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300 million years of evolution on display as a crow tears into a burger king bag    09/24/17  (39)
On balance, 7.6 and 9.2 are in balance, as I understand it.    09/24/17  (27)
Notre Dame kicker tells interviewer "guy who kicks 1st world field goals here su    09/24/17  (5)
Thanks to xo I burst out laughing at the sight of a semi truck now    09/24/17  (4)
Ethiopians hate American blacks and consider them a different species    09/24/17  (50)
"Wouldst thou live deliciously?" Live Tuna asks, winking, holding out GradPLUS L    09/24/17  (11)
Jfc my Tinder date is drunk and he throwing up in the bathroom    09/24/17  (98)
MUST-SEE VID: truckers discussing "pissjugs"    09/24/17  (13)
"How are you doing, brother?" RSF asked an alloy urn on his breakfast nook    09/24/17  (6)
First day    09/24/17  (1)
Percentage of Trump supporters who can pronounce divisive.    09/24/17  (9)
ITT: #1 prole tell    09/24/17  (4)
Lawman8 listing his human qualities after someone tells him "see u later alligat    09/24/17  (8)
Notre Dame kicker welcoming entire Michigan State cheerleading squad to harem    09/24/17  (1)
Farting so loud you puke    09/24/17  (3)
Michigan STTTaTTTe absolutely creampied by Notre Dame ljl    09/23/17  (2)
I bet many NFL fans have had relatives funerals with the flag draped on casket    09/23/17  (8)
CHALLENGE: define the word "flame" as used here in 10 words or less    09/23/17  (37)
The "B1G" is absolute garbage and should be demoted to division 1-AA    09/23/17  (1)
Ljl shitcons: Angered by Trump, HS football team burns flag (pic)    09/23/17  (3)
Rrrrrrrrrrrape    09/23/17  (3)
Farting so loud libs MAF    09/23/17  (3)
Peterman's farts sound like someone with Bell's Palsy trying to whistle    09/23/17  (2)
LS classmate went solo as "Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency lawyer". Crushing it    09/23/17  (1)
Farting so loud faggist aflutter    09/23/17  (1)
You cucks gone stop watching baseball now?    09/23/17  (5)
MFN downtown hipster coffee shop cafe    09/23/17  (1)
Henry Ford explains why Jews are always disrupting society    09/23/17  (14)
Everyone has tattoos on their necks, face, knuckles, feet now - it's nbd    09/23/17  (22)
This new rap shit kids are listening to really bangs    09/23/17  (7)
The Gaslighting of Lawman8 by the Coward Coldplayfan    09/23/17  (20)
Theory: blacks dominate RB position because skin is same color as the ball and    09/23/17  (2)    09/23/17  (4)
Rate my Chinese food delivery order    09/23/17  (14)
:D is the Joe Rogan of the bort    09/23/17  (10)
Wilbur Mercer what are your lifts?    09/23/17  (4)
Truckers playing cornhole using a full size Ikea bean bag and peterman's gaper    09/23/17  (8)
Do we have any actual college students here?    09/23/17  (9)
These blonde German twins with braces are gonna be hot in a few years    09/23/17  (8)
lol baby boomers get pensions    09/23/17  (2)
ESPN to Add Optional "Social Action" Category to Fantasy Settings    09/23/17  (3)
you knew Big 10 refs weren't letting Michigan lose this one    09/23/17  (7)
seems like ann coulter has been driven literally insane by the cuckening    09/23/17  (3)
Keep Calm and Carry Baking Soda    09/23/17  (4)
At will employment: let's bash this TTT    09/23/17  (30)
FBI: Why'd u do it? FR bomber: "Islam." FBI: *slams desk* Don't make me ask agai    09/23/17  (171)
Future roomate is alpha bro, not sure how to handle..    09/23/17  (40)
Lol at this Trump tweet about Joba holy shit (link)    09/23/17  (3)
*literally provides DNA sample to google*    09/23/17  (1)
