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STICKY: New account requests   03/20/18  (183)
RSF has a bunch of alts that he uses to talk shit to people    03/20/18  (254)
Reminder: a half dozen USPO's are investigating Temple Law    03/20/18  (1)
Reminder: 90% of those who start in shitlaw never make more than 70K    03/20/18  (10)
Trump Jr. fucked some dumb bimbo from Celebrity Apprentice ("Nice taste!"-Trump)    03/20/18  (46)
Cash-strapped US colleges have become acquisition targets for Chinese companies    03/20/18  (3)
How the fuck is the austin guy still not caught?    03/20/18  (1)
Rescue Shrew Is Taking PDPD To Remove His MANHOOD Tomorrow    03/20/18  (2)
"Notarize This" (2016) Comedy, Rated R.    03/20/18  (10)
My Parents: Buying PDPD A Bed | PDDJ's Parents: Not Offering A Dime For GrandDog    03/20/18  (8)
PDDJ & I Just Rescued A Puppydood. How Do We Do Fraudlies Emotional Support Dog?    03/20/18  (97)
Slate: Parenting doesn't really matter (link)    03/20/18  (33)
Breaking: school shooting in Maryland at Great Mills High    03/20/18  (85)
Reminder: a half dozen USAO's are investigating Trump/Russia    03/20/18  (2)
Luis remember when the US Navy pwnd your cousins on that civilian airplane?    03/20/18  (12)
gorgon did you see this chilling poast by earl?    03/20/18  (2)
longest flight you've ever flown in coach? Me: 14 hours.    03/20/18  (19)
American Pie 2 is underrated    03/20/18  (28)
this has provoked a powerful reaction in me    03/20/18  (20)
peterman bombing austin because eth went down    03/20/18  (13)
American Pie 1 and 2 are like time capsules    03/20/18  (46)
Shocking moment Fox News' Tomi Lahren KICKS her chihuahua FIVE TIMES (Daily Mail    03/20/18  (1)
Who is the more impressive CA shitlawyer? EPAH or CSLG?    03/20/18  (10)
Cant believe xo missed this story about how Don Jr. met his wife    03/20/18  (17)
"Oh, now you want me to cut you slack?" taunts lawman8 to a dying sqmo    03/20/18  (16)
Is lawman8 still clinging to 'Paddock was Muslim' narrative?    03/20/18  (34)
bloodacre are u more of a "nasally jew" or a "fratty jew"    03/20/18  (2)
Jared & MBS Dining On Kebabs, Agreeing Palestinians Are Niggers Of Arab World    03/20/18  (1)
8.2 Receipt and review of Hajime No Ippo vol. 302 - 453; Note key excerpts    03/20/18  (2)
Trump's NOWRUZ Message To IRAN: Your Gov't Is BRUTAL & CORRUPT #luis    03/20/18  (10)
Poll: is lawman8 autistic?    03/20/18  (40)
NYT: nigs cant help being dumb/lazy, even when growing up in rich families    03/20/18  (16)
American Pie 2>>>>American Pie 1    03/20/18  (19)
David Bowies Fashion playing as Peterman sashays up + down lot at Flying J    03/20/18  (7)
Called Ultraortho Rabbi re Passover Qs re PDPD: Why The Fuck Did You Get A Dog?    03/20/18  (11)
The reason the FBI is so ineffective is because they are a bunch of nerds    03/20/18  (2)
Rate Trump's NOWRUZ Message    03/20/18  (10)
Protips For Saving Money On Puppydood Expenses For PDPD #nutella    03/20/18  (126)
why do PROLES love INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES?    03/20/18  (20)
Libs: There is no deep state! Also Libs: Don't piss off the deep state OR ELSE!    03/20/18  (13)
lawman8 what's your theory on Trump's motive for burying Paddock-ISIS connection    03/20/18  (3)
Going to the Costa Mesa gun show on Saturday - who's coming?    03/20/18  (1)
chandler, do u want to come see the Dead with me, kihote and my black fiance?    03/20/18  (1)
God-fearing shitlib here, taking ?'s    03/20/18  (1)
Breaking: prom sex pact signed in Michigan at East Great Falls High    03/20/18  (1)
me & chandler telling packed HS gymnasiums biglaw doesn't make u "cool    03/20/18  (1)
Carson Wentz dumps old GF, gets new GF and gets engaged    03/20/18  (80)
Ivanka helicopter emergency landing + Don Jr. divorce filing = NOT A COINCIDENCE    03/20/18  (4)
