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Do you still wear a retainer? Broke mine this morning    02/20/18  (3)
"epigenetics" BTFO by actual science. again. care to explain, libs?    02/20/18  (12)
coffee table book of teen girls sleeping    02/20/18  (67)
Mueller investigation is playing out like Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! (1987) so far    02/20/18  (15)
San Francisco Spends $30 Million Cleaning Feces, Needles    02/20/18  (4)
Major apartment developer: 'There is an acute crisis headed our way'    02/20/18  (4)
Why are so many posters taking the Feb bar?    02/20/18  (23)
Daily Stoic, 2/20/18    02/20/18  (7)
Tesla vehicles now dominates luxury segment in Europe, outselling flagship gas-p    02/20/18  (2)
Supreme Court takes no action on DACA    02/20/18  (7)
Isn't it a little gay that when you watch porn you look at the cock a lot?    02/20/18  (4)
We Need to Start Barking at White People Who Speak Out of Turn    02/20/18  (1)
Breaking: Mueller charges Skadden lawyer in Russia probe    02/20/18  (56)
Ghost of Christmas future: South Africa SOTU expropriation of land without $.    02/20/18  (64)
Briefly rating posters as stops I've made on cross country drives    02/20/18  (21)
CNN coaches kid on what to say in interview re FL shooting (link)    02/20/18  (12)
TURD SANDWICH playing Basketball w/ NIGGERS like in American History X, winning    02/20/18  (18)
(1) Wake up, (2) Drink Coffee, (3) Check Emails, (4) Bump FUCK LIBS thread    02/20/18  (140)
daily reminder: F U C K L I B S    02/20/18  (161)
The Depressive Realism Model    02/20/18  (50)
buy an rv and live in walmart parkinglot    02/20/18  (6)
Rate this Elizabeth Smart bikini pic from Instagram    02/20/18  (8)
the key to getting ahead in life is lying constantly about everything    02/20/18  (2)
Describe the HAZING in your fraternity    02/20/18  (163)
I think about killing shitpits a lot    02/20/18  (20)
Had breakfast with prole co-workers (evan39)    02/20/18  (22)
You know that 1.5 million dollar verdict? Defense counsel gave me champagne,    02/20/18  (6)
are you crypto tards jumping in on Venezuela's petro-coin ico?    02/20/18  (2)
February retakers check-in thread.    02/20/18  (31)
Didn't realize how Bush's No Child Left Behind destroyed public school forever.    02/20/18  (91)
The thing about xoxohth is that    02/20/18  (2)
I'm afraid I'm about to fail the BAR EXAM for the 4th fucking time.    02/20/18  (45)
holy shit, do i ever hate myself and want to die today    02/20/18  (3)
Great article on GC and it's impact on our minds    02/20/18  (86)
British / Canadian skater Tessa Virtue is hottest girl at the Olympics    02/20/18  (1)
lib: 2nd amendment is confusing but 14th plainly lets gays marry    02/20/18  (16)
If im reporting crypto taxes do i have to provide records of transactions etc?    02/20/18  (3)
Wait, they let you retake the bar exam?    02/20/18  (1)
Bought a house in an expensive neighborhood, it's on a huge pile of radon, wtf?    02/20/18  (10)
should i buy a shitload of rite aid stock    02/20/18  (17)
ALL BLACK COLD BREW    02/20/18  (7)
@coffeeshop in hometown sitting next to bubbly mixed gender grp of 16-19 yr olds    02/20/18  (34)
So all the Russia probe shows is that white collar DC swamp people lie & dissemb    02/20/18  (1)
Trump wakes up and comes out swinging    02/20/18  (19)
people who say 'bubbly' should be flayed alive    02/20/18  (2)
Billionaire Jew tells GOP no more checks until "assault weapon" support ends    02/20/18  (10)
Welp fuck, i have to go to State Bar committee meeting. Cobb Salad here i come!    02/20/18  (1)
I haven't been able to do *anything* at work for like a week. GC has broken me    02/20/18  (3)
It could be nothing. Or it could be substantial. (Genius)    02/20/18  (3)
Balding lawyer blasting FIGHT THE POWER as he brings his own lunch    02/20/18  (2)
