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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
180    01/18/18  (2)
Hallelujah!    01/18/18  (1)
when did you accept that you weren't going to change?    01/18/18  (2)
wife had babby on monday; is currently irl diapering    01/18/18  (1)
"The Post"=Jewish director &Jewish cast praising Jewish media fucking over goys?    01/18/18  (13)
Mike Enoch's eczema caused me to become a Nazi    01/18/18  (1)
Worth visiting Los Angeles?    01/18/18  (6)
Cheap sex has ruined our culture    01/18/18  (7)
Anyone else wear DIAPERS on international flights?    01/18/18  (2)
Your NFC championship predictions ITT    01/18/18  (2)
is there any doubt that the best rappers all come from NYC?    01/18/18  (13)
Libs now trying to spin "GOP shutdown"    01/18/18  (9)
Taking Qs about jury duty yesterday    01/18/18  (21)
now driving a Toyota Incel    01/18/18  (2)
Estimate Frank Abagnale's IQ    01/18/18  (1)
"incel" is a self-description and misdiagnosis of pornography poisoning    01/18/18  (4)
daily reminder: F U C K L I B S    01/18/18  (88)
I need a career    01/18/18  (61)
CSLG/EPAH. Ever gotten rid of a former law partner?    01/18/18  (25)
Entire "alt-right" movement apparently caused by sexual frustration (ABC News):    01/18/18  (68)
"Let me just suck your dick," she explicitly voiced her hesitation.    01/18/18  (20)
XO Gods: I beseech u to help me find the "FATSUGARFATSUGAR" womanthought thread    01/18/18  (3)
Imagine being 40 and having to lie and cover up about being from NJ    01/18/18  (39)
Question for TURD SANDWICH: do niggers trigger you to shit like coffee does?    01/18/18  (1)
Daily Stoic, 1/18/18    01/18/18  (10)
This is the MOST INSANE HuffPost story in my opinion    01/18/18  (33)
pepito, go see the movie The Post and report back    01/18/18  (2)
*doobs disappointed Nassar is gone after finally making US womens gymnastics tea    01/18/18  (5)
Norwegian shrews vs. American shrews    01/18/18  (12)
"I am a false profit, and Crypto is a superstition" "say it again" "I am a    01/18/18  (2)
Reminder to UK: Your princess is an "older, divorced, black woman"    01/18/18  (9)
What are the bare minimum requirements to do an ICO?    01/18/18  (11)
Do you diehard Trump guys really think he's gonna bring manufacturing back to US    01/18/18  (12)
Anyone else listen to Pod Save America?    01/18/18  (44)
Come ITT to claim your 888 crypto winnings    01/18/18  (254)
Weed the worst drug in the world    01/18/18  (31)
Scholarship, quick question?    01/18/18  (2)
"anything u want !" shrieked the succubus as she consumed your soul    01/18/18  (2)
26 page slideshow on how not to lose your shirt in newspapers.    01/18/18  (2)
funny how chicks come standard now with that little jewel buttplug    01/18/18  (1)
Trump more alpha than Pelosi.    01/18/18  (1)
alocholism is a moral disease and i have it    01/18/18  (4)
24 hours after Flake called Trump "Stalin", he votes to increase FISA powers    01/18/18  (3)
Toxic Femininity: a study, by James Joyce, Jr.    01/18/18  (4)
Is Kendra Sunderland the hottest girl in porn?    01/18/18  (30)
CRUDDY TRAVEL PANTIES    01/18/18  (1)
lol NFL Divisional Playoffs down Twenty Three Million (23,000,000) Viewers    01/18/18  (37)
Nancy Pelosi to be guest judge on RuPauls Drag Race All-Stars (link)    01/18/18  (2)
Predict how many seats GOP will lose in 2018    01/18/18  (2)
How many former poasters are confirmed dead IRL?    01/18/18  (49)
Inaugural Xo Super Bowl Boycott Club    01/18/18  (1)
were posters "teens" and "teen machines" related    01/18/18  (1)
cr to 1031 exchange from ownership of peterman's ass to chandler's?    01/18/18  (3)
