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SJM picking up NEO over its head & throwing it off a cliff    11/18/17  (2)
Weezer is nigger    11/18/17  (4)
I have roughly 1000 NEO, rate me as a MFH deli meal    11/18/17  (5)
I;m 100% goign to make more than Pterman when it's all said in done from NEO    11/18/17  (8)
*surveys smoking wreckage of NEO holdings* "Haha wow, holy shit"    11/18/17  (4)
Lifehack for Macs: Add foreign kb so you can proudly display USA flag in top bar    11/18/17  (28)
weezer in dreams plays as chink colt stands in empty moonlit HS football stadium    11/18/17  (1)
bought 2600 more NEO before the next pump, rate me as an Asian food?    11/18/17  (3)
("colt" and, together with MPA and USPO, the "Cool kids" and, each a "Cool    11/18/17  (39)
GAPING NEO    11/18/17  (2)
NEO Mooning, oddcase? why wasnt anyone on XO predicting this?    11/18/17  (2)
Will kill myself on FB Live if NEO drops to $32    11/18/17  (2)
weezer holiday plays as you notice your biglaw vacation request got rejected    11/18/17  (4)
RSF to seatmate "The frost...sometimes it makes the tray stick"    11/18/17  (72)
Big NEO update,last chance to get it cheap    11/18/17  (7)
if youre not grabbin gNEO and QTUM right now i just dont know    11/18/17  (45)
Chillin, hands down pants grabbing balls, watching NEO moon again    11/18/17  (3)
I lost so much money today on NEO, OMG, TENX, and QTUM (DTP)    11/18/17  (21)
The death of LIL PEEP has got me fascinated by Gen Z and their music    11/18/17  (139)
Anybody here actually personally know a C-SUITE executive?    11/18/17  (26)
Niggers Cuomo    11/18/17  (1)
if you're not actively trading NEO right now you're a full blown retard    11/18/17  (12)
the "blue" album    11/18/17  (1)
Here's the problem with NEO and why it'll crash soon (DTP)    11/18/17  (5)
you take ur alt stable, ill take my "colt"    11/18/17  (2)
Man Deonaty Wilder was getting his ass beat by Spilka until that lucky KO    11/18/17  (2)
now i realize why people happily went on crusades, voyages to discover america,    11/18/17  (1)
In the garage / I feel safe / No one cares about my AIDS    11/18/17  (1)
*washes a ggtp alt with big orange horse sponge*    11/18/17  (2)
"Oops."    11/18/17  (2)
still lmaoing at "Listen, 'colt.'"    11/18/17  (29)
this bottle / of nesquick / awakens chaebong squealings    11/18/17  (1)
Luis and I sawing off a hookers head, both bought with NEO earnings    11/18/17  (1)
Summer associate once told me he had 300k loans    11/18/17  (30)
NEO pumping really hard right now, not flame    11/18/17  (6)
i would literally kill if i was forced to make spreadsheets all damn day    11/18/17  (2)
Listen, "men"'s college "hoops" picks for 11/18/2017    11/18/17  (1)
wagecucks sprinting down escalators, across subway platforms 2 make trains LOL    11/18/17  (1)
rate this wagecuck    11/18/17  (1)
watch me unravel, i'll soon be asian. lyin on the floor. im chaebong hyungggg    11/18/17  (1)
"Listen, 'colt'," the stripper told Lou Pai, "I just like you as a friend."    11/18/17  (10)
LOL Lomachenko is a 5:1 favourite. Rigondeaux is fucking toast.    11/18/17  (1)
why do liberals want the government to feed, teach, clothe our kids ???    11/18/17  (1)
Weezer - My Name is Jonas starts playing as u notice ggtp is posting    11/18/17  (2)
| binders of women | stables of alts | fountains of wayne |    11/18/17  (1)
in 2017, you need skills but no employer is willing to teach you any skills    11/18/17  (12)
are women really sexually assaulted this much or is it just flame?    11/18/17  (1)
Gabby Douglas tells Aly Raisman 'it is our responsibility as women to dress mode    11/18/17  (1)
spack, my night might get pretty kooky.    11/18/17  (2)
