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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/21/18  (153)
XO 2011: Bottles, blow and cheating. XO 2018: Tinychat, Benzos and chastity.    10/22/18  (2)
2 white men shoot elephant in Namibia    10/22/18  (7)
Rate this big titted white trash single mom from Kentucky    10/22/18  (14)
When Is the Right Time to Tell Our Son He’s the Product of an Affair? [Slate]    10/22/18  (3)
How many historically important battles were won due to LUCK    10/22/18  (11)
"American" names that are huge signs of particular races    10/22/18  (20)
trying to be very charitable here libs but wat exactly is ur position on caravan    10/22/18  (6)
Bump this thread and I'll ask you a question    10/22/18  (58)
The Atlantic: being cuckolded is increasingly more common (link)    10/22/18  (6)
Pro tip: ur butt wasn’t meant to be wiped    10/22/18  (9)
charles xii    10/22/18  (1)
Hillary sobs as girl cuts in line at 7/11: "But it was MY turn!"    10/22/18  (7)
<><><> NO RVN <><><>    10/22/18  (6)
None of you bought ravencoin?    10/22/18  (1)
Fleshlight here -- making my official retirement poast....    10/22/18  (22)
Saw pic of fat chick from before fat. She was atleast a 9.    10/22/18  (8)
How close was ISIS to winning in Syria?    10/22/18  (1)
SRS Q: How high up in military do you need to go to get leadership skills equal    10/22/18  (24)
hillary clinton: uses body doubles, has people killed, corrupt financial dealing    10/22/18  (2)
Remider: Hillary supported 2009 Honduran coup that led to this clusterfuck    10/22/18  (1)
Hillary sobs as reality show host wins presidency: "But it was MY turn!"    10/22/18  (1)
every one of us is a ridiculously amazing, Olympics level winner    10/22/18  (3)
Hillary sobs as car zooms ahead during merge: "But it was MY turn!"    10/22/18  (1)
i'm quite worried about a (insane shitlib) Blue Wave friends    10/22/18  (1)
Huskersmos get ITT    10/22/18  (5)
Not talked about enough that cslg was in the porn business...    10/22/18  (33)
Libs: "We're not for open borders but hey if you show up you should be let in"    10/22/18  (12)
T/F: You could be ugly, poor, fat, small cock + TRULY & AUTHENTICALLY confident    10/22/18  (6)
Assfaggot rating posters as chads or gods itt    10/22/18  (7)
Chelsea: "now you can be a grandma full time! :)" Hillary: "fuck u & ur child&quo    10/22/18  (96)
Hillary sobs as granddaughter plays Skip card in Uno game: "But it was MY turn!"    10/22/18  (1)
As Trump administration eyes writing transgender people 'out of of existence,'    10/22/18  (1)
This dodger team has the same pythagorean win% as last years (102-60)    10/22/18  (16)
Travelmos: How To Call US Phone Numbers For Free Over WiFi?    10/22/18  (48)
I call my black fiancee "Carby" when she snacks    10/22/18  (12)
How To Hotel Booking Sites Make Money If You Pay Hotels Directly?    10/22/18  (16)
More than 50% chance you couldve been born a girl. Think about that shit.    10/22/18  (1)
Is Hillary REALLY going to run in 2020? How insane would she be to do that?    10/22/18  (29)
Daily Beast digs into Avenatti's shady bus. dealings, bankruptcies, etc. (link)    10/22/18  (14)
Someone just threw a Strabucks cup filled with SHIT that landed on my windshield    10/22/18  (4)
Red Sox are going to buttfuck the Astros 4-1 in ALCS, hth    10/22/18  (49)
America can burn ahhhhhh sparks fly its all over fuck it allll    10/22/18  (1)
FEMALE Marine completed level 2 of MARSOC (pics inside)    10/22/18  (40)
This migrant "caravan" is a test of whether the US military is worth a damn    10/22/18  (3)
Brushing my teeth with charcoal powder now instead of toothpaste    10/22/18  (6)
Douthat: Fear of a Black Continent (NYT)    10/22/18  (65)
I kind of like Trump doing this crazy shit over South Americans marching into th    10/22/18  (1)
The ultimate red pill comics page    10/22/18  (12)
Foreigners could ease Japan's labor shortage, but Tokyo prefers robots    10/22/18  (33)
