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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/21/18  (153)
Another $130,000... thanks Farmers! (CSLG)    10/23/18  (31)
Tennis Trivia: Most Populated Country w No Player Ranked On The ATP #tennis    10/23/18  (8)
NPC meme seems to be petering out    10/23/18  (30)
Ron Unz's Latest Article is 180, Asians, jews, it is xoxo catnip    10/23/18  (98)
Trump: 'I can no longer call' Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas'    10/23/18  (42)
kyoot MSNBC host has CUCKOLDRY on the brain (vid)    10/23/18  (32)
vr porn is fucking incredible    10/23/18  (18)
Welsh cop on exchange to US shoots black suspect with crossbow (link)    10/23/18  (2)
Blavity: Why I Taught My Kids to Knockout Game    10/23/18  (5)
RATE Lance "Rafa" Nadal And This Teen Fan (PIC) #tennis    10/23/18  (1)
trying to be very charitable here libs but wat exactly is ur position on caravan    10/23/18  (108)
Cowgod and chilmata came here from JDundergound    10/23/18  (1)
Videos of hot marijuana ego death teens    10/23/18  (2)
Mom Refusing To Hold Thanksgiving For Ultraortho Slut's Bitch Sister & Dork BF    10/23/18  (60)
WWE heavyweight champ gives up his belt due to leukemia. sad!    10/23/18  (1)
WSJ: the real reason (((They))) hate Trump (link)    10/23/18  (60)
unsaid truth: DBG is at TWICE as deserving of an ignore pact vis a vis nyuug    10/23/18  (1)
Cowgod clique theory is kinda 180    10/23/18  (4)
if u say Obama's true name (Soetoro Hussein) in the mirror 3 times, he appears    10/23/18  (11)
what particular demons do you guys think Hussein Soetoro Obama was possessed by?    10/23/18  (10)
It really pisses me off how much government employees make in California    10/23/18  (10)
XO Stan To Basel: I Can't, My Back #tennis    10/23/18  (1)
Rather Take Isner's Career Or Mahut's Career? #ironside    10/23/18  (1)
SQLite adopts Regula Benedicti as code of conduct    10/23/18  (1)
I propose two laws. You pick which one gets enacted.    10/23/18  (143)
Lakers look incredible    10/23/18  (24)
Obama was bombing Somalia & Yemen to create Kenyan "lebensraum"    10/23/18  (12)
obama is a nigger muslim from kenya deal with it    10/23/18  (29)
Former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussing U Mich football on Twitter    10/23/18  (82)
Obama why did you destroy White America    10/23/18  (8)
"Spiritually I'm atheist, but I'm also Islamic and in league with Satan" (Obama)    10/23/18  (4)
Anyone care to see a Chinese factory worker have bad experience with a lathe?    10/23/18  (9)
Chandler comes off as unhinged as an attorney /easily butthurt , its 180    10/23/18  (1)
38 year old client 7 mm L3-4 bulge    10/23/18  (10)
how does Dez Bryant not have a contract/regress so much? he is only 30    10/23/18  (5)
don't worry luis you're still in your prime for another couple years    10/23/18  (7)
Accidentally had #2 in my pants today    10/23/18  (53)
Kid is in a TOP 3 PRIVATE ELEM SCHOOL - HOLY FUCK    10/23/18  (208)
*nyuug vomits a little bulgogi onto the bed as Darnell pushes the 9th inch in*    10/23/18  (111)
How To Hotel Booking Sites Make Money If You Pay Hotels Directly?    10/23/18  (44)
What's the consensus on nyuug?    10/23/18  (61)
Yeah I don't like the Arcade Fire all that much    10/23/18  (7)
Every major celebrity is owned by the illuminati, t/f?    10/23/18  (1)
Ahmadenijad Trashes XO Tennys Sandgren In Tweet #tennis    10/23/18  (1)
Obama would remove his head @ night & float around the WH consorting with demons    10/23/18  (36)
boner police sits in underwear drinking own urine recanting Tufts rejection    10/23/18  (2)
Holy shit new vid of Ahmedinejad shotgunning MGD tallboy (link)    10/23/18  (3)
tick tock uspo    10/23/18  (14)
Kinda weird how Ron Paul just disappeared    10/23/18  (1)
What America will look like 2024 if Republicans win midterms & Trump re elected    10/23/18  (10)
