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I earned $50 today in the stock market    01/22/18  (16)
First I'm going to ride my way to a million with VTSAX    01/22/18  (1)
much of puerto rico still without water and electricity    01/22/18  (73)
Best T14 schedule to become in-house for a local Edward Jones?    01/22/18  (2)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    01/22/18  (515)
How many "men" here can't bench 185?    01/22/18  (107)
XO used to know the internet, now we are old fogies on the internet    01/22/18  (5)
Inspector General Michael Horowitz discovered Strzok/Page texts were missing    01/22/18  (14)
Rate ansari bad sex accuser    01/22/18  (11)
puerto ricans literally look subhuman    01/22/18  (2)
I would support Antifa suicide bombing Davos    01/22/18  (5)
LOL at Boomers. "I know a guy for finance."    01/22/18  (5)
For those of you who "remember" me claiming CLS (RSF)    01/22/18  (7)
chill, laidback, egalitarian, free love bonobos: MORESOCIOPATHICCHADCOCKPLZ    01/22/18  (2)
MGTOW||Early Retirement|| VTSAX|| MS CS at 50    01/22/18  (8)
Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism    01/22/18  (97)
When is our next recession?    01/22/18  (1)
Put it all on VTSAX    01/22/18  (1)
Conan OBrien at Luxury Resort: Haiti Is a Beautiful Country (link)    01/22/18  (39)
IFNB Songbook: Hakuna Ma-Cock-A (repost)    01/22/18  (6)
Lindsey Graham too cowardly to debate Stephen Miller.    01/22/18  (6)
I cried at my desk today    01/22/18  (5)
locked keys in my car. kicked in the rear window    01/22/18  (3)
the person who invented captcha needs to be captured and killed immediately    01/22/18  (1)
did FBI really "lose" specific texts uncovering their coup or did i dream that    01/22/18  (4)
Jordan Peterson on Channel 4 controversy - media is shit (vid)    01/22/18  (11)
RATE THIS SINGLE MOM.    01/22/18  (4)
Google turns Nazi: a communist Jew is selebrated, replacing a person of color    01/22/18  (5)
Where logic fails PN: not raping mother after beating up father.    01/22/18  (6)
How much would you pay to watch PN and RSF battle to death in the Coliseum?    01/22/18  (31)
Rate this claymation JRPG that would have CRUSHED in 1997    01/22/18  (5)
"Well we've noticed you never laugh when jokes about Trump are made."    01/22/18  (2)
Making an offer on a house (mnd)    01/22/18  (32)
You will 100% kill yourself when Bitcoin Private/ZCL hits $3000    01/22/18  (11)
Heres all you need to know about Jews    01/22/18  (9)
Monday Night Raw 25th Anniversary show thread    01/22/18  (19)
Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund    01/22/18  (1)
Battered, bloodied Dems: "What happened?" Hillary: "That's what I said!"    01/22/18  (1)
Battered, bloodied Dems: "How the hell...?" Jeb: "I told you he can't be beat!"    01/22/18  (2)
Rate my Hours    01/22/18  (14)
Thunder Collins went pumo because I said his wife fucks black dudes.    01/22/18  (10)
post ITT: if you have always had perfect 20/20 vision    01/22/18  (9)
DACA-Democrats Against Citizens of America    01/22/18  (16)
*John C. Calhoun is time-warped into NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade* "haha wow"    01/22/18  (7)
The final lies boomers told us dont just put it all in stocks    01/22/18  (10)
Excited for Trump Season 2    01/22/18  (1)
KINDNESS CLUB 2018 FIRST MEETING    01/22/18  (52)
Holy shit, did Christian Bale really get this fat? (Pic)    01/22/18  (5)
Philadelphia is really the last true bastion of sports hooliganism in the US    01/22/18  (19)
Lib here: Democrats lost this shutdown    01/22/18  (55)
How good was xo today on a ada,e of 1to 10    01/22/18  (1)
