favorite number    11/14/18  (9)
Dear Prudie - When Will My Husband Stop Being a Wimp About his Dad Dying? (link)    11/14/18  (23)
Avenatti: “I throw a brick in yo face”    11/14/18  (2)
Saving Private Ryan, but mom learns of sons' deaths from Bangladesh call center    11/14/18  (43)
Why are libs still MAF about losing the senate?    11/14/18  (1)
Facebook is trolling all of you    11/14/18  (11)
Which poaster has the biggest cup size?    11/14/18  (3)
Magical thinking is Jordan Peterson's fatal flaw    11/14/18  (105)
Dems won close to 40 House seats. How is that not a blue wave?    11/14/18  (8)
xo NYT: "Transgender Girlfriends 'Trendy, Affordable Option" for Modern Men (lin    11/14/18  (37)
Dear Prudie: Can I bring My Rapist home for Thanksgiving this year? (Slate)    11/14/18  (3)
PSA: One America News (OAN) is the official news channel of Xo    11/14/18  (1)
Flake's last act: holding up judicial noms until Mueller protection bill passed    11/14/18  (50)
I work hard. Put 2020 prez run on table. And what he do? He hit.    11/14/18  (3)
ITT: predict the next housing cra$h in California    11/14/18  (2)
'Crypto Killed My Husband': An Open Letter From a Swarthy Persian’s Widow    11/14/18  (22)
What's the best place to find amateur / homemade porn nowadays?    11/14/18  (3)
then: pop clutch on trans-am. now: Am. popping with clutchable trannies.    11/14/18  (2)
Avenatti MUGSHOT wearing PN-style snuggie (link)    11/14/18  (10)
NPC admits that it cannot resist the lure of the conservative ideas (reddit)    11/14/18  (36)
Spaceporn jr & my crypto portfolio: Both under 10 yrs old, both getting fucked    11/14/18  (20)
BAM! You wake up balls deep inside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What do you do?    11/14/18  (23)
"Wanna see a blue wave? Check your eyes tomorrow, that's a blue wave." -Avenatti    11/14/18  (1)
LOFL @ Avenatti's website    11/14/18  (16)
Sheryl Sandberg used anti-Soros memes to discredit Facebook criticism.    11/14/18  (9)
Avenatti: “Yeah, she was a retard. That means she can’t testify against me r    11/14/18  (5)
Avenatti: "I KNOW I can make this work. I just need to find the right hook."    11/14/18  (3)
I think my 18yo babysitter was coming on to me last night    11/14/18  (186)
top athlete rohrer comes out as gay    11/14/18  (9)
Acosta to Avenatti: "Leave the wife. Bring the cannoli."    11/14/18  (8)
Avenatti Arrested for Domestic Violence (TMZ)    11/14/18  (158)
CA heli pilot drops huge load of water on ex-wifes house nowhere near fires (lin    11/14/18  (18)
rate this reddit drawing of ocasio cortez    11/14/18  (6)
The Alt-Right’s Favorite Meme Is 100 Years Old (WaPo)    11/14/18  (52)
*spaceporns full-penised son cockslapping him left and right*    11/14/18  (32)
WATCH: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Teaches Sec. Clinton How to Twerk (HuffPo Video)    11/14/18  (12)
Avena-na-an-nat in the running for POTUS anymore    11/14/18  (2)
STICKY: No more threads about Ocasio-Cortez, unless poasting nudes.    11/14/18  (2)
Ocasio-Cortez still is selling her used panties online    11/14/18  (9)
CPS just showed up at my door for making wife and kids kiss my ring every night    11/14/18  (1)
Odd case that CNN's website says nothing about Avenatti arrest    11/14/18  (9)
The pension crisis in California is going to sink the state    11/14/18  (61)
How is this guy not in prison or beaten to a pulp?    11/14/18  (3)
How does Kellyanne Conway keep her job with her husband being a literal traitor?    11/14/18  (4)
Crypto is altruistic. Others can’t make money unless you lose it.    11/14/18  (2)
Basketball American Viciously Attacks Opponent During Game (video)    11/14/18  (1)
"How can you hit women?" Avenatti: "It's easy, they telegraph like crazy"    11/14/18  (6)
