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Barista: "Happy thanksgiving!" Me under my breath: "Absolutely devastating"    11/23/17  (10)
Auschwitz had a swimming pool, bakery, post office. Hey could u pass the gravy    11/23/17  (53)
Wish I was handsome    11/23/17  (3)
Desperately making up hobbies @ the dinner table because all you do is poast    11/23/17  (5)
What the hell, GC? NFL has ads DURING A SERIES?    11/23/17  (7)
Help me buy a winter jacket    11/23/17  (38)
you dont understand honey, if i took my profits theyd call me a 'sellcuck'    11/23/17  (12)
ITT: We share pics of are Thanksgiving meals    11/23/17  (19)
Could you please pass the stuffing? So, have you guys heard of lil peep?    11/23/17  (2)
My Mom Ordered PDDJ & I At Thanksgiving At 12pm. Huge Fight Ongoing #sickly    11/23/17  (22)
MPA and me making love on a Caltrain, listening to Ludacris    11/23/17  (5)
roy moore mall ban was a lie    11/23/17  (29)
An unfortunate lack of respect for Frozen Joker Best Videos    11/23/17  (1)
MPA is the best user on this web page and it isn't even close    11/23/17  (7)
Randomly drunk texted 4 of my exes. 3 respomds    11/23/17  (1)
I watched Beverly Hills Cop yesterday after a long time and it was 1800000    11/23/17  (6)
Funny Spider-Man and Elsa Unpaid Internship    11/23/17  (3)
rach never showed up for thanksgiving, did he?    11/23/17  (1)
Is sous vide cooking credited or flame? Thinking about getting one today    11/23/17  (79)
Nobody likes you, Goldstein!    11/23/17  (5)
CGI Joker piss baste turkey prank superheroes Thanksgiving Elsa from Frozen    11/23/17  (10)
FUCKING Need to figure out song name but only can hum it need help!    11/23/17  (1)
*throws iceball at Goldstein's had* "You suck, Goldstein!"    11/23/17  (2)
The Death of Lil Peep is a canvas oil painting by English painter Henry Wallis    11/23/17  (7)
Abbott Saxtus is the real Magical Asian    11/23/17  (2)
An ambiguously ethnic looking young couple dancing in falling snow    11/23/17  (10)
Family dog loves Chopin    11/23/17  (11)
Ppl looked at me funny when I brought out selfie stick at dinner    11/23/17  (2)
Cops were warned to keep Roy Moore away from teen cheerleaders    11/23/17  (2)
With Jews you win, period.    11/23/17  (3)
   11/23/17  (22)
just ate my wife's hairy pussy for dessert, taking Qs    11/23/17  (15)
how do people register? email rachmiel?    11/23/17  (13)
Predict which communist revolutionary or activist Google will commemorate tomorr    11/23/17  (11)
Just found out a family member has Parkinsons. Fucking sucks    11/23/17  (4)
Datingwise, a 40+ YO woman    11/23/17  (1)
Box is hotter than Julia, Ruskie, Bel and EV    11/23/17  (17)
https://i.imgur.com/KavEZ2O.gif    11/23/17  (11)
twins, a question    11/23/17  (20)
What is the credited gf for an INTP    11/23/17  (26)
Put 1000 into ETH and now it's dropping.    11/23/17  (1)
Talked about Elsa vids at tgiving    11/23/17  (1)
Hey Goldstein, beat it!    11/23/17  (1)
I haven't been to a weedsgiving with all weed food in years. sad.    11/23/17  (1)
Regret dumping a girl on an almost daily basis    11/23/17  (38)
Mormon missionary TP: please tell me how to get into prop trading    11/23/17  (4)
Cousin's new gf was smitten with my. Wife said so. Very uncomfortable.    11/23/17  (8)
Never Forget: The Taj Mahal is a Mausoleum    11/23/17  (3)
I'm oriental    11/23/17  (6)
Difference b/w meme and forcememe same as difference b/w religion and cult: age    11/23/17  (3)
hypo: you are allowed to rape one (1) male XO poster.    11/23/17  (12)
Let me wait in line to spend money on a bunch of crap that will suck in a year    11/23/17  (1)
