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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
All of your anxiety and jealousy is just a sublimated fear of anal penetration    11/19/17  (2)
Racist! Bigots! Anti-Gay! Right-wing Terrorists GO AWAY!    11/19/17  (8)
Impeach 45!    11/19/17  (2)
Is Zimbabwe actually that bad?    11/19/17  (62)
"There are two types of people in this world kid, loose anus and tight anus"    11/19/17  (4)
All war, famine, poverty, fear is a result of pressure to have 'closed anus'    11/19/17  (6)
My advice? Stop fearing penetration, just open your anus.    11/19/17  (7)
Freud on sports: desire to win is the phallus, fear of loss is closed anus    11/19/17  (8)
Really sad that schoolchildren aren't taught about dangers of "closed anus"    11/19/17  (3)
Keep an open mind AND an open anus    11/19/17  (2)
Julia belly dancing @ Shakira concert "Whencesoever, whereupon!"    11/19/17  (202)
Pace JD ($$) v Fordham    11/19/17  (34)
Do Peterman and Doobs service IFNB competitions/conventions?    11/19/17  (14)
OperaSaprano have you ever thought about quitting booze and taking up blow, MDMA    11/19/17  (4)
the Official tedcruz back 2 mexico watch thread    11/19/17  (3)
Two Furbies wake up cooing to each other in middle of night. One chirps 'nigger'    11/19/17  (3)
Netflix documentary about 2016 election night is great    11/19/17  (7)
"By the way you dropped a handkerchief and a map that seems 'colt' related."    11/19/17  (3)
AJ Soprano was a SIGMA MALE    11/19/17  (3)
It costs USPS $3.46 to deliver Amazon packages but Amazon only pays $2.00    11/19/17  (15)
Has anyone applied to Fine Arts Work Center Provincetown?    11/19/17  (1)
"Alexia, are Trump Supporters tired of winning yet?"    11/19/17  (5)
ITT: the best moments of your relationship with your organic ex gf    11/19/17  (55)
"now THIS is manly!"--niggerball fan grilling factory meat & sipping mantit juic    11/19/17  (52)
Running list of WLMAS pumos.    11/19/17  (50)
180 - Mugabe Deposed    11/19/17  (3)
Trump declares Benzo's fuckhole "An absolute disaster. What a mess."    11/19/17  (149)
ITT: Tell me about SEDONA    11/19/17  (23)
RESOLVED: Horny Goat Weed is a 180 supplement    11/19/17  (2)
Plump office butted thirty-something describing sex romps in disgusting detail    11/19/17  (1)
Rob Halford, if we are being honest, is a cucked faggot    11/19/17  (4)
Lib's Wife: "Talk dirty to me" Libs: "Resignation. . ugh...Impeachment. . ."    11/19/17  (5)
Rate these 40 year old shrews: I fucked one of them in high school, guess which    11/19/17  (11)
IFBN Amateur driven out of office after bigots assume he is gay (link)    11/19/17  (5)
I'm what u might call a "gay nigger"    11/19/17  (3)
"At least I'm not a NIGGER" the Gook said smugly    11/19/17  (4)
"Rook. . .Risten" the 34 yr "Man" said, still living in his mom's basement.    11/19/17  (6)
"Anus Surveillance" among straight white men needs to stop    11/19/17  (2)
throw the jew down the well, so my country can be free    11/19/17  (11)
Homophobic sportsnutts buying team calendars filled with brolic niggers    11/19/17  (9)
Why do GLASSES STORE GIRLS always look like BRAZZERS video chicks?    11/19/17  (25)
Do reading glasses work? Doctor gave me far and near prescriptions    11/19/17  (5)
The lexicon of the human language is woefully inadequate to reflect accurately    11/19/17  (4)
ljl: Corprate Tax Cuts are permanent, Individual Tax Cuts are temporary    11/19/17  (7)
Recommend some good plot based/easy read FICTION novels    11/19/17  (20)
*roots around the internet for dopamine hits*    11/19/17  (3)
Former US Attorney: Mueller About to Start Wrecking Shit    11/19/17  (76)
sportsnuttt traversing "his" 'home' using underground tunnel system, like a mole    11/19/17  (24)