Walmart down $30 billion today.    02/20/18  (3)
Got a $600 coffeemachine FOR FREE from amazon bitches--not flame    02/20/18  (18)
partner said we can have biglaw outside today    02/20/18  (11)
Floyd Mayweather is gonna fight McGregor in the UFC    02/20/18  (13)
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory but its peterman @ FlyingJ double fisting dicks    02/20/18  (6)
I wish we had a "Treasure Box" at work like my kid has at school    02/20/18  (6)
you know whats a scam? Steak restaurants.    02/20/18  (99)
Wife offended neighboring housewife by "microwaving" a cup of water for tea 4her    02/20/18  (5)
When I was 7 we did a family vacay to London, saw "London Dungeon"! It was 180!    02/20/18  (5)
Elizabeth Swaney: silicon valley mega shrews terrible halfpipe run    02/20/18  (70)
should i buy a fuckton of vaporwave posters and hang them up around my apartment    02/20/18  (25)
The two worst school shootings in US history were carried out by autistic kids    02/20/18  (1)
one time i went to a river shoreline w my kid and there was a crowd of crabs all    02/20/18  (1)
ITT post non retarded reasons for private citizens to own semi automatic rifles    02/20/18  (8)
We are old as shit: Gucci Gang released closer to 9/11 than Trump's 4th inaugura    02/20/18  (1)
not being a tastemo, i have uncommon perspective on food prep    02/20/18  (18)
Crypto Taxes    02/20/18  (46)
Literally blasting SAXON at the office right now because of an xoxo thread    02/20/18  (2)
Phineasgage, Why Are BT Girls So Dumb?    02/20/18  (56)
JIm kelly why didnt you do interviews w Buffalo firms coming out of cornell    02/20/18  (56)
Libs complain game set in medieval europe doesn't have diverse characters (link)    02/20/18  (9)
Anyone know anything about commercial real estate brokers?    02/20/18  (4)
Youtube compliation of shrew Elizabeth Sweeney learning tricks on water ramps    02/20/18  (7)
shitcons, explain this graph about mass shootings    02/20/18  (27)
Arming teachers is tcr. Make them earn their salaries    02/20/18  (1)
Hilarious to see all the trumptards jumping ship    02/20/18  (8)
I am a new man today and I will be a new man tomorrow.    02/20/18  (1)
lulzy how robin gibb turned out so ugly compared to barry gibb    02/20/18  (4)
is watching trigger videos for ASMR heroin release cyberpunk?    02/20/18  (2)
is trump bliovating about 'the cyber' cyberpunk?    02/20/18  (1)
High IQ Jew given one year to pass CDL driving test. Possible?    02/20/18  (10)
23andme says I'm at "slightly increased risk" for hereditary hemochromatosis    02/20/18  (1)
need someone to describe in detail the homoerotic hazing that occurs in frats    02/20/18  (11)
Muellers coming for Biglaw. Time to shut it down.    02/20/18  (1)
US team getting raped at winter olympics, bros.    02/20/18  (65)
Christians are super low iq    02/20/18  (10)
Alvin Johnson from Peep Show but its Wesley Johnson Jr    02/20/18  (1)
WTSHTF phineasgage will be like the new Moses?    02/20/18  (1)
WORST ACTOR on the Sopranos?    02/20/18  (45)
Rich guys: masticate thoroughly. Prole guys: eat like a duck.    02/20/18  (6)
Former Skadden attorney flies too close to the sun, gets too shady a client.    02/20/18  (1)
Good morning you sad, sad, wastes of organic matter    02/20/18  (7)
Bee Gees New York University OCI Disaster 2009.mp3    02/20/18  (2)
*record scratch* *freeze frame on peterman midbukkake* "Yup, that's me. You're p    02/20/18  (4)
Cohabitating Before Marriage: PROLE TELL    02/20/18  (56)
Have you pleased my wife Darnell Jones? Do you know how she feels on the inside    02/20/18  (3)
Peterman trying to login, gets "You obviously love great trucker threads" popup    02/20/18  (10)
MY Olympic dream: LJL at this fucking fraud American women scamming system (link    02/20/18  (43)