Catalan, Basque, Andalusia -- how do these relate?    09/23/17  (4)
Anyone been to the "Ozarks"?    09/23/17  (6)
Reminder: Everyone in your life is actively or passively trying to undermine you    09/23/17  (48)
Ungh that Berkeley chick in a sports bra had hard as fuck nips    09/23/17  (2)
Wings. Beer. Sports. Darnell.    09/23/17  (1)
USC "song girl" used to be on MyFreeCams (link)    09/23/17  (1)
socal has really good looking people but it's 40 percent Hispanic    09/23/17  (11)
UC Berkeley easily handling TTT USC    09/23/17  (4)
RSF have you ever played hockey with this dude    09/23/17  (2)
Think about how we will all die and be forgotten almost immediately    09/23/17  (14)
Black players should start throwing NFL games    09/23/17  (1)
If hiring managers see a "master's" degree on a CV it goes straight in the trash    09/23/17  (1)
How does Sam Darnold have such a chubby face but isnt fat    09/23/17  (4)
WaPo headline from yesterday: "Trump is running out of Twitter tricks"    09/23/17  (3)
Trump is tricking blacks into openly showing their tribal nature and contempt    09/23/17  (16)
PROLAPSED: Peterman's fuckhole    09/23/17  (1)
Munger Tolles Olson circulates to the firm hours billed by each atty every month    09/23/17  (11)
LJL how every woman regardless of BMI wears yoga pants to the grocery store    09/23/17  (8)
Trump on NFL anthem protestors: "Get that son of a bitch off the field!"    09/23/17  (25)
Very attractive women are not very friendly    09/23/17  (21)
lol peterman changed his moniker to "truckerstomper58" (link)    09/23/17  (1)
You'd have to watch 50 hours of TV per week for the (((fees))) to be worth it    09/23/17  (1)
Trump: ""Warriors are lightweights & WH Invitation is Withdrawn!    09/23/17  (4)
lol @ peterman    09/23/17  (6)
And then global capitalism came for BYU    09/23/17  (23)
CLS->4 yrs V50->4 yrs boutique->retire at 36 with 1.8M    09/23/17  (20)
Self professed "audiophile" given 20 years in Thai prison due to translation mis    09/23/17  (14)
I started rock climbing and it's fucking awesome.    09/23/17  (3)
bowl cut, buck teeth, small dick, cadirack, yeah, the boy's a ching chong    09/23/17  (5)
Married 4 new girls this past weekend (15 girls total in Feb) taking ?s (BYUUG)    09/23/17  (103)
Shitlaw boss telling you Hamptons Inn are too costly for business trips.    09/23/17  (16)
who got banned?    09/23/17  (37)
max IQ to not know what "bemused" means?    09/23/17  (24)
When you're walking down the hall and you feel something fall    09/23/17  (32)
Damn daddy! Back at it again with the chunky nutritious semen! (Whokebe to Jinx)    09/23/17  (5)
Rate the sideboob on this prom dress (pic)    09/23/17  (88)
I rike Shawn Calter, I rike Beyoncr, I rike Brue Ivy    09/23/17  (1)
NFL ratings for week 1 down 13%    09/23/17  (43)
John McCain completely fucked the GOP and Trump. 180^180    09/23/17  (21)
EVERYTHING blacks do is self centered    09/23/17  (53)
PARTNER ON DECK - TAKING AND GIVING ?s    09/23/17  (157)
RATE these reddit trannies and their sexual interests:    09/23/17  (16)
*DBG shotguns your door* "HEY DID YOU KNOW I'M GETTING MARRIED?"    09/23/17  (1)
why is this thread garbaged? it's on topic    09/23/17  (7)
Rowan claiming she is "blacked out" is universally lying.    09/23/17  (2)
RSF: ok for guys to have huge tits, not ok to have blonde skin dark hair    09/22/17  (1)
Teen girls have rape fantasies involving creepy clown from It    09/22/17  (7)
Women in the workplace = This Land Before Time scene    09/22/17  (10)
And I said, do you come from a Place called Pounder's?    09/22/17  (83)