Women no longer walk with grace    11/23/17  (11)
Fake nose, big fake breasts, Louis Vuitton handbag    11/23/17  (3)
Boner Police and I tell each other we love e/o daily not flame    11/23/17  (2)
He had won the battle over himself. He loved Chad.    11/23/17  (9)
Gonna start dressing in all black    11/23/17  (2)
Fake nose and big fake breasts    11/23/17  (1)
2nd cousin took snapchat selfie w/ my kid and had a huge nip slip    11/23/17  (7)
Boner Police, are you currently in possession of a bf    11/23/17  (4)
My Dad just told me that I mat not need to donate a kidney to him. Artificial K    11/23/17  (1)
Skinnyfat "male" in designer jeans with bedazzled rear pocket flaps carving turk    11/23/17  (3)
Boner police's existence is the only reason not to commit suicide    11/23/17  (15)
anyone going to see Pixar's "COCO" in theaters?    11/23/17  (4)
Holiday lottery ads on the radio targeting black people    11/23/17  (3)
"So, they have these 'artificial kidneys' will end the need for donors. Napkin?    11/23/17  (1)
my girl cousin is dating a NIGGER. him and his 'mama' are coming to dinner    11/23/17  (11)
800+ gay sex threads and he's keeping his heterosexuality.    11/23/17  (6)
{$} Official Black Friday Deals Thread {$}    11/23/17  (20)
When your wife goes too long without shaving her nipple hairs    11/23/17  (8)
Boner Police wrapping his fat massive college boy cock around me    11/23/17  (16)
How does it feel to work for the government?    11/23/17  (8)
The pituitary gland is stunning    11/23/17  (1)
blade runner is BOMBING hard in theaters    11/23/17  (24)
your wife going through darnell's fat dick withdrawals at the thanksgiving table    11/23/17  (1)
Do any high schools still mandate GREEK?    11/23/17  (19)
Your wife and your little brother walk out of bathroom, a fishy smell lingers    11/23/17  (5)
Zero desire to or interest in having kids. What am I missing?    11/23/17  (15)
I want Boner Police to bite my earlobe as he roughly fucks me doggy style    11/23/17  (6)
people here tend to conflate bearing kids with rearing kids    11/23/17  (1)
holy shit just realized I'm a stupid fucking retard    11/23/17  (7)
I'm thankful today for how much better my life is than all of yours    11/23/17  (11)
Holey shit this weed pancake is gonna be good    11/23/17  (4)
Ann Coulter just tweeted an autoadmit meme (not flame) (link)    11/23/17  (11)
PRO TIP: Buy OMG in ETH pair right now and wait 90 Days    11/23/17  (2)
Sex with Boner Police feels almost mystical    11/23/17  (5)
State the probability this girl called so I would ask her out.    11/23/17  (3)
Boner Police is so tall and jacked. I want him to pin me down & beat my head in    11/23/17  (7)
I want to surrender my skinny fat naked hairy body to Subtle Hipster Troll    11/23/17  (5)
if ur not living in a van ur crazy    11/23/17  (3)
Second cousin currently petting a pussy    11/23/17  (1)
I get so fucking pissed off whenever Academia poasts anything. I see red    11/23/17  (23)
It's so annoying swiping through the hot girls on bumble    11/23/17  (13)
No traffic. Arrived at my in-laws place 5 hours early for Thanksgiving.    11/23/17  (56)
70% of american female teenagers too overweight to ride on back of bicycles (NYT    11/23/17  (7)
PSA: You will bitterly regret not having children    11/23/17  (111)
Know a guy who makes $40k month as a day/swing trader.    11/23/17  (43)
If I went to law school at 35, would I have a shot at biglaw?    11/23/17  (52)
Me and Boom french kissing as we make love on my pickup bed    11/23/17  (17)
