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STICKY: A little decree about archiving   01/20/17  (332)
How mad are libs in California? Oh they mad    01/20/17  (17)
will obama ever be held accountable for decimating the dem party?    01/20/17  (7)
Anyone else take off all their clothes before shitting?    01/20/17  (24)
NY bar member on my FB poasts on anarchist pages advocating violence    01/20/17  (9)
Florida bar exam    01/20/17  (1)
Gaysex homo hunks hardcore orgy fun    01/20/17  (3)
Serious ?: If u had to bet, do you think Trump will ever release tax returns?    01/20/17  (18)
"Something Awful forums" are purging all lib mods and admins not flame    01/20/17  (1)
i took a break from xo but i missed my internet friends too much    01/20/17  (1)
Nobody is hyped for the NFL playoffs kinda sad    01/20/17  (42)
Why is "fuckboy" used as an insult?    01/20/17  (2)
Dr David Duke weighs in on Trump's speech 01-20-2017    01/20/17  (5)
(((Sarah Silverman))) complaints "Jesus Christ" was used too much @ inauguration    01/20/17  (1)
Realized XO is largely a place for angry minorities to lash out at their betters    01/20/17  (2)
Real Talk: "forgotten" Americans = dumb, lazy, unadaptable, prole white people    01/20/17  (20)
Women just want their feelings validated    01/20/17  (42)
official poll: what color tie will Trump wear on inauguration day?    01/20/17  (30)
Shrew: no one should be allowed to be super hot until after age 35    01/20/17  (1)
Tech billionaire is building a real life recreation of first super mario level (    01/20/17  (29)
Is Boston the worst city in America?    01/20/17  (6)
Hurt my fucking back deadlifting - hate fucking getting old    01/20/17  (93)
Holy shit: protesters are beating police with 2 sided dildos (link    01/20/17  (1)
Biden is really the one who is going to stack paper now that this is done    01/20/17  (5)
Anyone who thinks ANY other Trump girl is hotter than Ivanka is a traitor    01/20/17  (10)
It took Carter to bring Reagan. Imagine what Obama will bring    01/20/17  (158)
This new Trump tweet will piss off all Jews & Israelis    01/20/17  (1)
"you may now kiss the bride" *dozens of truckers smack Golden Tee trackballs*    01/20/17  (6)
SHT fondling my balls while Spack rails my asshole (damn daddy)    01/20/17  (1)
trump kills last mosquito, places tiny make america great hat on zikahead baby    01/20/17  (108)
obama leaving office: "i was born in kenya, faggots."    01/20/17  (76)
Israel, enjoy your last days    01/20/17  (2)
Trump will never be president    01/20/17  (9)
Donald J Trump will never be president    01/20/17  (10)
Calm down, Trump will never be president    01/20/17  (10)
Solomon just got mentioned twice. Jews will build the 3rd temple.    01/20/17  (1)
Pretty amazing speech.    01/20/17  (2)
Trump @ inauguration: First of all, why is Rand Paul even in this crowd? He's go    01/20/17  (6)
"We all bleed the same blood of patriots"    01/20/17  (4)
"When you open your heart to patriotism, their is no room for prejudice"    01/20/17  (5)
I'm going to watch all 28 seasons of MTV's The Challenge    01/20/17  (23)
"Subsidized the armies of other countries" AKA ISRAEL    01/20/17  (9)
"WE HAVE MADE OTHER COUNTRIES RICH..." = Israel    01/20/17  (2)
"Whether our government is controlled by the ppl" = NOT THE HEWS    01/20/17  (1)
Wow, he is shitting on all the Pols behind him right to their face    01/20/17  (1)
lmao libs ur all going to die    01/20/17  (112)
"THEIR victories, THEIR triumphs" = THE JEWS/ISRAEL    01/20/17  (1)
Trump's reference to "small group of ppl" = THE JEWS    01/20/17  (3)
Donald Trump will never be president    01/20/17  (9)
GOD BLESS AMERICA    01/20/17  (5)
FLASHBACK: Trump rekts John Kasich at the GOP debate    01/20/17  (4)