Btw, "The Deep State" = God    03/20/18  (1)
Any travelmos been to Brunei?    03/20/18  (20)
DTP taking questions here (3/20/2018)    03/20/18  (10)
"Oh Malk! You so crever. You invent sociar network. You invent 'rike' button."    03/20/18  (43)
Rate this beautiful girl getting a Brazilian wax (SFW, YouTube)    03/20/18  (113)
XOXOMag: Life doesn't really matter (link)    03/20/18  (1)
Deputy repeatedly hammer fists 12-yr-old girl for playing with her dog    03/20/18  (40)
XOJane: My 16 year old daughter wants a Brazilian wax (link)    03/20/18  (1)
If Trump could fire Sessions --> Rosenstein --> Mueller, he would have already    03/20/18  (12)
*"Gucci Gang" fades in as xo cool kids roll up in CR-V*    03/20/18  (1)
Weird thing no one questions: How Walmart changed name to one word    03/20/18  (15)
RATE Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark)'s latest tattoo    03/20/18  (38)
just realized i have not physically gone to the office yet in 2018    03/20/18  (6)
Gretchen Reynoso of CDM High School is a useless bitch who deserves rape    03/20/18  (6)
Media forces DC-councilman to deny that Jews control the weather    03/20/18  (3)
Rate this RANT against Brooklyn gentrification    03/20/18  (14)
Jumped into urinal in Planet Hollywood bathroom, was a portal back to 90s    03/20/18  (10)
chilmata could we please get an updated pic of your living room? TYIA    03/20/18  (10)
Chilmata, without cleaning up at all, post a picture or your desk or coffee tabl    03/20/18  (104)
There's this weird group called "Lost Boys" who run the party scene at my UG    03/20/18  (51)
A school shooting in Barron Trump's birthday? Disrespectful.    03/20/18  (1)
Hey SHT check this tumblr out    03/20/18  (19)
"My God! That Notary's Buttfucking my wife!"    03/20/18  (20)
John Rocker agrees to NOTARIZE the Nordic Boys autograph (link    03/20/18  (60)
Boner police, basically brain dead from drugs, plowing a fat blond slampig    03/20/18  (2)
I'm a notary first. A lawyer second. And a father third.    03/20/18  (24)
Cheatmoed with 22 yr old girl this weekend in my office, lol am so fucked    03/20/18  (87)
lomein8 boiling dog alive, screaming "you rike a balk?! rike a balk rea roud?!"    03/20/18  (1)
Shitlib HuffPo journalist calls for shutting down speaker he doesn't like    03/20/18  (7)
Passed an alleyway last night, 4 notaries public kicking the shit out of a guy    03/20/18  (6)
So, what did Cambridge Analytica actually do?    03/20/18  (13)
Good times, bad times, you know Ive had my share    03/20/18  (2)
Are you old enough to remember when cars had VHS players built in?    03/20/18  (11)
Greatest GC scam is removing the holes from donuts and selling them separately    03/20/18  (7)
biglaw-themed PORNO starring "DTF Piper"    03/20/18  (13)
taking q's about personal finance, crypto (exeunt)    03/20/18  (91)
skipping w hojrakso and scholarship through a scholarly wonderland    03/20/18  (2)
DLA Piper at the Gates of Dawn    03/20/18  (13)
but seriouly you guys, if aliens have the tech 2 come here why would they bother    03/20/18  (1)
biglaw firms need to get their shit together re: en dashes and em dashes    03/20/18  (48)
Vanderbilt Law with scholarship, or Cornell at sticker?    03/20/18  (17)
US Amb. David Friedman: "Palestinian" POTUS Is An Antisemite    03/20/18  (1)
DLA Piper Aleppo or Dentons Fallujah?    03/20/18  (6)
NY times: massive wealth study shows white privilege is helping hispanics    03/20/18  (3)
ISRAEL Elects Its First FAGGOT MAYOR    03/20/18  (1)
How PWNED are we going to get by tomorrow's Noreaster?    03/20/18  (1)
Reporter asking 9/11 jumper what he is seeing down below    03/20/18  (1)
RATE this horrific Frank Lloyd Wright house in New Canaan, CT for $7.2M    03/20/18  (18)
Francis is coming.    03/20/18  (1)
David Hoag from Parkland HS is a dumb little shit    03/20/18  (3)
