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STICKY: A little decree about archiving   01/21/17  (343)
Nobody is hyped for the NFL playoffs kinda sad    01/22/17  (48)
Natalie Portman already looks like an old lady    01/22/17  (27)
PSA: Jews hate Nationalism    01/22/17  (10)
Listed "local crows" under references on job application    01/22/17  (15)
Are high IQ people invariably nerdy?    01/22/17  (28)
This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period`    01/22/17  (1)
did the cynical right-wing end up benefiting from mass immigration after all?    01/22/17  (2)
Poll for XO Trumpmos: are you in favor of some form of single payor healthcare?    01/22/17  (1)
Millions of Chinese tuning in to see the Super Bowl named after them    01/22/17  (8)
Mother, please open your blouse for I am thirsty (Estrada)    01/22/17  (65)
Wtf is with that CIA speech    01/22/17  (80)
The CIA is full of TTT grads, shitlaw failures, complete dullards etc    01/22/17  (8)
Met a dude today named Gregggg with 4 g's at the end    01/22/17  (17)
scholly scholly scholly can't you see, sometimes your RUMP just hypnotizes me    01/22/17  (2)
How does someone develop strong beliefs about moral or factual issues?    01/22/17  (13)
Real Talk: XO Fed winning Australia would be the biggest thing this month    01/22/17  (3)
Real Talk: Trump's speech at Langley was totally fine    01/22/17  (9)
Do u find this teen WOC attractive?    01/22/17  (11)
Flightmos: tell me about AER LINGUS - flights are super cheap, worth it?    01/22/17  (5)
In the Talmud, there is an extensive tract on brokered conventions    01/22/17  (12)
Just bought a toy drone for daughter; I Immediately flew it into neighbor's yard    01/22/17  (1)
Does SNL's take on Kellyanne Conway make sense?    01/22/17  (4)
Couldnt Trump have just owned that he thought the Intelligence Community is SPS?    01/22/17  (1)
GAY: Republicans on facebook signalling even-handedness re: Women's March    01/22/17  (11)
What, specifically, was "false" about trump spokesman's crowd claims?    01/22/17  (5)
Kellyanne Conway's Outfit at the Inauguration    01/22/17  (5)
Secretary uses every last one of her 10 sick days every year. Normal?    01/22/17  (147)
Why did the media focus on Trump's inauguration crowd size? It's DC.    01/22/17  (1)
"Hate fuck? What other type of sex is there?" -nyuug    01/22/17  (2)
When is the petulant baby going to whine on Twitter about the protests?    01/22/17  (53)
Jews and Israel are not America's friends... why can't whitey see this?    01/22/17  (4)
It's gonna be a good day, and lmao libs you're gonna die today    01/22/17  (2)
Why is it a Women's March? Wasn't it a Trump Protest March?    01/22/17  (1)
TRUMP'S AMERICA: More people in DC for PROTEST than for Inauguration, LMAO    01/22/17  (31)
WATCH: dad shoots dotter's pitbull with his glock    01/22/17  (1)
2 nubile teen girls jump in shark infested water    01/22/17  (4)
POLL: better taste, Sprite or Squirt or 7 up    01/22/17  (6)
This is what downtown LA looks like. Libs want all of America this way (link)    01/22/17  (29)
2nd cousin texting you "my butt can't get pregnant ;)" as you're in delivery roo    01/21/17  (27)
Clinton would have been better    01/21/17  (1)
Going from age 40 and healthy to death takes basically no time at all    01/21/17  (15)
Lets boycott sex with women if we all do this they will no longer exist.    01/21/17  (9)
evan39 American women are mostly garbage and our society is done here    01/21/17  (4)
Chipotle wouldn't let my park my bike inside the store even though it was empty    01/21/17  (2)
Should I go solo after reading Calishitlawguru?    01/21/17  (7)
Having a Trumpmo wife is 180    01/21/17  (16)
