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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/18  (212)
Luis is a piece of shit for quitting his job    12/09/18  (20)
luis is a nasty guy    12/09/18  (86)
Just got IPHONE XS MAX, holy shit it's HUGE    12/09/18  (3)
Rate this xo poaster from Columbia (video)    12/09/18  (68)
Cultural Marxism is really the colonization of politics by culture    12/09/18  (7)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/09/18  (129)
Does zilliqa have better potential than other sharding shitcoins?    12/09/18  (6)
Not David McCullough but normal for “POTUS” to talk like a mob boss abt flip    12/09/18  (2)
Almost told wife about the extent of my crypto losses    12/09/18  (111)
Who will be the first Trumpmo to acknowledge the walls are closing in?    12/09/18  (37)
my girlfriend keeps going out to get coffee with this dude she works with    12/09/18  (3)
MOTHERFUCKING EXPERT on all things ethnonationalism here, sup.    12/09/18  (139)
luis wearing holiday sweater exits stage, leather jacket luis smoking cig enters    12/09/18  (6)
it is honestly insane how unfunny SNL has become    12/09/18  (19)
I got some booze, a new phone, my guns, and I had a fight with my wife    12/09/18  (2)
NEED HELP. SJWs and Thought Police have infiltrated by BJJ Gym    12/09/18  (14)
“Getting chilly bros. Wore my Eagles Starter jacket to the bar”    12/09/18  (1)
lost interest in cslg since his schtick Is all bragging/ (((marketing)))    12/09/18  (23)
PSA: There is no such thing as sexual desire    12/09/18  (15)
The moment this week that Trump tweeted a Trish Regan quote will be remembered    12/09/18  (2)
Problem with NPC meme is overly political; NPCs can be right wing or apolitical    12/09/18  (13)
Comic book movie fanboy audience reactions are disturbing (vid)    12/09/18  (31)
WHO is worse Max BOOT or Bill KRISTOL    12/09/18  (7)
Get a life WLMAS you weird freak    12/09/18  (3)
Guardian article about being autistic and gay    12/09/18  (13)
Can barely function in the winter due to insufficient daylight    12/09/18  (4)
Article: Smart people do BJJ. Are you smart?? BTW I own an MMA gym    12/09/18  (8)
When it gets dark so early all i want is hot shower, booze & bed.    12/09/18  (4)
Tea Party movement = coopted & failed. Trump movement = same. Next need dictator    12/09/18  (15)
never steal another man's analysis    12/09/18  (14)
Obeezy, how pathetic and sad was your weekend?    12/09/18  (5)
Im a lot cooler when I drink alcohol. (Corp slave)    12/09/18  (18)
There will be millions of debaucherous parties worldwide when Trump’s impeache    12/09/18  (7)
Rate this wine shrew    12/09/18  (22)
Your time is up’ South Africa sets date for white farmer land grab    12/09/18  (45)
I want to start using Twitter- can someone give me a how-to make It untraceable    12/09/18  (3)
It's so weird that people here don't use IPhones.    12/09/18  (14)
RATE This Jewish US Army Colonel At The White House (PIC)    12/09/18  (20)
Why is POASTED in feature BROKEN    12/09/18  (5)
XO’s rampant homosexuality has made me begin to question my own sexuality    12/09/18  (1)
Dozens of 110 IQ alt right dumbs on xo 2018 earnestly analyze Tucker Carlson’s    12/09/18  (7)
Wilbur and I, 100% natural and not on roids, spotting each other as we bench 185    12/09/18  (5)
Rate my 5x5 workout today    12/09/18  (38)
should I put my income in my dating profile    12/09/18  (2)
SPIRITUAL PRESTIGE TELL: referring to ADVENT    12/09/18  (8)
💔 the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez experiment is over 😭    12/09/18  (35)
