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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Going to house party tonight, SEVERAL girls I recently hooked up w r coming    11/18/17  (28)
POLL: can I wrap my hand around your cock?    11/18/17  (1)
Managers of NYC MTA subway make $280k on avg    11/18/17  (8)
Reminder: Bitcoin WILL hit $20,000 soon    11/18/17  (194)
POLL: can you wrap your cock around your hand?    11/18/17  (1)
GC turns on music before fucking you: LIGHTNING AND THE THUNDER    11/18/17  (2)
POLL: can you wrap your hand around your cock?    11/18/17  (5)
POLL: DO YOU HAVE pearly penile papules    11/18/17  (1)
"Great! I'll be in tomorrow to pay your retainer!" *Never shows up*    11/18/17  (8)
Desperately need 100 eth to go solo and stop wagecucking    11/18/17  (24)
BAM! Doobs appears at your Senate Confirmation Hearing with your poast history.    11/18/17  (7)
Ok, which one of you was this?    11/18/17  (2)
luis, i just got a bag of single-origin coffee from lake atitlan. pls rate    11/18/17  (6)
no SCHOLARSHIP being produced tonight. Sad.    11/18/17  (2)
"ERRBODY GET UP" *nude luis gallops out of stable on all 4s*    11/18/17  (2)
Carl the Jackal Framptom vs Mauricio Garcia thread    11/18/17  (5)
u die & go 2 heaven & luis is god & tycho awake is playing    11/18/17  (6)
I have a really girthy cock that's not too long    11/18/17  (2)
ITT list the loneliest thing you do    11/18/17  (80)
Football coach saw me running 40s at the old ballfield, offered me a tryout    11/18/17  (7)
*~*~ The Official Big Ten Championship Thread: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin ~*~*    11/18/17  (5)
"Oh you're at the casino? You can win me something!"    11/18/17  (1)
so UVA over Miami, Michigan over Wiscy, Navy over ND, Kentucky over GA?    11/18/17  (28)
Three worst revelations about women in chronological order:    11/18/17  (2)
What was the biggest "pop" of all time?    11/18/17  (16)
90s lib: stop logging old growth forest! 10s lib: my son has a clitoris!    11/18/17  (8)
Thankfully someone finally studied how much it takes to get by in MFH    11/18/17  (1)
Jack Nicholson having his first drink in the shining 180 scene    11/18/17  (5)
Downtown Portland would be a great place were it not for the BUMS    11/18/17  (1)
Know a very hardworking senior associate who will never make partner b/c she is    11/18/17  (17)
spent last 36 hours SUCKING & FUCKING. destroyed. wiped out. jcm taking ?s    11/18/17  (245)
wow, cocaine is a shitty drug.    11/18/17  (19)
R.I.P Malcom Young    11/18/17  (1)
POASTRADAMUS when will u pay consuela    11/18/17  (6)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    11/18/17  (3)
So your wife insists you get hard for her, but sometimes won't fuck when ur hard    11/18/17  (2)
walking around a THRIVING mall filled with prole browns, abt to check out SEARS    11/18/17  (10)
JCM's thread has me wishing for an Autoadmit group sex session    11/18/17  (27)
wife called me a 'sex pest'    11/18/17  (12)
how mad are libs they let blurred lines slide? bet theyd like that 1 back.    11/18/17  (4)
LMAO at this Trump tweet to Hillary    11/18/17  (23)
Any Bros here not yet have a kid, but have a "Dad Bod?"    11/18/17  (1)
f'ing LOL at American men who think getting buff will solve their problems (DTP)    11/18/17  (110)
Oh look it's new car with giant bow commercial season    11/18/17  (8)
IFNB scout saw me hauling bags of shale around in the 120f texan sun    11/18/17  (2)
*phone buzzes* *text from unknown number "heh"* *ur doorbell rings*    11/18/17  (2)
I have 300k liquid, nearly 1mn crypto. Safe to quit biglaw? I live cheap    11/18/17  (43)
someone poast this already? jay zs op ed in nytimes ! o boi    11/18/17  (10)
