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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
mnd how was your thanksgiving with a mouth full of cotton swabs    11/23/17  (2)
Anyone here attend a private boarding school? Choate? Shadduck? Exeter?    11/23/17  (15)
So only niggers buy collard greens?    11/23/17  (16)
I have 3 different friends that bought $3K vacuum cleaners from D-T-D salesemen    11/23/17  (18)
How many of you are bald/balding    11/23/17  (18)
27 cities around the world where expats are happy, rents are affordable, and job    11/23/17  (1)
sister's pheromone pussy turns fam thanksgiving into the final scene of PERFUME    11/23/17  (3)
"Hi, I'm NIKKI and-" *Tunak tunak tun blasts from phone*    11/23/17  (1)
guys: are there any women you'd consider voting for US president?    11/23/17  (19)
really hard to trust reviews these days    11/23/17  (1)
are roombas GC flame?    11/23/17  (20)
sears todo para nigger    11/23/17  (12)
I told a shrew on dating site she looks older than she says (pic)    11/23/17  (32)
No traffic. Arrived at my in-laws place 5 hours early for Thanksgiving.    11/23/17  (58)
Puppydood and I are high on THC/CBD oil for the holidays    11/23/17  (5)
I am thankful for IFNB song parodies    11/23/17  (1)
Would you ever raise another man's kids as your own?    11/23/17  (40)
Remember when Rina invited a random XO bro for thxgiving bcos he was lonely    11/23/17  (15)
Someone murdered lil peep with fentanyl laced xanax. More will die from fentanyl    11/23/17  (10)
Why so many Asians here posting fictional Thanksgiving stories?    11/23/17  (1)
2nd cuz vomiting up her turkey while shrew farts happily in a turk haze    11/23/17  (3)
Does TMF work in compliance?    11/23/17  (21)
Franzen says his next novel will "heal the racial division in America"    11/23/17  (6)
i would pay $1,000+ to see an xoxo neckbeard scream nigger...    11/23/17  (3)
Applied for a lecturer position at HYP, then checked list of names    11/23/17  (9)
"You said you were out of town for Thanksgiving but I saw you at the grocery sto    11/23/17  (2)
Could there be 3 worse thanksgiving NFL games than these?    11/23/17  (2)
Sex with Boner Police feels almost mystical    11/23/17  (7)
Franzen to release photo-by-photo recreation of Madonna's "Sex"    11/23/17  (6)
Kind of weird that Franzen is into collecting Jonbenet Ramsey memorabilia    11/23/17  (7)
Franzen cowers in library stacks as BLM storms the lobby    11/23/17  (2)
Happy Thanksgiving    11/23/17  (3)
My cousin told me sex is a social construct    11/23/17  (1)
Raid leader giving us homework for thanksgiving    11/23/17  (35)
All media UMC people consume reinforces false pretenses of "elite"-ness.    11/23/17  (15)
Any other dudes secretly wear a bra to thanksgiving just as a power move?    11/23/17  (1)
my girl cousin is dating a NIGGER. him and his 'mama' are coming to dinner    11/23/17  (19)
food / eating is one of the most degenerate "joys" possible    11/23/17  (6)
bad mom pours gasoline on baby, pokes nasty dad in butt with drum stick LAF    11/23/17  (1)
Franzen dressed in Game of Thrones cosplay (pic)    11/23/17  (2)
ITT: We share pics of are Thanksgiving meals    11/23/17  (30)
fun prank, Arby's roast beef, squish poop into folds, serve sandwich to friend    11/23/17  (8)
Holyshit, ad for In House Counsel for INFOWARS    11/23/17  (5)
PRO TIP: Buy OMG in ETH pair right now and wait 90 Days    11/23/17  (3)
Nasty mom plucks feathers off live turkey serves to crying baby. biting bird    11/23/17  (1)
Put your BTC into ETH ASAP    11/23/17  (14)
Cousins wife whipped titty out to feed baby while sitting next to me on couch    11/23/17  (2)
Help me buy a winter jacket    11/23/17  (53)
