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noticed on steam that I own The Witcher 2. Should I play?    12/17/17  (8)
Amateur investor here: how do marketcaps change?    12/17/17  (29)
Lawman8 here. Wastred, taking qs    12/17/17  (40)
Can no longer relate to IRL people on a financial level    12/17/17  (3)
provigil bros, what are you stacking it with?    12/17/17  (11)
"Every man has committed sexual assault" the lib hissed at the incel virgin    12/17/17  (3)
Concerted gradual UFO disclosure effort is underway    12/17/17  (29)
Boy IQ sure doesnt account for much. Frat bros from college doing way better tha    12/17/17  (17)
One of the stable of alts finally revealed!    12/17/17  (80)
Trump lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained transition documents in Russia probe    12/17/17  (90)
We're gonna maek it and gonna be rich    12/17/17  (2)
He's a biller queeeEEEN / a Goldman, a Silverstein / Finasteride, no self-esteem    12/17/17  (64)
Thanks to this bort, I idolize welfare NEETmoms over wagecucks    12/17/17  (1)
Luke Skywalker, born Lemuel Skliarevitz, on Tatooine    12/17/17  (1)
The biglaw wagecucks on this forum are really defensive    12/17/17  (9)
prominent uber-"progressive" PA state sen going down on harassment allegations    12/17/17  (1)
Why is CSLG so impressed with himself? V100 partner makes 2x he does    12/17/17  (63)
nutella: we don't need a weed whacker (husband spinning in circles with 35" cock    12/17/17  (22)
Your grandma making your grandpa a christmas sweater, serving him cocoa    12/17/17  (32)
How 1283249832 would it be if First Contact happens under POTUS Trump    12/17/17  (8)
Including crypto my networth is now positive    12/17/17  (5)
Sarah Silverman: i'm terrified when people fly their American flags (link)    12/17/17  (45)
Cr to list crypto buy in date on resume?    12/17/17  (1)
White American Men    12/17/17  (22)
Why is Tezos being pumped so much?    12/17/17  (10)
goddam wife. i take my kid to a fraternity reunion thing at a colleg buds house    12/17/17  (32)
While NOWAGs and trannies ragepoasted about me all day, I was busy with    12/17/17  (23)
That UFO video on nytimes is freaky as shit    12/17/17  (24)
Viewing the world through insane kike persecution complex tinted glasses    12/17/17  (1)
this drakemallard devastation is why you don't fuck with the jews    12/17/17  (133)
The male ego is hilariously pathetic    12/17/17  (6)
What do you call six million jews?    12/17/17  (13)
What's Tezos going to be worth in 2018?    12/17/17  (7)
Assfaggot is a "force multiplier" for my mental illness    12/17/17  (7)
how could fathers take sons to see faggy grrl power/nigged out Star Wars?    12/17/17  (6)
Could Tezos ever do what LTC did    12/17/17  (17)
Dumb cunt from CNN calls basketball fan in bacon suit anti-semitic    12/17/17  (7)
Would kill a biglawyer wagecuck for some McDonalds right nao    12/17/17  (1)
i no longer feel safe on xo    12/17/17  (7)
Dating Life in BIGLAW    12/17/17  (41)
why the fuck hasn't Trump revealed files on UFOs yet?    12/17/17  (9)
HAHA reading this while sipping coffee frm LIBERAL TEARS mug    12/17/17  (5)
FLOOD of liberal tears to come as Sessions is confirmed    12/17/17  (2)
What EXACTLY did HRC do that trumpmos contend was all "Lock her up" worthy. AND    12/17/17  (158)
Boomer literally bursts into flames on London street    12/17/17  (2)
*Ethnic poasters whistling at Lawman8 as he patrols*    12/17/17  (11)
Rach: hehe, don't go overboard; Lawman: Disable my bodycam.    12/17/17  (16)
even small pleasures can RUIN the pursuit of Scholarship    12/17/17  (6)
Lawman: "1776!" *awkward silence* "That's h8"    12/17/17  (7)