Starting today, my life will no longer be pure shit    01/20/17  (1)
this is just like the wrestling thing    01/20/17  (1)
Mike Pence looks like a Roman Senator    01/20/17  (19)
Is this girls' bikini too small? (Pic)    01/20/17  (30)
*hovers over cancel* "fuck libs" *clicks poast*    01/20/17  (68)
explain how people get into feuds on autoadmit    01/20/17  (27)
Tracy Ann Pickerill, age 43, of Denver, Colorado deserves rape..    01/20/17  (12)
What's a good proxy for "short" in interview evaluations?    01/20/17  (30)
dorks and betas of XO, describe your meager "alpha" moments.    01/20/17  (57)
Expected better. Lets discuss.    01/20/17  (3)
really worried about this next big google hack bros. so much info on there    01/20/17  (1)
Your last chance to call Obama a Nigger in office. Cherish this moment.    01/20/17  (5)
lmao at babydoods pulling on their ears because they're teething    01/20/17  (4)
David Icke documentary : The Lizards and The Jews    01/20/17  (1)
NIGGER    01/20/17  (1)
just went to athens chick-fil-a. look at what was in my bag (not flame) (pic)    01/20/17  (36)
Bad guy from blank check is det @ 61    01/20/17  (1)
"Why The Alt-Right Is Nigger" (long read but good)    01/20/17  (1)
GC done here, Hungary to crack down on Soros funded NGOs    01/20/17  (19)
How long do you think it will take to revise these estoppels? I told the client    01/20/17  (5)
Saudi Arabia has accepted zero Syrian refugees since 2011    01/20/17  (69)
Old Robert Stack episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are coming to Amazon Prime soon    01/20/17  (6)
Guys I have no options once I graduate. Hoping for a tragic and "untimely" death    01/20/17  (34)
Blond hair map of europe (pic)    01/20/17  (131)
This needs to be totally redone. Please call ASAP.    01/20/17  (30)
Mcdonalds sells a $6 snack wrap with Sriracha now this flame shit needs to stop    01/20/17  (1)
Is it a bad idea to buy a pre-owned suit on Ebay?    01/20/17  (4)
how is the quality of land's ends suits, pants, dress shirts?    01/20/17  (2)
Know a couple Oxford grads, not that impressive. Why is this place "prestigious"    01/19/17  (55)
Not flame: belle Knox reads an xo poast in her documentary (lin    01/19/17  (139)
*chops off trump's head* *2 grow in its place, each with make america great hat*    01/19/17  (102)
why is the default lib argument always "oh, that's just a strawman"    01/19/17  (5)
that "free" computer I copped from the IT guy? turns out he wants to fuck my ass    01/19/17  (1)
*global capitalism pounds fist on table, points at TRUMP* "ENOUGH FROM THE CLOWN    01/19/17  (33)
Darnell: "In your ass, right?" MarioM: "U betta belee dat!!"    01/19/17  (363)
The Ainu of northern Japan were Finnic whites    01/19/17  (14)
Sprite ran some very subversive advertising in the 90s    01/19/17  (3)
Interviewed some guy who was like 5'6 for firm job, lol    01/19/17  (3)
I thought election night was surreal, but this inauguration will be 10x that.    01/19/17  (2)
xo poster tell: you can spell "kaczynski" without looking it up.    01/19/17  (6)
2 worst posters on this board are both asian psychos    01/19/17  (11)
who's done more harm to their race's image on here, JJC or DBG?    01/19/17  (1)
Hiring Partner told me we don't hire short guys    01/19/17  (4)
Are Jews to blame for the surge in student loan debt ?    01/19/17  (3)
To clarify, what portion of libs are going to die??    01/19/17  (2)
evan39 do you remember your first "news article" post    01/19/17  (7)
PSA: if you're a business owner, never let a Jew-run company get majority stake    01/19/17  (4)
Reply brief attached. Why didn't we find this case?? Pls call asap.    01/19/17  (27)
Ana Kasparian looks old as fuck with her new blond hair & nose job    01/19/17  (16)
Didn't your memo say service at our client's US office wasn't proper? Call ASAP    01/19/17  (15)
