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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/14/18  (216)
Women complain about toxic masculinity but prefer hyper masculine men    12/15/18  (24)
n҉i҉g҉g҉e҉r҉    12/15/18  (5)
High school house parties were much funnier than going out to bars/restaurants    12/15/18  (28)
Just got smash bros ultimate, think I'm too old for this shit    12/15/18  (21)
No chance of abiogenesis    12/15/18  (8)
If you're a man without children you are a complete and total failure    12/15/18  (29)
my uncle used to buttfuck me every Christmas morning    12/15/18  (1)
Houellebecq makes good point: Poles, Slavs dont even remember being commies    12/15/18  (4)
They have pizza flavored Cheez-Its now    12/15/18  (4)
What practical problems in your life could be solved by a gadget or app?    12/15/18  (39)
Soetoro was driven by an evil much longer-lived than humanity    12/15/18  (1)
Chris Evans: "The real Captain America would welcome economic refugees"    12/15/18  (1)
This is actually the nicest apartment you can live in in Orlando    12/15/18  (1)
$1 million of dragonchain just turned into $10k (DTP)    12/15/18  (65)
Explain this    12/15/18  (5)
spaceporn jr vomits a little bulgogi on the bed as dad shoves the .09th inch in    12/15/18  (3)
Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Advanced civ lived here before us    12/15/18  (21)
Post 600mcg acid dose taking qs?    12/15/18  (6)
bump this thread when you have diarrhea    12/15/18  (23)
James Cromwell is the latest #MeToo victim    12/15/18  (2)
Encyclopedia Dramatica on AutoAdmit    12/15/18  (10)
Enjoying this Browns team    12/15/18  (1)
Primitive man would choose Skittles over blowjob 100 times out of 100, right    12/15/18  (11)
libs are hideous succubi with black souls & putrid maggoty gristle for hearts    12/15/18  (5)
i am the unquestioned board expert on evolution and early life biology    12/15/18  (6)
Good news for SNL: Pete Davidson tried to kill himself    12/15/18  (3)
Self employed and paying $650/month for a decent plan. Normal?    12/15/18  (2)
CANELO v ROCKY thread    12/15/18  (22)
Obamacare is SO AWESOME    12/15/18  (1)
ITT poast good things to flip on eBay    12/15/18  (4)
Utah DUI To 0.05    12/15/18  (2)
Rate this azn lawyer/escort    12/15/18  (22)
What libs are doing is absolutely sick    12/15/18  (2)
Twinks cure depression    12/15/18  (1)
cowgod 12/15 megathread    12/15/18  (26)
how has spartacus (starz s1-s4) changed ur life    12/15/18  (3)
Most NASA scientists convinced early RNA has no physical/causal explanation    12/15/18  (2)
TINYCHAT TONIGHT    12/15/18  (21)
AI will change the video game landscape in a few tears    12/15/18  (5)
WTA Allows Protected Rankings For Having Babby #tennis    12/15/18  (2)
11 Dead, 100s Sick From Toxic Rice At Religious Site. GUESS COUNTRY    12/15/18  (1)
This Week's Torah Portion: Joseph As Puppet Ruler In Egypt Tricks Prole Goyim    12/15/18  (2)
What the fuck is with niggers creating fake names based off American names???    12/15/18  (8)
GC eating law shrew eggs like caviar    12/15/18  (39)
No justice, no peace! No racist police!    12/15/18  (2)
*disbarred spaceporn taking uber passenger on detour to deliver pizza*    12/15/18  (15)
Kim Dot com: the govt has every call, text, post you’ve ever made    12/15/18  (45)
Board olds, describe the cultural impact of "Cracked Rear View" (1994)?    12/15/18  (3)
Shit, the waitress with the big juggs isn’t here tonight    12/15/18  (3)
There have been 12 3D Sonic games    12/15/18  (13)
Trucker Carlson    12/15/18  (1)