*Lawman refilling his LIBERAL TEARS cup in his secret lair*    12/17/17  (10)
Todd Barry on Potheads (vid)    12/17/17  (2)
*female jedi staring at Tatooinian landscape*    12/17/17  (2)
lol boxers is enraged i called him a "fucking moron."    12/17/17  (5)
I still cant believe 95%+ of Americans dont do crypto    12/17/17  (26)
John Hughes left us with some gifts that let us know what USA could have been    12/17/17  (1)
Things WLMAS hates: white people, turdskins, the USA, sex, not being drunk    12/17/17  (2)
A Wrinkle In Time    12/17/17  (5)
Ideal Wife Material........5-6 Face, 7-10 Body. Or, 7-10 Face, 4-6 Body?    12/17/17  (15)
Would love to drop middling IQ "uspo" in a woodchipper    12/17/17  (74)
trump should order Army to start building sections of Wall as military "fort"    12/17/17  (7)
Lawman8 is right about USPO. He's a deranged incel Indian retard    12/17/17  (36)
Where can I cop Tezos???    12/17/17  (6)
How much money did the avg crypto investor previously lose in ponzi schemes    12/17/17  (1)
Reminder: "Uspo" is a dead ringer for that smelly golfer Vijay Singh    12/17/17  (15)
odd how jewish kids are trained to love gold coins from an early age    12/17/17  (2)
"How could anyone have hated Law Man?", your Grandchild asks.    12/17/17  (3)
*spaceporns full-penised son cockslapping him left and right*    12/17/17  (18)
*FBI agent reading spaceporn post 2 room, stops mid-sentence* "ok this is flame"    12/17/17  (9)
Coldplay fan=the box    12/17/17  (2)
Lawman8 creating new megathread to add peanuts tp to Group 2    12/17/17  (30)
Resolved: Self-hating whites are most reprehensible people. Far worse than kikes    12/17/17  (40)
Thrust THRUST THRUST SPURTTT "okay let's get started..."    12/17/17  (2)
Has that vile tryhard turd USPO stopped trying to step to lawman8?    12/17/17  (16)
Chloe O'Brien from 24... Damn    12/17/17  (3)
Rach have away accounts like candy. Of course lawman's enemies built up stables.    12/17/17  (4)
("colt" and, together with MPA and USPO, the "Cool kids" and, each a "Cool    12/17/17  (49)
Do you know anyone who becomes a completely different person when drunk?    12/17/17  (18)
STICKY: Shutting down this board from 12/18 to 1/1 for maintenance    12/17/17  (5)
Mueller: Princeton '66, Marine Lt rifle platoon '68. What does he think of TRUMP    12/17/17  (52)
i liked the new star wars come at me.    12/17/17  (6)
Time to charge Strzok et al with sedition    12/17/17  (2)
Gen-X business owner kept on calling me "buddy"    12/17/17  (3)
Actual Eminem Lyrics. You can't Maek this up    12/17/17  (26)
Mueller read inadvertently produced allegedly privileged docs, end probe+ disbar    12/17/17  (1)
How long would it take to create a shitcoin block chain    12/17/17  (3)
check out this dilbert cartoon    12/17/17  (19)
AUSTRIA joins Poland, Hungary, Czechs in refusing to take migrants    12/17/17  (24)
WSJ pens lengthy screen re rootless cosmopolitans    12/17/17  (115)
Gf won't let me drink anymore after I got wasted a month ago. Now I can't sleep    12/17/17  (29)
Podesta email: loved the Purchase Agreement, left my Comments by the Jacuzzi    12/17/17  (1)
peppa pig jigsaw puzzle    12/17/17  (1)
a neckbeard's critical take on Star Wars: The Last Jedi    12/17/17  (1)
Well, Doug Jones honeymoon with libs is gonna be short. LJL    12/17/17  (6)
Im afraid the shitlib wing of my firm is coming for me    12/17/17  (22)
Weird to think how much power Chinese provincial officials have    12/17/17  (4)
Real Talk: Robert Swan Mueller is preftigiou$ as fuck!    12/17/17  (3)
Why the fuck isn't this Gruden idiot testing Colt McCoy in next 3 garbage games    12/17/17  (1)
