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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/18/18  (150)
When I was a kid I had the biggest crush on Rachael Leigh Cook    10/18/18  (3)
why are Jewish mothers so mean    10/18/18  (9)
Men who go to "spin" class    10/18/18  (21)
can we talk about how 180 Jeff Sessions is?    10/18/18  (1)
So Beto is running for open borders, has $30 million in foreign donations?    10/18/18  (1)
This bumper sticker on sale guys. I'm picking up a couple dozen    10/18/18  (3)
Rate this cute af Bernie supporter protesting to "FREE THE NIPPLE"    10/18/18  (18)
*receives standing ovation as I check myself into Bellevue*    10/18/18  (5)
Media silence re: "Blasey" Ford means this shit was 100% fabricated    10/18/18  (21)
Today I learned the CEO of In-N-Out Burger is a 36 y/o IBS shrew worth $3B    10/18/18  (17)
hate Trump, but "Warren (sometimes referred to as Pocahontas)" is brilliant    10/18/18  (28)
Meghan Markle is preggoo...that was fast    10/18/18  (3)
Rate this 30-something DC bride-to-be    10/18/18  (5)
ITT: ugliest posters on xo    10/18/18  (45)
Beto is totally rad, man. He came onstage on a skateboard!    10/18/18  (31)
one sign of disturbed people is how they constantly change appearance    10/18/18  (9)
BAM - u get obj 9 blonde feminine wife but have to pose for pics like this    10/18/18  (59)
Rate Natalie Portman and Emma Watson in this regular picture    10/18/18  (2)
People who humblebrag about having lots of “meetings” should be shot    10/18/18  (48)
ITT: RANK your top TV shows    10/18/18  (57)
I weigh 178lbs now. Down from 195lbs 4 months ago. Rate me (pic)    10/18/18  (25)
⚾⚾⚾ Official Houston Astros v. Boston Red Sox ALCS Game 4 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/18/18  (79)
Yann says, I'm done with Derrio    10/18/18  (24)
Who here has posted for 10+ years on xoxo and can prove it?    10/18/18  (116)
Rate these boats that I'm looking at    10/18/18  (8)
Roseanne to release "Roseanne". In pilot rest of family die in Muslim terror at    10/18/18  (24)
remember that 80s teen drama where Molly Ringwald gets pregnant?    10/18/18  (1)
Thoughts on FoxNews bimbo Ellison Barber?    10/18/18  (1)
why does Japanese cuckold porn always make the bull fat/bald/sweaty?    10/18/18  (22)
Rate Emma Watson's VC finance/tech douche (CHAD) boyfriend    10/18/18  (52)
I've been tricked like twice this week by this bumper sticker.    10/18/18  (6)
Kristen Bell: Snow White was raped when prince kissed her while sleeping (link)    10/18/18  (13)
Bloodacre, ever go here growing up?    10/18/18  (6)
I got a fucking raccoon climbing up my staircase staring at me every night    10/18/18  (31)
I hate it when I see tall men with midget women    10/18/18  (40)
Fuck it, moving to Spain    10/18/18  (1)
Ageism for low level white collar jobs is insanely bad    10/18/18  (37)
How do people work 60+ hours/week for life    10/18/18  (4)
Shrew GF: Demands FINE WINE! 2nd Cousin: Says "all jews are swine!"    10/18/18  (4)
Got cut off in traffic by a boomer in a Honda Accord with a "MICHELLE 2024" bump    10/18/18  (4)
Member of Khashoggi hit squad dies in "traffic accident" in Saudi    10/18/18  (10)
Most (xo poa would be much happier as fanatically anti-American muslims    10/18/18  (1)
You're Young!: Jennifer Love Hewitt is in her 30s    10/18/18  (28)
Shrew gf: "We have to ban the NPC meme!" 2nd cuz: "How do I skip this cutscene?"    10/18/18  (5)
Wife wants me to drop almost $700K to buy a house in a filthy GHETTO    10/18/18  (25)
Have guys like libcrusher/lawman8 ever left CONUS or even their home state?    10/18/18  (1)
Will fuck a white South African girl who fled blacks. Taking Qs (TT6)    10/18/18  (30)
