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Watching Bill Maher: reminds of CNN Panels but can't put finger on why...    11/18/17  (13)
RSF seems pretty childish and selfish when talking about cucking other guys    11/18/17  (21)
Big mouth on Netflix is hilarious    11/18/17  (2)
Only a player drinks organic tart cherry juice. Only a player.    11/18/17  (2)
Imagine Africa today if colonialism never ended. 180 place?    11/18/17  (58)
micropenis is a medical condition, spaceporn shrieked as wife beats him w a wok    11/18/17  (6)
hawaiians are a very musical people, they often sing well    11/18/17  (1)
My friend got arrested in his hotel suite for sucking the glass dick    11/18/17  (2)
Maid in Manhattan is unwatchable    11/18/17  (1)
just ate a bunch of thanksgiving food and epsom salt so i'm about to pee cassero    11/18/17  (7)
Oneohtrix Point Never    11/18/17  (5)
Modern American women should be 100% starved of attention after we get sexbots    11/18/17  (3)
Lmao the Sixers might win the East THIS YEAR    11/18/17  (30)
if only i had 1000 imaginary bitcoins, i would have maed it    11/18/17  (1)
Dark knight is unwatchable    11/18/17  (19)
who is this pee caso faggot and why should i care about him?    11/18/17  (1)
My pet dog died today. Had him cremated. Was there watching.    11/18/17  (152)
Commercials with blacks and acting like WASPs    11/18/17  (26)
ITT: you share your favorite racist joke    11/18/17  (295)
Why do GLASSES STORE GIRLS always look like BRAZZERS video chicks?    11/18/17  (23)
Rarely spoken of and highly underrated Trump WIN: Made Lena Dunham lose weight    11/18/17  (20)
Dragon ball super episode 116    11/18/17  (7)
Did Africans REALLY not have two story buildings until colonialism?    11/18/17  (173)
RSF, describe how you came to be such a hardcore reptile    11/18/17  (105)
there are literally more shitcoins than people on the planet earth    11/18/17  (1)
Have you heard about the head transplant?    11/18/17  (26)
Oooooh, I'm a NIGGER just for kicks yeah, I've been chimping out since 1986 yeah    11/18/17  (2)
i want a woman who will stare into my eyes and pinch the head of my penis.    11/18/17  (1)
Chandler real talk, if you dont take CSLG up on his offer you are done here    11/18/17  (10)
Simple poll to determine whether lawman8 is smart or dumb (link)    11/18/17  (22)
POLL: Wife wants her own moniker. Should I allow it?    11/18/17  (5)
29 (Twentynine) need to contact you off board    11/18/17  (4)
Vaporizing marijuana is amazing    11/18/17  (5)
I want to be VERY clear about this: blue smoke is a fucking NIGGER    11/18/17  (1)
Lol Ironman champion 2017 is vegetarian    11/18/17  (2)
Men in the United States are chronically lonely.    11/18/17  (25)
explain absence of fathers in NIG america. is it a straight up low IQ thing?    11/18/17  (37)
Check out the brutal beating at 9th Cir. oral argument    11/18/17  (118)
Attractive white females that are just awful at sex    11/18/17  (5)
*~*~ The Official Big Ten Championship Thread: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin ~*~*    11/18/17  (18)
*Assfaggot shakes head, puts on hood* About to gallop off hears faint: "NIGGER!"    11/18/17  (1)
RATE Sam Cohen's Saturday Night Outfit Tonight (PIC) #ironside    11/18/17  (7)
If 5'9 Goffin Wins WTF, Shortest Majors+ Winner Since Chang at RG? #tennis    11/18/17  (5)
WTF Glitch? No bonus for SF #tennis    11/18/17  (14)
Dimitrov Is ATP WORLD #3. #tennis    11/18/17  (3)
Me and biglaw lives matter watching "The Game" aka Leaves Canadians    11/18/17  (3)
Did Kubot/Melo tank in their final RR match to play Harrison/Venus? #tennis    11/18/17  (2)