I wonder what percent of truckers 21-65 have NOT used peterman's boihole    09/22/17  (1)
Why does making a lot of money feel so empty    09/22/17  (59)
The Jew is the world's enigma.    09/22/17  (2)
Whokebe, remember when you sucked the shit off of Jinx's dick?    09/22/17  (8)
*hovers over cancel* "fuck libs" *clicks poast*    09/22/17  (82)
Whokebe, face down, wiggling his naked ass in the air for Jinx    09/22/17  (3)
Hi guys it's me whok. I'm dying for a good deep dicking    09/22/17  (8)
Whokebe, pouting with arms crossed, demands to smell Mr. Jinx's dick    09/22/17  (4)
whokebe mewling like a kitten as Jinx pleasures his shitpipe    09/22/17  (27)
I want to fuck whokebe's tight little asshole while he mewls    09/22/17  (22)
Whokebe is getting JEALOUS that Mr. Jinx is POZZING Watchmen's SHITPIPE    09/22/17  (19)
WHO ATE MY ASS OUT? WHOK, WHOK, WHOK, WHOK! (Jinx)    09/22/17  (110)
I heard that in 2006 Jinx put Whokebe in a COCKCAGE    09/22/17  (15)
Watching The Circus... so GAKKED OUT on TRUMP right now    09/22/17  (5)
STANFORD LAW OPTIONAL ESSAYS....hooooooly fuck    09/22/17  (39)
this cartoon EXPOSES shitlib women    09/22/17  (10)
IDEA: Rach creates "nyuug bort" where only he can poast. Banned from other borts    09/22/17  (10)
Jimmy Kimmel is INSUFFERABLE    09/22/17  (30)
Drove by a retirement home, saw people just waiting to die. 20 years ago they    09/22/17  (13)
So Jew dorks from long island go to UMich for 4 years to LARP as a sportsnut?    09/22/17  (9)
Self driven cars will be hacked and you will be able to crash people easily    09/22/17  (31)
Trump tanking on predictit, Cruz surging    09/22/17  (10)
me luis imanagecat & spack at Sbarro's in the food court, eying a table of girls    09/22/17  (20)
Friends throwing me b-day party this weekend; i just want to    09/22/17  (1)
What is the female version of a "man cave"?    09/22/17  (54)
MOAR MOARDONGSPLZ PLZ    09/22/17  (13)
Tales from the Crypto Boart    09/22/17  (1)
Letter to slate about Asian fianc' small penis    09/22/17  (3)
I fucked a random geek at a Magic/YuGiOh convention as a teenager.    09/22/17  (36)
iphone 8 is such a slow piece of shit lol    09/22/17  (6)
Farting so loud guy 4 stalls down bursts out laughing    09/22/17  (8)
Damn the Hairlines bort is dead!    09/22/17  (3)
White American girl I fucked last night literally worships Big Korean Cock now:    09/22/17  (85)
May do Cornell Law at sticker.. is this good??    09/22/17  (3)
Are many rural areas on the brink of collapse?    09/22/17  (32)
Farting so loud libs ENRAGED    09/22/17  (1)
Farting so loud you're no longer able to hear frequencies above 16,000 hertz    09/22/17  (1)
enuff    09/22/17  (1)
When they make Iraq war movies in 20 years the soundtrack will be Trapt, Hoobast    09/22/17  (26)
We need a NIGGER board    09/22/17  (2)
accidentally yelled "ALL DAY NIGGA" at law student party    09/22/17  (50)
Cop dat, c-c-c-c-cop dat penison. Cop dat, c-c-c-c-    09/22/17  (7)
Hapa girls with big titties are best.    09/22/17  (248)
How is that blonde on Good Morning America 48? Pic    09/22/17  (1)
List some 80s and 90s movies that would be "socially insensitive" today    09/22/17  (45)
Private Tutoring is a cash transfer from dumbs to smarts    09/22/17  (1)
I have figured out why people listen to "podcasts". To drown out their thoughts.    09/22/17  (37)
nootropics accelerate male pattern baldness. women, explain.    09/22/17  (17)
jfc we no-offered some guy and he committed suicide    09/22/17  (87)
He's a pee boi oh yeah he's a big piss boi    09/22/17  (1)

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