No way Dems can run a man in 2020 at this point    11/18/17  (69)
blurred lines video but w/ luis as robin thicke. me & assfag as nude girls.    11/18/17  (1)
Sears carries Land's End now and it's somewhat cr    11/18/17  (2)
lol rate this bizarre as fuck anime which features xo Ted Kaczynski    11/18/17  (4)
Holy shit shocking audio from lawman8 stand-off    11/18/17  (81)
"Gotta be high IQ to do trannies, bro"    11/18/17  (4)
i cannot for the life of me get over how meaningless everything is    11/18/17  (3)
Rarely spoken of and highly underrated Trump WIN: Made Lena Dunham lose weight    11/18/17  (8)
Millennials start every sentence with "I mean"    11/18/17  (25)
If you have pretty decent knowledge of the plot of A Tale of Two Cities, cum itt    11/18/17  (1)
Questions for XO blacks    11/18/17  (15)
if ur not watching krampus-bassd christmas movies ur insane    11/18/17  (2)
Anyone else here a chad but really lonely and awkward in social sotuations    11/18/17  (2)
LOL WTF why are the starters back in    11/18/17  (1)
Blacks overachieve and whites call it: crime; blacks underachieve and whites cal    11/18/17  (1)
Guys at the gym in tank tops that reveal full nipple. Ungh    11/18/17  (3)
good for scrappy Texas- getting win #6 against all odds    11/18/17  (1)
Ljl nebrasshit    11/18/17  (6)
ITT: you share your favorite racist joke    11/18/17  (293)
Prole tell: the word "entrepreneur"    11/18/17  (7)
tumblr of hot girls from rich families who like introverted guys from prole fami    11/18/17  (30)
so did everyone here get laid this weekend?    11/18/17  (20)
so is Barron gearing up for 'Cyber Monday' this year?    11/18/17  (1)
Reminder: Hold Up!    11/18/17  (7)
manger scene in yard: inflatable Darth Vader in Nissan instead of 3 Wise Men    11/18/17  (1)
i feel sick (DTP)    11/18/17  (1)
Litigators: do you try to harass opponents to settle via oppressive discovery    11/18/17  (4)
cake by the ocean playing as i shampoo coolio tp's chest hair in bubble bath    11/18/17  (1)
My HEROIN DEALER got LOCKED UP this morning    11/18/17  (11)
when me & luis finally meet up & dance by the beach lmao pumo will be maf    11/18/17  (3)
So much good porn out nowadays it's so tough to not fap    11/18/17  (23)
lil Peeps parents both went to Harvard, lulz.    11/18/17  (1)
The Tufts of the South, actually.    11/18/17  (3)
Dershowitz: "Jews do run the US. We deserve to. Never apologize for your power"    11/18/17  (7)
This Latino will be the Democratic POTUS nominee in 2020 - Kevin De Leon    11/18/17  (15)
about to fail the california bar taking Q's    11/18/17  (75)
met "luis" IRL once. never again. smelly turdskin w/ pit stains on his polo.    11/18/17  (4)
ND losing to team w/ zero athletic scholarships    11/18/17  (7)
Trumpmos, before you post yet another pro-Trump thread, try asking yourself    11/18/17  (1)
Sire, TUFTS now has the Jewish culture we desire.    11/18/17  (1)
Just copped some fire ass DOPE    11/18/17  (18)
Tufts has declared war on the Palatinate!    11/18/17  (3)
spack    11/18/17  (9)
coolio tp    11/18/17  (2)
your ideas are just as important as mine even tho you like getting fucked in ass    11/18/17  (2)
Passed California bar exam w ~12 days of study, lol at this cuck 2 day exam    11/18/17  (7)
assfaggot annexing my asshole, changing culture & converting to core province    11/18/17  (5)
chandler ur a mod? 180    11/18/17  (7)
San Miguel de Allende worth visiting in Mexico?    11/18/17  (3)
Any black pillers here?    11/18/17  (4)
assfaggots apartment is an empty room w/ air mattress & gaming PC    11/18/17  (4)
HoldUp: women shouldn't be heard on tinychat unless on cam and nude    11/18/17  (3)