TCtp, where'd all the millions of Blacks in Mexico 150 years ago end up?    01/22/18  (15)
Boooom turn off Neb-OSU bball and start killing the boomers,    01/22/18  (1)
ITT your plans for the zombie apocalypse    01/22/18  (7)
GOD BLESS DONALD J. TRUMP    01/22/18  (17)
How much money would it take to get you to sell your whiteness?    01/22/18  (3)
very sad to see beckersted brown-knighting RSF    01/22/18  (23)
I bought $30k of JPMorgan stock in 2015    01/22/18  (4)
Trump does an Apu accent when talking about Indian PM Modi    01/22/18  (10)
Cat dood just died-other cat doodette a lot more social since    01/22/18  (5)
Donald "Restitutor Orbis" Trump    01/22/18  (1)
Uber notification: Tommy is arriving.    01/22/18  (105)
God Bless Mexico    01/22/18  (2)
Beckerstedt you watching 25th anniversary raw or what    01/22/18  (2)
NY IBDmo. Single, 30yo. Thoughts on moving to SF?    01/22/18  (61)
Your guys approach to life is to do the most miserable/lucrative/non-producti
   01/22/18  (4)
LOL Trump wins again! *imports 30 million more Asians and Mexicans*    01/22/18  (1)
Oh wow interesting political thread    01/22/18  (75)
when i first got married i thought inwould never masturbate to images    01/22/18  (3)
let's all buy coins, Rite Aid, and Canadian weed stocks and retire in 2018    01/22/18  (23)
Shitlib Trump will give amnesty and path to citizenship for DACA recipients    01/22/18  (11)
Do your cardio! 53 yr old USA hockey GM, former pro died from heart failure    01/22/18  (5)
I want to go back to mexico. I need at least 100k to build a 180 house there    01/22/18  (1)
Cat dood just died-other cat doodette a lot more social since    01/22/18  (1)
Will USA be able to maintain global hegemony when it becomes 80% 5'6" mestizos?    01/22/18  (12)
Dems caved cuz #SchumerShutdown won meme war due to alliteration    01/22/18  (15)
Stephanie Corneliussen -- uuunnnnggghhhh    01/22/18  (6)
either porn has lied to.me or japanese womens prisons are grossly unsupervised    01/22/18  (5)
Women are badass action heroes who are constantly assaulted by men    01/22/18  (2)
ITT list the Shitlibbyest shit you believe    01/22/18  (75)
@realdonaldtrump: Schmuck Schumer begged like a dog to reopen govt!    01/22/18  (1)
Ok poors, poast your wallets.    01/22/18  (21)
When's the last time you shat a log right into your hand for no reason?    01/22/18  (6)
I wish I was a fat Jew so boner Police would bang me    01/22/18  (3)
Kathy Bates' #MeToo moment against Warren Beatty. CNN nao!    01/22/18  (1)
"I want to console myself for being a lawyer by buying stuff but Im also broke!"    01/22/18  (3)
Is this the typical fat office milf ass?    01/22/18  (10)
Workout Bros: Need serious fitness advice    01/22/18  (32)
How do I know I won't die randomly    01/22/18  (5)
lawman8 height    01/22/18  (1)
ICX is headed for the moon    01/22/18  (1)
If you want sensible progressive policy, shouldn't you want more immigration?    01/22/18  (11)
New PAC called: "I am going to assassinate Donald Trump" NOT FLAME LINK    01/22/18  (15)
LMAO Tucker just called out Thunder Collins    01/22/18  (11)
remember when twins (the poaster) was a thing?    01/22/18  (5)
brand new russian battle frigate completely stuck in ice    01/22/18  (9)
I'm so fucking bored in life, at work, after work; worried about mental health    01/22/18  (27)
if u knew u were going to jail in a month, would u lift 24/7?    01/22/18  (3)
Success of Jumanji only thing keeping Sony solvent    01/22/18  (1)
None of my 30 something single guy friends get any pussy. Why?    01/22/18  (29)
Hypo: sex with any woman you want but her body is coated in peanut butter    01/22/18  (13)