ggtp let's talk footy mate    10/23/18  (6)
Reminder: God destroyed Floribama Shore as punishment for voting for Trump    10/23/18  (1)
HuffPo: We'll report on Trump's campaign in entertainment, not political, sectio    10/23/18  (14)
Lakers giving up 143 points yikes.    10/23/18  (4)
PSA: I just gave myself a “Dutch Oven.” Taking ?’s    10/23/18  (3)
Jews spent 40 years lost wandering around an area the size of Connecticut    10/23/18  (23)
lol at Elon Musk tweeting anime memes    10/23/18  (3)
Rate my night at the bar had 3 beers a quesadilla and 3 street tacos all for $13    10/23/18  (1)
John Stossel: The Pension Bomb    10/23/18  (1)
remember when the band Phoenix was a big deal    10/23/18  (15)
So MGMT was just millennial flame?    10/23/18  (39)
thin white envelope from Tufts University addressed to boner police    10/23/18  (5)
Gf got me a microbrew advent calendar. 24 different IPAs to try (corp slave)    10/23/18  (2)
If every unique human being who posted on xo gave you $1    10/23/18  (2)
Lebron looking like a huge fucking fraud now that he plays in a real conference    10/23/18  (39)
If every American gave you $1 you'd be fucking rich as fuck idiots learn to maek    10/23/18  (1)
Reminder a literally crack head is going to have a billion $ this week    10/23/18  (6)
Californiamos: stop voting to increase taxes    10/23/18  (1)
Chandler taking Qs    10/23/18  (26)
Most pathetic poster award goes to: boner police    10/23/18  (1)
"Relax, Trump Won't Put All Jews in Camps— Only the Democrats" (Haaretz)    10/23/18  (9)
any cock-hungry jizz-chugging faggots poasting rn?    10/23/18  (6)
How many of you are sleeping and living In a car or have done it before?    10/23/18  (8)
standoff at Tarzana weed dispensary ends after police learn building is empty    10/23/18  (2)
"Sup Brady! It's great hearing from you. Hope chi-town is treating you well. But    10/23/18  (146)
early vote results show higher than avg. youth & minority turnout, GOP = fucked    10/23/18  (2)
real talk: donald trump already is the best prez since andrew jackson    10/23/18  (1)
SHOCK REPORT: LaMarcus vandalized Sandy Koufax's home with swastika graffiti    10/23/18  (2)
Not talked about enough that cslg was in the porn business...    10/23/18  (42)
Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tweets about latestDBG family drama    10/23/18  (1)
“What...with a dodge caravan?” cackled Hillary Clinton at debate    10/23/18  (7)
At the Cerritos mall and some dudes are handing out anti Islam flyers    10/23/18  (13)
Bomb Found In George Soros' Mailbox. False Flag?    10/23/18  (4)
Can't stop lmao at this pic    10/23/18  (6)
Single mom at the bar just offered me "bars"    10/23/18  (10)
Ho lee fuk check out these pics of the "migrant" "caravan" (link)    10/23/18  (32)
This alzabo guy seems extremely credited    10/23/18  (12)
I'm surprised more of you don't try vr porn    10/23/18  (1)
How to adapt my "XO persona" to wider internet audience?    10/23/18  (11)
Dressing up as a dodge caravan with lic plate "EMERGY" for halloween    10/23/18  (1)
HuffPo sticking with Entertainment section for Trump 2020 campaign?    10/23/18  (3)
Alt Universe: JJC Airbnb'ing his Chicago Spire penthouse during World Cup    10/23/18  (4)
Plz Summon enemadood. Have a biz opportunity for you    10/23/18  (1)
Incel ejaculates on innocent chick in public, hilarity ensues (video)    10/23/18  (80)
"no mom idc if i posted it on a site where every1 agrees w me, its edgy as shit"    10/23/18  (1)
Econ classes in UG were basically voodoo & jewish devil worship    10/23/18  (2)
Predictions for TIME's Person of the Year - "The Migrant"    10/23/18  (1)
"He's based and red-pilled as hell" - Taylor Swift    10/23/18  (3)
Teen Vogue: you can't end poverty without ending capitalism (link)    10/23/18  (22)
"Pigouvian Tax and Market Structure." Teen Vogue 125, no. 3 (May 2018): 713-760.    10/23/18  (11)