No politics expert but normal for “POTUS” to be named in 5 indictments per w    12/09/18  (8)
Beach House - The Traveller.mp3    12/09/18  (7)
the moniker freeze is sort of a boon for me because i never had a good moniker    12/09/18  (6)
beach house - ppp.mp3    12/09/18  (2)
Do you think Trump has admitted to himself that it’s over?    12/09/18  (4)
Beach House - Dive.mp3    12/09/18  (4)
lawman8: "so, basically, it is what it is. copyright, lawman8, 2018."    12/09/18  (5)
Lawsuit: Naan is not baked in tandoor oven as advertised (link!    12/09/18  (7)
Beach House - The Traveller.mp3    12/09/18  (3)
SKEET MEAT    12/09/18  (2)
what are your goals over the next 5-10 years    12/09/18  (95)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is really good    12/09/18  (27)
This board makes me ashamed to be white.    12/09/18  (28)
the yield for a 2-yr bond is higher than for a 5-yr bond    12/09/18  (8)
pop culture sucks so bad right now it's unbelievable    12/09/18  (2)
Dolphins just beat PaTTTrioTTTs with cal stanford play    12/09/18  (19)
A Bleak, Unrelenting Hellscape: A Guide to Dating in 2018    12/09/18  (17)
Does luis’s wife push aside his forest of asshair and go to town?    12/09/18  (3)
Novel research suggests Rapidly-Oscillating Gender Dysphoria is common (NYT)    12/09/18  (5)
What is XO thoughts on Queen ruled monarchies in middle ages Europe    12/09/18  (15)
fuck it    12/09/18  (2)
This China/Boeing satellite story is weird. No idea satellites cost $200m    12/09/18  (5)
me: hm, raining outside; lawman8: ah so u refer to my analysis of the wet window    12/09/18  (6)
Just a sec babe lawman's about to blow    12/09/18  (3)
me: "like it or lump it"; lawman8: "ah, i see you've read my analysis."    12/09/18  (2)
i am 4 luis. and now, more than ever, literally don't b mean 2 luis.    12/09/18  (2)
luis i am 4 u    12/09/18  (3)
"lmao ur gonna die" (my kids to me)    12/09/18  (1)
I'm childless    12/09/18  (14)
The Fat Person's Guide to Facesitting (Vice)    12/09/18  (5)
we’re all going to die alone    12/09/18  (1)
A trip inside the Funyons factory    12/09/18  (1)
Yeah, I'll have 2 orders of your buttermilk McNigger strips and a diet coke    12/09/18  (16)
luis is 180    12/09/18  (6)
If this arrested Chinese CFO spirals out of control, it will backfire on America    12/09/18  (48)
NYT: African Americans Embrace "PORCH MONKEY" Culture    12/09/18  (1)
Told client, "it's nothing personal - it's just business"    12/09/18  (4)
Earl tokyo drifting a used BMW as repo man takes luis’ volt    12/09/18  (3)
Bland uninteresting gatherings with friends of acquaintances who are NPCs    12/09/18  (4)
HW Bush's 4 sons all look so different from each other    12/09/18  (1)
Really nice to see pictures of women with profanity scrawled on them in marker    12/09/18  (1)
No second page really detracts from board's appeal (evan39)    12/09/18  (10)
what's a good job if you want to be the equivalent of a medieval curia secretary    12/09/18  (2)
goog. sbux    12/09/18  (14)
Ted Cruz reluctantly explaining on Senate floor why he supports impeachment    12/09/18  (2)
Nick Cannon digs up old homophobic tweets of Jewish comedians    12/09/18  (6)
still waiting for a shoe to drop on Dan Schneider    12/09/18  (5)
being mean to luis won't heal your pain    12/09/18  (1)
When will PENCE 🐍 make his move?    12/09/18  (5)
the west’s descent back towards inescapable anarcho-niggery    12/09/18  (1)
NYT: all the emotionalized, irrational gibberish that's fit to print    12/09/18  (9)
SUGGEST some NOLA bachelor party stuff to do    12/09/18  (12)
“Dak” Prescott - lol just lol    12/09/18  (2)
HBS AZNGirl (Google) Weds Wharton Turd (Amazon) (NYT)    12/09/18  (7)