PSA: Niggers cheat every time they dribble the ball.    11/18/17  (7)
best way to relieve constant anger and rage?    11/18/17  (29)
Apples diversity chief out after outcry    11/18/17  (77)
Rate my $12 Wendys order just now    11/18/17  (6)
Serious question: Why do women believe they are equal to men?    11/18/17  (26)
you know what's funny?    11/18/17  (4)
110 IQ tell: freaking out about automation    11/18/17  (56)
Simple poll to determine whether lawman8 is smart or dumb (link)    11/18/17  (18)
"Cool Kids" going on Phil Donahue to shock and appall audience with tales of    11/18/17  (10)
"Get your kits and head onto the pitch!" the xoer cheered at Little League    11/18/17  (4)
'My Raapist' sung to the tune of 'My Buddy' doll commercial jingle    11/18/17  (15)
"Rally For The Republic" in Boston tomorrow    11/18/17  (8)
i boil over with rage every time i think of how the internet has ruined humanity    11/18/17  (7)
Tranny I follow on Snapchat dances around in panties and bra nightly.    11/18/17  (20)
libs aren't the problem    11/18/17  (2)
'I see things differently': James Damore on his autism and the Google memo    11/18/17  (24)
why was XO basically all Sharklasers last night    11/18/17  (5)
shit poasters    11/18/17  (1)
Libs grabbed the ruling class- like taking a Constantine    11/18/17  (1)
f'ing LOL at American men who think getting buff will solve their problems (DTP)    11/18/17  (104)
I won    11/18/17  (1)
One of Twelve: a Guide to Nullifying Juries With 14/88    11/18/17  (1)
The society has as a fundamental premise- sex simulation tech    11/18/17  (1)
sharklasers's fujoshi gf excitedly describing his "uke nipples" on reddit    11/18/17  (1)
*Elton John voice* The fucking circle... the fucking circle of life    11/18/17  (2)
smuckers bros awfully quiet today why    11/18/17  (15)
A little bit of Benzo in my life / a little bit of EPAH in my wife / a little bi    11/18/17  (56)
ITT: Tailgaters get brake checked    11/18/17  (1)
wish i were born with nigger aggressiveness and ability to fuck any hold    11/18/17  (1)
Real Talk: 2017 America is the Biblical Book of Judges nearly verbatim    11/18/17  (7)
Lol at angry vindictive pumos who accuse me of being DVP (DTP)    11/18/17  (1)
Benzo: Overdosed on Truvada, teaching himself to walk again. U: Poast    11/18/17  (5)
is race mixing haram?    11/18/17  (3)
REMINDER to bros acting like DVP is a comeback top poster    11/18/17  (3)
god, I am so excited that Roy Moore is gonna be senator    11/18/17  (16)
what's the point.    11/18/17  (2)
white men are more woke than ever    11/18/17  (5)
Everyone being all about the collab and buddy buddy is ruining shit    11/18/17  (1)
Strava is 180    11/18/17  (2)
DVP here. Statute of Limitations has run. You mad, XO?    11/18/17  (87)
Let Mel Gibson's Redemption be a Warning    11/18/17  (9)
me n Luis n spack shaking our tanned, tight rumps to inspector norse,    11/18/17  (32)
Another day, another NIGGER    11/18/17  (1)
Theory re why DTP continues to make poasts that seem to suggest he's DVP    11/18/17  (33)
The opioid crisis has been met by silence from libertarians    11/18/17  (42)
DTP catches his cousin checking out a cill rite blo ... beats the fuck of her    11/18/17  (2)
Sailer gapes.    11/18/17  (3)
Why doesn't DVP/DTP take a picture of something to prove he's not in Boston area    11/18/17  (18)
about to fail the california bar taking Q's    11/18/17  (74)
Just watched Forrest Gump. So Jenny gave Forrest AIDS?    11/18/17  (6)
I see things differently (Roy Moore)    11/18/17  (1)
I lost $26k playing poker    11/18/17  (48)
Rate my hairline (pic) (DTP)    11/18/17  (5)