Just saw a man take his last breath in an MFH back alley    11/18/17  (9)
Now That XO Federer Lost At WTF, Who Is The ATP POY? #tennis    11/18/17  (3)
Girl just said she wants to have sex with me over text. Me:    11/18/17  (4)
Oops We Forgot To Update the WTF Doubles Draw (ATP) #tennis    11/18/17  (1)
Theory: chandler is actually a happy Jewish guy with a loving wife    11/18/17  (11)
My HEROIN DEALER got LOCKED UP this morning    11/18/17  (16)
Man tits are 180    11/18/17  (5)
Just had sex with 30 year old shrew. She audibly went pffftttt when I came.    11/18/17  (41)
Ironside referring to his wife's cleavage as "silicon valley"    11/18/17  (4)
jfc this board is dead.    11/18/17  (6)
Rating poasters as Big State Us.    11/18/17  (120)
WTF Semifinals: XO Federer v 5'9 Goffin. Dimitrov v :D's Jacksock #tennis    11/18/17  (5)
RSF's flight hits air pocket, drops 20K feet; his errant ( . )( .) knock him out    11/18/17  (3)
Going to house party tonight, SEVERAL girls I recently hooked up w r coming    11/18/17  (58)
BOOOYAH NIGGERS!!!! My three favorite Xmas parties are all different nights!!!    11/18/17  (17)
Lol at DTP's "hot takes" being top posting, just regurgitates dumb xo memes    11/18/17  (4)
just bought a signed authentic ric flair robe, taking questions    11/18/17  (6)
Rate this bukakke themed tattoo    11/18/17  (4)
so there's a good chance I'm going TTTT > midlaw    11/18/17  (4)
That's why they call evan thirty-niii-iiine. I'm posting at the speed of light.    11/18/17  (12)
It seriously never occurred to niggers to stack 1 floor on top of another?    11/18/17  (2)
180 life hack: friend someone on Facebook with the same first and last name as u    11/18/17  (4)
XO Federer Is 2 Wins Away From 26 MAJORS+ (5 AO, RG, 8 W, 5 USO, 7 WTF) #tennis    11/18/17  (8)
Let's talk about driving on a suspended license    11/18/17  (6)
charliebrown tp / *unzips* tp, come ITT    11/18/17  (10)
Apparently my resting cock size is similar to elite poasters    11/18/17  (2)
Jfc Michigan    11/18/17  (1)
Mai tits are 180    11/18/17  (1)
Mai tais are 180    11/18/17  (10)
starting to really not give a fuck about life..at all    11/18/17  (9)
No way Dems can run a man in 2020 at this point    11/18/17  (75)
charliebrown, come ITT *unzips*    11/18/17  (3)
"dat cancel" joked JCM as the doctor crushed the fetus skull with a steel rod    11/18/17  (39)
How biglaw of a scumbag do you have to be to approach hot chicks in church    11/18/17  (16)
Lol Michael Phelps went full Christian?    11/18/17  (10)
DUNHAM BENDS THE KNEE    11/18/17  (12)
Global capitalism shotguns down your door: "HEY ARE YOU RACE MIXING YET?"    11/18/17  (5)
Gonna clean my AR-15 while drinking Coors and watching tranny porn. FUCK LIBS.    11/18/17  (4)
Cosmos Club in DC: this place is like a Boomer retirement home    11/18/17  (7)
Apparently my resting heart rate is similar to elite athletes    11/18/17  (2)
FUBU - for us by us - just lol at afroamerican tribalism    11/18/17  (4)
Desperately need 100 eth to go solo and stop wagecucking    11/18/17  (33)
Bump this thread if Jordan Peterson is your father figure    11/18/17  (4)
Really depressed, sluggish, hungry today    11/18/17  (24)
wait, the Tappan Zee Bridge will now be the Cuomo Bridge?    11/18/17  (21)
Thor Ragnarok was pretty good    11/18/17  (28)
what if i told you, that you had maed it, you maed it the whole time    11/18/17  (5)
Holy fuck. Charlie Brown tp is 50 years. Lolling here. Get a fucking life    11/18/17  (44)
good music to get gakked to and poast all night?    11/18/17  (9)
Racist homosexual retard here. Taking ?s    11/18/17  (6)
Why do American women have huge hands and feet now?    11/18/17  (9)