Started chill and fratty 2nd jerb today    01/18/18  (25)
What is the XO position on Gamal Abdel Nasser and nationalization of the Suez?    01/18/18  (1)
Imagine being 40 and having to lie and cover up about working at a dry cleaner    01/18/18  (2)
ITT: we discuss stocks that will go up because of the 'incel economy'    01/18/18  (5)
Have a GREAT FUCKING DAY my fellow Poasters    01/18/18  (3)
RATE Prince William's new haircut    01/18/18  (32)
Rate this teen wearing her high school graduation gown NSFW    01/18/18  (11)
so "ASMR" is just young women commodifying feminine nurturance behavior?    01/18/18  (18)
1972 Dolphins went undefeated bc their wives became more feminine & submissive    01/18/18  (11)
LJL the IRS makes you report income received for jury duty as income even though    01/18/18  (6)
was the 'BTK Killer' affiliated with Burger King in some way?    01/18/18  (9)
"Werrcome City Wok, preeze hord" *posts 5 more RSF spam threads*    01/18/18  (3)
Muslim teen Ahmed Mohamed creates clock, shows teachers, gets arrested (CNN    01/18/18  (6)
i admire "little brother" CFB schools like Vandy & UTexas trying to compete D1    01/18/18  (12)
No Heaven Like Hell - The December Sound.mp3    01/18/18  (10)
Lol IRS filed suit against 18 crypto traders for 2015-2016 reporting period    01/18/18  (1)
YOU'RE BALD: you have no hair    01/18/18  (2)
Rate this reaction to vandalism of National Anthem monument    01/18/18  (1)
Trump is putting more $$$ in our pockets + making us safer?    01/18/18  (12)
IT'S GOING DOWN. I'M YELLING TINDER (RSF's flight to Asia crashi    01/18/18  (30)
The following people apparently dont want free money (888)    01/18/18  (13)
hypo: you sell some property for $500,000 cash. what do you do next?    01/18/18  (16)
"Cool car, Abdul. Want to drive it on the sidewalk?"    01/18/18  (40)
:D has more deposition experience than the big lawyers on this board    01/18/18  (1)
"Angela is alone on the dancefloor and REALLY wants to dance with you!" (DTP)    01/18/18  (1)
Reminder: Liberals and globalists killed America    01/18/18  (2)
And now u think u bigger? But to me u ain't nothing but a bitch ads nigga.    01/18/18  (1)
Huffpo: Muzzie Girl who lied about Hijab attack deserves our apology    01/18/18  (12)
Friendship ended with Vaporwave. Now C I T Y P O P is my best friend.    01/18/18  (39)
What if Diversity isn't America's Strength? (LA Times OpEd)    01/18/18  (49)
Diversity of Europeans is a strength    01/18/18  (1)
Gen-Xers are str8 up bootlickers    01/18/18  (4)
taking a sabbatical is massively credited. taking/giving Qs    01/18/18  (20)
the "media" is completely unhinged is this real life    01/18/18  (6)
UTexas sells its football stadium (Stadium Real Estate Monthly    01/18/18  (5)
Reminder: TMF is 5'2" with a 40 inch waist (tbf, in suit pants)    01/18/18  (15)
Will there be a government shutdown 01/18/2018    01/18/18  (1)
protip: buy WATT    01/18/18  (33)
best porn vids are when girl starts crying, has nervous breakdown, stops scene    01/18/18  (8)
Canadian Muslims fear backlash over hijab attack hoax    01/18/18  (6)
Huffington Post: the Muslim girl who lied about being attacked    01/18/18  (1)
looooool pussy hats coming back out of the closet on Saturday    01/18/18  (6)
DBG hangs a signed Larry Nassar photo in his office, why?    01/18/18  (2)
Lots of gen-x struggling to find work    01/18/18  (1)
Disney has Star Wars fanbase in a cockcage by witholding Solo trailer    01/18/18  (16)
Sad that the Leiter-threading has almost vanished here    01/18/18  (7)
The Media PURGE Begins!    01/18/18  (2)