Bloodacre "Dupa" Dupachenko    12/09/18  (7)
Charles, do you agree with the Catholic Church's view on freemasonry?    12/09/18  (3)
A very Jewish Christmas    12/09/18  (2)
musbro neighbor has more christmas lights/decorations than anyone on my block    12/09/18  (2)
Anybody here on TRT? Worth it?    12/09/18  (17)
Must be weird being Ariana Grande, sexiest girl on planet Earth    12/09/18  (4)
If youre 30 and you watch anime you deserve to be killed.    12/09/18  (28)
Aquaman breaks box office records in China. Movie not released in US yet (link)    12/09/18  (4)
Hi, I'm Dupa    12/09/18  (11)
A curl of smoke wafts from my juul on a Sunday afternoon    12/09/18  (1)
Nick Ayers it OUT.    12/09/18  (7)
DBG u ever tickle your pickle to LUCY AHARISH?    12/09/18  (3)
(sopranos voice) woke up this morning, got your junk real hung    12/09/18  (1)
33 yo Rich Jewess (Dir. of "Influencer Marketing") Weds 32yo BJC Chad (NYT)    12/09/18  (2)
Epidemic of Young American boys being sexually assaulted by US women. No marches    12/09/18  (4)
35yo & 32 (Going On 48) Cardiology Fellows Wed, She The Dotter Of Mr Fix It (NYT    12/09/18  (2)
So SDNY just elbows in and says fuck u Bob we want some of this?    12/09/18  (2)
How many of you FAGS skipped judo or bjj today?    12/09/18  (4)
Remember when young and attractive teachers made for good wives?    12/09/18  (4)
Remember when Russian apes thought we'd let *them* lead Interpol?    12/09/18  (1)
XO Kevin Williamson GAPES rural Trumptards    12/09/18  (2)
Would you bring this heroin teen home for Christmas?    12/09/18  (21)
what would you do if you were luis at this point?    12/09/18  (32)
patio11 explains why BTC is flame and why the bottom is 0    12/09/18  (13)
HYPO: Would you trade any US State(s) for a Canadian Province?    12/09/18  (9)
Livestream of 4th graders watching Roots    12/09/18  (1)
charles do u just get paladins and teutonic knights to protect trebuchets    12/09/18  (29)
"Like Jordan Peterson, but for a female audience!" (Elizabeth Warren walks on st    12/09/18  (2)
Fuck it im a branch davidian now    12/09/18  (1)
RATE HER: former Miss Kentucky charged with sending nude photos to student    12/09/18  (20)
Come ITT to rate my latke from last night's Hanukkah party.    12/09/18  (31)
What's up with mentally ill childless shrews on "medication" when they need chi    12/09/18  (4)
Transgender MMA Fighter Breaks Female Opponent’s Skull    12/09/18  (4)
Twins slapping a buckeye on RSF's lower back after nutting in his ass again    12/09/18  (11)
Almost told my wife about the extent of my board humiliations today    12/09/18  (1)
tumblr of white guys with dadbod and ugly women playing cards against humanity    12/09/18  (2)
Are tech bros extremely 105 IQ?    12/09/18  (16)
goyimcoin    12/09/18  (1)
People taking LSAT 4+ times these days to get into 170s    12/09/18  (10)
Chink Dem Legislative Aide Marries His WGWAG Organic College Sweetheart (NYT)    12/09/18  (4)
GoFundMe launches new crypto-centric API.    12/09/18  (1)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~forever TRIP (RSF's brother)    12/09/18  (3)
ITT: some songs that were released 10 years ago (2008)    12/09/18  (6)
Things CGM believes Re: children    12/09/18  (46)
Remember when CGM claimed slaves fought to defend the confederac    12/09/18  (84)
CGM on the efficacy of gay conversion therapy    12/09/18  (100)
what is your friend who was super into indie music 10-15 years ago doing now    12/09/18  (8)
Cow Goes Moo screaming "WE HAVE A CONTRACT!" as workers kill him    12/09/18  (121)

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