Some thoughts on loneliness    11/18/17  (5)
So much good porn out nowadays it's so tough to not fap    11/18/17  (24)
If you've spent $1 on the "marvel cinematic universe" then you should be killed    11/18/17  (70)
Fuck noooo: YouTube banned the ToyFreaks family    11/18/17  (2)
I need to take a break from crypto. Zozo is my safe space    11/18/17  (3)
the box: YOLO... the box's baby: not me!!... the box: LOL tyft    11/18/17  (149)
ITT list the loneliest thing you do    11/18/17  (86)
Wapo: NYC subway to use gender neutral terms    11/18/17  (1)
It costs USPS $3.46 to deliver Amazon packages but Amazon only pays $2.00    11/18/17  (5)
lol at poasters that dont appreciate bboom, dtp, prince, twins    11/18/17  (13)
Having a weird ass night.    11/18/17  (6)
been banging lil peep since his death, he was a cool dude, RIP breh    11/18/17  (3)
lol i showed my kid the do i amuse you scene from goodfellas and    11/18/17  (1)
First of all - right - if he's a newcomer - right - I want him to    11/18/17  (6)
hive mind of manic autistic intps    11/18/17  (5)
girl tripped, hurt leg @ Wendy's. I parted crowd, said "Let me see. I'm a doctor    11/18/17  (18)
if you are too afraid to "lie" to receive ez money from GC LJL u have no hoap    11/18/17  (5)
clicking "poast" used to be a rush, now it's like lighting one cig too many    11/18/17  (6)
Class action links    11/18/17  (30)
Burke Williams is like The Gulag compared to what I have planned for Luis ;)    11/18/17  (3)
Anyone wanna see a vid of me shuffle dancing at Burning Man? (ryder)    11/18/17  (6)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    11/18/17  (11)
Stone cold, yellow belly, bucktoothed _______ approaching in the dead of night    11/18/17  (7)
xoxo poaster's heart racing as he clicks affirms truth of class action rebate co    11/18/17  (2)
"he's like a latino stephen malkmus" i answered 2 a guy asking what luis is like    11/18/17  (11)
(to Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand): CARL SPACKLER - woo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo o    11/18/17  (9)
I have a big fat Irish cock made for scooping Boner P's shit out of his ass.    11/18/17  (22)
HYPO: Be POTUS or Fed Chair    11/18/17  (5)
lol Frampton just got a Mayweather-like decision in Ireland over Garcia    11/18/17  (7)
Boner Police GTFIH U POTATO NIGGER    11/18/17  (6)
All social orders command their members to imbibe in pipe dreams of posterity    11/18/17  (8)
hell would be to mentally fucked up and not creative    11/18/17  (1)
Baffled SEC Jenkins: "so you had zero inside info. Bought them for a" meme"? "    11/18/17  (42)
Why is Chipotle so revolting?    11/18/17  (18)
China, S.Africa and Russia took out Mugabe after his cunt wife made a call to US    11/18/17  (1)
Recommend some good plot based/easy read FICTION novels    11/18/17  (19)
POASTRADAMUS when will u pay consuela    11/18/17  (8)
Tried mt WEIRD FAG BABY TALK at work today. It was actually a big hit    11/18/17  (7)
posters who suck & fuck 2 royksopp congregate ITT    11/18/17  (4)
Saw a guy kill himself in chipotle    11/18/17  (6)
Is it true that a creepy black fatherless queer bastard alcoholic posted here?    11/18/17  (3)
How many potatoes did it take to kill boner police's ancestors?    11/18/17  (1)
Amy Klobuchar definitely going to run in 2020    11/18/17  (3)
nigger    11/18/17  (6)
Colombia    11/18/17  (1)
CDC- tiny number of Americans eating enough fruits and vegetables    11/18/17  (111)
Electronic music makers, is the iRig Keys I/O a ONE STOP SOLUTION for making ele    11/18/17  (10)
Muscadine wine (R., S.C.)    11/18/17  (11)

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