This otter bro is chill as fuck (gif)    11/19/17  (8)
Mr. Smith, literally everything you said    11/19/17  (1)
Rate how deceptive this (((CNN))) headline is.    11/19/17  (5)
"Uh yessiruh, Judge Faggot, Ima hire me a PAID lawyer"    11/19/17  (1)
Reuters: literally every Trump building overseas was used to launder Russian $$$    11/19/17  (1)
Any credited advice re: Saving Cash v. Living It Up in late 20's/early 30s?    11/19/17  (88)
Jews create middle-men so that THEY can get the blame while the Jew runs free    11/19/17  (1)
lol Frampton just got a Mayweather-like decision in Ireland over Garcia    11/19/17  (9)
most prestigious program for recovering prestige addicts?    11/19/17  (1)
The candidates social media history included a message board post: Breaking poin    11/19/17  (6)
I teach first-year document reviewers about the BTK Killer    11/19/17  (7)
Oh uh Mueller has started subpoenaing Trump White House    11/19/17  (2)
I don't like smuckers (tell me why) I don't like smuckers. I wanna shooooooot th    11/19/17  (7)
if you dont walk around with cyanide capsule in your mouth at all times ur crazy    11/19/17  (9)
just ate a bunch of thanksgiving food and epsom salt so i'm about to pee cassero    11/19/17  (14)
Itt critique my redpill stand up comedy routine    11/19/17  (96)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    11/19/17  (12)
spent last 36 hours SUCKING & FUCKING. destroyed. wiped out. jcm taking ?s    11/19/17  (258)
Pictures of smoking hot teens with their mouth open.    11/19/17  (29)
US nuclear forces commander says he'd refuse to remove "illegals" from NORAD    11/19/17  (1)
why didn't terry crews just kick the shit out of the guy who "abused" him    11/19/17  (7)
Just slept for 8 hours. Has lawman8 had another autistic meltdown?    11/19/17  (1)
US nuclear forces commander says he'd refuse an "illegal" trump nuke order    11/19/17  (10)
ok ragnus is really going to end up in jail.    11/19/17  (23)
Jamie "The Mexican" Conlan    11/19/17  (3)
Millions of American men simply couldnt bring themselves to vote for a woman.    11/19/17  (2)
US nuclear forces commander says he'd refuse an "illegal" evan39 nuke order    11/19/17  (1)
Kevin Spacey: I should have taken cue from Lester Burnham, jerked off in shower    11/19/17  (1)
War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Diversity is Strength.    11/19/17  (1)
POLL: Wife wants her own moniker. Should I allow it?    11/19/17  (26)
Lawman8 like the solider in dr strangelove who refuses to crack open vending mac    11/19/17  (1)
who are leading contenders for mpm?    11/19/17  (25)
good music to get gakked to and poast all night?    11/19/17  (24)
BASKET OF DEPLORABLES    11/19/17  (1)
Any problem with gs13 or 14 wear a stainless steel Rolex to work    11/19/17  (21)
Question about Mindhunter    11/19/17  (12)
Global capitalism shotguns down your door: "HEY ARE YOU RACE MIXING YET?"    11/19/17  (9)
fruit fly sperm is 35x longer than human sperm. bet ur wife's wet as fuckk now.    11/19/17  (1)
Your wife out for "Black Friday" on a Monday night in July    11/19/17  (1)
Can't wait to pump meaning into my life on black Friday    11/19/17  (1)
You can punch one in the face: Steve Mnuchin or Jared Kushner    11/19/17  (13)
Private equity is the MOST prestigious industry by nature    11/19/17  (79)
Rate this career move idea    11/19/17  (2)
POLL: DO YOU HAVE pearly penile papules    11/19/17  (8)
Where to find academic papers on movies links please    11/19/17  (3)
You could have 100000 ppl banging keyboard, supercomputer spitting out strings    11/19/17  (2)
LJL now Paul Ryan has been accused of sexual assault by a staffer (link)    11/19/17  (8)
