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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/13/18  (215)
MSM is going insane about "Cohen" again    12/14/18  (15)
"By the way, I know ur moniker"whispers ur Jewish doctor as anesthesia kicks in    12/14/18  (14)
Neil deGrasse Tyson negging Trump/Trumpmos with this tweet    12/14/18  (5)
Merriweather Post Pavilion roof collapses    12/14/18  (7)
“You’re a fucking idiot!” Musk shouted back. “Get the fuck out."    12/14/18  (71)
JFC the stewardess on this flight is HOT    12/14/18  (23)
So Maria Butina was sleeping with Paul Erickson (NRA) and the GOP Congressman?    12/14/18  (11)
Fox weather babe kills self    12/14/18  (83)
Anyone playing Brawl Stars?    12/14/18  (6)
kenny did you decide which SUV you're getting?    12/14/18  (6)
"thinkers, creators, artists, innovators. Elon Musk was there."    12/14/18  (1)
40% LASIK patients get problems; 33% get severe dry eye    12/14/18  (19)
Military Press@ 135x5 (NYUUG)! COME AT ME, XOXO WORKOUT CREW!    12/14/18  (56)
Warmonger Bill Kristol's neocon rag The Weekly Standard folding    12/14/18  (13)
The Gulf of Mexico is over 14,000 feet deep in some places    12/14/18  (13)
which US city name is most at odds with its namesake?    12/14/18  (113)
Anna Chapman: no prison cuz shes hot. Maria Butina: will get 2 yrs+ cuz shes not    12/14/18  (2)
Summon Chilmata    12/14/18  (1)
Rate this surname.    12/14/18  (1)
do you guys have an 'inner monologue'?    12/14/18  (84)
Upset Jew, if I visit NYC around Christmas, do you want to grab a drink?    12/14/18  (24)
Sports Illustrated getting gaped in the comments re: "Dr." Ford vid (link)    12/14/18  (18)
Aaron Rodgers has more interceptions this year (1) than kids    12/14/18  (2)
Philip Rivers has more kids (9) than interceptions this year    12/14/18  (11)
TMF come ITT    12/14/18  (72)
Me and Cain doing a hot, unobserved, blank bump dance over months    12/14/18  (14)
XO Von Abele releases his statement he gave to CNN:    12/14/18  (1)
Cheatmos--staying at 5-star hotel next week    12/14/18  (16)
White woman calls AZN "fucking chink" on subway. Latino makes citizen's arrest    12/14/18  (47)
Kiev is a cool city    12/14/18  (27)
WWI except fought with super soakers instead of guns    12/14/18  (6)
Any slavish gen-x'ers here who meekly take shit from their incompetent bosses    12/14/18  (1)
Nyuug has much more in common w white dork English teachers than real Koreans    12/14/18  (14)
DBG is going insane about "Sam Cohen" again    12/14/18  (1)
Workers are ghosting their employers like bad Bumble dates (WaPo)    12/14/18  (24)
DC/NYC trains break when it's cold, BART escalators get clogged by homeless shit    12/14/18  (6)
Trump defense is now “they weren’t very big crimes”    12/14/18  (10)
Robinhood: SIPC totally protects your money! SIPC: Fuck no we're not    12/14/18  (1)
Ice Berg Slim really understood business. Pimp game is eerily similar to wagecuc    12/14/18  (1)
The Economist: Collapsing European fertility rates are no big deal. In fact they    12/14/18  (48)
My grandfather preferred to get loans from mafia rather than banks.    12/14/18  (3)
good king wenceslas but its BP braving the snow to pwn “communty acct”    12/14/18  (29)
Ever notice how BLACKS are subhuman and they'll rape and kill your loved ones?    12/14/18  (6)
Who on xo is down on crypto the most?    12/14/18  (116)
Applied for xo regional manager position. fingers crossed.    12/14/18  (8)
Yo MND, when are you going to lick your husbands butthole?    12/14/18  (13)
"Mueller" $$ would've been better spent on mental health treatment for libs    12/14/18  (4)
Coney Island Then and Now (xo DailyMail)    12/14/18  (4)
Roger Federer shows off part of his Rolex collection #tennis    12/14/18  (31)
Phase 2 of the Mueller investigation: Trump colluded with the Middle East!    12/14/18  (23)
