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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/15/18  (137)
HELP: Need to smoke weed in a hotel room    10/15/18  (2)
*Liz Warrens white ancestors giving tribes smallpox*    10/15/18  (1)
Once you get over the fad aspect of it, emojis / unicode really aren't that bad    10/15/18  (1)
Rate Kylie Irving's $755k home in WESTLAKE, OH (down from $1.7M)    10/15/18  (2)
Liz Warren only using 1/1024 of buffalo    10/15/18  (20)
Imagine waiting until your career is established to start dating then Tinder com    10/15/18  (12)
ITT XO is Shark Tank.    10/15/18  (25)
President Liz Warren signs executive order to lower Steel Reserve tariffs    10/15/18  (7)
NFL less realistic than wrestling    10/15/18  (15)
SIU -> St Louis -> shitlaw -> staff atty -> 7-11 ihc -> Barney GC -> NPR GC, BOD    10/15/18  (2)
Football ๐ŸŽพ is nigger    10/15/18  (1)
Liz Warren vindicated!    10/15/18  (173)
ITT: Your top rock songs all-time    10/15/18  (25)
cartoon shit is still here    10/15/18  (3)
Post here if you will NEVER use emojis on the boart    10/15/18  (9)
Warren flicking dandruff flake off husband's head: "Scalped!"    10/15/18  (1)
Aaron Rodgers switches hurt knee, fake interception, halloween blood, kicker bs    10/15/18  (1)
White Woman Harasses Black Dude trying to enter his condo [video]    10/15/18  (4)
This cannot be real. How can people go without down time/reflection    10/15/18  (37)
Liz Warren downing 1/1024th of grain alcohol    10/15/18  (1)
Um, any word on who killed Seth rich?    10/15/18  (12)
LOL@ retarded DISHONEST Trumpmos pretending Warren isnt STRAIGHT Injun    10/15/18  (26)
Partner screamed at me for cc’ing him on an email. FML.    10/15/18  (24)
no emoji crew ASSEMBLE!    10/15/18  (1)
GO PACK GO    10/15/18  (1)
why didnt chocolate bread ever catch on?    10/15/18  (5)
NPC meme had a good run but is officially done here (pic)    10/15/18  (29)
went back to the KOREAN RIMJOB PARLOR    10/15/18  (10)
Shitlawyers really mispronounce pro hac vice?    10/15/18  (2)
Commander in Chief war whoop    10/15/18  (1)
Liz Warren half-heartedly molesting 1/1024th of a child relative    10/15/18  (3)
Fired for sending email titled, “Yank my doodle, it’s a dandy”    10/15/18  (4)
โ™ž xo chess โ™ž    10/15/18  (17)
Hostess: "Did you have a reservation?" Liz Warren: "How DARE you!"    10/15/18  (17)
How do you know if bartenders etc. arent changing your tip amount on CC?    10/15/18  (7)
how much does the porno chick owe trump in legal fees?    10/15/18  (4)
Packers preparing to dominate tonite    10/15/18  (38)
Lady Gaga is a surprisingly good actress    10/15/18  (35)
What are you're abolsute top 5 favorite Sade songs?    10/15/18  (6)
Avenatti: I need a new dust filter for a Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro...    10/15/18  (14)
sweet. just saw the old school original tootsie pop owl commercial on HGTV    10/15/18  (3)
*Last of the Mohicans theme blares as Warren opens DNA results*    10/15/18  (1)
Trump should give Pocahontas $976.56    10/15/18  (4)
Upshot/Sienna polls looking great for House Dems    10/15/18  (1)
NYT Opinion goes MAGA    10/15/18  (1)
Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Dismissed, Trump Entitled To Legal Fees    10/15/18  (27)
Well always have Osteen    10/15/18  (7)
Benedikt Magnusson's deadlift record has stood for 7 years and counting    10/15/18  (1)
XO Wisconsin sports    10/15/18  (1)
Nate Silver ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ’ต๐ŸšŽ๐Ÿ›ณ๐Ÿšพ    10/15/18  (4)
Jews are cool! (Paid ad by Tour Israel - Tel Aviv Beyond Belief!)    10/15/18  (3)
NYT: Trump anti-SLAPP lawsuit against Stormy Daniels a war on press freedom    10/15/18  (1)