Sad fact of life: Speed/coke/etc. tolerance never fully goes away    01/18/18  (4)
i find the mockery of political correctness to be offense and deeply problematic    01/18/18  (3)
Party of Five REBOOT: Family is Hispanic, parents not dead but DEPORTED    01/18/18  (17)
"Willingness to learn is a trait boomers look for in millenial job applicants    01/18/18  (1)
Alf reboot: The Alien is an illegal immigrant named Jesus    01/18/18  (1)
Amazon announces new HQ2 site will be in the Amazon    01/18/18  (3)
Second Penn Law Student Kills Self    01/18/18  (44)
watched some modern 'sitcoms' for first time in decades this week    01/18/18  (6)
Rate this alt right murderer accused of killing a Jew in Orange county    01/18/18  (2)
RATE and COMMENT ON this article calling crypto worthless    01/18/18  (1)
2018 BCS Playoffs: Nebraska, TAMU, Alabama, Clemson    01/18/18  (7)
Anybody want to join the Pen 15 Club?    01/18/18  (1)
Do you think David Beckham has women on the side?    01/18/18  (4)
Who here has done ayahuasca    01/18/18  (52)
WSJ: economy would have been booming if Hillary had won, too!!! (LINK)    01/18/18  (8)
been on sabbatical for 7 years    01/18/18  (2)
My friend came to me with sadness in his eyes, told me he wanted help    01/18/18  (1)
Krugman: Nobel, Fake News Winner. U: poast    01/18/18  (3)
remember when Timberlands and baggy jeans were in style?    01/18/18  (17)
Watching a CLE to meet requirements. These speakers are boring as fuck    01/18/18  (1)
Parsed buttom 5% on Mythic Garothi.. uninstall game?    01/18/18  (1)
34-34 or 40-40, the most prestiigous jeans size?    01/18/18  (11)
addicted to flaking on people    01/18/18  (4)
Newsweek (1/1/18): Hillary could still become POTUS if Trump/Russia colluded (li    01/18/18  (3)
Rate this Orange County white 20yo chick who works in sales NSFW    01/18/18  (16)
CharlesXII and Aurora Griffin would be 180 match in heaven pairing    01/18/18  (1)
Why don't you shortmos just rock TIMBS adds an extra inch    01/18/18  (18)
Any good scholarship on how sports culture relates to the territorial anus?    01/18/18  (1)
New PAC called: "I am going to assassinate Donald Trump" NOT FLAME LINK    01/18/18  (8)
XO Brigitte Bardot    01/18/18  (7)
List a good yet obscure 80's/90's album    01/18/18  (56)
Why is there no modern Jack the Ripper?    01/18/18  (69)
Those? Well those are my lucky draggies. They're not for sale.    01/18/18  (1)
Rate Joe "the Cannibal" Metheny    01/18/18  (2)
Rate my shoes/pants I am wearing today    01/18/18  (33)
I'd shoot a fat load on Brooke Baldwins face.    01/18/18  (1)
I'm a meat fucktrain.    01/18/18  (1)
can Google also see the images we view on the internet?    01/18/18  (3)
bloodacre casually pulling a calzone out of his pocket mid conversation    01/18/18  (8)
i like a bloodacre joke as much as the next guy but    01/18/18  (1)
Seems insane to care more about illegals than the USA    01/18/18  (8)
Notice a pattern with the journalists who've won the Fake News Awards?    01/18/18  (10)
I made a big bet BTC will at no point be above 16k by next Wednesday    01/18/18  (2)
Video of Lindsey Graham opening the door to the Black Caucus room    01/18/18  (1)
The 15 Best High Heels For Your Penis (Buzzfeed)(Not flame)    01/18/18  (1)
Nancy Pelosi in a Cruella de Ville Halloween costume.    01/18/18  (1)
Your future wife getting tagged in this Facebook post    01/18/18  (2)
Wtf was with the Beatles and their Indian music phase    01/18/18  (20)
bacon/tomato/cum    01/18/18  (1)
just woke up and read the cornell thread. wtf spaceporn?    01/18/18  (1)

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