Abortions and Disparate Impact: Why More White Abortions are Necessary to Fix gr    10/22/18  (1)
Just pooped in Starbucks "Trenta" cup while driving    10/22/18  (2)
what in the fuck. star of david on mexican life raft too    10/22/18  (8)
Early voting points to massive turnout, potential warning signs for GOP    10/22/18  (6)
Remember when "Omarosa" took down Trump?    10/22/18  (1)
Remember when the Hillary body double had that photo op with brown girl    10/22/18  (1)
The master. The commander. The Chad. The god.    10/22/18  (1)
Black client I'm defending on criminal charge for free was late to court for dis    10/22/18  (1)
LOL at Trumpfags nervously mewling that early voting #s aren't significant    10/22/18  (65)
Trump barely mentions half assed "middle income" tax break just b4 election?    10/22/18  (3)
@realDonaldTrump: "Signed MAGA hat for first 100 straight R pics in voting booth    10/22/18  (1)
Every time a woman wakes up after sex without a baby in belly, it fucks her up    10/22/18  (3)
Had some fun w some mexicans at lunch yesterday    10/22/18  (5)
Do you know former college sluts that have "settled down" now & found happiness?    10/22/18  (18)
How do you deal with clients who waste time answering discovery?    10/22/18  (10)
The Atlantic:Women with fewer sex partners before wedding have happier marriages    10/22/18  (73)
Deported undocumented immigrant: “I miss my PlayStation. I miss Buffalo Wild W    10/22/18  (45)
Hypo: Rach fixes change moniker feature, but bans pumos and quotemos    10/22/18  (61)
IFNB Blog:Men who STIM huge DONGS before wedding have happier marriages    10/22/18  (2)
Any other Trumpmos totally ignoring the Kashoggi "story"?    10/22/18  (19)
BIGLAW associate caravan turned away @ Lincoln Tunnel by van w/ star of dav    10/22/18  (5)
Dispirited Trump facing reality of impeding defeat    10/22/18  (2)
I played poker vs. the hand-wringing jew swindler caricature yesterday    10/22/18  (31)
didnt vote for trump (or hilary), now going to vote straight R in november    10/22/18  (24)
Rate this megaposter fucking a big titted girl to orgasm in his bathroom    10/22/18  (6)
TRUMP FOLLOWS THROUGH - middle class tax break plan released    10/22/18  (1)
I’m like don Draper if he acted exactly like Kenny powers    10/22/18  (2)
chilmata, u get married yet?    10/22/18  (1)
Met an Indian dude named "Indash Satnav"    10/22/18  (3)
there is absolutely no way we went to the moon    10/22/18  (49)
You bitches think youre too good for Philadelphia?    10/22/18  (11)
This San Diego mortgage attorney welcomes the migrant caravan with open arms    10/22/18  (4)
Libs care about possibility over probability    10/22/18  (5)
Damn my boyish good looks.    10/22/18  (5)
*Dems looking around sadly at senile Joe, Pocahontas, crazy Bernie*    10/22/18  (1)
Do you know any not so good looking doods that do well with women?    10/22/18  (7)
Do you married bros miss the ability to take long stretches of solitary time?    10/22/18  (60)
Damn my goyish good looks    10/22/18  (1)
Trump and Hillary sit around an UNO deck, Trump plays skip turn card    10/22/18  (1)
What is the electoral result of Trump-Hillary rematch?    10/22/18  (3)
*Hillary, driving new tour bus with truck nuts attached, aggressively braking*    10/22/18  (1)
there was a glitch during a time shift and now theres a band called "toad the we    10/22/18  (1)
When Boner Police is drunk, he will let PickUp Secrets slip out.    10/22/18  (1)
RESOLVED: jews do so well with money because "cool" is out of reach for 99% of t    10/22/18  (4)
Would you rather raise family in Dallas, Austin, or Houston    10/22/18  (23)
NYPD Sgt STUFFS her panties into detective's mouth to teach him a lesson (link)    10/22/18  (3)
Best place to live in Florida with wife and kid?    10/22/18  (25)
I spin around a iPad Square CC reader thing when colleagues enter my office    10/22/18  (3)