The canary Islands are considered to be part of Africa    12/14/18  (1)
Celery is a toothbrush for your colon.    12/14/18  (17)
There's no drink, nor drug I've tried, to rid the curse of these turdskin eyes    12/14/18  (4)
Why does Al Sharpton even have followers? Why is he taken seriously?    12/14/18  (1)
So everyone agrees that Michael Flynn was railroaded, right?    12/14/18  (2)
Reminder: "they" want you sad, sick and dependent on "them"    12/14/18  (1)
Tiffany Trump looking like a clutchable tranny at White House Christmas party    12/14/18  (2)
biz idea: well known poasters meetup in public place, sell tix to observe    12/14/18  (1)
RHCP scar tissue plays as Roman lance pierces Luis’s side on the cross    12/14/18  (7)
NAACP sues NYC saying SHSAT is not valid test, WHOOPS    12/14/18  (11)
Does Hinge take away your preferred membership?    12/14/18  (1)
Lawman8 begins TED Talk: "Good morning. Who are the Jews and where did they come    12/14/18  (7)
This NCAA volleyball semifinal has been great    12/14/18  (22)
TedCruzTP I found your new job    12/14/18  (1)
Rate this George Foreman uppercut    12/14/18  (3)
konversations with kyle part 6    12/14/18  (23)
I'm filing a 1983 action against rach for not letting us change monikers    12/14/18  (8)
Any way to retain sense of excitement/wonderment for things as you age?    12/14/18  (7)
Rachmiel rolls out $200 moniker changing fee    12/14/18  (1)
1918: WW1 soldiers killed by mechanized horrors; 2018: Amazon workers killed by    12/14/18  (1)
Humorless Asian guy at work is always pissed off    12/14/18  (8)
2015: Boy Scouts let in Gay leaders. 2018: Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy    12/14/18  (6)
Fox News meteorologist who killed herself had botched LASIK surgery    12/14/18  (4)
Rachmiel rolls out $2 moniker changing fee    12/14/18  (5)
Russian woman in subway attack is a NY shitlawyer....    12/14/18  (12)
The Wired article on Musk brilliantly addresses two different audiences    12/14/18  (1)
Just become a magician and take all you need.    12/14/18  (1)
Rec some good ted talks    12/14/18  (3)
a certain "chill" need for adderall to function@work & alcohol to function@home    12/14/18  (18)
XO would actually probably love Korea if it weren't for NYUUG spam    12/14/18  (1)
show bobs    12/14/18  (7)
tranny bathrooms | mulatto commercials | racist graffiti    12/14/18  (9)
Good morning. Fucking faggots.    12/14/18  (2)
TMF's Diary: "December 14, 2018. Dear Diary, still haven't had a rim job."    12/14/18  (1)
If you suck trucker cock all day you are a loser    12/14/18  (3)
if you eat "lunch" every day at work you're a loser    12/14/18  (37)
Office drudgery | Stimulants | Esoteric Niggerthreading    12/14/18  (4)
Iowa parents leave baby in maggot infest diaper until it dies    12/14/18  (27)
xo Nebraska Volleyball is the current POTUS sports dynasty    12/14/18  (7)
Trump considering Seattle grocer for Chief of Staff (article)    12/14/18  (5)
lol at tinnitus cucks getting decibulled by loud noises    12/14/18  (14)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/14/18  (282)
Just a box of mini stroopwaffle ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe’s    12/14/18  (13)
Rate how unhinged my UIM arbitration demand letter is    12/14/18  (46)
Red Friday - Here we go    12/14/18  (3)
I wld literally sacrifice my firstborn son to see Kushner get assraped in prison    12/14/18  (3)
Tucker Carlson on chief of staff shortlist    12/14/18  (1)
On A Racist Law Board, Pictures Of A Purple Mustang    12/14/18  (4)
Remember the soap opera where one of the Alpha studs wore an eye patch?    12/14/18  (2)
Good Long-Read on Greedy Fucks Behind Opioid Crisis    12/14/18  (1)
it's 6:22am. you've still got 1-2 hours before you've gotta get ready for work.    12/14/18  (8)