Poast How Many Girls You Have Had Sex With    11/14/18  (88)
Is KFC just called FC in Kentucky? (New poster, not spaceporn)    11/14/18  (4)
Avenatti: "She was clearly trying to take away my Fisher-Price microphone, and    11/14/18  (5)
Lol at xo taking Avenatti’s girl’s side without knowing all the FACTS    11/14/18  (4)
*CNN slows down security camera footage of Avenatti sucker punch*    11/14/18  (2)
I need a side job where I can earn money cash so as not to pay taxes    11/14/18  (4)
Trump: "Where are the Lost Boys. Bring the Lost Boys up here."    11/14/18  (21)
*CNN chiron displaying Avenatti only threw slow, "non-battery" speed punches*    11/14/18  (1)
crystal ball exeunt, what do you forcast as the final ETH & BTC lows?    11/14/18  (38)
The commenters at volokh give me hope    11/14/18  (1)
Johnsmeyer was literally featured in AM Metro newspaper    11/14/18  (52)
Avenatti filing SLAPP suit against media covering his arrest    11/14/18  (7)
Avenatti: "Bitches like boomerangs, no matter how hard I throw they come back."    11/14/18  (1)
Poker masterman, come ITT    11/14/18  (9)
when fucking moon    11/14/18  (28)
Ending it all tonight    11/14/18  (2)
roses are red. your eyes are blue. WGWIGWGWIG, GWU.    11/14/18  (1)
i swear to god if askav doesnt post an autobiographical "if that aint [are] coun    11/14/18  (4)
"Jews are so annoying LOL" gurgled TMF transforming into a giant matzah ball    11/14/18  (3)
Melania fires Trumps WH mistress    11/14/18  (60)
Will anyone on this bort admit to voting for “Cocaine Mitch” McConnell?    11/14/18  (2)
Major scumbag Avenatti (in the face!) got exactly what he deserved! Sick!    11/14/18  (4)
Jeff Bezos: "for gods sake why am I still getting popup ads for tax breaks?!?"    11/14/18  (6)
pretty cool: your brain has harmonics just like a guitar string (link)    11/14/18  (44)
TMZ Issues Correction: Avenatti didn’t hit a woman, it was sharklasers    11/14/18  (4)
Welp there's always jihad (luis)    11/14/18  (14)
RATE this nigger teen’s embalmed corpse    11/14/18  (24)
I shoot pool with one of Lenny Kravitz's roadies    11/14/18  (8)
I'm pretending I have to work the day after Thanksgiving. How to spend it?    11/14/18  (38)
2nd Avenatti accuser comes forward    11/14/18  (4)
Avenatti challenges Trump Jr to a 3 round MMA fight for charity. Not flame    11/14/18  (23)
I feel like this meme about lifting applies to education/job prestige too    11/14/18  (10)
Lol at WLMAS shitting up the Avenatti thread    11/14/18  (5)
Dirte might be my fifth favorite poaster    11/14/18  (3)
Trump is getting reelected brothers    11/14/18  (27)
Dem nominee Avenatti takes 2020 convention stage to Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold"    11/14/18  (1)
We should BAN all autonomous vehicles to save millions of jobs    11/14/18  (1)
60k in California is barely enough to get by    11/14/18  (1)
would be hilarious to watch potus beat retards/cripples to death at super bowl    11/14/18  (2)
Can’t wait for next terms boofing perjury hearings    11/14/18  (1)
OK which one of you added The Box to the Seductive Jewess website    11/14/18  (11)
LA firefighters doing a terrible job putting out LA fires    11/14/18  (39)
Darnell playing FFFFF with Avenatti in prison    11/14/18  (4)
$6k/month rental or BUY 1.5-1.75M house?    11/14/18  (13)
Next Election, Republicans defend 21 senate seats    11/14/18  (27)
Avenatti asking if Andrew Dice Clay can represent him    11/14/18  (1)
lmao at how dirte falls ass backwards into pussy    11/14/18  (8)
Do Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, have prestigious companies?    11/14/18  (14)
Albert Haynesworth: screwed GC u:?    11/14/18  (1)
Avenatti tells his side of the story: “She wouldn’t put out,okay?”    11/14/18  (2)