Journolist: Subject: Midterms. Msg: "Push 'Trump to disregard election results'"    10/22/18  (3)
Del Toro and Bardem to star in "Caravan Of Hope"    10/22/18  (1)
ITT situations where good phenotype is a hindrance    10/22/18  (2)
Anyone ever get so tired of keeping up with the Jews    10/22/18  (9)
Rate San Diego as a place to live.    10/22/18  (25)
these "refugees" are seeking asylum from country where americans go on vacation?    10/22/18  (17)
Anybody watching wrestling world championships? #ironside    10/22/18  (54)
Read the provision again. It doesn’t say what you think it says    10/22/18  (11)
10 pounds is the difference between incredible facial aesthetics and FECESface    10/22/18  (21)
I just want to breed into an elite bloodline    10/22/18  (19)
Chad HUMILIATES a beta in front of his gf REAL FOOTAGE    10/22/18  (93)
Rate this home.    10/22/18  (3)
Amex having a tough time weeding out anti-semitism in customer service ranks (li    10/22/18  (5)
Anyone ever get so tired of keeping up with the news    10/22/18  (7)
Alexis Ren dancing with a wine glass in a thong    10/22/18  (52)
Jamie Lee Curtis brags about female success in new Halloween movie (link)    10/22/18  (8)
"By the way, I know ur moniker"whispers ur Jewish doctor as anesthesia kicks in    10/22/18  (12)
31 year old Avril Lavigne in a thong bikini off St. Barts    10/22/18  (13)
Siri, what are the steps we can take to avoid white genocide?    10/22/18  (5)
Israeli truck driving caravan around Sonora desert for 40 years    10/22/18  (5)
me alzabo and bp shooting are multiracial sperm into upset jew's hungry asshole    10/22/18  (9)
Remember when UFO-government contact was exposed and no one cared    10/22/18  (4)
Travelmos: Do You Wear Wedding Bands In Third World Shitholes?    10/22/18  (5)
Fears of a White Continent (Haaretz)    10/22/18  (3)
hows that trumped up trickle down economics working out for ya?    10/22/18  (1)
Was at a bar last night with a girl. Crowd cheered "put a baby in that lady!"    10/22/18  (13)
Interview today    10/22/18  (28)
Goodwin (NYPoast): Hitlery Is The Favorite In 2020    10/22/18  (2)
74 year old West Virginia man lives with 5 bears, takes them for walks    10/22/18  (24)
Gay penguins Sphen and Magic raising gender-neutral penguin egg    10/22/18  (3)
luckily for you i literally know everything about getting pussy    10/22/18  (3)
Possible Next UK POTUS David Davis Copped A GRAD CERTIFICATE From HBS #ACP    10/22/18  (8)
Shabbat Lunch At Ultraortho Rabbi's. Discussed Prole & Elites Thread    10/22/18  (2)
The amount of pussy and attention I get on the reg is just embarrassing for u gu    10/22/18  (3)
Did SNL make fun of Elizabeth Warren this week?    10/22/18  (3)
Lawman8, spiriting me into secret annex as he begins Jewish ideological purge    10/22/18  (12)
Why Aren't Democrats Telling Voters What They'll Do If They Win?    10/22/18  (2)
XO Bibi's Son Calls Shitlib Reporter A "FAT COW"    10/22/18  (8)
New Super Mario 64 120 star World Record in 1hr 39m 20s    10/22/18  (20)
Boner police u can get rank Jew pussy juul pods now    10/22/18  (6)
Serena's Coach Calls For Coaching At Slams. Thought She Doesn't Need It? #tennis    10/22/18  (12)
Any places like Mendocino Farms in New York?    10/22/18  (2)
Tiger Woods holding Wanamaker Trophy: "Fuck women."    10/22/18  (9)
Which conquistador is the CR namesake for my unborn son?    10/22/18  (4)
Italian culture: delicious pasta, full bodied wines, cold blooded murder    10/22/18  (4)
The Honduran POTUS is quite literally an Israeli agent    10/22/18  (11)
Canada Teams Up with China to Install Ocean Monitoring Devices in NW    10/22/18  (3)
Migrant caravan supported by van with Star of David on it (not flame)    10/22/18  (74)
Reroute caravan into the ocean.    10/22/18  (1)
UT frat bros hold "Limbo" stick for latina migrants to limbo under at border    10/22/18  (1)
More important for GOP to win Florida senate or governorship?    10/22/18  (5)

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