This is how the mind of a shitlawyer works [video]    10/15/18  (1)
if you look into American history and culture, lib revisionism is infurating    10/15/18  (6)
The fix is in what a BS penalty    10/15/18  (1)
FACT CHECK: Sinema DID wear a pink tutu while protesting. 4 PINOCCHIOS!!!!    10/15/18  (13)
The Avenatti lawsuit (Stormy Daniels) is retarded. Why has no one mentioned this    10/15/18  (26)
OK Rach, we get it, interesting take on the whole "SECOND PAGE PLEASE" meme, but    10/15/18  (1)
jews are generally pretty okay with existing in the lines that you draw out for?    10/15/18  (18)
Where would you rather live among Phoenix, Denver, Austin, and Pittsburgh?    10/15/18  (1)
Wake up at 4:30 PM. Lift. Do some Jiu Jitsu at 6-7. Shower.    10/15/18  (1)
38 y/o of counsel in elevator, notepad in hand, heading to partners office    10/15/18  (8)
If I was in charge of White Nationalism, I'd hire them stylists.    10/15/18  (5)
์™ธ์ฟก์ธ์Œ๋†ˆ๋“ค์•„ ํ™”๋‚ฌ๋ƒ?    10/15/18  (42)
๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ Pocahontas is in a current tweet storm๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ    10/15/18  (34)
ITT We DESCRIBE poasters using ONLY emojis    10/15/18  (196)
It will be weird when anti-Semites die and appear before Jesus, a Jew.    10/15/18  (7)
why does Japanese cuckold porn always make the bull fat/bald/sweaty?    10/15/18  (16)
   10/15/18  (20)
Dark people are unaesthetic and I don't want to have to look at them    10/15/18  (4)
Niggers and brown people are shit ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ’ฉ and I hope we keep them out of the US    10/15/18  (4)
nanidato - doki doki no disco    10/15/18  (4)
best part of the redpill comicsthe melvins are ALWAYS engineers    10/15/18  (13)
when will Don Kihote emerge from his "disgruntled mensch" stage    10/15/18  (4)
Kihote is my grumpy boyfriend    10/15/18  (1)
Any chance SNL goes at Warren on this?    10/15/18  (26)
"Racial minorities" need to get over themselves    10/15/18  (5)
Housing bubble will burst any day now    10/15/18  (1)
A few weeks ago, Liz Warren hired Hillary's chief of staff (link)    10/15/18  (8)
โšพโšพโšพ Official LA Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Game 3 Thread โšพโšพโšพ    10/15/18  (35)
Still waiting on Saudi sanctions    10/15/18  (2)
Randomly think about the gorgon’s poasts shitting on McCain and lol    10/15/18  (2)
Female shitlib AZ senate candidate decries Kavanaugh’s tormentors    10/15/18  (1)
Ate an entire Trader Joe’s almond ring danish in one sitting    10/15/18  (2)
How bad do you feel after sleeping with a fat chick?    10/15/18  (5)
Kooky day for crypto    10/15/18  (3)
Jeff Bezos attacks Google for refusing US military contracts: 'This is a great c    10/15/18  (10)
Vince foster: no exit wound, gun still in hand, unchipped teeth, immaculate shoe    10/15/18  (3)
Tom cruise in the Firm is the reason you're a lawyer, right?    10/15/18  (15)
Warren eating bowl of Frosted Flakes: "This provides all the vitamins I need"    10/15/18  (6)
Puig hits a homer here?    10/15/18  (2)
I took a 3 hour nap with my fat as fuck learning disabled cat ๐Ÿฑ    10/15/18  (6)
Playoffs will be LSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, and who else?    10/15/18  (23)
Rate this Beavis and Butthead scene    10/15/18  (3)
I'm confused about the "one drop" rule now..    10/15/18  (12)
the second your life becomes 180 you kill yourself immediately    10/15/18  (1)
"what's one thing you always carry in your bag?" "red man."    10/15/18  (5)
Alpha Tom Brady dominated the gay Aaron Hernandez    10/15/18  (6)
Detroit man attacked with a bowling ball, survives (video)    10/15/18  (3)
