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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
walked out of a mass shooting this morning    06/17/18  (1)
freddie here. the return of freddie. brand new freddie. freddie story.    06/17/18  (12)
Seems weird that Stephen miller & Bannon don't have a twitter account    06/17/18  (7)
little bit of scholarship in my life, little bit of scholarship by my side, litt    06/17/18  (1)
walked out of mass this morning    06/17/18  (46)
*holds gun to freddie's head in back of Uber* "take us back to the 90's!"    06/17/18  (7)
just poppin in to check up on freddie. sup freddie    06/17/18  (4)
Guy who graduated from a MERITOCRATIC First World Education System here, sup    06/17/18  (36)
Watchmen please come back. You are a 180 poster and my friend    06/17/18  (1)
Reminder: there is an alien base under the 4 corners region.    06/17/18  (34)
Reminder: there is an alien base under the 4 seasons resort    06/17/18  (1)
if you just start building stuff on Antarctica, will anyone stop you?    06/17/18  (12)
"But my diaper goes there" the istanbul street cat story    06/17/18  (3)
Istanbul street cat, I'm ready to "go steady" w/u    06/17/18  (13)
Anyone watch the U.K. show Love Island on Hulu? It's 180    06/17/18  (1)
German soldiers in WWII were superior but only lost due to numbers?    06/17/18  (52)
Istanbul Street Cat tp is a 180 underrated poster    06/17/18  (29)
Istanbul street cat COME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!    06/17/18  (32)
( ( this warm bowl of milk is for you, scholarship tp ) )    06/17/18  (4)
rach please sticky all the diaper threads until istanbul street cat cums back    06/17/18  (9)
Scott Adams said that the children being separated from illegal alien parents    06/17/18  (35)
Along Came Polly is SEVERELY underrated. 170 Rom Com.    06/17/18  (3)
Hardwick on leave at AMC now    06/17/18  (38)
rach please sticky a bowl of milk until istanbul street cat cums back    06/17/18  (79)
jfc istanbul street cat please post ITT tonight, if you don't i might killself    06/17/18  (4)
Bros, what can you expect from lyfe after 35 if you didnt form babby?    06/17/18  (50)
should I buy a second pair of these AE horsebit loafers in brown??    06/17/18  (5)
Andrew Anglin with a very special Father's day message    06/17/18  (10)
Ghost, ghost I know you live within me I feel you as you fly In thunder clouds a    06/17/18  (2)
daily reminder: PEOPLE = SHIT    06/17/18  (1)
revolutionary GDPR regs = u have to click "accept" 4 cookies on websites now    06/17/18  (2)
Why did the US fire Jurgen Klinsmann? Wasn't he our only good coach ever    06/17/18  (1)
Here is how Trump used claims of fake news to create his dangerous cult of fan    06/17/18  (1)
No one here talking about westworld s2e9 here. It's ratings on hbo must be awful    06/17/18  (4)
Why is Ohio such a shithole?    06/17/18  (36)
*eats a liquor store sandwich alone at the empty zozo hotel lobby*    06/17/18  (96)
Why can't black women order a sandwich w/o making a scene?    06/17/18  (131)
Video of the accident that made watchmen the man he is today    06/17/18  (1)
why did scholarship tp go quotemo? :(    06/17/18  (16)
RATE her    06/17/18  (23)
America's "Most Psychopathic States" ranked.    06/17/18  (5)
The soul crushing look in your dad's eyes after you hang up after 11 minute call    06/17/18  (5)
RATE this 17yo DisneySLUT    06/17/18  (24)
Landon Donovan: fuck USA soccer. VIVA MEXICO!    06/17/18  (15)
Asian applicants at H rated lower on personality    06/17/18  (156)
what is THE most CR major city in the WORLD to live in    06/17/18  (127)
Extremely detailed analysis on how Admiral Michael Rogers saved America    06/17/18  (50)
Its fun sometimes to bump older threads (cor    06/17/18  (1)
