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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/19/18  (151)
38 y/o of counsel in elevator, notepad in hand, heading to partners office    10/19/18  (82)
Harvard Crimson: Cis Queers, We Have A Problem    10/19/18  (35)
Do you always wash new clothes before wearing them?    10/19/18  (6)
Sam Cohen Just Changed Her IG Profile Pic #ironside    10/19/18  (3)
RATE MY WEEKEND PLANS    10/19/18  (4)
colt, what is your ideal fall weekend?    10/19/18  (2)
Karlie Kloss married Kushner's brother...rate their wedding    10/19/18  (9)
Incel ejaculates on innocent chick in public, hilarity ensues (video)    10/19/18  (3)
one of my female coworkers likes to talk about her sex life and how shes horny    10/19/18  (32)
whats a day in court like for biglaw associate?    10/19/18  (33)
don't 👻 me this Halloween haha    10/19/18  (4)
new poaster here. baby goldstein is the greatest meme ever. also i hate niggers.    10/19/18  (25)
Does XO Federer Pass Connors' 109 Titles? #ironside    10/19/18  (24)
Boner police eats more cheese than all of you twinks Ljl    10/19/18  (5)
If Clinton could run, would he beat TRUMP?    10/19/18  (15)
Were you crypto fags seriously not taking some of your profits?    10/19/18  (19)
Have you heard of this Halloween tradition "ghosting"    10/19/18  (3)
Tonight’s MegaMillions officially hits $1.0 Billion    10/19/18  (2)
Imagine Dragons & Neon Trees lead singers have a Tupac/Biggie style rivalry    10/19/18  (1)
W BENDS THE KNEE (fifth set breaker) #tennis    10/19/18  (11)
James Joyce rate Juliet Litman as a farter    10/19/18  (8)
Wtf is with this really weird effeminate "heterosexual" guys in the current year    10/19/18  (1)
the backspace nyuug feud is awesome    10/19/18  (49)
Who here remembers having a college roommate writing a paper at 3 am in dormroom    10/19/18  (10)
Migrant caravan supported by van with Star of David on it (not flame)    10/19/18  (10)
CNN: Trump says with "ZERO PROOF" that democrats are behind migrant caravan    10/19/18  (27)
Fuck a slide deck, activist Third Point attacks Campbell's Soup in Youtube video    10/19/18  (5)
Hurricane Michael fucked Republicans in Florida    10/19/18  (1)
Lol what’s up with the people who mad dog other people at the gym    10/19/18  (8)
Migrant caravan has acquired a c130 and thousands of parachutes lol conturds    10/19/18  (2)
Is there a Ralph’s around here?    10/19/18  (14)
itt we discuss getting -blasted- bc its fri afternoon    10/19/18  (1)
You, standing at the Pearly Gates as St. Peter reviews your XO poasts history.    10/19/18  (4)
ESPN CEO admits they took shitlibbery a little too far (link)    10/19/18  (28)
what is the moast prestigious ACADEMIC BACKGROUND for a gf?    10/19/18  (77)
TCTP what happened to your crypto stash?    10/19/18  (5)
crypto crew's blown out dopamine receptors -> irrational decision making    10/19/18  (1)
Most millenials job hop. Why does that piss you off???    10/19/18  (42)
luis, in Saudi embassy, exhorting an Arab with a bonesaw to “chill”    10/19/18  (2)
Compare this photo of Beto in punk band with Cruz in mime face    10/19/18  (21)
We wuz kangs IRL, with Louis Theroux (vid)    10/19/18  (4)
DBG, u mad Jim_Kelly tp is getting into the high maint TOAS look?    10/19/18  (11)
How To Hotel Booking Sites Make Money If You Pay Hotels Directly?    10/19/18  (10)
Chaperoning 5th grade public school trip to Jewish Museum right now.    10/19/18  (25)
biggest Chad on xo: den of proles or Aaron Rodgers?    10/19/18  (2)
Teen Vogue and the death of women's media    10/19/18  (3)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    10/19/18  (241)
BREAKING: Justice Dept. Accuses Russians of Interfering in Midterm Elections    10/19/18  (1)
Just bought 100 stamps. Taking q's.    10/19/18  (13)
i basically derealize and disassociate like a prostitute when i walk into office    10/19/18  (42)