i always lol when i see a woman pumping gas    01/21/17  (79)
lmao what the fuck is this drug "kybella"    01/21/17  (1)
We should maybe just start a civil war against women. Stop opening jars for them    01/21/17  (3)
spicer sounds like a tard. WTF trump? Pick someone better    01/21/17  (1)
So George Orwell's "ministry of truth" = MSM re "fake news"    01/21/17  (3)
This needs to be totally redone. Please call ASAP.    01/21/17  (33)
was Karl Lueger the chillest, frattiest antisemite in history?    01/21/17  (2)
mormon experts: do mormons still call non-mormons "gentiles"?    01/21/17  (5)
Jews want white men to think this is normal    01/21/17  (1)
Man, Trump is just such an unlikable human being    01/21/17  (47)
Why are there 95+ percent white women at these Women's March???    01/21/17  (1)
Jew (((Bill Kristol))) takes issue with "America First" concept    01/21/17  (23)
Old Robert Stack episodes of Unsolved Mysteries are coming to Amazon Prime soon    01/21/17  (7)
brunch | bellinis | bortis    01/21/17  (26)
Hot ice bucket challenge vid, dad dumps water on teen daughter in bikini (link    01/21/17  (10)
Friend tricked Nolan Ryan into signing him to a MLB contract (not flame)    01/21/17  (7)
Google is "crowsourcing" photos for their maps now. Get a real birds eye view    01/21/17  (1)
Ancient human diversity sensitivity training workshops were optional not mandato    01/21/17  (4)
Legal question. Friend tricked tattoo artist into signing over his store.    01/21/17  (20)
Look how hard this guy is trying. Doing an excellent job.    01/21/17  (7)
What is this little blonde teen thinking doing ice bucket challenge in tiny bra?    01/21/17  (25)
LOL at this photo of Bill Clinton checking out cleavage    01/21/17  (2)
STICKY: A little decree about unstickying threads    01/21/17  (1)
The Ainu of northern Japan were Finnic whites    01/21/17  (20)
Cousin told me she cant wait to have SEX    01/21/17  (9)
Lol at women calling this March it isn't even Februrary yet you dumb broads    01/21/17  (4)
Prore terr - Starting a sentences with "this idea that"    01/21/17  (1)
girl forgets her password and starts crying    01/21/17  (2)
Serious ?: If u had to bet, do you think Trump will ever release tax returns?    01/21/17  (27)
Starting today, my life will no longer be pure shit    01/21/17  (2)
LIBS like to think they are on the "right" side of history.    01/21/17  (25)
LOL at this twitter lib "reporter" shrews fake news profile pic    01/21/17  (3)
21 days of NO Drink- about done with this shit    01/21/17  (9)
Shrew: no one should be allowed to be super hot until after age 35    01/21/17  (8)
You can call me "anti-semitic" all you want but i've beat off to Sasha Cohen mul    01/21/17  (4)
James Joyce I heard WPFL scouts are all in DC this weekend it's like a combine    01/21/17  (1)
This 34 year old woman is even better looking than she was at 18 (link    01/21/17  (1)
any of you ever try to start yout own business?    01/21/17  (58)
Freezing to death has to be the most 180 way to die. You drift off and dream and    01/21/17  (10)
Realized XO is largely a place for angry minorities to lash out at their betters    01/21/17  (4)
"you may now kiss the bride" *dozens of truckers smack Golden Tee trackballs*    01/21/17  (7)
CGM to Darnell: "We have a contract. Now deregulate my shitpipe"    01/21/17  (91)
Anyone who thinks ANY other Trump girl is hotter than Ivanka is a traitor    01/21/17  (13)
Its funny how libs set the bar for Trump so low he can get away with anything    01/21/17  (2)
Jew (((Mark Zuckerberg))) suing hundreds of innocent Hawaiian homeowners    01/21/17  (2)
"Something Awful forums" are purging all lib mods and admins not flame    01/21/17  (2)
BOKO BEAT OFF KNOCK OUT 2017    01/21/17  (1)