rate this lil uzi vert music video    06/17/18  (35)
farting so loud john mark karr claims credit for it    06/17/18  (32)
Comedy Central cancels "The Opposition" after 1 season    06/17/18  (1)
Dylann Roof murders were three years ago today    06/17/18  (6)
Today, the Columbine shooters would be 46 years old.    06/17/18  (4)
Winners of 2017 intramural baseball league: an entire team of MPA alts    06/17/18  (12)
where will a volcano erupt this week? my guess = oregon    06/17/18  (1)
feel like Nietzsche watching the horse get whipped    06/17/18  (30)
skadden-debevoise rumor talk is INSANE    06/17/18  (10)
i sincerely hoap that each and every zozo poaster maeks it    06/17/18  (6)
Rate this group of XO poasters in an Eagles cover band    06/17/18  (8)
Pensive is the most important poster of all time    06/17/18  (3)
Farting so loud SpaceX takes credit for it    06/17/18  (14)
Elon Musk resembles John Mark Karr quite a bit    06/17/18  (3)
hey libs i just had eggo waffles for dinner suck my dick    06/17/18  (6)
In 2 years will there be driverless Ubers    06/17/18  (4)
Restaurant idea: every dish features eggo waffles    06/17/18  (10)
Ever see a nig in self checkout? Imagine with driverless cars? LOL it'll never b    06/17/18  (2)
are bunnies OUT IN FORCE in your neighborhood too?    06/17/18  (11)
Going to hardware store for rope then Adam's Song on repeat    06/17/18  (3)
Shooting at wal Mart in Washington state    06/17/18  (2)
i'm here for scholarship tp    06/17/18  (11)
boomer collecting ssdi | boomer ing| boooom    06/17/18  (1)
is coke mixed with fentanyl a real epidemic?    06/17/18  (21)
I feel like school lied to us and our historical heroes were 15 not in classes b    06/17/18  (1)
ACTIVE SHOOTER shot and killed by an ARMED CIVILIAN at a Washington Walmart:    06/17/18  (5)
i really wish scholarship the poaster hadn't retired    06/17/18  (8)
gonna call my dad then listen to Enema of the State all night    06/17/18  (3)
ITT list anything worth staying in America for    06/17/18  (33)
LOL at leaky iCloud crashing my mbp trying to sync two documents    06/17/18  (1)
why driverless cars disproportionately effect black crime    06/17/18  (2)
evan39 having more money than other xoxoers proves its utilization of $    06/17/18  (2)
evan39 in hiding after shooting at his new store in Washington State    06/17/18  (4)
movie to watch 2nite?    06/17/18  (120)
we want scholarship we want scholarship *bangs table*    06/17/18  (15)
j shad and armo watching tutu-addled scholarship poast: "kids got talent"    06/17/18  (10)
gonna kill myself if scholarship doesn't poast soon    06/17/18  (10)
double creampied 20 year old now    06/17/18  (14)
bring back scholarship    06/17/18  (7)
Tired of biglaw - just want to do ARE country, modest home, big floofy dogdood    06/17/18  (8)
MAGA-hatted cuties at 'Conservative Conference' (NYT)    06/17/18  (37)
he was a short Asian dentist and the love of my life    06/17/18  (2)
scholarship take my diploma i don't need it    06/17/18  (8)
hayes carll tp - are you the singer or just a fan?    06/17/18  (5)
a 24 hr diner consisting of a large food trough topped off w sysco cardboard    06/17/18  (1)
Amazon HQ2 leaked....its Columbus!!    06/17/18  (3)
I just want to play computer games from the 90's    06/17/18  (17)
Describe the hottest biglaw girl you know    06/17/18  (24)
Judas Jones: How was Paris? Did you make it to Roland Garros? #tennis    06/17/18  (15)
I am living off the government. Thank you Taxpayers :)    06/17/18  (13)
remember the Chad tug? was 180    06/17/18  (6)
xo: it's time to free your hair from sulfates, silicones, alcohols, waxes, glyce    06/17/18  (8)
everyone come itt and congratulate scholarship on his law degree    06/17/18  (30)