Your h.s. girlfriend pulling your pants down and eagerly licking your    10/19/18  (16)
Elina Svitolina Looking Sexy On Red Clay #tennis    10/19/18  (2)
Golf: boomerboat, histrionic, Wohlers, golf pumo, please help    10/19/18  (2)
Boulder CO vs Asheville NC    10/19/18  (10)
Gianforte should have prompted soul-searching by the media. Not a word.    10/19/18  (2)
you don’t hear much about “bisexual” people these days    10/19/18  (12)
Rate the WTA Tour Finalists #tennis    10/19/18  (25)
Height is an inherently anti-Semitic paradigm, and it needs to be subverted.    10/19/18  (1)
Former Pro Genie Bouchard Sleeping Showing Small Hint Of Ass Cheek (PIC) #tennis    10/19/18  (3)
/*\ SHITGATE /*\ Dems drop deuce down drain; EPA investigating    10/19/18  (9)
Clients have been asking me to go to meetings without the partner I work for    10/19/18  (2)
Read the provision again. It doesn’t say what you think it says    10/19/18  (1)
Is the Sixth Amendment Obsolete? [Slate]    10/19/18  (2)
piano coming home to wife fucking an organ 40-50x more powerful    10/19/18  (10)
Is your wife also a proud member of the #idrisforeverything movement?    10/19/18  (1)
dirte, you ever think about joining the Chad autist crew (me, askav, et al.)?    10/19/18  (4)
Just heard from my friend on the Hillary campaign    10/19/18  (5)
artists should be angry, destructive alcoholics like polluck    10/19/18  (2)
If you went back to 2015 and explained how bad libs were about to get owned nobo    10/19/18  (1)
white woman won't let black man into his apartment building (video)    10/19/18  (7)
Dear XO Racists, say one final kiss goodbye to your PRECIOUS KKK KAVARAPIST    10/19/18  (15)
Hawking's computer awakens, describes terrifying aterlife, makes racist comments    10/19/18  (1)
When I hear Migrant caravan I picture an Astro van with Piolin bumper stickers    10/19/18  (1)
My friends in the Hillary campaign can't STFU about how excited    10/19/18  (7)
Rating poasters as plausible TedCruz threads    10/19/18  (71)
"Alexa what's the weather?" "Stfu beady eyed faggot!" "What?" "59    10/19/18  (35)
How do people live off $30k a year in this country?    10/19/18  (26)
What did the gulf look like before BP dumped all that oil and dispersant in it    10/19/18  (4)
They're going with "enterprising wage cuck looking for big Christmas bonus"    10/19/18  (2)
the fact that TCTP gets so many jobs proves the economy is red hot    10/19/18  (2)
if you’re a male below 200 pounds you technically aren’t an adult    10/19/18  (39)
55F out side, 35F in side    10/19/18  (1)
Purdue will give Ohio State a game    10/19/18  (5)
SETTLED: 808s and Heartbreaks is Kanyes best album    10/19/18  (46)
When I lived in Brooklyn the house next door was abandoned except for raccoons.    10/19/18  (1)
Rate my interview. Did I get the job??? -TCTP    10/19/18  (20)
REMINDER: lie on your resume and interview. Telling the truth will hurt you.    10/19/18  (1)
Finally fucked my first Turdskin chick. Finally. Will give more deets tomorrow.    10/19/18  (59)
By helping you, I was trying to live up my life a trifle    10/19/18  (1)
In Copenhagen: Running out of HOTEL TOWELS, WILL PRBLY HIT ON CHICKS    10/19/18  (3)
i read poasts by fleshlight, and i thank god i'm actually white    10/19/18  (3)
oh jim_kelly, no more playing around. time for me and u to have a rap battle    10/19/18  (1)
Rating poasters as Ted Cruz the Senator, Ted Cruz TP, or Cruz the Mass Shooter    10/19/18  (53)
cheese is 180    10/19/18  (1)
So Ted Cruz TP literally did Just Do Sales and is now a laughingstock?    10/19/18  (2)
HEROIC LIBS cause PLANE MUTINY to prevent Somali rapist deportation    10/19/18  (23)
Easiest way to get viagra right here    10/19/18  (1)
*army of sewer skunks clamors out of Farragut North station*    10/19/18  (11)
Michael Cohen stumping for Democrats now    10/19/18  (1)