quot; - me shitting in boner_police's mouth
   11/23/17  (8)
Vikings stadium is the best NFL stadium    11/23/17  (4)
Real talk: XO was like a pump and dump pre and post crypto talk    11/23/17  (1)
Reminder: exeunt took his advice off-bort bc he whined he wasnt being "tipped"    11/23/17  (9)
Anyone date in a college town in their late 20s    11/23/17  (26)
Happy Thanksgiving    11/23/17  (1)
imitation game was boring as shit.    11/23/17  (4)
How much can I pick up and haul from Colorado?    11/23/17  (4)
watchmen is a poor faggot with $50K in credit card debt and $200 in the bank    11/23/17  (2)
"hee fucking hee, I'm just a GC wagecuck faggot" 'babe I dont like this ur drunk    11/23/17  (1)
Miss State QB's foot literally turned backwards    11/23/17  (1)
HoldUp have you considered antipsychotic meds    11/23/17  (30)
I have great hair, an amazing body, and a godlike face.    11/23/17  (4)
evan39 do you care about your dream chads career    11/23/17  (7)
Bend over and I'll show you    11/23/17  (1)
Really hate musical theater but love Phantom. Anyone else?    11/23/17  (40)
29 tp flexed because of wmtp?    11/23/17  (20)
Protip: watch a Lonesome Dove marathon on Thanksgiving    11/23/17  (8)
i hate all of you and i'm thankful you'll all die    11/23/17  (3)
...and what are you thankful for Travon?    11/23/17  (1)
How dangerous is it to give an 18 yr old alcohol and fuck her sans condom?    11/23/17  (18)
lol at the black math prodigy on This Is Us    11/23/17  (7)
donny: ruff ruff....ruff...ruff ruff ruff...ruff....ruff ruff ru    11/23/17  (28)
HappETH Thanksgiving!    11/23/17  (9)
*who wants 2 b a millionaire music* "who would u like 2 call?""my fried assfaggo    11/23/17  (13)
Was Thor Ragnarok any good?    11/23/17  (3)
2nd cousin: Losing her virginity; Shrew GF: Losing her fertility    11/23/17  (3)
Can somebody who has premium Bloomberg account copy/paste this article?    11/23/17  (5)
Just played around with pixel 2    11/23/17  (2)
possible for non-vagina haver to enjoy This Is Us on NBC?    11/23/17  (1)
Just date a girl who earns poverty wages and have her get food stamps, etc    11/23/17  (21)
When I look back at Of Counsel still at my old Biglaw firm, I shudder...    11/23/17  (33)
"What do you mean the turkey is 180?"    11/23/17  (8)
Anyone date White chicks in Southeast Asia?    11/23/17  (2)
Pixel 2 is 50% off at verizon    11/23/17  (1)
*shoves JJC's face into toilet filled with my day-after-Thanksgiving shit*    11/23/17  (5)
High Plains Drifter: so red pilled XO Clint Eastwood would be lynched today    11/23/17  (1)
"No, no," he explained during dinner, "We have to kill all the Jews first"    11/23/17  (3)
Imagine all the white women taking turkey stuffing pecan pie shits tomorrow    11/23/17  (1)
Snowblind is the best song of all time.    11/23/17  (4)
Cowboys stadium exterior looks so fucking TTT    11/23/17  (3)
very bullish development for crypto: hedge funds    11/23/17  (37)
Three men fuck a roast turkey until it falls apart (PornHub)    11/23/17  (16)
Very Difficult to Replay Ocarina of Time    11/23/17  (3)
just got in hottub w two hs girls already in it.    11/23/17  (10)
Bullying dorks in HS = PEAK EXPERIENCE (RSF)    11/23/17  (91)
This organization is helping White people talk about race at Thanksgiving (CNN)    11/23/17  (7)
Racist Uncle now Regular Uncle after this Cowboys game    11/23/17  (1)
USA Today: Flynn Tells Mueller he's Ready to Deal (link)    11/23/17  (13)
smoked a bowl, chillaxed on beach today. viewed horizon vertically, like it was    11/23/17  (2)

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