TRUMP: If Mexico does not stop the immigrant caravan we will CLOSE THE BORDER    10/18/18  (33)
RATE this Manhattan apartment    10/18/18  (32)
Had four drinks last night -- hungover as shit. What the fuck.    10/18/18  (44)
the more i see and hear anthony bourdain, the more i think i hate him.    10/18/18  (7)
Describe the HIGH you got when you 1st finger banged a chick    10/18/18  (34)
I just want to see Amanda Bynes and Huma nude    10/18/18  (11)
Nyuug, plz confirm u accept my offer to buy u DNA test & u will imgur results    10/18/18  (3)
u click on edinburgh's unit in starcraft. he recites 1200 word post about dubai.    10/18/18  (12)
xo boyfriends living off the grid in NorCal forest, communicating w birdcalls    10/18/18  (3)
Saw this exhibit from Harvard AA trial - looked like XO catnip to me - Enjoy!    10/18/18  (11)
90s teen drama "Felicity" to be rebooted with latinx trans star    10/18/18  (1)
504 Boyz - Wobble Wobble.mp3    10/18/18  (17)
beto doing a kick flip & grinding on border fence lock, opening it for illegals    10/18/18  (3)
Bumble matched with one of the hottest girls in the office.    10/18/18  (12)
alzabo rate this track    10/18/18  (2)
HBO filming "The CKs". In the pilot, Louis character run over by subway    10/18/18  (1)
SEXUAL ASSAULT    10/18/18  (1)
Bridget Fonda is 60 years young in December    10/18/18  (1)
Trump Walks Back Promise to Declassify SPYGATE docs    10/18/18  (10)
*Beto skateboarding into beer-can pyramid on senate floor*    10/18/18  (4)
They should bring back Cosby show with no Bill Cosby too    10/18/18  (4)
Need an alzabo bump now    10/18/18  (8)
Paris Jackson needs to have a sex tape leaked out already    10/18/18  (3)
Christine Blasey Ford’s Memory of Her Assault Isn’t a Case of Mistaken Ident    10/18/18  (28)
Is spoon-feeding babies rape? The answer may surprise you. (HuffPo)    10/18/18  (2)
remember when shitlibs cheered Obama “leading from the rear?”    10/18/18  (4)
Midwestern trucker: "This Beto guy sounds real sharp! Guess I'm for open borders    10/18/18  (41)
NEXT GREAT LIB HOPE forcememes that flamed out    10/18/18  (24)
Tweets a-Plenty Don    10/18/18  (1)
uspo is like the millennial version of evan39, except not funny or smart    10/18/18  (6)
trump KEEPS campaign promise, finally labels china a currency manipulator    10/18/18  (1)
girl asked if i was 'british'    10/18/18  (1)
Average age of Bones Brigade: 65. Youngest member Tony Hawk, 57    10/18/18  (1)
Beto is like an overgrown 15 y/o    10/18/18  (8)
Is "cotton-pickin'" a substitute for motherfucking or goddamn?    10/18/18  (1)
How does Trump think he's going to make people who hate him like him?    10/18/18  (5)
get your attorneys for nothing and your frontdoors for free    10/18/18  (20)
"money for nothing" plays as AssFaggot loses 5 cases in a row    10/18/18  (28)
Watchmen isn't even anti-Semitic. Why do Jews hate him?    10/18/18  (8)
Third Rock versus Thirty Rock    10/18/18  (1)
You idiots. Trump can't even break 30%. And the other 70% HATE him    10/18/18  (48)
Bart "Beto" Simpson "O'Rourke"    10/18/18  (1)
splinter the GOP with one weird trick! intellectuals HATE him!    10/18/18  (7)
one simple tip to improve SAD's life. NOWAGs HATE HIM for this!    10/18/18  (2)
Rate this cabin as a place to live, post from (pic)    10/18/18  (4)
Ironside, is it too late to become a plastic surgeon?    10/18/18  (29)
US Treasury employee arrested for leaking classified info to Dems (link)    10/18/18  (6)
One WEIRD app: local man shits easier, gets access to quick and easy bjs    10/18/18  (4)
Serious Question: are you surprised Trump is doing this well?    10/18/18  (1)
Manafort has already started snitching (link)    10/18/18  (4)