crippling social anxiety builds all day-- have to barricade self alone at nite    12/17/17  (4)
#RemoveJones is trending    12/17/17  (1)
hahaha wife is a chump. i told her i had tongo to.work all day today, packed    12/17/17  (11)
What is up with boomers and RVs?    12/17/17  (1)
it was fun as fuck trolling the dorks in the Thtar Warsth theater last night    12/17/17  (4)
Anna Karenina adaptation next yr is starring, you guessed it, Jennifer Hudson    12/17/17  (6)
Fun Legal Hypo (Prole Jew Messrs. Fix It Break Shit) - From Talmud Law Class    12/17/17  (20)
What are these flashing multi-colored orbs that people are seeing?    12/17/17  (7)
Red Letter Media reviews The Last Jedi, calls it the best Star Wars ever    12/17/17  (3)
Towards the end, they won't "invest" in coins    12/17/17  (1)
Towards the end, they won't "invest" in fiat    12/17/17  (1)
is petermans lot lizard business just a front to get referrals for his slut mom?    12/17/17  (1)
omg, you are the SWEETEST! I'll let u know how my date goes ;)    12/17/17  (18)
Tezos will Moon    12/17/17  (2)
2nd cousin: wanna touch my legs? ;) Shrew :D nutritionfacts.org/topics/eggs    12/17/17  (22)
GF now dating a fat 40yo Jew with bitch tits (pic inside)    12/17/17  (11)
LMao @ Maf doctor cucks...being fucked by crytopigs and solo shitlawyers    12/17/17  (1)
Kirk Cameron--lets bash this mopey dork    12/17/17  (2)
*peterman doing sultry rendition of "Santa Baby" to 345 lb trucker w/Santa beard    12/17/17  (2)
29 year old solo shitlawyer maeks 2 mill. 40 yr old bort doctors make 200k    12/17/17  (1)
Listen, lifelong Trumpmo here but I'm starting to get worried about this adminis    12/17/17  (11)
Is Trump going to fire Mueller?    12/17/17  (8)
"Mommy, I'm scared. I don't think daddy is woke"    12/17/17  (1)
Peterman now worth between 3 to 4 million    12/17/17  (3)
evan39 $hould $luts be forced to $troke my $haft    12/17/17  (4)
XO domain name expire Jan 2 2018 Rach please renew    12/17/17  (5)
Can I 5'8'' guy who is in shape sleep with hot chicks in NYC?    12/17/17  (10)
*ur 5 y/o coming home from school, asking ur wife if ur a rapist*    12/17/17  (2)
haha no Im not gay, just sucked a few cocks is all    12/17/17  (2)
Bort solo shitlawyers>> cryptopigs>> cryptopiglets>>biglawyers/
   12/17/17  (1)
Star Wars is racist against non-humans    12/17/17  (5)
Ordered papa john$ Peyton Manning is a fraud    12/17/17  (5)
New Eminem lyrics : I just drank a fifth of vodka, call my sponsor    12/17/17  (5)
'Eminem', born Marshall "Moshe" Hymowitz    12/17/17  (3)
Tezos futures: $12.13    12/17/17  (16)
NOT FLAME - 2nd largest black precinct had 170% voter turnout (link)    12/17/17  (20)
Audience was openly revolting against The Last Jedi. #TheResistance    12/17/17  (2)
Kirk Cousins--lets bash this mopey dork    12/17/17  (1)
Gene Simmons accused of sexual harassment    12/17/17  (4)
you are old: Halford stopped returning your son's calls    12/17/17  (50)
so much AGWWG at Costco this morning    12/17/17  (3)
wgwag wgwag wgwag    12/17/17  (1)
can i buy cosmos futures    12/17/17  (4)
Watchmen here. I'm killing it. And by 'it' I mean your dog, for supper.    12/17/17  (14)
the truckers fucked the letters out of peterman's moniker    12/17/17  (2)
luis diesel, cross examining your son, in people v. Halford    12/17/17  (30)
Your son throwing Hanford's Hate Room in the trash "I told Santa the HELLROOM"    12/17/17  (6)
Tezos    12/17/17  (14)
Barron forcing Dana Bash to swallow his nut, mascara streaking down her face    12/17/17  (5)
JAP law shrew has to settle for AP history teacher LJL    12/17/17  (4)

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