45 year old RSF backstage at the Lil Pump concert    11/19/17  (7)
ITT: you share your favorite racist joke    11/19/17  (307)
Asian girl, 21, was killed by her white bf, 33 (pics inside - the fuck??) (DTP)    11/19/17  (14)
Necesito encontrar una fuente para un poco de manteca    11/19/17  (3)
la heroina    11/19/17  (6)
Never thought you can be "brave" by going to brunch, but it happened    11/19/17  (104)
how to find out if girl's family has lots of money before committing to her?    11/19/17  (4)
amazing how your ancestors for millions of years all successfully reproduced    11/19/17  (21)
lawman8 tryna talk shit to boner police (pic)    11/19/17  (17)
"Oh the NIGGER outside is frightful"    11/19/17  (118)
Rarely spoken of and highly underrated Trump WIN: Made Lena Dunham lose weight    11/19/17  (23)
rate this DISTINGUISHED LAWYER whose name is literally JohnSMeyer    11/19/17  (4)
Serious point (RSF)    11/19/17  (53)
jcm what video games should i play    11/19/17  (5)
Is that Zimbabwe Twitter chick still in jail?    11/19/17  (1)
LMAO at this Trump tweet to Hillary    11/19/17  (27)
Explain to me again why a "Flat Tax" is unfair? Thank    11/19/17  (5)
"Sunday funday! Lets rage!" *makes ducky face & creates 10 alts to attack luis*    11/19/17  (2)
johnsmeyer has been gone for a year now    11/19/17  (4)
Lmao the Sixers might win the East THIS YEAR    11/19/17  (31)
tmf, at home in dublin, buying a round of Bulmers for the bar    11/19/17  (2)
ITT: Things CUCKS like    11/19/17  (32)
profoundly mentally ill tp clowning on you for ur non expensive watch    11/19/17  (1)
WaPo Datelab: NOWAG (HAPA?) strikes it big with prototypical millennial blonde    11/19/17  (6)
*ccs on an URGENT email asking for help on Sunday*    11/19/17  (1)
2 years in. Here are my thoughts on biglaw so far (work/life esp)    11/19/17  (6)
Baby Boomer on FB says GOP tax plan will hurt the middle class    11/19/17  (2)
Jewhack: Don't spend your money like a NIGGER    11/19/17  (5)
Genetic Defect: man born with deer head    11/19/17  (122)
REAL TALK: Critical Thinking skills are extremely valuable in the real world    11/19/17  (5)
ITT list the loneliest thing you do    11/19/17  (128)
"The whole brunch started dancing" closes moving Johnsmeyer in memoriam at XOys    11/19/17  (6)
RSF steps up to luis's game (pic)    11/19/17  (9)
LOL RSF, Mandy, RuskieGirl and ARE Reptile failed bar 1st time lol @ Jews    11/19/17  (1)
binged the final season of LONGMIRE yesterday    11/19/17  (2)
what do you say to someone who just found out they failed the bar    11/19/17  (20)
ITT: ARE Reptile's Putin fantasies    11/19/17  (13)
why does everyone say the bar exam is so hard but xo poasters passed in 2 weeks    11/19/17  (15)
My HEROIN DEALER got LOCKED UP this morning    11/19/17  (20)
TODAY IN WHITE HISTORY: Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address    11/19/17  (1)
Harvey Rapestein    11/19/17  (1)
ARE Reptile, is the "Prosecution Service" considered Military?    11/19/17  (3)
Up early to ride my bike    11/19/17  (4)
The best part of wakin' up is jcm got FUCKED    11/19/17  (2)
So RSF failed the NY Bar? LJL    11/19/17  (5)
We need more white babies    11/19/17  (4)
Joe Dirte is really a shit prole faggot    11/19/17  (27)
Liberals, lose the anti-white rhetoric. Most white people voted Trump.    11/19/17  (2)
rach we need to talk about 'DTP' (psst rach between u and me it's really DVP)    11/19/17  (1)
DTP/DVP your genes are not meant to be passed on and should end with you. Hth    11/19/17  (9)
I'm seriously LOLing about rangus's NOWAG clitdick life and future stint in jail    11/19/17  (29)
DVP/DTP = both the same poster = both serious NOWAG cuck HTH    11/19/17  (1)

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