Hilarious! Naughty boy and pokes sleep mom's pussy with drumstick she poops    11/23/17  (1)
Played CHAD, SHOAH and LJL during family scrabble. Still lost    11/23/17  (1)
Really alpha cousin & his hot black gf are hosting Thanksgiving. They HATE Trump    11/23/17  (23)
Jmaw where have u been    11/23/17  (16)
Lmao just heard Lil Pumps Gucci Gang on a legit Atlanta rap station    11/23/17  (12)
What happens to people who are below median at UVA?    11/23/17  (31)
where is that thread about jmaws recent adventures    11/23/17  (1)
How did "Jaws" win best picture?    11/23/17  (7)
today in black crime in the Bay area, II    11/23/17  (71)
two brother share turkey, wrestle, loser sucks the winner's dick    11/23/17  (7)
Three men fuck a roast turkey until it falls apart (PornHub)    11/23/17  (18)
dandruff, squeezed blackheads, molluscum, dried cum, mucus = parmesan cheese    11/23/17  (10)
"But I'm a civic nationalist," as the beefy negresses shoved him in the gas cham    11/23/17  (1)
I haven't watched TV in 6 months until tonight    11/23/17  (3)
ITT: We share pictures of our wives' Thanksgiving shits    11/23/17  (5)
dog meat, urine brine, compost, garbage water, vomit, dinty moore stew - Turkey    11/23/17  (3)
axed off a chicken's head as a prank, fucking thing running around bleeding    11/23/17  (5)
execunt is a typical house chink    11/23/17  (14)
toilet paper vomit mensturation garbage water puking dandruff = turkey taste    11/23/17  (2)
*Peterman reading "Never Eat Alone" while eating alone*    11/23/17  (48)
baby girl cut off head cock running around humping ejaculating dinner ruined laf    11/23/17  (9)
NYC RE mastermen get ITT    11/23/17  (2)
possum, rotting vomit, dinty moore stew, cat food, wet bread = hamburger    11/23/17  (4)
I bet exeunt is one of the few asians that COULD do well with white women    11/23/17  (49)
Poorly-timed erections    11/23/17  (3)
Underrated luisthread on crypto boart    11/23/17  (2)
Dinner was served at 2pm, just coming out of the haze now    11/23/17  (3)
hot_take, how was my ass gravy tonight    11/23/17  (3)
How dangerous is it to give an 18 yr old alcohol and fuck her sans condom?    11/23/17  (29)
Ok Lil Peep "Benz Truck" is fire    11/23/17  (9)
Fake nose, big fake breasts, Louis Vuitton handbag    11/23/17  (4)
Chillin with my Trumptard dad drinking beers    11/23/17  (9)
I was sufficiently shitlib brainwashed to not understand this board    11/23/17  (1)
i knew i was old when i had no idea who the fuck lil peep was    11/23/17  (5)
Made a kneeling during anthem joke at dinner. Did NOT go over well    11/23/17  (7)
Blue Smoke, posting from black family Thanksgiving    11/23/17  (28)
What's up beautiful people it's your boy Timothy aka Tim the Human    11/23/17  (2)
Read the comments on this (and related) YouTube videos and tell me what it says    11/23/17  (5)
Auschwitz had a swimming pool, bakery, post office. Hey could u pass the gravy    11/23/17  (62)
If XO sunk like Titanic, would it be women and children first, or bros first?    11/23/17  (6)
Frank Lloyd Wrong drinking eggs. evan39 putting ice cream on his pancakes    11/23/17  (13)
https://slickdeals.net hehe :)    11/23/17  (2)
this instagram chick is on SA and favorited me. Catfish?    11/23/17  (8)
Lot of female pooping happening right now    11/23/17  (2)
Reminder: exeunt took his advice off-bort bc he whined he wasnt being "tipped"    11/23/17  (12)
What's the best non-iPhone smartphone on the market NOW?    11/23/17  (1)
LJL at any fuckin dumb idiots who aren't in biglaw    11/23/17  (18)
relatives just had a blowout fight about kevin spacey    11/23/17  (9)
Xo seriously underrates how importance PRETTINESS is for men    11/23/17  (35)
Lil Bo Peep with a brand new bitch In the back of the club with the GothBoiCliqu    11/23/17  (6)