"US" Democrats would rather protect criminal aliens than US citizens    10/23/18  (4)
Not a politicsmo, why did Obama spend his 8 years on tranny bathrooms instead of    10/23/18  (15)
I miss Johnsmeyer 😢    10/23/18  (4)
🕎🎃🦍 nigger 🚨🦆😵    10/23/18  (4)
Do you think heaven has a place for all the aborted babies or are they recycled?    10/23/18  (2)
you guys are generally some of the dumbest people on planet earth    10/23/18  (26)
Doobs calling his asshole a "shitoris"    10/23/18  (58)
Trump performs "Green Acres Theme" w/ Megan Mullaly    10/23/18  (9)
GF made Hot Pockets for dinner. ATD?    10/23/18  (2)
Might post some pics of my Sunnyvale apartment if any bros are down to see    10/23/18  (105)
Ending it all tonight    10/23/18  (1)
Dem candidate for GA Gov burned GA Flag    10/23/18  (2)
Ed Helms announces his homosexuality in deranged anti-trump screed    10/23/18  (11)
Remember shitlibs: You gave away SCOTUS for 40 years just to get tranny bathroom    10/23/18  (186)
Explosive device found near George Soros' Westchester home (NYT)    10/23/18  (16)
*loses to Sparty* *loses to Urban* HARBAUGH IS A GENIUS MICHIGAN IS BACK!    10/23/18  (38)
Trump: Jim Acosta Is Lucky We Don't Do To Him What The Saudis Did    10/23/18  (6)
RATE This Huge-Titted Jewess & Her Bald Fiance (PICS)    10/23/18  (46)
MPM soon - will My Dog step up again and do the needful?    10/23/18  (6)
New episode of Dr Who features Rosa Parks, MLK    10/23/18  (3)
*caravan polls poorly* "can we go back to the Saudi thing haha"    10/23/18  (4)
Will bama get knocked out of playoff contention if they lose?    10/23/18  (4)
Israeli truck driving caravan around Sonora desert for 40 years    10/23/18  (8)
Woman Falls In Love With Chicken Rescued From NYC Streets    10/23/18  (1)
What if TMF was outed as a cat fancier    10/23/18  (5)
Btc to 10k by next week    10/23/18  (5)
CNN: Trump says with "ZERO PROOF" that democrats are behind migrant caravan    10/23/18  (51)
I remember hugging random strangers on 11/8/2016 what an amazing night    10/23/18  (4)
Old out of touch Jew trying to buy US elections    10/23/18  (27)
ate a huge piece of chocolate cake with 2 IPAs after hiking today (corp slave)    10/23/18  (9)
Got some pumpkin pie. might go crazy and pair it w/ a pumpkin ale (Corp slave    10/23/18  (7)
Bartender called me "sweetie" when she brought me my blue moon (corporate slave)    10/23/18  (65)
Smoked 3 cigarettes at a bar last night. Am I addicted now? (corp slave    10/23/18  (8)
Hanging out with Corp slave at the Aliso Viejo Buffalo Wild Wings    10/23/18  (5)
Huge uh-Tlumpmo, but I uh-rike Oplah uh-Winpooree    10/23/18  (11)
Risten, rongtime Tlumpmo hele, but Oplah berry guu charrenge    10/23/18  (13)
Calm down, Trump will never be president    10/23/18  (21)
LOL NFL gonna relocate draft if Texas doesn't embrace tranny bathrooms    10/23/18  (22)
nirvanayoda's Official 2018 Notre Dame Football Predictions    10/23/18  (43)
"We only burn the bad books," writes Google CEO    10/23/18  (74)
Libs: Tranny bathrooms helped us in 2016 elections, surefire bet for 2018!    10/23/18  (2)
Ocasio-Cortez goes to bat for Daddy Soros (link)    10/23/18  (1)
Millennial in Brooklyn, attempting to Instagram her mugging, asks robber to pose    10/23/18  (1)
Netflix edits and removes Bill Nye segment saying chromosomes determine gender    10/23/18  (61)
In any life situation, having wine just makes it feel more civilized.    10/23/18  (1)
MY bald spot. MY South Orange. MY used SUV. MY train tracks. (TMF)    10/23/18  (22)
NYT: Defining sex as determined by genitals doesn't make sense biologically    10/23/18  (26)
Who actually watches this American Horror Story show? Its like its made exclusiv    10/23/18  (11)
Air Canada flight misses causing worst aviation disaster in history by mere feet    10/23/18  (23)

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