Tipping culture in America out of control    10/15/18  (13)
Deranged Date Lab chick called out XO on her blog how did we miss this?!    10/15/18  (98)
FLW bump that one thread that linked to that absurd "Techwear" shit    10/15/18  (1)
Was Interpol a cr band?    10/15/18  (7)
Woah! Looks like you're trying to block ads. That's cool, we get it.    10/15/18  (56)
Most underrated Led Zeppelin song?    10/15/18  (49)
Elizabeth Warren after losing Election Night 2020: "I will fight no more forever    10/15/18  (7)
Trump: "I'm sorry, Liz. I guess you were right. Let's bury the hatchet"    10/15/18  (10)
How is #NPC different from libs calling people Russian bots?    10/15/18  (2)
Blogging Datelab giga-shrew has a podcast now called "Just the Tip"    10/15/18  (3)
First Man was excellent. Makes you proud of quiet American pride and accomplishm    10/15/18  (3)
One drop rule is true: the Nigger gene dominates the mind of Mulattos    10/15/18  (14)
Yo bitch come get some this dick    10/15/18  (1)
Understand ee are all NPCs. You have no will. You are a toy created with disdain    10/15/18  (2)
I realized I'm going to have to get an JD to advance my career    10/15/18  (3)
today in Bay Area false flag crimes    10/15/18  (4)
AvE is the most 180 YouTuber    10/15/18  (1)
Hollywood Libs at it again. "First Man" doesn't inlcude planting of US flag    10/15/18  (23)
Trump to use legal fees from Stormy to donate 1/1024 of $1mm to bipolar research    10/15/18  (1)
what r ur work hours    10/15/18  (31)
Good friend just died. Now an NPC.    10/15/18  (11)
any better depiction of PROLES than HIERONYMUS BOSCH "THE CONJURER"?    10/15/18  (1)
ๅๅๅ HEIL HITLER ๅๅๅ    10/15/18  (14)
๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽตHiiiiighwaaaay tooooo theeee NIGGER zone๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต    10/15/18  (1)
False Flag: Black couple in Buffalo etches "MAGA" on own minivan hood (link)    10/15/18  (3)
๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽตHiiiiighwaaaay tooooo theeee NIGGER one๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต    10/15/18  (1)
law school personal statement was about how legal drama was my fav movie genre    10/15/18  (11)
I always hear about scumbags who kill olds to cash in their social security chec    10/15/18  (1)
As seen in Leiter Reports    10/15/18  (2)
Ted Cruz secret donations to Sinema campaign revealed    10/15/18  (1)
Reading flatland    10/15/18  (6)
Why did AZ dems nominate a literal brazzers porn milf to run for Senate    10/15/18  (3)
XO HADER    10/15/18  (1)
Rate this Biggie techno reboot    10/15/18  (2)
Halford resting his flacid cock on doobs's snout for discipline training.    10/15/18  (106)
Controversial film "First Man" (which removed US flag) blows away expectations    10/15/18  (9)
My dad used to run his finger thru my lips when I was sleeping    10/15/18  (9)
TV show idea: Detective Bboooooooooom    10/15/18  (19)
Thank you for the compliment of ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ    10/15/18  (9)
Bboooooooooom 2.0 going down failure failure Bboooooooooooooooom    10/15/18  (5)
piss and poopoo tp, where you at my nigga?    10/15/18  (3)
๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ›ณ๐Ÿšพ    10/15/18  (1)
Test ๐Ÿ‘    10/15/18  (1)
spin, ratfucks    10/15/18  (1)
outright Trumpian move by xo Liz Warren    10/15/18  (2)
Shark gnashes pert, tan French teen on Cannes topless beach (liveleak)    10/15/18  (4)
why no ass emojis? how are bort power bottoms supposed to express selves?    10/15/18  (2)
everyone is such a fucking retarded and bland subhuman on reddit    10/15/18  (2)

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