XO is especially unhealthy around the holidays    11/23/17  (1)
{$} Official Black Friday Deals Thread {$}    11/23/17  (23)
Zero desire to or interest in having kids. What am I missing?    11/23/17  (21)
Guy born in 1990 is already on FBI Most Wanted list. You?    11/23/17  (12)
Why the hell do food banks donate frozen turkeys to poor people?    11/23/17  (3)
Currently bumping D ROSE by lil pump    11/23/17  (2)
I watched Beverly Hills Cop yesterday after a long time and it was 1800000    11/23/17  (10)
He had won the battle over himself. He loved Chad.    11/23/17  (11)
Boner Police and I tell each other we love e/o daily not flame    11/23/17  (3)
Holy shit...this new rapper "Lil Preet" sounds like he poasts    11/23/17  (3)
me and my grandma take meds    11/23/17  (2)
How much can I pick up and haul from Colorado?    11/23/17  (5)
In 15 years gonna stop my hemochromatosis meds    11/23/17  (3)
a certain "chill" type of gender fluid poz ebony bbw shemale diva    11/23/17  (3)
1990s bros represent    11/23/17  (2)
very bullish development for crypto: hedge funds    11/23/17  (44)
Can't fucking breathe    11/23/17  (7)
I am convinced nanosoldiers are possibly in next 25 years    11/23/17  (3)
Should I skip college and just study xo for four years?    11/23/17  (1)
What MTV show signifies the point in time when America truly died?    11/23/17  (65)
"It's too late, Johnny, sorry" "Fuck! What were his last words?" "Slickdeal    11/23/17  (2)
I haven't been to a weedsgiving with all weed food in years. sad.    11/23/17  (2)
"wow, pumo, that's deal pretty slick!" "yup, found it at https://slickdeals.net    11/23/17  (1)
GC here: time to start Christmas shopping!    11/23/17  (3)
"Yeah he has a lot of gay sex and is 180. How did the turkey stay so moist?"    11/23/17  (1)
6pm dinner not fucking served yet fucking starving    11/23/17  (22)
ITT we post pictures of dumbfounded CHINGCHONGS staring at STOCK CHARTS    11/23/17  (217)
"Then the CGI Joker farts on Spider-Man. Great pie by the way."    11/23/17  (4)
Need link to the pics of asians looking at stocks    11/23/17  (2)
Resolved: I'm putting a light up cross on my door for Christmas    11/23/17  (1)
this country literally elected someone, twice, named Barack Hussein Obama    11/23/17  (13)
academia is a vile kike    11/23/17  (7)
UR sperm are cementing ancestral memories of Lil Pump's Gucci Gang right now    11/23/17  (3)
Where to find a neurotic, introverted, obsessive gf? Thank    11/23/17  (1)
Macys Thanksgiving parade is a GC orgy    11/23/17  (50)
Taco Bell updated the cravings box    11/23/17  (15)
anyone going to see Pixar's "COCO" in theaters?    11/23/17  (5)
Lol at these hoes    11/23/17  (1)
Happy thanksgiving! I found tommy turdskin as new Reddit account    11/23/17  (29)
Reminder: electroconvulsive therapy is still widely used for depression    11/23/17  (4)
Rate this supple HS volleyball team from Indiana (Link)    11/23/17  (1)
Barista: "Happy thanksgiving!" Me under my breath: "Absolutely devastating"    11/23/17  (14)
Regret getting dumped by a girl on an almost daily basis    11/23/17  (3)
Desperately making up hobbies @ the dinner table because all you do is poast    11/23/17  (9)
board sucks today    11/23/17  (14)
DrakeMallard really left like a total bitch. 180    11/23/17  (19)
Commented about sps CA public schools @ tgiving, shitlib got MAF    11/23/17  (91)
Randomly drunk texted 4 of my exes. 3 respomds    11/23/17  (2)
Its raining tacos    11/23/17  (2)
Stormfront pumo getting raped by his methhead father at Thanksgiving    11/23/17  (2)
the MPA vs. nigger boi MPM final round is going to be fucking incredible    11/23/17  (2)

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