When would you realistically retire if you were me? (CSLG)    02/20/18  (86)
18 year old etoro peterman burning his birth certificate    02/20/18  (4)
When did heavy metal become a prancing shitlib circle jerk?    02/20/18  (18)
Dem Senator to Mueller: Release your investigation results after the midterms    02/20/18  (30)
How do I feel crypto taxes? Serious    02/20/18  (1)
haha yeah libs are terrible grrr i hate libs lol    02/20/18  (9)
New outside counsel had small "NOFX" tattoo behind his ear    02/20/18  (10)
We can poast if we want to. We can leave out friends behind.    02/20/18  (1)
Eating blackberries, taking Qs    02/20/18  (3)
Perky DD Jewess' Grandpa Having a "Military Funeral." WTF is this Prole Goy Shit    02/20/18  (107)
Linoleum_NoFx.mp3    02/20/18  (1)
*uploads consciousness into The Cloud* "I really like it here."    02/20/18  (2)
Trump needs to get this dumbfuck kushjew out of the Oval Office    02/20/18  (16)
KushJew wants to double the $ we give to Israel and commit us to fight more    02/20/18  (7)
We mock proles but it's the effete elites that have destroyed the country.    02/20/18  (1)
:D are your parents prouder that you read twitter or cost them $50K for lawsuit?    02/20/18  (11)
bros we're living in a cyberpunk novel    02/20/18  (16)
We need a pecial prosecutor to investigate how Obama let russia rape our electi    02/20/18  (3)
we obsess over shitlibs because we are powerless to stop them    02/20/18  (8)
INSANE vid of frat hazing FTM transsexual pledge (pre-mastectomy)    02/20/18  (1)
Jesus: "No, the whole resurrection thing was about my career. I'm in show biz."    02/20/18  (1)
Rate this Elizabeth Warren bikini pic from Instagram    02/20/18  (1)
Your day off is over! Back to work you greedy little wagecucks!    02/20/18  (2)
Tell me about dating a hot bi chick where you both fuck other girls but no men    02/20/18  (1)
Chris Hanson reading cryptoPIGlet transcript to RSF.    02/20/18  (5)
Another three days of workcucking till the weekend! Aw yeah!    02/20/18  (2)
Rate this Elizabeth Holmes bikini pic from Instagram    02/20/18  (1)
AssFaggot here. Im alpha as shit    02/20/18  (9)
Fuck it. Going SOLO next month. Whole family supports me    02/20/18  (2)
Libs coming after FB exec VP for tweeting truth about Russian conspiracy    02/20/18  (6)
"You must never listen to this." -Herzog listening to lost dennis vocaroo    02/20/18  (48)
I hope that Fat Plodding Law Beaver faggot becomes a victim of violent crime.    02/20/18  (20)
How much do you think this case is worth? (CSLG)    02/20/18  (52)
RSF, YES or NO ITT: Are you Cryptopiglet aka Lick MSG Masterman?    02/20/18  (23)
seeking illustrator for BIGLAW-themed children's book    02/20/18  (13)
If ur not buying TWX ur insane    02/20/18  (57)
Here are a couple poems i wrote in 1995. lol i found them cleaning up.    02/20/18  (27)
"heart of glass" is one of the most underrated songs ever    02/20/18  (1)
Right wing AfD is now the second most supported political party in Germany    02/20/18  (2)
Lol I took yesterday off and now partner is clearly annoyed at me    02/20/18  (5)
RSF was stripped of mod powers, then humiliated on xo.    02/20/18  (252)
Youre probably a shitty lawyer if you dont wear allen edmonds    02/20/18  (3)
Olympics got lifehacked.    02/20/18  (11)
I have made a decision on Honda vs Subaru (pics)    02/20/18  (149)
ljl at the retards falling for this florida "school shooting" hoax    02/20/18  (2)
Know any "system lawyers" whose success is 100% good templates + coaching?    02/20/18  (1)
***USA v. Czechs 10:10pm EST DO OR DIE MAGA MOGA MHGA***    02/20/18  (1)
*places fresh diaper on desk of renowned architect* Design my home around this    02/20/18  (4)
XO Jordanian King Asks Trump To Fire Shitlib Antisemite Ambassador, Trump OKs    02/20/18  (4)

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