Don Jr. and/or Kushner are months away from indictment    10/18/18  (2)
What happened to SPYGATE forcememe    10/18/18  (4)
spindrift is 180    10/18/18  (1)
Do the FRE apply in presidential impeachment trials?    10/18/18  (6)
ITT: We Archive the Brutal, One-Shot Kills of XOXO    10/18/18  (292)
Libs cried about migrant family separation. Unintended consequences? Floods of    10/18/18  (1)
Do AM radio talk show hosts get paid?    10/18/18  (16)
i need to have a profound drug experience    10/18/18  (3)
Trump DOE denies 99% of PSLF forgiveness applications    10/18/18  (92)
Wasnt there a hurricane that hit FL recently? Update?    10/18/18  (1)
most culturally impactful movie of the last 25 years?    10/18/18  (161)
*spanish guitar riff plays as luis enters room in unbuttoned white blazer    10/18/18  (24)
Other than oldhlsdude what age is the oldest person here?    10/18/18  (4)
Rate this bloated birth control law shrew in a two piece (pic)    10/18/18  (85)
If TCtp were a cute twinky Asian-Boi, I'd fuck him tenderly like a nice uncle.    10/18/18  (3)
libs chanting STAY WOKE around RBG's hospital bed    10/18/18  (8)
Haaretz: Countless Israeli Connections to Muellers Probe of Trump and Russia    10/18/18  (18)
PSA: girls at 'slumber parties' usually shower together at some point    10/18/18  (11)
WaPo: War in Yemen is good because men are learning to cook and clean    10/18/18  (2)
Kleenix to rebrand "mansize" tissues due to gender complaints (link)    10/18/18  (2)
We’ve got another 30-50 years of this shit? FUCK    10/18/18  (1)
Theresa May is a fucking weird dork. Maybe worse than HER    10/18/18  (1)
Post ITT if your IRL name is your (now unchangeable) moniker    10/18/18  (6)
Hello sir, I'm LtDanCaffey, I'm here for the..." *briefcase full of 🔌🔌s fa    10/18/18  (5)
🥛 truk jus arrive    10/18/18  (1)
Serious question: why should I give a fuck about Khashoggi getting killed?    10/18/18  (117)
ten years down the toilet    10/18/18  (2)
Flight attendant seems like a terrible job    10/18/18  (106)
been studying hard for a date i have coming up    10/18/18  (1)
"I call him 'Tweetin' Trump', folks. Because that's all he's good for..."    10/18/18  (1)
retarded boomer "crafty prole" doesn't get enough hate    10/18/18  (2)
deus vult what is the latest word on the <<<raccoon>>> question    10/18/18  (12)
so the Saudi "journalist" killing is fake news?    10/18/18  (69)
It still blows my mind that the Astros are in the A.L.    10/18/18  (32)
whokebe 🐃 jinx    10/18/18  (3)
Johnsmeyer calling Suze Orman w/ "Scream" voice distorter    10/18/18  (145)
PEAK female experience is insemination by DiCaprio in a Model-T on Titanic    10/18/18  (5)
"Grandpa why aren't you rich?" "You see there was this board    10/18/18  (2)
Bravo drops NYC hipsters into Kansas to see if they survive    10/18/18  (2)
WHEN MONIKER CHANGE    10/18/18  (6)
why do we tolerate the known pedophile "brave little poaster" on XO?    10/18/18  (34)
cowgod is subhuman trash    10/18/18  (1)
So Japan is flipping out over this Korean comfort women statue?    10/18/18  (4)
NPC prole tell: The drug war is BAD because it leads to crime and murders    10/18/18  (10)
"he wath a U.TH. rethident!"    10/18/18  (1)
Daily Stoic, 10/18/18    10/18/18  (2)
CNN NOW: is Julian Castro extremely sick or something?    10/18/18  (4)
mid90s    10/18/18  (7)
You remember your first blow job?    10/18/18  (87)
Xo poa replies to a dumb person ITT    10/18/18  (9)
jinx here, ready to permanently alter whok's boihole    10/18/18  (8)
Militarizing the border should become a regular talking point    10/18/18  (3)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    10/18/18  (158)

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