hey runner FAGS- plz recommend good running shoes    11/18/17  (1)
me n Luis n spack shaking our tanned, tight rumps to inspector norse,    11/18/17  (35)
"nude cool kid" seems like a guy who should have snapchat    11/18/17  (3)
Libs maybe cut out the weird gay shit and America hatred if u wanna win votes    11/18/17  (3)
explain absence of fathers in NIG america. is it a straight up low IQ thing?    11/18/17  (25)
im the Dr Loomis to PN's michael myers    11/18/17  (1)
People who are anal about "following the rules" piss me off    11/18/17  (1)
Imagine the most liberal segment of America ruled all three branches of governme    11/18/17  (4)
Boomers literally sold the future of the US for short-term corporate profits    11/18/17  (14)
hope Alabama crimson tide bullies enjoy their "win"    11/18/17  (2)
INSPECTOR NORSE    11/18/17  (6)
If this song doesnt pump you up, youre a faggot millennial    11/18/17  (3)
assfaggot is my 8th grade gf & we're walking thru mall w/ my hand in his pocket    11/18/17  (2)
New sexual assault victim accused Republican congressman of sexting him    11/18/17  (8)
LaVar Ball says Trump did nothing for his son (DTP)    11/18/17  (13)
It must have been so 180 to have been able to dance on Soultrain and shit    11/18/17  (2)
Controversial truth. A nagging wife or gf is a GOOD THING    11/18/17  (28)
Real Talk: 100% of the sex l had in HS was not consensual by modern standards    11/18/17  (2)
What do you do when ur dating someone & get emotionally attached 2 someone else?    11/18/17  (4)
whats it called when u rub ur gooch on another straight dudes gooch    11/18/17  (5)
Hey Chinese people can you stop smelling so bad and being loud? Thank.    11/18/17  (1)
Hillary responds to Trump's visit in Mexico    11/18/17  (9)
libs finding out body cams are bad for criminals, may need to shut | it | down    11/18/17  (8)
JCM: happy that you finally got butthold licked    11/18/17  (3)
r a n d e e p j u n g o w a l l a    11/18/17  (2)
HoldUp is my racist asshole boifriend    11/18/17  (5)
Michael Bloomberg Predicts Trump Will Win Reelection in 2020    11/18/17  (5)
Motherlode of race realist charts and figures (link)    11/18/17  (20)
Jesus! Can't wait to try out my new skis    11/18/17  (1)
*sadly waves goodbye to holdup as lib train takes me away    11/18/17  (6)
NYT: For a Prepositional Phrase, A Starring Role in This Headline    11/18/17  (6)
my heart goin DOOBS DOOBS DOOBS    11/18/17  (4)
lulz jobs at Vox paying $30K.    11/18/17  (46)
UNGHHH those minn. blonde twins in the B1G commercial    11/18/17  (1)
Phone lines in NJ "totally jammed" due to ppl calling to add Peterboi Network    11/18/17  (2)
Musicmos: is Schenkerian analysis very difficult or am I low IQ?    11/18/17  (6)
Guy across the street has full Christmas yard display up. It's ridiculous.    11/18/17  (3)
nig cunt asses really CLENCH ur tiny white dick, make it hard 2 pull out. unghhh    11/18/17  (1)
Phone lines in Texas "totally jammed" due to ppl calling to add Longhorn Network    11/18/17  (5)
I was feeling pretty down on myself the past few days. I just took YUGE DUMP!    11/18/17  (3)
There are like 100+ college football teams and not a single good game on today    11/18/17  (1)
i cant, my opioid gut    11/18/17  (1)
Kentucky has hottest girls in SEC    11/18/17  (2)
*sings "im a fag you need to kill* to tune of "solsbury hill"*    11/18/17  (1)
Bump this when George RR Martin is #Metoo'ed    11/18/17  (5)
Commercials with blacks and acting like WASPs    11/18/17  (17)
Can I ever marry a TS?    11/18/17  (3)
joe budden AKA jumpoff AKA regular jizzo tp    11/18/17  (1)
That Wisconsin TD Pass was insane    11/18/17  (1)

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