French designer "worked like a nigger" on new perfume    10/19/18  (23)
We need...we need...power. Absolute power. Fuck elections. Just give us power.    10/19/18  (6)
in your opinion, who were the WORST three poasters of all time?    10/19/18  (150)
If you take a really big dump, will your parents still love you?    10/19/18  (3)
Tumblr of high heel brunette shrews in capris waiting for valet parking    10/19/18  (7)
'Ferris Bueller' Reboot To Feature Rising Trans Latinx Star    10/19/18  (1)
Twitter CEO: free speech is not our motto, it was just a "joke" (link)    10/19/18  (12)
How do you avoid rounding lower back during squats    10/19/18  (36)
Noah Smith: diversity good because people won't follow rules & won't get along    10/19/18  (43)
Californiamos: don't vote for any government aid to help the homeless/housing cr    10/19/18  (38)
In 2020, Democrats Expect a Female Front-Runner. Or Three. (NYT)    10/19/18  (8)
WHEREs my gen Viagra?!! It's been SITTING Delhi airport 5 days! That's the last    10/19/18  (2)
The alternate timeline where every scamcoin is still mooning and box still posts    10/19/18  (1)
how *irate* will lib (((media))) be if Gianforte wins election?    10/19/18  (22)
Has anyone here ever tried the boner pills they sell at gas stations?    10/19/18  (6)
modern media and academia exist to push global Marxist agenda?    10/19/18  (1)
Did I review this?    10/19/18  (18)
In 1863, the failing NYT deployed gattling guns against a mob (not flame)    10/19/18  (21)
love you guys    10/19/18  (1)
Officially retiring as a Cheatmo. Fucked a smoking hot Brazilian former model    10/19/18  (38)
Ford modeling agency staffer indicted for toilet cam. Liveleak has footage (vid    10/19/18  (3)
Is this a troll tweet from a UK politician re Muslim terrorists? (Link)    10/19/18  (2)
Imagine going from Trump to some shrill lib chick as POTUS?    10/19/18  (1)
Q for whore mongers: if they need ur name + room # at hotel, how to avoid    10/19/18  (3)
Does Nebraska get its first win this week? Experts say yes.    10/19/18  (6)
‘Corrupt Chris’ & ‘Two-Faced Tammy’: Candidates Try Their Best Trump Imp    10/19/18  (1)
office speakers allows anyone to connect. blasted Blink 1488 past week    10/19/18  (1)
United States Grand Prix this weekend #Formula 1    10/19/18  (1)
refuse to marry a woman who has done first date bathroom anal    10/19/18  (3)
@realdonaldtrump: "Paid for by Soros and other" *pause* "s."    10/19/18  (17)
Why is Witcher 3 considered an RPG but Zelda is not?    10/19/18  (1)
Prediction: 50 years from now there will be South Africa style land/wealth    10/19/18  (9)
I wish the Tywin Lannister actor could become POTUS and act like Tywin Lannister    10/19/18  (5)
so libs want to destroy everything good about USA/world?    10/19/18  (9)
Gianforte just cut a vicious promo on the "little jewish weasel" and promises to    10/19/18  (4)
what the fuck happened to OZK!    10/19/18  (5)
need advice, having trouble accomodating DH's MONSTER DONG (GTTR)    10/19/18  (4)
Warren - "Yes I told HLS I was Indian. Old family story [wink]. And it worked!"    10/19/18  (2)
Midterm prediction    10/19/18  (9)
Wow, Senators can Filibuster on the floor of the House, too?    10/19/18  (1)
Shitlaw boss includes link to GoFundMe in his email signature    10/19/18  (1)
baby goldstein's obituary: GoFundMe link as headline, BG loling from Tel Aviv    10/19/18  (8)
boner police breaking Guinness world record for continuous prostate orgasms    10/19/18  (3)
What are some hipster products/trends that you actually like?    10/19/18  (41)
Explain "men" who don't read GQ?    10/19/18  (5)
MPA is a big-dicked compliance guy who jacks off to butch lesbians    10/19/18  (2)
Soros: "I'm subverting countries & pushing open borders because I'm a Jew"    10/19/18  (30)

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