TOO MANY DICKS, NOT ENOUGH SEMEN (bloodacre rapping to Ludacris beat)    03/20/18  (4)
This bort had powerful sirens that drew travelers to this island    03/20/18  (2)
NCAA Bracket    03/20/18  (31)
I can hear the board calling me the way its used to    03/20/18  (7)
RSF: If you could go back in time to stop 9/11, but lose the money, would you?    03/20/18  (21)
Thought experiment: lawmon8    03/20/18  (33)
DEMPUSHEE RORRU    03/20/18  (1)
where the fuck is sharklasers    03/20/18  (2)
CBS Anchor Asks Shooting Victim For Comments On Stormy Daniels (clip)    03/20/18  (5)
Comey to star in his own biopic    03/20/18  (1)
So dossier nonstory was a distraction from news re Assange/Cambridge Analytica?    03/20/18  (17)
i make 1 post and get this rat spinning for 6 hours    03/20/18  (8)
Chances Trump singles out Maryland school shooting officer for recognition?    03/20/18  (1)
Is this an acceptable suit/color combo for a lawyer?    03/20/18  (2)
I need some fake, but plausible, XO monikers for this thing I'm writing    03/20/18  (131)
Fat middle aged women working in offices    03/20/18  (7)
Is the movie Geralds Game (Netflix) worth watching?    03/20/18  (2)
goodmorning xo. every day is a blessing when you're TRADITIONALIST CATHOLIC.    03/20/18  (27)
Name a societal problem that WASNT caused by women's "rights"    03/20/18  (1)
"Why aren't you poasting, bro?" *I was in the hospital.*    03/20/18  (1)
I'm watching West Side Story    03/20/18  (11)
*millennial "male" posting poasting sjw approved meme on social media*    03/20/18  (1)
So you want to go to India?    03/20/18  (5)
Trump Tax Bill could force MLB/NBA teams to pay taxes on trades (link)    03/20/18  (4)
Throat is killing me bros    03/20/18  (19)
Most important "conservative" idea is that societies do not PROGRESS    03/20/18  (26)
LOL at "hard drugs". Just drink a few cups of coffee every day    03/20/18  (7)
You're a lying rat and I want nothing to do w/you    03/20/18  (44)
Would anyone like to see the LJL N.Korean propaganda poster I will hang    03/20/18  (19)
UNGHHH 41 days until FINALLY time for next trip    03/20/18  (27)
every time a bell rings, a lawman is vindicated    03/20/18  (1)
any ADD/Lazy bros cop "Strattera"...non-narc
   03/20/18  (11)
ussr skater Alina just replied to my tweet "hello mr fancy biglaw man    03/20/18  (28)
Check out this angry catdood    03/20/18  (4)
2 hot-bodied law teens fighting over bald partner    03/20/18  (3)
*Jeff Bezos decapitating toys r us girrafe* *mounts head on wall*    03/20/18  (11)
worst part about addy is the profuse sweating and pit stains    03/20/18  (5)
DESCRIBE lifestyle and salary of a Pettit Kohn (San Diego) lit associate.    03/20/18  (2)
Hes a maniac, maniac on the boart. And hes posting like hes never posted befo    03/20/18  (6)
Guitarmos - come ITT to recommend upgrades for my Fender Stratocaster    03/20/18  (33)
BUT IT WAS TAX DAY!!!    03/20/18  (224)
We lived in Arizona and all the fridges had little egg holders, they went on for    03/20/18  (3)
One good thing about crypto, when it quits, you feel no gains    03/20/18  (5)
Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev and 8 others are new comrade suggestions    03/20/18  (2)
Frank Lloyd Wright we miss you friend (evan39)    03/20/18  (40)
2nd cousin: "sticky buns?" ur shrew gf: "he's gluten-free"    03/20/18  (121)
Why did refrigerators used to have little egg holders?    03/20/18  (55)
RSF pulling an envelope of blood money out of his sweaty rolls for Svetlana    03/20/18  (1)
Package explodes inside Plano Dorito facility    03/20/18  (3)
Boner police burping bong smoke directly into your asshole    03/20/18  (2)
delightfully devilish, seymour    03/20/18  (1)
Gibson Guitars facing imminent bankruptcy.    03/20/18  (65)

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