how has Bannon never committed tax evasion    12/15/18  (2)
Dan's Deals Owner & 50 Ortho Jews Do Shabbat From Antarctica (PICS)    12/15/18  (1)
im going to livepoast my exit bag/barbiturate suicide Saturday at 4EST    12/15/18  (67)
New Spider-man movie is 18000    12/15/18  (20)
mass sterilization caused by venereal disease    12/15/18  (2)
*DOOM theme begins as boner_police?'s shadow appears over Kiryas Joel, NY*    12/15/18  (3)
Cookmos: Are Instapots Flame?    12/15/18  (1)
so I guess MPM isn't happening this year? seeding threads should be underway    12/15/18  (23)
Luis I want to take 2 weeks off work to hike Sierra Nevada this summer    12/15/18  (1)
So "4K" TVs ended up being massive flame on par with 3D?    12/15/18  (33)
Bro just bought 6ft Christmas tree on sidewalk and brought it into MFH bar    12/15/18  (9)
Jews, how MAF does this video make you?    12/15/18  (4)
Charles what do you think about this new tomb discovered in Egypt?    12/15/18  (5)
Holy shit how does anyone watch nfl football    12/15/18  (4)
Shrews: "I want to die before im 70" Me: "Well u'll never see ur kid grad high    12/15/18  (1)
Learning to suck a good cock pays huge dividends    12/15/18  (1)
Learning to cook a good steak pays huge dividends    12/15/18  (7)
'grooming gang' attacked me in alley last night... violently waxed my eyebrows    12/15/18  (2)
How big of a pussy to get called out on things by effeminate shitlibs?    12/15/18  (1)
Is it racist to say "they put crack in [something awesome]" ... I got called out    12/15/18  (41)
Charles have you tried growing a stubble beard yet?    12/15/18  (1)
Hey pumo ,.,...,..,.,..:,,:,..,,.;:,,..,:
,.;.:..:.,:,::,. when did you know you
   12/15/18  (120)
I once dunked on Earl (twist)    12/15/18  (1)
Ex Machina was a good movie.    12/15/18  (1)
NYT goes full white supremacist, NOT FLAME    12/15/18  (124)
After a while I've noticed GC stops being empathetic and as caring for you    12/15/18  (95)
inside a lady's head...    12/15/18  (235)
If you say you're going to kill self then don't your credibility is dead.    12/15/18  (2)
biz idea: 'Magic 8 Ball' that only returns message 'you're gay'    12/15/18  (4)
Kristol longs for day when he converted white 'tea party' rage to neocon zionism    12/15/18  (1)
Devils thread: Peter Laviolette gaining weight (at Nashville)    12/15/18  (4)
Anyone tried a camel CRUSH cig?    12/15/18  (10)
SUMMON: The Intersectionality of...    12/15/18  (1)
Trying to read a book every two weeks to recalibrate my brain    12/15/18  (4)
Does shitlaw still have that ONEWRONGMOVE feel to it?    12/15/18  (16)
For the XO Record, I HAVE engaged in necrophelia.    12/15/18  (3)
TV show idea: "Jake and the Fatman" minus Jake & starring bloodacre    12/15/18  (1)
ACP need you to come to chat immediately    12/15/18  (1)
"There's a lot to unpack here" (doc peering into Peterman's shitpipe)    12/15/18  (23)
KKR should LBO chik-fil-a and blow up its SPS business model    12/15/18  (98)
you are a criminal and you must be punished    12/15/18  (4)
"96 loads? That's nothing" scoffed Peterman as he shopped for laundry detergent    12/15/18  (10)
Cute American girl killed in Rotterdam    12/15/18  (2)
Biden is like Walder Frey with those young girls    12/15/18  (2)
lol at Pete Davidson, let a little minxslut drive him to suicide (link)    12/15/18  (13)
if we were born in the soviet union how many of us would be in a Gulag now?    12/15/18  (1)
I make good money but nearly paycheck to paycheck    12/15/18  (11)
Barron's weirdness will only make him a better future God Emperor    12/15/18  (45)
Zuckerberg mulling Senate run    12/15/18  (3)