Trusted posters go to Tinychat and i will get on cam    11/18/17  (1)
***lonely poasters, I started a TINYCHAT***    11/18/17  (44)
Ive gotten old and fat. Ending it all    11/18/17  (4)
"Lawman, why you rolling up the windows?" "Lotta smu***rs in this neighborhood"    11/18/17  (2)
I like Mormons now because there anti trump and Roy Moore    11/18/17  (7)
this Buck Sexton guy is pretty good    11/18/17  (1)
Politico/New Yorker admit to fake news    11/18/17  (1)
Kayleigh McEnany being detained and questioned by a D.C. school truancy officer    11/18/17  (3)
IRL Official Tai Lopez taking qs for a few more minutes    11/18/17  (1)
Reminder: dvp/dtp is a hideous autistic fob chink.    11/18/17  (2)
So we are agreed? JCM is the unchallenged Queen of xo now?    11/18/17  (8)
Funniest part is that I actually am Tai Lopez IRL    11/18/17  (3)
Won't there certainly only be more shootings. Meme is like a cancer.    11/18/17  (3)
JCM's thread has me wishing for an Autoadmit group sex session    11/18/17  (19)
Second cousin: coins on your eyes to see you across the styx. Shrew Gf: CC only    11/18/17  (2)
lol @ ditzy bitch "Ivanka" shooting her mouth off abt Moore belonging "in hell"    11/18/17  (3)
Racist Slate columnist downplays black students' excellence at raping (Reason)    11/18/17  (5)
Death cant come soon enough    11/18/17  (2)
American men are obsessed w/ getting big because their women are so FAT (DTP)    11/18/17  (23)
Truth is like a cancer, and it does not set you free, it chains you down    11/18/17  (14)
Hey libs, if you want to save women from sexual harassment go to the ghetto and    11/18/17  (1)
Dearth or posting is very sad    11/18/17  (1)
Did you forget? It's wikipedia ASIAN month!    11/18/17  (3)
The opioid crisis has been met by silence from librarians    11/18/17  (2)
spent last 36 hours SUCKING & FUCKING. destroyed. wiped out. jcm taking ?s    11/18/17  (235)
The free solo footage in Valley Uprising made my dick shrivel up JFC    11/18/17  (10)
WMTP w/ a chopstick in each nostril, barking like a walrus while I fuck his ass    11/18/17  (90)
I bet if your parents gave you 200k when you were 18 rather than pay for grad    11/18/17  (28)
Horror movie where law shrew dials into conf call from hiking trip, gets murdere    11/18/17  (4)
If you get surgery in Thailand, they make you sign that you cant sue    11/18/17  (44)
Reminder for nokidmos: You'll die in afterlife if nobody leaves food for your ka    11/18/17  (3)
tried to explain 'Hamilton' to som random du-rag wearing black guys    11/18/17  (9)
The U.S. spends nearly 1/5 of its GDP on health care. We're fucking retards.    11/18/17  (66)
Your platonic form appearing before you "You really want to eat that?"    11/18/17  (1)
lol at "lawyers" who have never beheld the FORM OF JUSTICE like hahahaha    11/18/17  (2)
Russian Navy off Fla., Russia invading Kiev, Obama lisping "Stop    11/18/17  (169)
If your heart weighs more than a feather on the scale, you can not enter heaven    11/18/17  (11)
Gf to me: "kissing a man without a mustache is like eating an egg without salt"    11/18/17  (8)
in 'Iron Eagle', the dude 'raced' a fighter jet on a dirtbike    11/18/17  (3)
Hillary 'body double' just did Mary Lou Retton quadruple summersault on 26th st    11/18/17  (6)
Russia has 1 (one) aircraft carrier    11/18/17  (5)
Spaceporn    11/18/17  (3)
Tim Heidecker murder trial    11/18/17  (3)
rate the likelihood of the 'Maurice Spandrell' character in 'Point Counterpoint'    11/18/17  (2)
Its literally just me and BKA on xo rn    11/18/17  (5)
is it just me or does Nate Silver always come off smug, smarmy + dumb as rocks?    11/18/17  (5)

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