Trump Jr won't box me? Fine I'll punch whoever.    11/14/18  (3)
Avenatti: "Hey Tucker, here's how to handle business with gashes and queers."    11/14/18  (4)
I honestly would bet my life that avenatti didnt do anything wrong    11/14/18  (14)
*Avenatti undergoing hasty jailhouse surgery to replace hands with doorknobs*    11/14/18  (11)
My 6 y/o just came up to me, crying: "why does CNN love when women get punched?"    11/14/18  (3)
I know you post here, Jayden.    11/14/18  (1)
remember that 180 band BLOODHOUND GANG    11/14/18  (4)
Difference between Avenatti and Tucker is one isn't afraid to throw a punch    11/14/18  (2)
Diabetics by L. Ron Chubbard    11/14/18  (24)
Does CNN have a violence against woman problem?    11/14/18  (3)
24 n 420 friendly. tall guys nice smiles. tryna make someones son happy :)    11/14/18  (7)
Acosta Found Sneaking Off Of Avenatti Estate    11/14/18  (2)
If there was a moon landing how come they didn't bring back any cheese, huh?    11/14/18  (2)
85 year-old RBG back in action u: complaining about chest pains    11/14/18  (4)
Did Avenatti have time to flush his coke down the toilet?    11/14/18  (2)
Avenatti: "We need to punch back twice as hard. Allow me to demonstrate."    11/14/18  (2)
Avenatti: “It wasn’t DOMESTIC violence, she was a Chinawoman.”    11/14/18  (4)
Can Avenatti use FIGHT PAC funds to defend DV case?    11/14/18  (3)
Floyd "Money" Mayweather in talks to fight MMA match with woman Avenatti beat    11/14/18  (1)
Has there been any successful black college football coach?    11/14/18  (8)
*Avenatti punching out Kamala on debate stage* “She started it!”    11/14/18  (2)
Avenatti's heroic ex wife receiving box of c-notes and rubber mallet via fed ex    11/14/18  (1)
John King showing where Avenatti has punched women on Magic Wall    11/14/18  (9)
Can’t wait for XO GARRISON cartoon re: Avenatti    11/14/18  (3)
Remember when CNN aired Michael "Wife Beater" Avenatti interviews for 40+ days?    11/14/18  (6)
"War on Terror" now > $6trillion    11/14/18  (5)
Police won’t fuck your ass. Get penetrated THEN negotiate price.    11/14/18  (2)
switched out some CBD thc pods in the juul    11/14/18  (1)
Fuuuuck. Wife found my Juul in my pocket when we were about to have sex.    11/14/18  (6)
“Q predicted this,” the woman thought as Avenatti’s fist crushed her teeth    11/14/18  (6)
with increase in obesity, naturally people are having less sex (DTP)    11/14/18  (1)
AutoAdmit at its best when discussing violence against women jfc    11/14/18  (5)
“Nothing, you already told her twice! Anyway, objection, hearsay.”    11/14/18  (10)
If 10 posters poast i will poast an epic pair of tits i fucked. Go!    11/14/18  (5)
Avenatti's wife dons MAGA hat&walks away limp slowly fadi-wait, no,still limping    11/14/18  (8)
Avenatti: "You know I got my start repairing dishwashers?"    11/14/18  (2)
I used to have crushed on girls . I no longer do.    11/14/18  (2)
ITT: Great Tits    11/14/18  (11)
Avenatti on hot mic: "bitch ran her yap and got smacked the fuck up"    11/14/18  (5)
Breaking: face of woman who Avenatti punched    11/14/18  (4)
Avenatti: “That was a woman I hit? That ugly dyke fooled me.”    11/14/18  (1)
Fuck had someone get me in a social club but thought admission fee was lower    11/14/18  (1)
"I'll have an assfaggot" *bartender drops pinch of SKOAL into pint of Guinness*    11/14/18  (11)
Chugged a guinness the other night, was delicious    11/14/18  (1)
Why are white collar ppl more likely to commit suicide than blue collar folk    11/14/18  (12)
If you haven't had a Guiness in an Irish pub, you haven't lived.    11/14/18  (9)
poll: are u drinking guiness or jameson today?    11/14/18  (20)

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