You are a fucking gay little bitch pussy retard if you give ANY notice    06/17/18  (3)
Kid won "Character Award--Gratitude Certificate" at end of 2nd grade. whats that    06/17/18  (10)
RSF calls from Paris @3AM: "Dad the AmEx got declined! Fix it! oh happy father's    06/17/18  (21)
Fuck the alcohol = poison protonirregfascists    06/17/18  (6)
my dad is the stupidest fuck who ever walked this earth, taking Qs    06/17/18  (14)
A gallon of milk attached to parachute descending from B52 bomber over Peking    06/17/18  (1)
Can freddie come back now please???    06/17/18  (3)
I miss freddie    06/17/18  (36)
daily reminder: you're stuck on a planet with 7 billion hungry psychopaths    06/17/18  (1)
TSINAH have you ever seen/encountered a Burmese Python in the wild?    06/17/18  (7)
evan39 are you ok    06/17/18  (1)
Lib media still think "illegals" are the only people who matter?    06/17/18  (1)
/*\/*\ MASSIVE earthquake 6.1 Ricter Scale hits Japan buildings collapse /*\/*\    06/17/18  (3)
Sometimes you just need to eat a 48oz steak and then swing a nig from a tree    06/17/18  (7)
went with kid to bus depot. i'm reading old newspapers. he's playing w lint    06/17/18  (8)
So letting Stephen Miller dictate policy was a bad idea? Go figure.    06/17/18  (12)
haha ok I agree brooks koepka is handsome    06/17/18  (1)
my cats like to groom each other at the same time like they are making out    06/17/18  (1)
Westworld s2 vs. True Detective s2    06/17/18  (3)
Trump abolishes term limits to keep promise that well get tired of winning    06/17/18  (1)
Livestrong has an article for every incredibly specific fitness q i Google    06/17/18  (5)
haha no I wasn't in the women's restroom with that guy    06/17/18  (1)
WLMAS = BEL??? this cant be true    06/17/18  (28)
Just microwaved a cat and sliced my thighs with razors. Need anything modded?    06/17/18  (8)
This is your typical mid-20s white woman these days (DTP)    06/17/18  (43)
haha yeah cocaine doesn't make me do that but it's cool haha    06/17/18  (1)
being on xo is like living with rando roommates I never wanted    06/17/18  (2)
"Manic Depressive, wow so ur well rounded? Haha, c u at 7!"    06/17/18  (1)
Haha cool yeah I left my phone in the car all weekend too :)    06/17/18  (6)
That's fine I'm not a sexual person either. Can't wait to C U 2night!!!    06/17/18  (1)
How did subhuman Russians (tundra monkeys) invent nukes just 5 years after US?    06/17/18  (18)
LOL Mueller really is only going for Obstruction of Justice. WaPo link ITT    06/17/18  (78)
I deleted the TT thread - u mad?    06/17/18  (157)
430AM on a random Tue and Chad is embarrssed to be seen w your wife and uber dri    06/17/18  (2)
Manafort superseding indictment is devastating. Countdown to cooperation deal    06/17/18  (87)
Westworld becoming unwatchable    06/17/18  (10)
lawyers don't have any real "skills"    06/17/18  (6)
Do Big 4 Accountants style on mid-level Lawyers?    06/17/18  (11)
Sometimes you just need to eat a 48oz steak and then swing a mattock at a tree    06/17/18  (3)
HBO execs apologize for Westworld s2 (Forbes)    06/17/18  (10)
Steve Albini won a WSOP bracelet    06/17/18  (13)
Wtf girl Im dating wakes up in the middle of the night to eat    06/17/18  (17)
What porns do you watch with your dad on fathers day?    06/17/18  (5)
So the newest tack for attacking Trump is that he is a monster...    06/17/18  (8)
I feel like I'm the only guy wearing diaper these days.    06/17/18  (2)
I feel like I'm the only guy wearing google glass these days.    06/17/18  (3)
Elon Musk: beware of "trickery" from lawyers.    06/17/18  (65)
Germany has the youngest team in the World Cup - no one under 30    06/17/18  (3)

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