Trump single-handedly won the national debate on immigration. GOP and dems BTFO    01/22/18  (1)
Democrats confused and demoralized today. Unsure what to believe or fight for.    01/22/18  (2)
Just violated my relationship's ONLY RULE: NO MASTURBATION    01/22/18  (4)
Russian Navy off Fla., Russia invading Kiev, Obama lisping "Stop    01/22/18  (173)
Pumos threatening to out me    01/22/18  (71)
once in boy scouts i was up on a hill and i saw the scoutmaster taking a shit be    01/22/18  (3)
BUY ALL THE ZCL YOU CAN    01/22/18  (5)
Meet Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok's direct boss & part of the conspiracy    01/22/18  (5)
Whats RSFs end game here? He just sits and posts all day?    01/22/18  (4)
Aus Open Day 9 (1/23) Spoilers #tennis    01/22/18  (1)
Why did the board's feelings on RSF change?    01/22/18  (93)
Ruh-roh: Ending chain migration more popular w. voters than saving DACA.    01/22/18  (64)
Prole Tell: Dealer License Plate Frame Still On Car    01/22/18  (33)
Any good revivals of "The Music Man" out there right now?    01/22/18  (2)
Has wmtp talked a good game but done fuck all again today?    01/22/18  (1)
ITT: we diagnose RSF's mental illness    01/22/18  (180)
how do people get up day after day and go to work just to do it again? all while    01/22/18  (31)
"Anastasia you slut! He was an MPM back-to-back semifinalist!!"    01/22/18  (1)
Ivanka wants John Kelly FIRED    01/22/18  (36)
Giving out NEO for 30 minutes    01/22/18  (4)
The Last Jedi toys already being clearanced for $1    01/22/18  (15)
piss and poopoo appreciation thread    01/22/18  (8)
White House tweets staged photos of Trump "working" during shutdown    01/22/18  (7)
How badly did dems self-pwn on DACA? Cat out of bag now re open borders platform    01/22/18  (1)
On shrews in the workplace    01/22/18  (23)
Astronaut swears he saw floating bodies in Roman soldier uniforms    01/22/18  (25)
Bout to drop 14k on engagement ring. Am I a fucking retard?    01/22/18  (31)
Mighty Ducks to be remade as a TV series (link)    01/22/18  (2)
I cried at MY desk today because    01/22/18  (3)
New CA law will automatically register illegal immigrants to vote (link)    01/22/18  (1)
best Joe Montana story is when he saw John Candy eating peanuts in stands    01/22/18  (2)
So 90% of Google employees are close-minded antifa types?    01/22/18  (1)
Libs self immolate as pussy hat marcher reveals uncomfortable truth.    01/22/18  (51)
Release the fucking memo already jfc stop fucking around    01/22/18  (2)
Libertarianism fails because modernity is too complex for average-IQ people    01/22/18  (8)
6.8%, LOL under my plan they'd have 100% employment.    01/22/18  (1)
Trump slaps tariff on solar panels in major blow to renewable energy (TIME)    01/22/18  (4)
Joe Montana laughing sadistically at kid, "It's a MOVIE, faggot. It's not real."    01/22/18  (3)
NY IBSmo. Single, 30yo. Thoughts on moving to SF?    01/22/18  (1)
Bishop Williamson: "Traditional Catholicism is the answer to the Jewish questi    01/22/18  (5)
Trump supporter burns 100 pink pussy hats in front of Women's March (video)    01/22/18  (4)
XOXO Deal finder: high grade weighted blankets (link)    01/22/18  (11)
an imperial norwood four pradeep is boarding the starship enterprise    01/22/18  (1)
Rate this sentence from a Cambodia travel guide    01/22/18  (2)
The Shape of Faggot    01/22/18  (2)
Sim glitch: TFM hot girls of Instagram are all with white guys    01/22/18  (5)
Joe Montana seems like the most bitter NFL legend    01/22/18  (38)

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