How mad are libs in California? Oh they mad    01/21/17  (31)
revised enforceability opinion, due authority opinion, and drafted UCC-1 filing    01/21/17  (2)
can someone explain to me why the dems would ever OK a trump SCOTUS nom?    01/21/17  (11)
Real Talk: "forgotten" Americans = dumb, lazy, unadaptable, prole white people    01/21/17  (25)
Women just want their feelings validated    01/21/17  (47)
Earl adopting a Corolla mindset before heading to dealership    01/21/17  (6)
will obama ever be held accountable for decimating the dem party?    01/20/17  (13)
Tons of parties, people getting blasted every night    01/20/17  (69)
Anyone else take off all their clothes before shitting?    01/20/17  (24)
NY bar member on my FB poasts on anarchist pages advocating violence    01/20/17  (9)
Florida bar exam    01/20/17  (1)
Gaysex homo hunks hardcore orgy fun    01/20/17  (3)
i took a break from xo but i missed my internet friends too much    01/20/17  (1)
Why is "fuckboy" used as an insult?    01/20/17  (2)
Dr David Duke weighs in on Trump's speech 01-20-2017    01/20/17  (5)
(((Sarah Silverman))) complaints "Jesus Christ" was used too much @ inauguration    01/20/17  (1)
official poll: what color tie will Trump wear on inauguration day?    01/20/17  (30)
Tech billionaire is building a real life recreation of first super mario level (    01/20/17  (29)
Is Boston the worst city in America?    01/20/17  (6)
Hurt my fucking back deadlifting - hate fucking getting old    01/20/17  (93)
Holy shit: protesters are beating police with 2 sided dildos (link    01/20/17  (1)
Biden is really the one who is going to stack paper now that this is done    01/20/17  (5)
It took Carter to bring Reagan. Imagine what Obama will bring    01/20/17  (158)
This new Trump tweet will piss off all Jews & Israelis    01/20/17  (1)
SHT fondling my balls while Spack rails my asshole (damn daddy)    01/20/17  (1)
trump kills last mosquito, places tiny make america great hat on zikahead baby    01/20/17  (108)
obama leaving office: "i was born in kenya, faggots."    01/20/17  (76)
Israel, enjoy your last days    01/20/17  (2)
Trump will never be president    01/20/17  (9)
Donald J Trump will never be president    01/20/17  (10)
Calm down, Trump will never be president    01/20/17  (10)
Solomon just got mentioned twice. Jews will build the 3rd temple.    01/20/17  (1)
Pretty amazing speech.    01/20/17  (2)
Trump @ inauguration: First of all, why is Rand Paul even in this crowd? He's go    01/20/17  (6)
"We all bleed the same blood of patriots"    01/20/17  (4)
"When you open your heart to patriotism, their is no room for prejudice"    01/20/17  (5)
I'm going to watch all 28 seasons of MTV's The Challenge    01/20/17  (23)
"Subsidized the armies of other countries" AKA ISRAEL    01/20/17  (9)
"WE HAVE MADE OTHER COUNTRIES RICH..." = Israel    01/20/17  (2)
"Whether our government is controlled by the ppl" = NOT THE HEWS    01/20/17  (1)
Wow, he is shitting on all the Pols behind him right to their face    01/20/17  (1)
lmao libs ur all going to die    01/20/17  (112)
"THEIR victories, THEIR triumphs" = THE JEWS/ISRAEL    01/20/17  (1)
Trump's reference to "small group of ppl" = THE JEWS    01/20/17  (3)
Donald Trump will never be president    01/20/17  (9)
GOD BLESS AMERICA    01/20/17  (5)
FLASHBACK: Trump rekts John Kasich at the GOP debate    01/20/17  (4)
this is just like the wrestling thing    01/20/17  (1)
Mike Pence looks like a Roman Senator    01/20/17  (19)
Is this girls' bikini too small? (Pic)    01/20/17  (30)
*hovers over cancel* "fuck libs" *clicks poast*    01/20/17  (68)
explain how people get into feuds on autoadmit    01/20/17  (27)

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