California considers charging residents a tax for sending text messages    12/15/18  (7)
"Donald Trump is the Rocky Balboa of politics"    12/15/18  (3)
Which election will War Machine start voting republican?    12/15/18  (71)
how have i never heard this 18000 techno song before?    12/15/18  (1)
reminder: for 20,000 years your ancestors were obsessed with red ochre    12/15/18  (4)
I work as a loan shark, am I considered working in "finance"?    12/15/18  (21)
Kosher Curry Paste Literally Doesn't Exist In Stores    12/15/18  (1)
Early MPM storylines: Charles's XXII dating life, rise&fall of CSLG, thunder col    12/15/18  (34)
Heidi Klum & Gisele Naked In Bed With Each Other (PIC)    12/15/18  (4)
un-blackmailable man elected to POTUS & so deep state lost their minds?    12/15/18  (1)
Evan "Thurtenein" Leibowitz is an Israeli-American supermarket chain owner and    12/15/18  (29)
Anyone read Malazan books? What do you think?    12/15/18  (1)
lol, in poland they invented a word worse than nigger for blacks    12/15/18  (3)
anti-semitism is predicated on belief that Jews committed suicide out of spite    12/15/18  (13)
I bought 2 ETH at $815 each. sold today at $590 each. Cannot take it anymore.    12/15/18  (22)
do u guys pay handyman services to fix shit in your house?    12/15/18  (6)
Post ITT if you are NOT on SSRIs and WHY NOT    12/15/18  (7)
Why is WINE so much $ in the USA??    12/15/18  (18)
Had to return a car stereo to Walmart, they didnt give me a FULL refund back    12/15/18  (1)
U of Minnesota is pretty pathetic    12/15/18  (47)
Is it true human bone is stronger than steel?    12/15/18  (2)
   12/15/18  (1)
Putins genius on display here    12/15/18  (1)
Electronic picture frames are lame af    12/15/18  (1)
What kind of person pays for a NYT subscription?    12/15/18  (5)
BJJ advice. Don’t partner with other white belts for Takedown drills    12/15/18  (7)
NYT has been fellating itself nonstop about Trump tax story    12/15/18  (50)
It feels really good going to a holiday party with best looking girl in the room    12/15/18  (1)
Kim Kardashian tells Drake to stop threatening Kanye (link)    12/15/18  (2)
XO is a completely different board to even just a year ago    12/15/18  (1)
I can feel him... cummin in my hair tonight... hold on...    12/15/18  (11)
so FBI turns into an organized crime syndicate under every dem POTUS?    12/15/18  (9)
Entire "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise got progressively worse reviews    12/15/18  (6)
Rolled down my window and yelled at guy "FAG!" and kept driving yesterday    12/15/18  (9)
I hope Trump is preparing his story for when GC tanks the stock market    12/15/18  (2)
Chances Mary Magdalene was Asian?    12/15/18  (1)
What to bring to a party hosted by rich people?    12/15/18  (7)
insane how "media" & deep state are still attempting coup on duly elected POTUS    12/15/18  (9)
who actually buys things as a result of internet ads?    12/15/18  (4)
So we were right - Jennifer Lawrence bangaranged Weinstein to get famous    12/15/18  (9)
Sheryl Sandberg reveals sequel in the works for "Lean In": "Bend Over"    12/15/18  (6)
GC smile. Everyone SMILE for the camera! WHY ARENT YOU SMILING!?    12/15/18  (1)
DTP - thoughts on rollergirl’s “geisha dreams”?    12/15/18  (3)
'Desmond' in SNL skit w/ Chris Kattan as 'Mr. Peepers'    12/15/18  (1)
Check out these 100% AI-created face pics. Can now make up ANYONE (pics)    12/15/18  (10)
Dupa, did you just see Rocky Fielding KO Canelo????? Holy fuck.    12/15/18  (1)

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