OMG! Nietzche? I love him too! 💕💕💕😇    12/14/18  (16)
On the FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS Snake Assombo gave to me a geyser from a big tree    12/14/18  (49)
Hocus POTUS: How the New Dem Congress Can Make Trump Disappear (Vox)    12/14/18  (1)
RealTalk: beating the piss out of ur dad is alpha as fuck; TT never had a fight    12/14/18  (133)
Board needs a new contrarion now that ohnoes is dead *AssFaggot theme music*    12/14/18  (2)
Vice: How Stigmatizing Bug-Hunting Has Become the Homophobe's Tell-Tale Weapon    12/14/18  (3)
ITT: Woodward anecdotes about how starved Trump is for Maggie Habermans approval    12/14/18  (11)
Board libs, can you explain why Democrats commit so many violent crimes?    12/14/18  (6)
/*\ BREAKING: Trump lawyer calls for end of Mueller probe /*\    12/14/18  (23)
Bannon to Trump: "You can't fire the FBI. They will destroy you." #Woodward    12/14/18  (9)
Trump is going to wind up like Pinochet or Marcos dodging prosecutors into old a    12/14/18  (12)
Youtube channel surveys Korean attitudes toward military service    12/14/18  (80)
GF singing "I Want It Now" (Willy Wonka f/ Veruca Salt) as she browses Tinder    12/14/18  (4)
evan, do you still pay hookers to let you blow them?    12/14/18  (7)
New Yorker: Trump is guilty of conspiracy    12/14/18  (7)
Wall behind my squat rack is covered in thick layer of jizz bc of my morning aim    12/14/18  (1)
Evan "Thurtenein" Leibowitz is an Israeli-American supermarket chain owner and    12/14/18  (27)
NYUUG, How was Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse?    12/14/18  (2)
Wall behind my toilet is covered in a thick layer of piss bc of my morning aim    12/14/18  (8)
Trump really should have chosen Bannon over KushJew    12/14/18  (1)
This racist paramedic hates some people; he needs to be fired (WaPo)    12/14/18  (71)
How the fuck have Media Shitlibs not landed on AutoAdmit yet?    12/14/18  (106)
GF stuck finger in my ass last night. Feel violated. Don't feel like a straight    12/14/18  (2)
Boart haberdashers: How long is the tail part of a suit jacket supposed to be?    12/14/18  (11)
Twinkubus--Nice to Blow You (IFNB)    12/14/18  (14)
so exporting liveleak industrial accidents is the sole reason china exists    12/14/18  (7)
If you can’t BJJ with me at my worst, then you don’t deserve to BJJ with me    12/14/18  (3)
Kevin Hart: "I truly apologize to the degenerate buttfuckin' queers I offended"    12/14/18  (3)
holdup and acp are like gay ass buttlovers who buttfuck on xo for us    12/14/18  (15)
Tread pattern on new Nokian tire is two gay guys buttfucking    12/14/18  (2)
Man o war is a dirty south creole nigger    12/14/18  (17)
I hooked up with a midget tonight, taking q's    12/14/18  (21)
Thoughts on Cadence Lux? [180 porn chick]    12/14/18  (14)
PSA: "OPEC" stands for OIL PRODUCING and EXPORTING COUNTRIES    12/14/18  (17)
*Spaceporn walking around with his suit jacket tucked in*    12/14/18  (3)
DC City Councilman floats proposal to rename DC "District of Wakanda"    12/14/18  (3)
*pepito, on his knees blowing a white guy* "come on my face mijo - make me white    12/14/18  (47)
Will today finally be the day obeezy kills himself?    12/14/18  (2)
Ever used a street hooker?    12/14/18  (10)
chink factory 'robot' goes haywire, drives 20 spikes into chink    12/14/18  (42)
ARE REPTILE why is data service so SPS in Russia?    12/14/18  (4)
rate this xo fightcard    12/14/18  (9)
So glad Trump fixed Obama's disaster of an economy    12/14/18  (1)
I learned stickball as a formal education    12/14/18  (1)
Yahweh is the father of lies    12/14/18  (9)
today is the anniversary of my black lab's death    12/14/18  (50)
Why did Mueller add a homicide prosecutor to his team?    12/14/18  (39)

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