CNN will now become MSNBC    01/19/17  (28)
*President Trump billing Mexico for cost of the Mexican FINAL SOLUTION*    01/19/17  (2)
no fucking way trump wins    01/19/17  (27)
donald trump    01/19/17  (6)
I quit my job during a meeting with senior management    01/19/17  (70)
president trump inviting a literal pair of pants to his inauguration    01/19/17  (2)
Real talk: I'm kind of just making up my billable hours    01/19/17  (9)
Did you circulate the dial-in? If not I can handle but please be more careful ne    01/19/17  (3)
Just had 4 shots of espresso get ready for hundreds of bad threads from me today    01/19/17  (13)
I need ConLaw practice hypos and sample answers    01/19/17  (29)
*drunken hagel in m1 abrams doing donuts on white house lawn*    01/19/17  (6)
2nd cousin texting you "my butt can't get pregnant ;)" as you're in delivery roo    01/19/17  (24)
Bored Syrian rebels shooting Tow Missiles at passing geese (link    01/19/17  (2)
This is the wrong version. I hope you haven't sent to the other side yet.    01/19/17  (2)
Thanks. This is a good start but frankly I was expecting a more muscular draft.    01/19/17  (1)
I thought we were nearly ready to send to client. This needs lots of work.    01/19/17  (2)
And if you vote D, then bring your buckets. Trump train cars aint equipped with    01/19/17  (1)
Why isnt everyone in biglaw retired by 35?    01/19/17  (56)
Is this the most recent version of the document? Where are the comments I sugges    01/19/17  (4)
Lol libs weather forecast to says 76 and sunny in DC tomorrow    01/19/17  (6)
Hmm nobody bumped it maybe they didn't get it I'll bump it once just in case    01/19/17  (7)
Dont worry libs its like a henna tattoo but its your identification number and    01/19/17  (3)
Libs I built a hidden room in my attic you are welcome to hide out in    01/19/17  (3)
World Record in the Marathon averages a 4:41 mile...WTF    01/19/17  (7)
Trump faces challenge after labor camps flooded with 1 star Yelp reviews    01/19/17  (2)
Cut bloggers into pieces, spics we will deport. Suffocation, no breathing    01/19/17  (5)
Is Greenwald XO or TLS?    01/19/17  (28)
Powerman 5000 - When Libs All Die    01/19/17  (1)
Blender wasn't working so I made guacamole using my bike spokes bros    01/19/17  (6)
Why does Trump get a free pass for saying America isn't already "Great"?    01/19/17  (8)
Libs looking back would you say tranny bathrooms and black violence was a good    01/19/17  (5)
Did you remember to check with tax and environmental before turning the draft?    01/19/17  (2)
what's the average IQ of kids of elite STEM profs?    01/19/17  (6)
Oprah at inauguration: "UR gonna die. UR gonna die. Lmao libs UR ALL gonna die!"    01/19/17  (2)
Why do women post pics of their friends pissing and shitting to social media?    01/19/17  (10)
Is this Catholic schoolgirls halloween outfit appropriate? (pic)    01/19/17  (1)
JJC forgets comma, adds money laundering to his lists of interests on tinder    01/19/17  (3)
Is a 3.69 good enough for 1L BIGLAW?    01/19/17  (6)
WTF, the Donald hasn't cattily attacked anyone in over 24 hours on Twitter....    01/19/17  (1)
Kellogg Huber SHATTERS the market for bonuses    01/19/17  (2)
"And thats when I leveraged our content to engage our followers on social media"    01/19/17  (7)
How to pronounce "Mnuchin"    01/19/17  (25)
I know its hard to believe now son but the country used to be full of liberals    01/19/17  (1)
Libs you should watch Last of the Mohicans while you still can    01/19/17  (1)
What is a "content strategist"? What is a "brand consultant"?    01/19/17  (1)
What is the cutoff for a decreasing marginal utility for height? 6'4"?    01/19/17  (3)

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